Monday 15 April 2019

Doug Ford's Carbon Tax Sign of the Times

If you haven’t looked at Ford lately, look again.

Yes that is borrowed from the motor company. I couldn't resist.

Recently Ontario Premier Doug Ford et al announced something new in their renowned efforts to work for the little guy and make the province open for business. Apparently between dollar beers, he had a Eureka moment and announced that what we really need is a new Ontario Licence plate - painted Tory blue naturally. On it there will also be a new slogan, creating at our expense a visible legacy to himself. Nothing like spending more money - OUR money - to trim the fat.

That is bad enough but what followed lowers his disregard for the public and common sense below the level of the current U.S. President.

Now to protest the Canadian federal government's carbon tax policies ("Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act") Ontario gas stations have to display on all pumps a sticker that protests this new tax. Corporations could face fines of up to $10,000 per day for not displaying the stickers.

This is incredible.

What will be next? Will homeowners face daily fines for not displaying a Conservative sign on their lawn during the next election? Doug give your head a shake - that is after you extract it from … wherever it is now!

The Brewster

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Environment Doomsday and Smart Phones

Don't Text and Step Outside Your Door

How many times has it been said not to text and drive or not to use your phone and walk? The danger should be obvious but apparently to some it is not. They drive right into oncoming traffic or walk into a pole (or oncoming traffic).

What is the connection with the environment? Just one of attitude.

Ignore the advice that we have to do something now to save our planet and some day you will step out your front door - while texting - and right into the rising water. It will be too late to fix, but what the hell, you can take a picture or record it. You might even go viral like the water swirling around your feet.

The Brewster

Saturday 6 April 2019

Climate Change and Rising Ocean Levels

Is This 40 days and 40 Nights The Sequel?

I am not a religious man. I do consider myself to be a practical one and I see the writing on the wall when it comes to climate change.

As I have written before those who try to "compare" climate changes of the past - millions of years ago based on pure geological studies - are fooling themselves and us. Back then there was no industrial revolution and the world population - as far as we can deduce anyway - was not counted in billions. These studies compare apples to oranges.

What is a fact however despite arguing over the causes, is that the world's ice is melting. Like it or not, that WILL raise the level of seas and oceans and millions of houses, both humble and elaborate, will be under water. Then what?

Havoc, that's what. Survival of the fittest all over again. Religious teachings tell of a great flood - as some kind of punishment.

Did it happen or is it yet to come?

If you want to make a fortune in your time, start a boat-building company called Noah's Arcs are something similar. Almost guaranteed.

The Brewster

Tuesday 2 April 2019

Trump Spin CNN Style

Not So Fast CNN

I like CNN. They can be very annoying sometimes the way they interrupt guests, especially Republicans, when they start to give an answer the host does not like, but overall I prefer the network over others.

However for almost 2 years now every show on CNN has devoted inordinate amounts of time to blasting Trump's wall position and policies. There is no crisis. There is no invasion. A wall won't work. Drugs and bad guys come through the gates. Yada, yada. I agree with it all.

All of a sudden Kuomo is in Texas and the network is blasting both sides for doing nothing about this horrible crisis! Granted the immediate problem of overcrowding is real, but it sure is a 180 degree about face. Remember The White House was lying about hoards of people coming! Looks like they were not.

Then it could be CNN is learning from DJT. Is it a heartfelt distraction from the fact that 2 years of going on about Mueller's report and how bad it could be, has so far been a bust? This is like the polling people in a certain recent election. Like it or not there are a lot of CNN journalists and program hosts who have egg on their faces.

Maybe a rage about poor immigrants blaming both sides will wipe some of it off.

Fess up guys. He got away with the invasion hue and cry AND the Russian "thing". You always want HIM to say he was wrong and now it is your turn. It will look far better on you.

The Brewster

Monday 1 April 2019

The Real Judgement Day

I Was Just Thinking … Because I Still Can

This past weekend I attended and briefly spoke as did several others at the memorial service or life celebration of a very long time friend. I have had the following thoughts before.

When something like this transpires - there is usually some kind of notification sent to others. It contains details of any ceremony, viewing, or celebration of a life on this planet and it is an implied invitation. To make it less awkward there is seldom an RSVP requested.

That having been said we all then have a simple binary decision to make - will I attend or not? For many it is very easy to rationalize a note and flowers - something else on; illness; just too far to go; work; don't really know them; etc.

So it is very impressive when someone draws a huge number of attendees at such a ceremony, whatever its nature. What a wonderful statement when the room is overflowing. I say again - anyone can decide not to come. Social Media friends are not reality but this is.

To me the resulting headcount is the true test of your success in this world - how many other people you touched in a positive way. I don't happen to believe in the divine version - it has never been verified. But THIS I can see with my own eyes. Here everyone gets to be a judge for just one moment.

Will my life or yours fill a room when the time comes?

My friend touched a lot of people - and they came. I will miss him and so will all of those other attendees.

The Brewster