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Saturday, 12 November 2022

Republican Wave just a Ripple

Trump Gives America an Early Christmas Present

Let's face it, these mid-term elections fooled everybody, including me. Some counts are still ongoing today (Nov. 12) but the big red sweep just didn't happen. Many blame Trump and the continuation of the Big Lie. I agree with that but hopefully it goes deeper.

We hear it daily now - that perhaps DJT is fast becoming just an image in a rear view mirror - you know the ones - that appear larger than they really are. We can only hope. The tantrums, name calling, and blaming of everybody else has ramped up once again but it appears that many American voters on both sides have had enough. He has lost too many times for his party and many of its members are recognizing it. His MEGA base never will. They really don't follow politics, policies, or platforms. They only follow Donald.

It has been written here more than once that I think the great American experiment with democracy is failing and might even crash with more clashes of violence like January 6th. That could still happen and those who claim to be religious or people of faith can only pray that it doesn't. 

Many of those people of faith are the same ones prepared to use their assault rifles against anyone they don't like. They have even threatened to torture individuals in lowly positions like school boards and election counters. But maybe - a great big MAYBE - the overall country has had enough of the school yard antics displayed by their elected and publicly funded leaders. 

A telling point will be when Steve Bannon gets back to stoking his hatred. For now though this election provides some optimism. Those who are trying to save face by saying that it is nuts for Democrats to celebrate losing anything  just don't get it. Actually they probably do - they are just loath to acknowledge reality.

You absolutely know that sore losers in normally red districts are going to holler that the fix is in again. It has already started. This time however, there were lots of observers of both parties in key counting stations. 

Gerrymandering is still alive and well - see The 12 Most Gerrymandered Districts In America ( or These maps show how Republicans are blatantly rigging elections | US voting rights | The Guardian. Despite this voters smacked Trump's tactics down. What remains to be seen is whether certain states now try to overturn results by hook or by crook.

Hopefully Lady Liberty is wearing a slight smile way up there where we can't really see it. Biden certainly is and probably DeSantis. I am no fan of Ron but would take him over The Donald any day. We can only hope that many of the more traditionally minded Republicans feel the same.

C'mon Liz Cheney. Start that new party. You will surely do better than the Tea Party did. At least it will split the Red vote and once that happens many of the GOP's best will jump on board. The country needs it. 

A lot of Americans who still love their country feel that they just received an early present. Open it early and celebrate.


Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Et Tu Supreme Court?

America's Last Straw.

In the last five years or more the cracks in the world's Liberty Bell - America - have been getting noticeably larger.

1. Firstly few could believe that America actually voted in large numbers for Trump in 2016. Despite what he and his followers who wear Trump blinders think, it was a horrible four years for America and the world.

2. When Trump knew he was going to lose and started setting the stage for the Republicans to falsify the election and then spread the Big Lie about The Donald's loss, we knew they were speeding towards a very big cliff.

3. The large majority of Republicans in both houses sold their souls, integrity, and respect down the drain to support the Big Lie. They cared more about their jobs and pensions than the good of the country.

4. On January 6, 2021 a violent insurrection took place. Everyone else saw it. Trump and his cronies claim they did not. Wild citizens almost hung the Vice President. Now the bell would no longer even ring.

5. States throughout the land began to change their laws to weaken the non-white vote or at least make it much more difficult for visible minorities to cast their ballads. They also made it far easier at the state level to simply ignore and overturn a result they did not like if the first tactic failed.

6. Now the coup de gras. The Supreme Court - that final rampart for the people's democracy - is leaning towards supporting the tactics in number 4. They are after all stacked in favour of Republicans.

These high judges are supposed to be beyond personal bias. Apparently they are not.

If Trump wins in 2024, the Bald Eagle might as well be replaced by a big yellow banana. In this case the banana represents the single new foundation of the country - lies.


Tuesday, 4 January 2022

#AmericanRevolution - The Sequel

Be Doubly Careful What You Wish For  - the SECOND Time

A lot of people throughout the world will never understand why many people in America or anywhere else refuse to be vaccinated. It is what it is. Even more people throughout the world will never understand America's gun mentality.

However those two pale in magnitude when compared to the overwhelming dismay of those non-Americans and Americans over the prospect of Donald Trump EVER becoming elected a second time. If he does he will try to stay there forever and America will exist no more. The "experiment" will fail.

It seems that many scholars and patriots alike believe that there will indeed be another internal war in America. This humble scribe also believes it is inevitable if nothing is done and done quickly. It is a no-win situation. If Trump actually does appear to win there will be another rising to get rid of him, either from within or externally. If Biden or another Democrat actually wins again, there will be a second January 6th that will make the first one look like a school yard brawl.

In either case there will indeed be cheating - on the part of the Republicans. It has already happened before any next election, at the state level. They also tried in 2020 but failed. It was not the Democratic donkeys (Jack Asses?) but the Republican elephants (Dumbos?) who tried to cheat. Those who think otherwise simply believe every word issued by some of the worst liars on the face of the planet.

Will it be called an "American Revolution?" It should have a new name since the original has already been done and this one would be totally foolish and unnecessary. How about "The Disunited States Revolution?"; "The American Disappearing Act of 2024?; "The Dump Trump Uprising?". "Yanky Hanky Panky?" In any case history will record it as the birth of The American Dictatorship. In my opinion some day red ties will clash with either black or brown shirts and red ball caps will never be taken seriously.

This is cutting off a foot to cure an ingrown toenail. Severe ingrown toenails are very painful and very much a problem that must be dealt with. They can become infected. They hamper every attempt at progress. You can no longer function. They must be removed by specialists - but not the entire foot. Enough metaphor.

America you will never be happy with a wannabe dictator. Eventually they all tumble. 
This is not a game. Here "Trump" should not take all. Just don't go there. Do everything you have to in order to prevent it - the American way - through a LEGITMATE voting process.

Please - for the rest of the world you used to lead.


Sunday, 28 November 2021

New #COVID-19 Conspiracy

COVID is a remnant of the lost City of Atlantis

Most people have read about this utopian city with an advanced civilization like no other. The legend has the city of Atlantis sinking somewhere in the Atlantic never to be seen or heard from again. Some people still search for it.

As with many advanced societies and civilizations of the past they often became so depraved and selfish they eventually self-imploded, were annihi
lated, or were "punished" by the Gods. New evidence now sheds light on what happened to Atlantis. They were wiped out by what we now call the COVID-19 virus. They didn't name it back then knowing nothing about microbiology.

Whether it was a result of some geothermal explosion or indeed represented the wrath of those on high, the entire city and island sank into the deep.

Unfortunately for us, despite not ever locating the city itself, it is believed that traces of that very same virus survived in the cold of the depths and centuries later traces found their way to the surface. It was first contracted by swimmers over two years ago and they were not in China. No wonder we have never seen the likes of this before!

Are you taking this in? I hope most of you are asking "Where did this guy get all of this crap? FOX news?" It is indeed crap - total bull. I made it up as I wrote. However since many people today can't or don't want to read more than a couple of paragraphs (if they know the term) or a typical Tweet, they will not have reached this point.

You can be sure that some are already sharing this "news" on social media. These people actually believe that Democrats and movie stars are actively eating and sucking the blood out of your children somewhere. Some say that not only are 5G towers making you sick, they are also responsible for COVID-19. QAnon is not worth more than a mention of its name. Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine (treatments for malaria) will cure COVID-19. On and on they go. People are actually buying treatments and products today which supposedly "de-vaccinate" you.

How can you be rationale with people like this? You can't. What you CAN do is turn out in huge numbers to replace elected representatives who support these individuals and to vote for others who adequately demonstrate they are still sane. When I say huge numbers, I mean REALLY huge numbers. We already know that many states have put the fix in to ignore any further Democratic wins in smaller numbers.

With any luck that other guy will have so many charges up his wazoo he won't be able to run again. 


Wednesday, 20 October 2021

POTUS Questions for Elections 2022 and 2024

 #America is Sinking like the Titanic, Iceberg and All

If a previous single term #President - for example The Donald - wanted to be President again, there are some questions I know I would be asking myself. Maybe you should too. Given their track record during the first term:

1. Assume there was another Titanic level disaster. Only 3 people were still alive onboard - him, an unknown woman, and a child. If there were only 2 life jackets, do you think the woman and child would be wearing them when the ship sank?

2. Has this person ever been in battle dodging real bullets, shrapnel, and bombs? If they had been called to serve in such a role, would they have done so without finding a way out of it?

3. If they ever asked anyone while viewing a military cemetery "what was in it" for the departed heroes would they be worthy of a second time in the White House?

4. If they joked with another man about grabbing women by their private parts without asking is that Presidential behaviour?

5. If they played any role whatsoever in instigating an insurrection against the office they already served during which their own Vice President was almost hanged, would they deserve a second chance?

6. If they admire and believe other autocrats who use raw power, terror, and corruption to keep themselves in office should they be allowed try it (again) in America?

7. If they can't stay in a single long term relationship the way so many who live the American Dream do, could you trust them to be loyal to their country either?

8. If they have been caught lying too many times to count could they change in a second term?

9. If they have countless lawsuits against them and have reneged on America's international agreements more than once, will anyone ever trust them again?

10. If you got this far and still want to re-elect this person give your head a shake.

The future of your democracy depends on you. I get 9 'no's as responses to the above. Only one should be required to deny another term.


Saturday, 18 September 2021

Trump 2024

Is 2024 just 1984 forty years later?

I never read the book "1984" by George Orwell but now I will. I have always heard about it and the term "Big brother is watching you!" I would say that some of Trump's more elite followers are trying to create the society depicted in the book. To get a flavor, just read its Wikipedia article - scary stuff.

I doubt if the Donald is capable of getting through an entire book of this volume but he appears to be modelling himself after some of its characters (someone must have counselled him). I have mentioned before, I think he is also a Joe McCarthy wannabe. Also remember that "Make America Great Again" was touted by Reagan long before Trump echoed it. He did author The Big Lie but I doubt much else.

What is alarming to me is just how far right the GOP has now swung. Some will point out that many Democrats have shifted very much to the left - also true. I believe however that the balance of violent behavior is coming from the right. As evidence one only has to look at the events on January 6th. It was not leftists or Democrats calling for Pence to be hanged and Pelosi to be shot or otherwise hurt, it was flag-carrying Trumpers. Remember that this was their own Republican Vice President.

Trump didn't just throw his own Vice President under the bus, he was willing to watch them march Pence up the stairs to the gallows and probably do nothing as he dropped through the floor! Look at the events this week-end, September 18. Trump is once again trying to fire up his people in defense of those who built those gallows and stormed the Capital.

The American Dream has become a nightmare. It is all but dead. To me the only way to salvage some of what America used to be is to have the bravest of the brave on the right form a new Republican party. It will have to totally redefine what it stands for. I recently heard a recording of Governor Reagan talking to Nixon years ago and referring to black Africans as monkeys! It needs someone brave enough to inspire a new following the way Trump or Trumpism did for his base. For sure conservative ideals must be a part of it but NOT violence. 

It also has to recognize that America is simply not going to be predominantly white anymore. That does not kill the dream - it just changes it. It will not only save America but prove to the world just how resilient this unique country is.

Please step up to the microphone Liz Cheney, or Mitt Romney, or a former General. Imagine how powerful it would be if such a man/woman did step up and win the Presidency with a partner of a different race.

If the country was capable of electing and tolerating Mr. and Mrs Trump for four years, it's not a big stretch!


Tuesday, 6 July 2021

DEMS Will Only Lose in 2022, 2024 if it is RIGGED

Republicans STOLE the Election

Where have we heard that cry before? Oh yes - Trump about the Democrats LONG before the 2020 election. So I figure it is time to start making similar predictions. After all, many states have already put in "The Fix" against visible minorities - who typically vote Democrat - for future elections.

This is not speculation like Trump and his followers indulged in before the last election. This is public news broadcast internationally. States are making it harder to vote for all of those swing state citizens who voted Trump out and Biden in.

According to Republicans 2020 was stolen. What that really meant was that the effort they already made to give more weight to white votes didn't work the way it had before. Must have been fixed.

If one year in the past the New York Yankees started saying the only way they could lose the World Series would be if it were fixed, and then they lost and said "See - told you so" they would probably be out of the league. In that case the fans would have no part of it. They would recognize a sore loser.

That's what should happen to The Donald - out of the League. Maybe it already has. As for the fans? Even though Trumpers wear a red baseball hat, what's under it appears to be an empty stadium. Yogi said "It ain't over 'till it's over." It's over big Don. You struck out.