Sunday, 26 March 2023

Digital Blackface: the Modern Minstrel Show

Are you Guilty of Digital Blackface?

Try them - you won't have to read the entire pieces although they are good reads. These describe a term which is new to me: #DIGITAL BLACKFACE. Many white people will scoff at the term claiming that people of colour are being too sensitive.

I am white and I think I understand the term better... for now. I guarantee you the list of inclusions will expand. The best description I have seen is that this is the modern version of the old minstrel shows. Google "Al Jolson" if you don't know what they were - popular way back in the 19th century. They were wrong then and would cause riots today.

If I address a black guy (can I use that word?) as Bro or I say 'Sup is that Blackspeak? If he addresses me the same way and I respond in kind - same question.

For years many white writers and journalists made fun of Yogi Berra for his famous "It ain't over 'till it's over" and "Pair up in threes!". There is even an expression now which is Yogi-isms. President George W. Bush probably generated a similar list. 

If we quote them is this "Whiteface?" My wife often watches the Kelly Clarkson show and almost every day Kelly addresses the audience as "Y'all". I think she has recently introduced the term. To Canadians like me it grates on the ears but to millions of people in the south it is everyday "speak". Is Kelly using Southern Face?

Sometimes on certain talk shows a panelist is of colour and speaks in a very expressive manner. They appear to be acting - the emotion sounds artificial. I often wonder if I woke the same person in the middle of the night would they really speak the same way? Yet I see other shows where no panelist is of colour and I want to say the same thing! People express emotion in different ways.

Language and expression are results of many factors - culture; parental influence; religion; peer pressure; and for sure education.

That last one stands out for me. People - in particular white people - have looked down their noses at almost everyone else for centuries. Entire societies have perpetuated classes and castes to guarantee that the privileged few at the top stay there. South African Apartheid was a blatant example - so was established North America. One of the paths to the top if you are not born there is education. If those in control deny it to the masses precisely to preserve the status quo the problem will always exist. If you have never experienced this - I have not - don't mock Blackface.

Controversial perhaps but education also reflects the way we express ourselves  regardless of colour, age, or race. Many young kids including white ones choose to leave school early. They don't like it and want to be free as soon as they can. Lots find trades or other jobs and live great lives - good for them. Others sell drugs and enter the criminal world - not so good for them or the rest of us.

I have become aware of my own language and grammar because I actually enjoyed it in primary school. 
Some have called me arrogant or conceited because of the way I express myself. Others have accused me of showing no emotion or passion. Both hurt. I would like people to accept me as I am the same way we should accept others the way they are. No Blackface or ridicule please.

Because I am white I can only say I think I understand this phenomenon. I will never experience the feelings and realities of discrimination that others still live every day.

You are reading this digitally. I hope it is not full of Digital Whiteface. If so please comment below. No names necessary.


Thursday, 23 March 2023

Contaminated Water and Camp Lejeune

What is more Contaminated - the Water or the Lawyers?

How long has it been since you saw the first Lawyer commercial about tainted or #contaminated water at Camp Lejeune? At least a couple of years for me. The last one was today. There will be more.

As lawyers so often do, once the first one recognized a big opportunity to make a mint on fees everybody else jumped into the ring. Each week there was another Law Partner claiming to be the first and most knowledgeable on the subject.

To set the record straight this is a serious issue for America's heroes. Their military brass and the politicians should have had their backs once a problem was identified. Instead? Deny, deny, deny! None of them should be suffering from drinking or even being around a camp that caused them chronic health issues. Nobody should. Everyone should support them.

However this post is about lawyers, not marines. The phrase "Ambulance Chasers" is very appropriate when it comes to certain lawyers and their firms and has been around a long time. You can extend it to include their pursuit of other victim groups affected by: asbestos or other hazardous materials; employment terminations; drugs - legal or illicit; governments at all levels; insurance claims; sexual harassment and many more. It is a very ugly image for individuals who are supposed to represent the penultimate professionals.

Apparently these guys have no shame. What is even less professional is when they try to save a few bucks by doing their own commercials. Stop being so cheap and hire another group of professionals counsellors - models and actors. At least they could sound sincere.

Soon we will be hearing that if you have ever: driven by Camp Lejeune on a windy day; made a delivery or pickup there; shaken hands with a former resident; allowed a pet to run free on the grounds; or flown over it in a jetliner you should contact Makeabundle, Makeabundle, and Makeabundle, right away.

Remember! You won't have to pay a dime unless they recover money for you. That one started a long time ago too and then they all jumped in.

The only prominent client I have not seen them chasing is Donald J. Trump. Surely even lawyers are too smart for that. HUGE cash retainer or certified cheque up front please. No exceptions.

Don't you miss Perry Mason Perry Mason (TV Series 1957–1966) - IMDb; Denny Crane Boston Legal (TV Series 2004–2008) - IMDb, Ben Matlock Matlock (TV Series 1986–1995) - IMDb and the lot?


Saturday, 11 March 2023

Orwell's 1984 Forty Years Later

The Next Nuclear Button Push will be the Last

Whatever your religion,
Or how you think and pray,
Some might find this offensive,
But there are things to say.

Wherever is the Heaven
Or Hell that you might fear,
Our Earth is in grave danger.
Armageddon's near.

Some of you are yawning,
"Old news" I hear you say.
Y2K would self implode
Yet here we are today.

Butchery and genocide
Fill history books galore.
But sadly men have never learned
These lessons from before.

Never through those wicked times
And genocides that linger,
Could man annihilate this Earth
With one touch of a finger.

There won't be any Marshall Plan
No cities to remake.
The greatest minds know when to blink
For all of mankind's sake.

Is Heaven watching as its flocks
Approach the great abyss?
Surely there's a better way
To test our Faith than this.


Saturday, 4 March 2023

Alex Murdaugh Shoots Himself in the Foot

Murdaugh and American Justice System

YIPIKAYE. I am one of the many who think Big Alex got exactly what he deserved! And it certainly wasn't an Oscar.

After the verdict some of the speakers talked about the American Justice System. One borrowed from Churchill in calling the system terrible but better than anyone else's. Can't agree with that but it certainly came through this time. Cameras in courtrooms turn them and all their officials into the Jerry Springer show or Tiny Talent Time. Everyone is performing for the camera during and after the trial. Just recall the OJ trial. What a joke. Then everyone makes a fortune writing books and doing the talk show route - even jurists.

Having watched specials about the Murdaugh family, it reminded me of the Trumps; Joseph Kennedy and his sons; and even TV series like Dallas and Dynasty. The wealthy generally own the politicians and get what they want - when they want it. The poor only manage to scream this at protests.

At least three generations of his family owned their town and surroundings. They really did think they could get away with anything. They didn't. So The Christians finally managed to slay one of the Lions in the public coliseum called American justice.

I didn't watch all of it but enough to form an opinion. Ironically that is the main reason I don't like cameras in trials. It becomes another form of social media - everyone is an armchair judge, jurist, prosecutor, or defence lawyer. This time even I was and I distrusted the guy from the start without really knowing any of the facts. 

Another reason I don't like trial specials is that it almost teaches the public how to bamboozle a court if they ever do end up in one. When you don't witness this, courts and trials are intimidating as they should be. You hope you never have to face one and just maybe this affects your behaviour.

Having confessed however, here are a couple of my armchair thoughts. 

Worst of all I thought he looked and acted guilty. It's OK for the jury to conclude that but not the viewing public who don't hear all testimony and instructions from the judge. My bad.

For sure a big one was that Alex said he was nowhere near the murder scene when it happened and then had to stand on his head. He also stated that the dogs were quiet. These were hunting dogs. If anyone other than family was anywhere near that kennel they would have been going nuts unless they had been silenced. Thirdly the defence tried to maintain that there were at least two shooters. This was because there were 2 types of guns and two angles of attack or bullet trajectories. To me that was just another case of Alex deliberately carrying out shootings in such a manner so as to lead to such a false conclusion. The guy was a lawyer - not a very good one apparently - but very clever. The drug angle did nothing for me. I am not even sure they proved his consumption and addiction was as abnormal as he stated.

Lastly ballistics told exactly what kinds of weapons and ammo were used. The family had such weapons but guess what - they had magically disappeared - both of them!

Other than this monster rotting in a cell somewhere and facing prison justice, there are a couple of other positive outcomes. Firstly I think the dogs will get a good home somewhere. They are celebrities after all! The remaining son is probably no saint either but all this will have such a horrible effect on him that he will never follow in his father's footsteps. Instead, maybe he will become another reborn man like Ebenezer Scrooge. Also there might ultimately be some financial benefit to the hundreds of families and individuals from whom Alex stole money, even if his land and properties have to be sold. That will be a different trial so stay tuned.

We can all hope that somewhere other individuals who think they have conceived of the perfect murder(s) will think twice. 

Now let's bet on the date of first book, mini-series, or movie to hit the market. Only in America!


Wednesday, 1 March 2023

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of U.S.Politics!

American Politics - It's Always Entertaining!

One thing about American politics - it is never boring! On any given day you can find ongoing stories that make you just shake your head. Yes, I know. Since most of this stuff comes from the media, in some countries I wouldn't even be reading or viewing it but that doesn't change the stuff!

What have I seen just today? Most of what I saw yesterday and probably tomorrow.

The USA is sabre rattling (again) telling China that it better not take sides in the Ukraine war - or else. Meanwhile billions in aid from the US has flowed to Ukraine and will continue because - she has taken sides. I agree with it but there are at least shades of hypocrisy here.

For over two years now Trump has been spreading absolute crap - the Big Lie - being ever so grateful to Fox. Anchors on Fox were known to agree off camera that there was no election fraud - that Trump lost and Biden won. Now that the Fox owner has admitted to this under oath, Trump is mad as a hatter (OK angry - some think he was always mad) at the very same network. Makes you feel good all over. Too bad The Pope has stayed out of it. What kind of filth would DJT spew in that case?

If you are ever stuck then MTG is always good for a laugh and a headshake. (Google it - I don't want to mention the name.) This woman would have fit right in on The Three Stooges. Where is Ralph Kramden when you need him? POW - right to the moon! No guns involved.

The other day I was hearing a respectable GOP member and media spokesperson stating correctly that every member of the GOP is not right wing. Not all Republicans are gun toting red necks, implying that most Democrats openly said they were. OK true. Funny but he neglected to say that not all Democrats are "Socialists". That is something that too many GOP members DO say. I don't think many of them know the meaning of the word.

Two big topics always guaranteed to get a rise and some coverage are Woke and Critical Race Theory. No matter how you cut it, both smack of many Americans wanting to sweep their sometimes sordid past under the carpet. Throughout all of the horrible cases of genocide and torture inflicted by humans on other humans, one of the most publicized is the Holocaust. Millions of German citizens - some of them now gone - are still held responsible and always will be.

Victims of the Nazi regime are commemorated in various novel ways. One man has created 70,000 small plaques placed on streets and houses naming individuals we lost. see 'Stumbling stones': a different vision of Holocaust remembrance | Cities | The Guardian. Sites like the gas ovens and prisons where victims were killed and tortured are preserved as horrible reminders.

Contrast that to America. What does America celebrate? It's overpaid and glamorous movie and TV stars with plaques in a famous sidewalk. States are trying to erase their American history from books, schools, media, and even the language. Why not honour black people who were lynched, tortured, raped, gutted, whipped, overworked, and repressed on this side of the ocean? It took over 100 years to get legislation passed to outlaw lynching. Then the best Biden could do was make it a hate crime! It is history and must not be glossed over.

What about Dilbert? Good old not everybody gets the humour Dilbert. He has now been banned from many publications because of the rants of his creator. (I agree he went too far.) What will be next? Will Sylvester the Cat be banned because of his violent attitude towards Tweety Bird? How about Minnie Mouse for being bare chested?

If you're bored it is guaranteed there will be more mass shootings this year and more politicians saying "This must never be allowed to happen again!". Most of them will have some kind of automatic weapon(s) at home as they speak.

Don't forget the other "who done it" trial of Alex Murdaugh. Another super rich and powerful family with too much money and not enough to do with it. Maybe he will get a star in the walk of fame. We don't yet know if he is acting but hey that goes for a lot of Oscar winners. Oh yes - those awards are coming up soon also. No politics there!

That's only two months gone with 10 more to go!


Tuesday, 21 February 2023

Will theThird World War be nuclear?

Nuclear or Nucular? Same result.

The last President Bush had a habit of mispronouncing the word Nuclear. If there is ever an actual hostile firing of these weapons between or among nations, we are toast - nuclear OR nucular.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has raised the prospect of a Nuclear war again. We can only hope not. The world would become quite uninhabitable if many of these exploded. I think it is safe to say that if one nation targets another who also has weapons, it will be like a snowball fight between countries. Snow forts won't exist.

We have become almost blasé to national disasters for years. There are many causes: fire; hurricanes and tornadoes; floods; tsunamis; and recently once again earthquakes. It is worth doing a search for what has been written and the horrible visuals recorded when Fat Man and Little Boy were exploded by America over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was hell on earth.

Now remember that these were crude and small atomic devises. Today the nuclear arms race has produced bombs that are more powerful by factors of 10. They have also been perfected. Their use on Japan has been debated many times. It did bring Japan - who had vowed to continue the war in the Pacific - to its heels months after Germany had already surrendered. This was also after prolonged fire bombing of hundreds of Japanese cities which did even more damage to buildings and people than the two big ones. We can only be thankful that Germany did not acquire the knowhow before the U.S.A. although they were trying.

There are very eerie similarities between the Ukraine situation and the last two world wars. Some are: growing economic crises and the differences between rich and poor; scapegoats being named to justify acts of war; despots in control of powerful nations; desire for the expansion of borders which are illegal land grabs; nations forming sides and alliances.

Today there are some major differences that make these times worse. As mentioned, the weapons are capable of destroying the planet and its people.
Britain is no longer a big player but IS and she has not made her position clear. North Korea and Iran could jump in. India's position is not clear either but by proximity siding with China would be very attractive, especially economically.

Adding to all of that, the American people are getting tired of being the world's police officers and paying fortunes to others. American politics is in turmoil and getting worse. Some people in other nations were overjoyed at 9/11. Many would like to see America with a bloody nose.

The one hope is that the madmen in power today have seen what would happen in a nuclear exchange. They would not be immune themselves.

Perhaps one of the worst ironies is this: Mankind and science is learning more about the power of the atom and the sun. New energy sources are being researched and tried. China claims to have new hypersonic glide vehicles that travel at Mach 5 and with much greater efficiency.

So just when all of this knowledge and power should be combined so that future generations can travel to distant heavenly bodies, it would be a shame if it were all used to target and destroy each other. We will become just another distant sphere probably covered in dust and water with a radioactive atmosphere that would kill any alien visitors who managed to leverage their own technology to reach us after we failed.


Sunday, 12 February 2023

Balloons or UFO's?

A Balloon a Day Keeps the Air Force at Play

A monster balloon for "weather",
Mysteriously slipped from its tether.
Completely unfurled, it travelled the world,
Adrift in the breeze like a feather.

A pilot while flying his plane,
Exclaimed "Am I going insane?"
For he saw with his eye, this thing in the sky, 
And radioed in to explain.

"So Captain, what's this about?
Settle down! There's no need to shout!"
"I know you'll be thinking, that I have been drinking,
Listen! There can be no doubt."

"A balloon two hundred feet high,
Above me way up in the sky,
Is scanning our nation, just like the space station,
And staring at us as we fly."

The White House was called in a hurry,
The Pentagon soon in a flurry,
"What the hell?" was the cry, as they did a fly by,
Then everyone started to worry.

Its payload is big as a Boeing,
Where is the bloody thing going?
Although unmanned, it's flight path seems planned,
So rumours were rampant and growing.

Republicans screamed "Shoot it down!"
"Are you nuts?" Biden said with a frown.
"It could kill masses wherever it crashes
Demolishing some little town!"

So when it had flown out to sea,
A jet chopped it down like a tree,
'Though China demanded it back when it landed,
The free world shouted with glee.

But then as quick as a wink,
With barely enough time to blink,
A new thing appeared, and this one was weird!
Could they be related you think?

The next day a third thing was seen,
Just what could this possibly mean?
With Biden annoyed, they both were destroyed,  
What secrets from them could we glean?

The Chinese wouldn't say squat.
Was it some sinister plot?
A devilish ploy, to simply annoy?
Red Herring to see what we've got?

I solved this one on my own.
It's not a spy craft or drone.
To me it's quite clear, so lend me your ear,
And put down that damned bloody phone!

When E.T came from the skies,
An alien sleuth in disguise,
It was a disgrace how we'd ruined this place.
He couldn't believe his own eyes.

His alien kin were quite pissed,
They came to see what they'd missed.
If we don't get back onto the right track,
Then Earth will no longer exist.


Wednesday, 8 February 2023

Road Rage and People with Guns

Want to Self-Destruct? It's Easy

Violence is everywhere we look today. How many generations have said that? Not much has changed except the frequency and magnitude. Here are a few things to ponder:

1. ROAD RAGE: Have you experienced this while driving - either the sudden impulse to explode at someone yourself or being the victim of another whose blood was apparently made to boil by you? If you are saying "No" you can leave now. You are a Saint. We all have been there to some degree.

This is probably because all drivers that have acquired a license to drive a vehicle think they are the best drivers on the road. My fault? Not bloody likely. Here are a few habits that really get under my skin. Those who:

a) Refuse to use turn indicators
b) Never completely stop at STOP signs or when turning right on a red light (in my province we can do that.)
c) Those for whom a yellow light means floor it and you will probably not get caught
d) The ones guilty of c) who don't even think about T-boning a car or killing a pedestrian when both of them had the right of way after the light turned red
e) The ones who continue to use Cell phones while driving with one hand
f) Those whose brains seem to malfunction when they enter a parking lot
g) In winter the bozos that don't clean their entire car of snow and ice
h) The really slow drivers - below the speed limit - who are not in the slow lane

I could carry on. But when it is extreme, what is your usual reaction? Flip the finger? Honk the horn? Yell out the window? Follow the person to tailgate them?

There is something about driving that just flips our rage switch. Usually we are in the safety of our vehicle at the time. Store that thought.

2) GUN RAGE: As we have all seen far too many times before a similar thing happens when someone possesses a gun and gets enraged at others. The same switch is flipped! Unlike road rage this tends to happen more with men but when you are the victim, does it matter? Gun shootings do happen throughout the world but America to guns is like Coke or Pepsi to colas - almost synonymous.

So what is the third step mentioned in the heading?

3) If you want to get seriously hurt or killed, especially in America, just remember that that the driver at whom you scream or flip the bird causing them to come after and confront you just might be afflicted by 2).

Step 3: SAME SWITCH! Bang - you're dead.


Monday, 6 February 2023

Classified Documents: Governments' and Yours

Do you have confidential documents in YOUR house?

Not to belittle the phrase which is profoundly important, but is there going to be a Me Too trend for confidential documents in someone's garage, library, or basement? What a joke this has become. 

One evening on CNN I believe it was #MargaretHoover who hit the nail on the head in my opinion. She opined that it was simple: once out of office people take files home to add legitimacy while they write memoires and books, hoping to make big bucks as authors. If this is true it makes the act even worse. Making money from country secrets is deplorable. In the case of Trump I think he had other reasons.

Having said all that I know that I have violated similar protocols at a corporate level in the past. I also had good intentions. I was taking work home - unpaid work - to get something done in a quiet environment with no interruptions. I felt confident that they would remain safe and secure until their return. This is probably true for many people - until they leave their briefcase on the bus or subway!

It was becoming laughable in America. Instead of spending millions on spy technology, satellites, balloons, and drones, China and aothers should just break into a prominent politicians house or garage. This is grab bag at the highest level - international Cracker Jack! White House fortune cookies!

If you have a Safety Deposit Box at a bank you know how secure procedures are. There are 2 keys required. You have to sign anything in or out. In this case nothing has to be returned but there is a record of visits. It should be easy to do something similar but even more strict within a government. 

Stuff should be read in a locked facility if possible and when finished with them materials should go straight back into a vault, double locked by administrators. If the volume is such that it must be taken from the reading room as homework, records have to be kept including the signature of the reader and a return date has to be agreed upon and tracked.

How does an administrator control or even reprimand the President or Vice President of the country without fear of job loss? How do authorities?

Drop the file Joe a put your hands behind your back! On the floor - NOW! We'll help you back up Mr. President.

Biden: "I had no idea there were any classified documents in my house. I'm serious. No this is no joke ... no joke. Really. Really. I mean this. I'm not being fasetious - fatecious - fasillyous ... I'm not kidding. Just ask Jill."

Trump: "This is another case of the deep state - the FBI gone wild. I read hundreds of documents every night - thousands of documents. More stuff than any President anywhere in history. That's because I have a higher EQ than any other President by far. Besides if there are any they are MINE. I unclassified them. I can do that you know. I can do anything as President. I can just grab them without even asking."

Mike Pence: "It has been recently brought to my attention that it is possible that certain select missives might have been identified in locations that could reasonably be associated with my person. I might not disagree with your contention but I want to assure you that the former President had nothing to do with this and that all procedures and protocols are always followed by my staff. I have also directed them to immediately ..." . Wait. Where are you going?"


Thursday, 2 February 2023

Ground Hog Day

Famous ground hogs were very unhappy today. 

There are many famous little critters who have their day in the sun (although we usually hope not) around the globe Groundhog - Wikipedia. Some are: Punxsutawney Phil (Pennsylvania); Ms. G (Massachusetts); Tymko (Ukraine); Sir Walter Wally (North Carolina); Quigley (New York); Manitoba Merv (Manitoba); Fred La Marmotte (Québec); Shubenacadie Sam (Nova Scotia); Wiarton Willie (Ontario). Groundhog Day: What did the groundhogs predict for 2023? | CTV News

For the most part especially for gardeners they are a pain on the butt. But today they all have their fifteen minutes of Andy Warhol fame.

In recent years I all of them have had one thought only: "Please put me back and lock the door before somebody shoots me!" It really has nothing to do with the sun. I suggest these rodents are tuned in to social media. With the rise in violence around the globe why leave the safety of their den?

Looks like the little buck-toothed critters' traditional predictions were bang on (no pun intended). It's going down to -20 F in the Toronto area.

One question - I could probably Google it but didn't: Who looks after them all year? Is there a special person assigned to their care or a local zoo? Are they paid (the keepers, not the ground hogs)? 

In Stratford Ontario Stratford famous for it's Theatre Festivals, there are swans on the Avon river - just like England. They have an annual parade for both the bringing out of the swans in spring and later housing them back into their winter compound. It is quite a ritual. Maybe some of these towns have the same thing for ground hogs.
The swans seem to relish the attention and they have comfort in numbers - not so for the den diggers.

One other thing I noticed - they all need those tooth whiteners we see advertised. I think the manufacturers are missing an opportunity for a good commercial.

Sometimes I feel like not venturing outside myself - just because!


Monday, 30 January 2023

Tyre Nichols just the Latest

Again America is made Famous by Violence

The horrible death of Tyre Nichols pulls the cover off the true America once again. This is Rodney King 32 years later. The country has a learning problem - a disability at the national level. Too bad there are no therapists for countries. America would need couch time with all of them.

There are very interesting contrasts between these two incidents.

In the King case four white officers beat the crap out of a black man. In the Nichols case five black officers beat the crap out of black man. King survived. Nichols died. King was charged with "felony evading", but later the charge was dropped. Rodney King - Wikipedia. Nichols was alleged the be driving recklessly, unsubstantiated. The King incident was videoed by a third party or we likely would not have seen it. Nichols was videoed by police cameras and others. Otherwise we likely would not have seen it. According to the same Wikipedia article the four officers who beat King were charged with excessive force and 3 got off. The jury was hung on the 4th. Later federal charges were brought for violating King's rights. Two served time. In the Nichols case all 5 officers were quickly charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping plus other serious charges. We will see the outcome. After the King incident there was massive rioting, injury, and death. It took the Army, the Marine Corps, and the California Army Nation Guard to restore order. So far this has not happened with Nichols.

The quick action against the officers this time and the reality that almost everything is now being captured on a camera somewhere is a good thing in my opinion. Not everyone agrees. The bad thing is that police brutality has not improved.

If you talk to many cops they will maintain that many of the young people who are the typical "gang bangers" are people of colour. They justify the need for caution in traffic and other stops on the possible use of guns. Sometimes cops are surprised and killed. What we saw which ultimately killed Tyre was not caution. We saw what many are describing as terrorism - against non-white victims. We saw bullies.

Guns were not a even a factor with King or Nichols. Where was the risk of being shot to these five police officers? They had him on the ground - similar to King; similar to Floyd and other cases. The beating continued. Why? Some of the comments from those bullies tell us why. It was what they do.

Therein lies the biggest problem I see here. Is there something about a career as a police officer that attracts bullies? Let me recognize that the majority of police officers are NOT of this mentality and serve the public for the right reasons. They never fire their gun and never beat up on people in custody. However too many are getting in who do not belong. Are some jurisdictions so desperate that they will pay big bucks for anybody to take the job? Look at it the other way around. If you are a bully by nature, what an occupation! Great pay and all the action you want!

Are these the same genes that cause some men to lose it when rebuffed by a woman, especially sexually? Do they beat the crap out of their wives when she says "No?" Do these genes make men go berserk when someone doesn't stop; tries to flee; mouths off? Are these insults to their cop ego?

This is a big problem for police forces everywhere. The military has a similar problem but following orders and protocol are both drilled into enlisted people as are the negative consequences of disobeying. Perhaps police forces could learn from this. How about police boot camp?

In summary this is a very similar problem to America's second big challenge: how do you keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them? I don't have any solution but perhaps the next big push in genealogy research should be to identify the bully gene. It's in those spiral molecules somewhere beating up the other genes.

Imagine how many lives would be saved!


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Saturday, 28 January 2023

The Supreme court: The Thorn in America's Side - make that Heart

Is the Highest Court in America High on Itself or Something Else?

It is time to make some changes to the American democratic "system", in this case The Supreme Court. Just like diagnosing a car, if you could plug into an American government "chip" I'm sure The Supreme Court would be flagged with a code indicating that repair was needed.

Rumours abound that there is internal squabbling. I'm sure this is not new but the differences are never supposed to be based upon politics. To the public it appears that is exactly what is happenng. Look at the fate of great sports teams when the squabbling gets nasty. Their performance falls apart.

What do you expect when Presidents - most recently Trump but many others before him - try to stack the deck in their party's favour? It is supposed to be the last impartial pillar on which the American three part system can rely. Can they do so any longer? That is questionable.

I have suggested before that the court needs to change. It will not be easy but the American system was designed without easy in mind. It should be difficult but doable. Who will take on the challenge?

Here is this author's suggestions as one who has never been a professional politician and who is not American. They apply to the appointment process and the term served by a judge. The objectives are to limit the term any one judge can serve and to attempt to maintain an even split of party appointments. 
The same should apply to any other Supreme Court appointments in the land:
  1. There must always be an odd number of judges. Today there are 9.
  2. Just as there is today there will be one Chief Justice to break any split decisions.
  3. Judges continue to be appointed but not for life. They will serve for a minimum of 4 years but a maximum of 8 net years. After four years a judge can be replaced by the President. (If a judge is off for 6 months that will not count against their total.)
  4. Each new President gets to appoint a maximum of 4 Supreme Court judges (currently) or 50% of the court, excluding the Chief Justice. However if no judge has served their minimum 4 years, no appointments will be permitted until that time.
  5. The only exceptions would be if a judge retires, dies, or is incapacitated.
  6. If a President wins a 2nd 4 year term and they want to appoint new judges, they will have to replace judges who have served their minimum four years and who were appointed by their own party.
  7. During the approval process for a new judge, only a fixed number of rejections (to be determined) of individuals will be permitted. Once the maximum is reached, the President is free to make the appointment.
This would be far from perfect. The transition would take several years. Those who already sit thought they had an esteemed position with great pay for life. If removed they will likely have to be paid out.

It should work towards balancing out the numbers of red and blue judges and could be extended to any additional parties in the future. It should also make existing judges thinks twice about politically motivated decisions.

This will not please everyone but it deserves its day in court! If you object please leave constructive comments below.


Sunday, 22 January 2023

The Climate Warming Warning Light is ON.

Giuliani for Mayer of Renewable Energy!!

I just posted a Tweet that is worth repeating:

"I am reading an article that says this January has had the highest temperatures on record in many European countries. Still we do nothing but talk. This is like ignoring the Check Engine Light on your car or removing the fuse for its warning indicator panel."

Are we all deaf, blind, selfish, or just stupid? The answer is probably all of those adjectives. If I have to pick one it is SELFISH. It won't become a disaster in our lifetimes so we will enjoy our lives while we can. Then it is somebody else's problem - like our kids'.

Thursday, 5 January 2023

2023 Nomination for Speaker of The House

The System is Rigged - against the Riggers

You have to laugh. Kevin McCarthy is now suffering a major crisis in his own party during the nomination for a new Speaker of The House. He thought he was a shoe in - just like Trump. Now the fix is really in - against HIM. No Democrats needed.

Looks good on him after condemning Trump and then kissing his "ring". Nancy must really be enjoying the show. That's EXACTLY what it has become - a show. a B-grade movie. No need for cartoons - the whole thing is a cartoon.

Did you hear some of the nominators giving their little speech before naming their nominee? Jim Jordan ranting about how people in the current administration who were never elected are running the show and exercising too much power. Excuse me? The brains behind the entire Trump administration were all unelected. ("Behind" -  reminds me of where The Donald's own gray matter often  resides.) Several of his team were close family members. Are we forgetting Kelly Anne Conway; Roger Stone; Rudy Giuliani; Steve Bannon; John Bolton; Ivanka Trump to name a few. Every President has a cabinet of about 15 people as advisors. None are elected. This is nothing new.

Then there was Jordan's recommitment to investigate everyone in a blue outfit, just to get back at "the other side". He wants a hearing on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Why not subpoena The Pope or any of the current evangelists in his own country? This guy is nuttier than a fruitcake.