Thursday 21 February 2019

It's Raining Democratic Candidates!

C'mon Democrats - "Me Too" Has Already Been Taken

It's getting too common - blue candidates saying "Me Too - I'm running for President." As I have stated before, I hope one of them adapts my slogan "Make the Presidency Great Again!" It will really annoy you know who.

Is anybody else feeling that things might be getting a bit watered down? It seems to me that all DJT might have to do is sit back and watch them shoot each other in their collective feet. Now that Bernie is in I hope Joe joins the pack. I think he has the best chance of beating Trump.

Although I like him, if Bernie gets the nod I think it is a slam dunk for Trump. I said this in 2016. Bernie has to stop waving his finger at his audiences like some Evangelist or aging professor. Nobody likes that. You would then have extreme polar opposites on the right and left - just what America does not need right now. I hope all the newbies have strong stomachs. We saw what Trump was willing to say and do to those on HIS side - imagine the level of depravity when he directs his venom at his opponents on the other side!

Here is one thing I hope changes. In 2016 I was in N. Carolina golfing the night of the election. In the morning while in shock like everyone else, I asked a man of colour beside me what he thought happened. He did not mention the black vote at all. He said that the truth was that most Americans were still not ready for a female President. Here is hoping that has changed because there are some good female candidates.

There is always the other hope - that Donald finally shoots himself irreparably in the foot. Preferably both of them.

C'mon Joe. You already have holes in your feet and hopefully you have learned.

The Brewster

Monday 18 February 2019

Democratic Slogan: Make THE PRESIDENCY Great Again?

Winning Cry for the Democrats

If any of the multitude of Democrats running for the Presidency wants to win I suggest they borrow at least this much from DJT.

Adapt the slogan "Make The Presidency Great Again!".

It is a sure winner.

The Brewster

Saturday 16 February 2019

Marcella Zoia chair throwing in Toronto

Throw the BOOK at her - see how she likes it!

As reported and broadcast in Toronto media, one Marcella Zoia is accused of throwing a chair and possibly other articles from an upper floor balcony of a building in Toronto. The objects crashed in front of the building entrance and could have blown onto an adjacent major expressway. Mercifully no one was hurt. Video exists that appears to show her in the act of doing this.

Surely there should be no more mercy in this entire incident. Despite claims that she feels badly about what she did, pictures of her appear to belie that. Since she has such a propensity for tossing objects, the justice system should toss the book at her.

This individual rejected any regard for human life or serious injury in another reckless attempt to gain notoriety on social media. She seems to have succeeded. Bad enough when the population at large makes certain people famous and wealthy simply because they performed intimate sex acts on video but this goes way beyond that.

In both cases we should not reward individuals apparently void of any other talent or means of contributing something useful to society. If there had been any victims here, they most likely would have died or had the normal life they had been enjoying tragically altered. Now this person's life should be altered for her.

The perpetrator is reported to be 19 - old enough to know better and to pay the consequences. A now famous Donald Trump chant aimed at Hillary Clinton comes to mind. It applies here.

She needs time - lots of it - to reconsider her life and it should be without any direct contact to the outside world - definitely no camera. Let her sit on a broken chair.

The Brewster