Saturday 5 August 2023

Draining the Swamp

Beware of Gators and Snakes

If you are ever going to drain the swamps - especially in the southern USA like Florida - a host of monsters await you. Most notable are the gators and snakes. Then there is also the chance of getting totally lost.

So many people find it very ironic - those with some semblance of honesty and integrity - when they know that the guy who promised to drain it turned out to be the biggest gator of them all. Perhaps biggest snake is more appropriate. His party is also totally lost.

As all of the charges unfold against a former American President, we will find out with proof, who really tried to weaponize the White House and all of its resources. It was not Biden or anyone else since Nixon. It was Trump - hands down. He is still trying to do it.

Being addressed as "Mr." by the judge sent a very important message. I was overjoyed to hear that Donald was upset. He has thumbed his nose at any form of rules or laws for most of his life and loves disrespecting others with childish (and not very clever) nicknames. He really did and still does think he is above all of this - too smart. NOT! Although there are many to choose from, his big mouth is the dumbest body part he owns.

There is only one thing that would be as satisfying as Trump being found guilty on any or all of these charges and even wearing prison gear (which is unlikely although it shouldn't be.) That would be to see a majority of Republican Congress members in both houses, summon up the guts to admit that the charges are true and that Biden won and Trump lost - twice.

The attempt to steal the last election was perpetrated entirely by Trump people and the GOP - not Biden and the Dems. Trump followers DID try to kill the VP and the Speaker. Others DID lose their lives. Anyone who even tries to claim that January 6th was just another day of free speech and protest in Washington should not be in office. That includes DJT.

If Trump is the GOP nominee you can bet your last dollar the 2024 will indeed be rigged - again - by the Trump team and their chicken hearted followers in the GOP. These people have no interest in making America great again. Like Trump, they only want to make their own bank accounts and lifestyles great again, or keep the ones they have.

Oh yes - if Trump wins, America will be toast - a sad chapter in the history books.

I would love to see Trump serve time but regardless he should never ever hold the office of President of the United States again. Electing him just because you don't like Biden is like amputating your foot because you have a sore toe. Americans - in particular Republican Americans - have a choice to make. There are several candidates who could make America great again if you don't think Biden has. Pick one of them. Some would pardon The Donald but at least there would be another four years without him. 

By 2028 who knows where he will be? One thing is for sure: Wherever that is he will still be spreading lies about losing in 2020. If most of his neighbours are wearing orange suits like his, they won't care and they hate cry babies.

Even I will concede that it would make America at least a little greater again.