Thursday 16 July 2020

Social Distancing from The President

No Masking the Truth Either Donald

DJT is finally starting to allow himself to be seen wearing a mask when he thinks it will benefit his image - not his health or yours. He is wrong - dead wrong - about masks NOT helping with this virus. For sure however, he can not mask what is happening to his reputation and the public's opinion of him.

People are social distancing from DJT-2020 as well as Covid-2019. Let's hope they also wash their hands of him. The same goes for other countries. We have all heard the promises he made in 2016 and has not kept including divulging his tax returns. The same goes for the lies he has told numbering in the five digit range.

So let's try to shed this should be American and world leader in another light so that maybe more will finally see that light.

If you are honest and answer YES to any one of these 10 questions, how could you vote for him?

  1. Would he insult another woman the way he did Carly Fiorina in the debates?
  2. Would he insult another disabled person by mocking them the way he did a reporter in 2015?
  3. Would he cheat on his wife if he thought he could keep it hidden?
  4. Will he try to portray Biden's mild stutter as incompetence?
  5. If he is ever in a disaster will he ignore the code "Women and Children first"?
  6. Do you think Putin has something on him?
  7. Is he the only President you can think of that other world leaders have openly laughed at and mocked - even abandoned?
  8. Will he still lie during another campaign and if he is re-elected?
  9. Be really honest here - do you think he is a racist?
  10. Do you think most of those around him are racists

None of these should get a YES for a U.S. President. Put somebody in his place who fails with a perfect zero %