Sunday 26 November 2023

Preserving Animal Species

Do Animal Preseves Protect? Maybe Not!

Image of Orca's Head above water.

Ever been tempted to take in one of those apparent animal preservation attractions where you can get up close and personal with some type of wild life? Swimming with dolphins is a famous example. Perhaps you should think twice. I will do some research before I visit one. Some are not worth a visit. Why? Read on.

Is this Natural for the Species?

Try to think like the animal. If you are swimming with dolphins or mingling with and touching a species which would normally run from or attack humans, this is NOT natural.
  • How did this "preserve" acquire these animals which are usually found elsewhere?
  • Why has a normally wild species become tame?
  • What kind of harsh training or conditioning have they received?
  • Are they spending most of their time in a pen or cage? How wild is that?
  • With a bit of research some of the answers you will find are horrible.

What prompted this post?

Image of a lion
I was reading an article in my CAA Winter 2023 magazine (Canadian Automobile Association) called Creature Comforts by Vawn Himmelsbach which got me thinking about this. She sites several organizations you should check out. Here are some of them:


Humans Helping Animals

It is uplifting to see that some people think beyond cats and dogs when it comes to animals. Many Zoos have come a long way in the last few decades from past prisons for poor caged animals to elaborate environments spanning hundreds of acres.
Polar bear in a Zoo

They are in some ways a necessary evil as THE dominant species grabs more of the world's resources for itself leaving less for those who pre-dated us by thousands of years.There are also more efforts to outlaw poaching for money to punish the guilty. More is needed.

Humans Helping Themselves

People chasing a fox on horses

However looking back in history people have not changed much. The money and wealth motive still dominates. For years we have been seeing daily inhumanity inflicted on others in Ukraine and the Middle East to name a couple. America is full of its own unique horror shows and it is getting worse.

So on one level you have to wonder how you can expect humane treatment of animals when the two-legged variety keeps slaughtering its own. We often use the term "treat like an animal". That is disgusting in itself. Animals kill for need - never for sport or trophies. Phrases like scalping, tar and feather, burn at the stake, and skinning alive to name a few ae 100% human and 100% vile.

On another level perhaps those participating in war will find some solace in their down time by furthering animal causes.

Like an animal - don't hold your breath.