Wednesday, 29 July 2020

They Like the Doctors More because of My Personality. Gee ... Ya Think?

One of the Few Things DJT Got Right

I just witnessed The President talking to the media and bemoaning the fact that most people like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx et al better than him. He postulated - OK too big a word to attribute to him - he thought that it was probably because of his personality.

This is like Hitler saying maybe people did not like him because of HIS personality. Was there ever a President who wasted his own, the networks', and the peoples' time with such drivel?The good news is he finally got something right without a script.

I could fill pages - as could just about anyone - with reasons that people might not like him. We can only pray that this time the dislike results in his removal. More entertaining would be to speculate on how he will take his loss and what he will do. Here are some I could anticipate:

  • He has suggested that he won't go - what a priceless moment in history showing the Ex President being forcefully removed from the White house, probably crying like a baby.
  • If Obama actively promotes Biden in the election, Trump could spend yet another four years blaming Barack.
  • He could sue CNN and any of his other media targets claiming that their fake news resulted in his loss
  • If he had acknowledged this virus sooner he could blame it saying it had affected too may Americans' minds. Lost his chance for that one.
  • He could blame his niece for writing her book and all its family secrets.
  • He could blame vote by mail

Or maybe - just maybe - in private he could confide to his wife "Thank God. It's finally over. Let's blow this chicken coupe. I'm going to make dinner tonight after I play some catch with Barron." Ok. Now I am the crazy one.

America: Your own Muhammad Ali managed to Rope a Dope many times. All you have to do is Dump a Trump once! Ali would be proud.


Thursday, 16 July 2020

Social Distancing from The President

No Masking the Truth Either Donald

DJT is finally starting to allow himself to be seen wearing a mask when he thinks it will benefit his image - not his health or yours. He is wrong - dead wrong - about masks NOT helping with this virus. For sure however, he can not mask what is happening to his reputation and the public's opinion of him.

People are social distancing from DJT-2020 as well as Covid-2019. Let's hope they also wash their hands of him. The same goes for other countries. We have all heard the promises he made in 2016 and has not kept including divulging his tax returns. The same goes for the lies he has told numbering in the five digit range.

So let's try to shed this should be American and world leader in another light so that maybe more will finally see that light.

If you are honest and answer YES to any one of these 10 questions, how could you vote for him?

  1. Would he insult another woman the way he did Carly Fiorina in the debates?
  2. Would he insult another disabled person by mocking them the way he did a reporter in 2015?
  3. Would he cheat on his wife if he thought he could keep it hidden?
  4. Will he try to portray Biden's mild stutter as incompetence?
  5. If he is ever in a disaster will he ignore the code "Women and Children first"?
  6. Do you think Putin has something on him?
  7. Is he the only President you can think of that other world leaders have openly laughed at and mocked - even abandoned?
  8. Will he still lie during another campaign and if he is re-elected?
  9. Be really honest here - do you think he is a racist?
  10. Do you think most of those around him are racists

None of these should get a YES for a U.S. President. Put somebody in his place who fails with a perfect zero %


Wednesday, 8 July 2020

It takes a Dotard to LIke a Dotard

Kim was Right

I hate to say it but Kim Jong Un was right. HE is a dotard when it comes to Covid 19. I can't think of a better noun - lots of adjectives. He is killing thousands of Americans by politicizing masks. I guess it takes a dotard to believe in a dotard because some of the statements I heard from his supporters to mayors in Florida were absolutely incredible.

Some of these people make the classic Walmart shopper look like Einstein. God gave me lungs etc. etc. People: God sent the virus if that is the case. He also made the scientists who are trying to save your lives since your leader is not. 

One lady or female dotard said they would have to hold her down and force a mask on her. I really want to be there for that one.

You might have the right to carry weapons folks, but you have no right to kill others with your breath's droplets of your verbal diahhrea. Add the mental constipation to that and there is nothing else to say. 

Where was Trump's niece four years ago?