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Saturday 27 March 2021

Somewhere Over the American Rainbow

The Dreams That You Care To Dream Really Don't Come True

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There's a land that was once so free before the Big Lie.
It was served by two parties, red and blue,
And the dreams that they all did dream now will not come true.

Won't waste my wish upon a star 
Up where ideals and truth are far behind me. 
Where honor melts and pledges drop
And lies are broadcast from the top
That's where I find me.

There's a Statue of Freedom, way up high
And The Statue of Liberty both now wear a sigh.

They once stood tall and made us strong
Now there's no rainbow, what_the_hell_went_wrong??



Monday 1 March 2021

Class Action Suit against Trump and the GOP

 Why not Sue Trump and Co.? Lots of others are.

After the CPAC puppet show how about a class action lawsuit against Trump and his party for The Big Lie? Millions of Americans and the reputation of the country have been damaged by this fabrication.

Lots of others have filed against The Donald - what is one more? Since he has not been able to prove a stolen victory why not turn the tide against him? It should be easier to prove his lies than for his puppets to prove the opposite - he and his lawyers have failed time after time.

It could be worth hundreds of millions. Even Mitch McConnell said he is liable for legal action now that he is a private citizen. Maybe THAT'S why he wants to run again - four more years of protection.


Wednesday 17 February 2021

American Dictatorship

 History is Repeating Itself

In the primaries before 2016, everyone including many of Trump's so-called backers now in power was appalled by his statements and behavior. Senators like Graham, Rubio, and Cruise were very explicit in their condemnation. Now they suck up to him every chance they get. Everyone knows the man thought he could run Washington like a corporation making himself a King or Emperor.

Since America fought a famous war to prevent that in the new world you have to wonder why those same people and many others are still letting Trump conspire to accomplish such a goal. He already hinted at both staying in office longer than two terms and changing laws so he could do it. If he ever gets back into power with a majority, he will - just like the Chinese leader.

Countries around the world with a little more salt and pepper in their temples than upstart America have all been through this. Evil men (seldom women) appeal to peoples' worst instincts to get into power and then stay there.

This is happening in The United States. The main reasons are similar to those in other nations. This is not a poor American revolutionary army ousting a tyrant. This is a man with rich and powerful allies who want to preserve the status quo - white privilege and domination.

Trump was guilty - even McConnell of all people admitted that. America had a taste of internal violence and regime change and it will get worse.

American citizens, don't let the lion out of the cage. In this case perhaps it is a snake. America has often attempted to bring about regime change in some of those countries mentioned earlier - often by force. When the time comes - and it will the way things are going - who will come to America's aid when she needs it? Nobody.

Americans - be careful what you wish for!


Thursday 11 February 2021

Republican Senators. How Could You?

 Trump's Republican #Traitors

Anyone with an ounce of integrity and any knowledge of what America represents knows that the real traitors in the country are Donald J. Trump; his Republican puppets who continue to refuse to condemn him; and those in the January 6th mob intent on violence, destruction, and murder.

It is only the 2nd day of presentations in this impeachment but how could anyone view the evidence presented by the Democratic side and not be totally repulsed by what they saw? For Republican Senators to be so cavalier about what happened you have to wonder if one of them is "Q" and if all of them knew in advance that they would not be touched by the mob. Was there a secret code word?

I don't know how any Republican Senator can still in good conscience vote against convicting Trump. A few have already switched and recognized how vile the former President and his actions were. Most of them will still side with one of the biggest liars on the face of the planet. From that day forward how can they ever face their children or the mirror and not feel shame? Such a vote will demonstrate that they are just as racist as the white supremacists themselves.

Not only will they will be aligning themselves with potential murderers but also with people who spread feces on the capital walls - FECES no less! Did they bring it in a bag? If so you can't deny that had to be pre-planned.

Does that officially make them all shitheads? Let's have a vote on that!


Wednesday 3 February 2021

Traitors in America

 Just Who are America's Traitors?

I couldn't count the number of times I have heard someone at the Capital Building on January 6, 2021 screaming the word "TRAITOR" into an American journalist's microphone. Just like their overuse of the word Socialist and Jihad, do they really know what it means?

Looking at online dictionaries such as Webster's, Oxford, and Google Online I found: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty; one who commits treason; a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.; a person who gives away secrets about their friends, their country, etc.

The only betrayals of trust I have seen were committed by Donald Trump and his puppet Republicans telling the big lie about the election being stolen. The part about "is false to an obligation or duty" also applies since they are all sworn to tell the truth and uphold and defend the Constitution.

On the other hand when I look up treason, the act mentioned above as an act carried out by a traitor, I see: the crime of doing something that could cause danger to your country, such as helping its enemies during a war; the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government; the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family.

It is primarily Democrats and legitimate journalists who are using that word frequently and it is exactly what those invaders were doing.

This makes both Trump and the invaders traitors and certainly makes the latter guilty of treason. In times of war those are crimes often punishable by death, carrying out one's duty as leaders in a democratic government is only punishable by losing the next election, or Impeachment.

As for those who were screaming that the building and all its contents belonged to the people, that is true but they forgot to include that it belongs to ALL of the people including those inside and those who happen to disagree with the invaders.

Now hauling people who were carrying out their sworn responsibilities 
outside to hang, behead, shoot or via any other means MURDER them is not ANYBODY's right. People acting as judge, jury, and executioner have always been found guilty of a heinous crime.

But we all know these are wasted words. I am guilty of being logical. How dare I? Just listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene - Miss(ing) IQ, 2021. She must have won the IQ golf tournament at some time where lowest score actually does make you a winner. It is sad but people actually voted her into Congress, and its GOP leaders put her on committees that affect people's lives.

That is almost as scary as Covid. The GOP already has a vaccination for all of this. They just have to roll up their sleeves

Thursday 21 January 2021

Biden's Honeymoon is Already Over!

Jen Psaki a Pleasant Change

What a great change watching the first Press Briefing. Kayleigh take note. For that matter Sarah and Sean as well. Let's include Kellyanne - different role but same school. Jen Psaki looks and sounds like a real Pro. 

As for the rest of the new team trying to see what was going on, it must be like opening a box of Cracker Jack. You never know what will be in the box but you can bet on it being really cheap and useless. The content is also probably stale and past its BB date!

Last we heard there were also something like 200+ bills sitting on McConnell's desk in the Senate. At least most of the content is known.

Biden his time but now it has come - HIS time!


Wednesday 20 January 2021

Biden Inauguration - What a Show!

 #Biden / #Harris a Grand Slam

Man what a show! If there were an Oscar for an Inauguration this one would win. Under the circumstances it was extremely well orchestrated! The Brits almost invented pomp and pageantry but good old America can stoke up the patriotic fervour with the best of them. Couldn't have come at a better time! The country needed this.

I'll mention the name only once. Did anyone really miss The Donald? I think the jury is already in on whether he would have enhanced the show or detracted from it. Let's just say the silence was golden. But I am sure he was watching or will. I am not a Pence fan either but at least he did what he could and certainly put on a good face for the day. It was appropriate that he was mentioned several times. Just don't run yourself!

The speeches were great and not too long but one speaker right up there with Joe was the young Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman who also hit it out of the park. What an impressive young lady. She belongs on the big silver screen. Lady Gaga, Jennifer, and Garth did great jobs as well. Gaga did a bang up rendition of the anthem but I wish she just held the last note and didn't try to make it her own. It seems all performers do that now. Stripped of the meat dresses et al and she can really sing. So can Lopez for that matter - this time on the block and not just from it.

I am younger than Joe but retired. He is going to be one busy man. Good thing he loves it. Ditto that for Kamala.

One little observation: When Justice Sonia Sotomayor dictated the oath to Vice-President Harris there were some lengthy passages. Harris didn't miss a beat. When Chief Justice John Roberts did the same for President Biden he broke it down into shorter phrases. I suspect it was deliberate!

We wish both of them and their staff every success - they deserve it.


Saturday 16 January 2021

What Does Stealing the Election Mean?

 The Election was Rigged? By Whom?

After months of hearing Trump and his Mouseketeers claim that the election would be rigged if he lost and now that it was indeed rigged because he did lose, it is becoming clearer what it means.

What more people are now stating categorically is that all of this anger and separation is really about racism. I have been writing this for some time. Privileged white Americans want America to be just that - white and the best of it to go to and belong to whites - just like the good old days.

In 2006 (Bush/Kerry) we heard about voters in black communities standing in the rain for hours to get to use two voting machines. A white jurisdiction had twenty. THAT is what prompted the speeches by Representatives Boxer and Jones.

This time the Californian Republicans placed ballot boxes of their own to collect votes - unofficially. When ordered to remove them they refused. What would have happened to the contents? You can bet the democratic ones would have vanished.

The allocation of seats and the Electoral College was always stacked in favour of wealthy ridings. We also saw rich families buying their way into the most elite schools of advanced education. Some minority school districts were grossly underfunded.

After hurricanes some black families had their land confiscated and had nowhere else to go. I don't know the rules but could they vote with no permanent address to call home? Would it even be a priority for them?

Who can forget the attempts to hinder the Post Office from providing the service depended upon by many democratic minorities? It was denied but the removal of some stations and restrictions on overtime were very suspicious.

It appears that the Democrats stealing the election from the Republicans really means that gradually over time this inherent system stacked against minority voters and in favour of white and often wealthy voters was being recognized and addressed. Some of the wrongs were finally being righted.

So the forces of righteousness are removing the Republicans' bag of tricks. THAT is what is being "stolen".

Cheating means their own cherished ability to cheat is being foiled and they are mad as hell about it. 


Friday 8 January 2021

American Democracy at the Precipice of Collapse

 Democracy vs. Dictatorship

One thing is clear throughout all that has happened in America in the last few days. Horrible as it was and still is, the government stood. Many people have pointed this out. Good for America!

This event should also serve as a more stark reminder. Assume the government capital or palace was stormed in a place like China, Russia, The Philippines or especially North Korea. The so-called protestors would have been gassed, water cannoned, or simply mowed down in cold blood if not during the rampage, then certainly after it. Their leaders would have ordered it. THAT is where Trump was headed with all of this.

Is this what all the Trump supporters with the red hats, the horns, the paint etc. really want? If they truly believe that the country is now going to be "Communist" under Biden, recognize what the opposite would have been with four more years under Trump.

His most ardent followers probably think twenty years or more of Donald would be great. The problem with that would be that his evil lies and self-serving ways would eventually be turned against them as well. He already threw Pence under the bus. He said he would be marching with you. Was he? He knew that Secret Service would never allow it but he promised you anyway - stupid or a lie? Does it matter? You think he cares about you? HE THREW YOU UNDER THE SAME BUS! How does it feel?

I am not a fan of Lindsey Graham. However he stood up and quoted just two examples of lies which falsely claim this election was fraudulent. There were supposedly thousands of underage electors. He asked to see just 10 and got none. Again, Trump people claimed there were thousands of felons who supposedly voted. He asked for 10 and got none. There are lots more examples.

Have any of those hyenas we saw in the Capital Building expressed one ounce of regret and sympathy over the five people who lost their lives because of their hooliganism? I doubt it.

Trump is a liar. He always will be.

Here is a challenge. I would like any one of those marchers who passionately swore they had to do this to take back their country, to explain exactly what they have lost. Don't use words like Communist and Socialist when you obviously don't know what they mean.

One more thing. If you take up the challenge, be honest if you are capable of that, about your true feelings on race, color, culture, and religion. You know - those things all Americans are supposed to be allowed to practice, not just white Americans.


Tuesday 29 December 2020

Presidential Limerick

 #Justice is Sometimes Sweet

There once was a #POTUS from Queens
Who learned from his Dad in his teens
You must always win
No matter the sin
Truth was not in his genes.

The voters booted him out
So he yelled and started to pout
He lied even more
Fabrications galore
“I was robbed” he started to shout

His fake indignation was planned
As he tried every court in the land
His evil intention
To grant an extension
Rejected thank God out of hand

He soon got so mad he would yell
Like a mad man locked in a cell
For lying each day
He now had to pay
An end to four years of hell


Tuesday 22 December 2020

Christmas Gift for America

Did #Jupiter align with #Saturn over Washington?

A lot has been published about the spectacle of Jupiter being in direct line with Saturn on December 21st, 2020. We did not get to see this locally with an overcast sky. For those who did were you reminded of another bright star two thousand years ago over a very special place? Perhaps America should look at it that way. Someone has been sent to save your country and lead you on a better path. For some unknown reason the timing of a celestial phenomenon resulted in it casting a glow over Washington and the country.

Is the fact that it predated January 20, 2021 by about a month indicative that all will not be perfect? What do the Astrologists have to say about this?

It has been a difficult year for the entire world - an even more difficult four years for America. Their leader has turned out to be Count Dracula in disguise who also sucked blood out of his sometimes willing victims.

Some of them deserve what they got. Some are going to get coal in their stockings this year. The rest need Christmas kindness. I have tried to be subtle and clever in past missives but nothing seemed to work. Time to be direct. That's what Donald seems to like.

Time to go
Exit stage RIGHT
Your limo is waiting
The party is over
Bye, Bye
So long
Hasta la vista
Au revoir
Take a hike
You lost - get over it - and yourself.
Until the next time. OOPS. Scratch that one!
The baton has been passed
You have been made redundant
The pasture awaits your copious unique brand of organic fertilizer
Get on your pony and ride
Take the Trump plane, bus, kiddie car out of town



Wednesday 9 December 2020

Top 5 Analogies for Trump and his Red Cappers

 Let's Try to Make This Easy - Again

Top 5 ways I can think of to try to make them understand.

5. It's the top of the 9th inning boys and you are up but the other team is ahead. Your team strikes out or does not get enough runs to reverse the lead. The game is OVER folks. You can stay if you want but the crowd and the winners have gone home - WITH the pennant. You will be pitching to yourself.

4. You are driving down the road and your tire blows. You carry on - fwap, fwap, fwap. Then a second blows. You keep driving - fwappity, fwappity, fwappity. Soon people are yelling that all four are gone and you are on the rims. Now you are wrecking the car AND the road - right? Get it? You should have stopped after the first blowout.

3. The brand new pool in the back yard is now finished. You plan a big breaking in party with catering, lots of beer and a live band. Problem! It is December fellas with three inches of snow. Everybody declined. Nobody wants to play polar bear.  No party - get it. Donate the food to charity and take back the beer if it isn't opened. Try again in the summer - in four years.

2. Some guy has cheated on his wife and kids for the last time. She has already won the divorce case. She got the money and you got the car. The house is now occupied by new owners. Stop knocking on the door or you will be charged. Get used to sleeping in your car or at your lover's place unless she also moved on. It's over. Any similarity between this and any political leaders is purely unintentional.

1. You are on stage at the world sword fishing contest. Your catch which you claim you landed yourself is hanging on one scale and the other guy's, who happens to be Joe Biden is on an identical scale. His is visibly larger and the scales show it is indeed heavier. You are yelling foul, it is fixed. You insist the judges switch scales. They do with the same result. Your fish falls off the scale and shatters into 100 plaster of Paris pieces. You scream you have been framed. You and your lawyers claim a mountain of evidence - somewhere - that Joe's fish is phony. It is examined by fishermen and taxidermists alike. He wins. Yours is ruled artificial. Still you scream and so do your fans. Go home with your fraudulent broken fish. You have four years to glue it back together.

The last one is a fish story for a reason. Something in the Republican camp smells fishy. Their party is also starting to shatter on the floor.

Trump's supporters have claimed that the Dems. have tried to get him out of office for four years. Probably true. Now you can see why.


Friday 4 December 2020

Joe and Kamala. What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Biden and Harris: leaders who can actually COMMUNICATE!

Who listened to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on CNN last night (Dec. 3) and Joe addressing the economy today (Dec. 4)? What a pleasant change. Ditto any other time they spoke in public. They are well educated and it shows.

These people are good orators - just like Obama. Please explain that word to The Donald. Even if they are reading, they can do it smoothly. When they respond to off the cuff questions - this is when their abilities outshine their current counterparts. I'm sure Pence could but he chooses not to.

There is no gloating or boasting and credit is always shared with others. DJT is totally incapable of doing that. I wonder if he ever gave credit to his mother for bringing him into this world? Like COVID, he probably thought it was no big deal. After all, that's what women are for! They bless the world with the likes of him. He probably knows more about childbirth than any of his wives or his mother - doctors too for that matter.

When the Justice Department was mentioned, Joe pointed out that it is not HIS Justice Department - "It is the peoples'." One hundred percent true. The same goes for every other position in the U.S. government. The present leaders - and I use that term loosely - don't get that. They never will.

Personally, I hope Trump does not attend the inauguration. It will be one more key point in his oh so undesirable legacy.


Sunday 22 November 2020

The New version of "High Hopes"

 Big Thanks to Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen, and Frank Sinatra!

Before the days of electronic entertainment on your phone or PC, many people listened to radio. A song made very popular by Old Blue Eyes was "High Hopes" - lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by James Van Heusen. It was enjoyed by all ages and it won an Oscar.

You can search for the tune and lyrics.

I have created a few more verses that might be more appropriate for America's problems today. Might as well have a little fun. Be sure to listen to the original first. It always makes you feel better when you hear the kids in the background. I had no idea how many great songs were created by the team of Cahn and Van Heusen. Look them up. We the older gen, will recognize many.

Here is my version - turn up your sound. Best heard on a PC.

Intro 1...

Goes like this ...
daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-da, daa-da-da-dee!

Next time you see, Donald Trump on the tee, No more whining today, Soon we'll be free...

1. Just what makes that President think, That he'll win by raising a stink? Everyone knows you are gone, Don - Watch your legacy sink!

But we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, he is, o-o-o-n the ropes. He's got - a snow-ball's cha-a-a-nces in, H-e-e-ell Hopes

So with his puppet Ru-u-dy, sitting on his knee, crying his latest scams, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes some more hair co-lor Kerplop!

Intro 2...

Mitch and his bunch, we should have you for lunch, we will never forget, I have a hunch...

2. Counting's done and Donald you're toast. You and Joe are well past the post. There's nothing there you can stir, Sir - Time to be a good host.

But he's got, no-o-o-o class, He is so-o-o- crass. He needs, a General's, bo-o-ot marks on 
hi-i-i-s ass.

So let the Upper-Chamber speak, why are they so weak? Why have they lost their spine?

OOPS there goes, Mitch-McConnel's bunch, OOPS no seat and no more fre-e-e lunch, OOPS there goes their sound of silence Kerplop.

Intro 3...

Joseph and Jill, Have now moved to The Hill, DJT had to leave. Oh what a thrill!

3. Joe and Ka-ma-la can now fix. Every thing that Trump tried to nix. Hopefully they'll make amends, friends. But they'll need some new tricks.

But we've got HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES. We've got, look up on high in the, sky-y-y-y hopes.

Let's reach ac-ross the aisle, wear our warmest smile, once again com-pro-mise! OOPS there goes a major bigotry, help someone get up and off their knee, She still stands - The Statue of Lib-er-ty. So-FREE!


Thursday 19 November 2020

Kristi Noem Joins the Republican Ostrich Club

South Dakota Governor Pandering to the Brass with her Head in the Sand 

Another one bites the dust - literally. It appears that the Governor of South Dakota is going out of her way to bury her head in the sand to ignore obvious facts.

While her state's statistics with this virus are now becoming some of the worst she still spews the party line about masks and lock downs not working. I guess dozens of countries throughout rest of the world are also just spreading the hoax especially the one everybody likes to blame, China.

Ask yourselves this: People in the medical profession but especially surgeons, nurses, and dentists have been wearing masks for decades to protect both themselves and their patients. This was the case long before COVID 19. Have Republican doctors and dentists not followed this practice? Have they been woefully unaware of some special knowledge into which the Governor and her party have tapped? Why do these professionals not consider this practice to be an infringement on their personal liberty? I don't recall ever seeing them protest.

Let me repeat a previous post. The people who protest "Never! You will never make me wear a mask!" - are they all draft dodgers? If they still claim to love America, and if some foreign power were to kill 250,000 Americans would they run when the government brought back conscription? Would they go and fight possibly losing their lives or receiving life altering injuries as hundreds of thousands of American Armed Forces people have done?

If the answer is "YES" they would go off to war then what the hell is the big deal? It is the same government who would command you to go. So it's OK for it to order you to serve and fight but not to wear a frickin' mask?

This Governor says mandates are not the American way. Does she hide draft dodgers from her state in her basement? There are times when governments do indeed mandate their citizens to follow procedures that are best for the country. Maybe she did not live through that.

Give yourselves a shake people. Seat belts save lives. So do motorcycle and bicycle helmets; life jackets; stop signs and traffic signals; and that yellow line in subway stations.

So do masks. Grow up.


Saturday 7 November 2020

Thank You 2020 Election Workers in America

After it All Lady Liberty still Stands Tall

What an election - like never before and never again we hope. As an outsider to all of this allow me to extend both congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and a Thank You to thousands of others.

I feel the need because the most famous democracy in the world held together once more when it looked like it might be doomed. We can only hope I am not speaking prematurely.

I am referring here to thousands of nameless citizens who made this election possible. We saw some of them at counting centers across the nation. For days they did and are still doing boring repetitive tasks to get votes counted. Their arms, fingers and behinds must be sore. They are surely sleep deprived and sometimes hungry. This has never been done before in such quantities. As I said, they are still at it.

The resounding message throughout all of this is that all legal votes - the foundation blocks and bricks of any democracy - must be counted however long it takes. These are the people making sure this happens. So far it has all worked despite the leader of this great country.

Lady Liberty might have a back brace by now under the robe but I am sure there is a smile on her face.

I hear Donald was golfing today. Did he count every stroke? Were there any impartial observers? Will his partner take him to the Supreme Court to nullify his fraudulent score?

I suspect there will be a very special Thanksgiving this year for many Americans.


Saturday 31 October 2020

2020 Elections - Heard it all Before

Make America's Presidency and Elections Great Again

Is this election really so different? You could say and I would agree that the current President is the most divisive, unethical, deceitful ever but that is like saying one case of childhood measles is worse than another when both kids are sick in bed. Ask the kid which is worse. There have always been bad Presidents.

Trying to make a virus, or the economy or health care or Trump himself the real issue this time is only scratching the surface. Extending the analogy you don't get severely sick or die from red spots if you have red measles. They are only one symptom. The real problem is what happens to your health overall. The same applies to the country and the election.

I have said this before and it is worth repeating. What is behind the emotion of most elections but in the USA in particular is the great divide between the have and the have nots.

I am not a historian but most of us have some recollection of the topic in school. From the beginning of time there have been conflicts between peoples - internal to a nation or region and between them. It seems to me there are only a few causes. 1) Greedy men - it is usually men - want land, resources, and people outside their jurisdiction so they take them by brutal force. 2) The people they have ruled finally rise up and eliminate the rulers. 3) The rulers begin to suppress and eliminate their own people before 2) can happen. There is a fourth when another nation decides to conquer you, but that is really just the reverse of 1).

Ultimately violence is almost always involved.

In Russia, China, the Philippines, Iran etc. they have experienced 3) above. It is still happening. There have been occurrences of 2) but not many successes. 1) is still happening all over the globe.

What about America - number 2) or number 3)? Since it's founding the gap between American haves and have nots has become extreme. A very few people are obscenely wealthy but they don't see it that way. Perhaps they also think that their wealth will also preserve the status quo for their kids and grandkids. Some of these people and their corporations also control those in power. That is common to most other wealthy countries. The pressure is building and the cork will blow. What flows will not be champagne. 

What is more complex in the USA is the racial aspect. Like it or not it is still there. Those few at the top but especially the "red" ones have always resented the "browning" of what they see as THEIR country. Everybody else is in the Land of the Free only as a concession and only as long as they keep their place as second class citizens and are grateful - or else!

This is what is behind the entire immigration hullabaloo. It is behind Black Lives Matter and White Supremacy. From Adam and Eve this has been inevitable with the population explosion, especially in have not countries. They will seek better lives if only food, water, and shelter elsewhere.

Can Joe Biden fix that? I doubt it - not all of it - but John Kennedy made a good start followed up by Lyndon Johnson. Trump and his cronies make the claim but look at the makeup of his staff both in and out of office. Listen to the stories those who used to work with him have to tell. Fake news? No.

I don't have a solution either but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. If the tensions don't subside America in the worst case will self destruct without enemies firing a shot. In the meantime those same enemies will become the dominant forces in the world replacing America.

If that does not fire up the American spirit I don't know what will.


Friday 30 October 2020

Kudos to CNN Donkey and Elephant Animations!

Elephant and Donkey Commercials are Great!

Hearty congratulations to whomever is behind those commercials on CNN with the elephant and the donkey. They are great.

It is good to see that even though CNN spends virtually all of its time bashing Trump (deservedly most of the time), these cartoons look to be impartial. The message behind all of them is working together or at least that the two mascots should be doing so. They always end up failing.

The last one with a half elephant / half donkey character asks if there is any room in the middle between the other two on a park bench. They both quickly deny it space. So real.

In the past I have named these two Jack Ass and Dumbo. They act the parts most of the time. In the case of the two contenders I think either name is slightly more appropriate for the incumbent.

Thanks CNN.


Friday 23 October 2020

Debate: Not exactly Frazier / Ali

Enough with the Debates. How about these ideas?

We all saw it. We can debate among ourselves who won and who lost but what does it prove?

Next time try something different. How about a mini SURVIVOR format. After all, the citizens surely want the best possible person as President who can lead the country. First and foremost is solving problems. Even protecting the nation is a form of problem solving.

I suggest an event in which the moderator reads out carefully crafted scenarios one at a time - fictitious but entirely possible. Naturally these would have to be totally secret beforehand. Each party would be given a minute to think about it. Then they get to describe in a fixed amount of time what they would do to solve the problem. The microphones will once again be controlled.

If they want to spend their time bragging or criticizing that is their choice but they will not impress the audience - the electorate. Is this not why they get paid the big bucks? In reality they would have staff and advisors (if they listen) but this would give us an impression of how the top person thinks and what kind of people they would choose.

Other topics could include things in which we expect our leaders to excel: world events; history; current affairs; problems of the day for the country and the average citizen; vocabulary; math; what lessons they would teach their kids. You get the picture. It would almost be a mini college entry exam, only there is no way you could pay somebody to take it for you.

Most of the great Presidents would have done well here - some not. Not many think that Trump is a great President (excluding Trump,) but let's face it he would fail with honours. Biden would do well.

This is not just about Trump. America should have at least one of these for each election.

Give it a try. It is no more radical than electing Donald Trump as President. If such a contest had been tried Hillary would now be president. Some think that would be bad. I disagree.


Wednesday 30 September 2020

Trump / Biden Debate

Sass vs. Class

It was billed as a debate but that's not what we saw. A little Latin is appropriate:

"Veni. Vidi. Clamavi." OK my Latin is a little rusty but loosely I think it says: "I came. I saw. I cried." A lot of America did also.

Trump likes names like Sleepy Joe. How about one for The Donald? I suggest "D3" or "D cubed" - Daffy, Dopey, Donald. He really blew it last night showing his true colours (that spelling is correct, just not American.) for those who did not already know.

If there are more debates there must be one more element in the setup. If anyone continues to interrupt the way Trump did, their microphone gets turned off until they conform. I don't think Wallace would have been up to it even if he could have done so.

In the past when Joe went past his time he stopped immediately mid-sentence and even apologized. He could handle this. However, imagine Trump if his microphone went silent! He would either go nuts or walk out. It would be great either way and completely deserved.

How about it networks? Are you up for that? The people deserve a chance to hear at least one of the candidates who has something to say to them. Biden tried. Trump did not.

Dump Trump - Daffy, Dopey, Donald. Make The Presidency great again.