Sunday 28 February 2021

Climate Change and Very Nasty Consequences

Where will the new Atlantis happen?

This is not an academic question. The only difference between the mythical (?) underground city and today's reality is that today the water is coming up to meet the city and not the other way around. If the polar caps and glaciers keep melting the way they are this meeting has to happen. Bury your head in the sand about this and soon it will also be under water.

Perhaps a climate expert - not an armchair denier - could answer something here. Let us assume that mankind and its nations finally get their acts together and convert to all renewable energy with very minor carbon and other types of emissions. By the time that happens most of the glaciers and a lot of the polar ice will have melted. So if - and that is a BIG if - average temperatures start to fall again will the polar caps increase in size or just slow down their disappearance? If they grow will the coasts start to emerge again?

One thing seems certain to me - when the glaciers have gone they will not return just because average temperature falls. That is like using all the ice cubes in your freezer and hoping that tomorrow you will have more cubes in the trays without filling them (assuming no ice cube maker). Glaciers took millions of years and one or more ice ages to form.

I am going to buy Bill Gates new book on the subject. Say what you will about him he has the IQ to understand this and suggest solutions.

This is my biggest concern:

We already know that obscenely rich and powerful people can be very greedy. Add a total lack of sympathy for others and an American gun mentality and you have a very bad climate indeed. What happened on January 6, 2021 is nothing. Imagine all of the most expensive houses on coasts - everywhere - being totally useless under several feet of water even if you can still see part of them. Millions of former inhabitants will be looking for the best places to live elsewhere. How will they get that existing real estate? The same way nations have in the past - war. They will attack people, and TAKE the land and houses they want. If they succeed WE will probably be looking for a place to live.

I won't be around to see this - nor will Bill Gates. It is sad but millions of others in our generation don't seem to care. As long as they live their rich greedy lives contributing to the problem it will be left to others - their kids and grandchildren.


Saturday 27 February 2021

CPAC is worse than the GONG Show

Some Current GOP Leaders don't have an ounce of Morality in their Body

What kind of person can stand and make fun of over 500,000 Americans who have died in the last year? You saw one at the CPAC puppet show yesterday. It was bad humour and not remotely funny.

The answer? The same guy who left town when his Texas constituents were facing a climate disaster. The same guy who decided to go to a warmer climate. The same guy who blamed it on his kids. The same guy who then lied about intending to return the same day - after he was caught. The same guy who kept silent when Trump told the country that Covid would magically disappear - The same Trump (there are more of them don't forget) who made mask wearing some kind of cowardly thing to do - hence the disgusting reference to mask wearing yesterday. Once a puppet, always a puppet.

In the link below you will see a video of such a guy.

Cruz unloads with epic takedown of 'pathological liar,' 'narcissist' Donald Trump - CNN Politics

He rants about a horrible person called Donald Trump. In it he calls The Donald a pathological liar - he says that practically every word that comes out of Trump's mouth is a lie. He also says Trump is a narcissist and "utterly amoral." He calls him a bully - says he understands people who are angry at being lied to by politicians! Really? Attendees at this conference all have PhD's in prevarication.

Such people are now part of the The Big Lie - as they scramble to kiss The Donald's butt!

The Disney Corporation should sue for some form of intellectual property violation because the current CPAC is another Fantasyland.


Wednesday 24 February 2021

Wednesday 17 February 2021

American Dictatorship

 History is Repeating Itself

In the primaries before 2016, everyone including many of Trump's so-called backers now in power was appalled by his statements and behavior. Senators like Graham, Rubio, and Cruise were very explicit in their condemnation. Now they suck up to him every chance they get. Everyone knows the man thought he could run Washington like a corporation making himself a King or Emperor.

Since America fought a famous war to prevent that in the new world you have to wonder why those same people and many others are still letting Trump conspire to accomplish such a goal. He already hinted at both staying in office longer than two terms and changing laws so he could do it. If he ever gets back into power with a majority, he will - just like the Chinese leader.

Countries around the world with a little more salt and pepper in their temples than upstart America have all been through this. Evil men (seldom women) appeal to peoples' worst instincts to get into power and then stay there.

This is happening in The United States. The main reasons are similar to those in other nations. This is not a poor American revolutionary army ousting a tyrant. This is a man with rich and powerful allies who want to preserve the status quo - white privilege and domination.

Trump was guilty - even McConnell of all people admitted that. America had a taste of internal violence and regime change and it will get worse.

American citizens, don't let the lion out of the cage. In this case perhaps it is a snake. America has often attempted to bring about regime change in some of those countries mentioned earlier - often by force. When the time comes - and it will the way things are going - who will come to America's aid when she needs it? Nobody.

Americans - be careful what you wish for!


Sunday 14 February 2021

Biden's First Failure

 You Promised Joe. You Said "I'm Not Kidding!"

The entire world heard Joe Biden promise that he would fire "on the spot" anyone on his team who shows disrespect for others. He added that he was "not kidding." I am a Biden supporter. I have no time for Trump, not one second. That now goes for the Republicans, and I am traditionally a small "c" conservative.

Most observers including me have seen that the new administration's relationship with the press is a vast improvement over The Donald's. Jen Psaki has been a breath of fresh air. The deputy TJ Ducklo is now in hot water over his treatment of a member of the press. It is alleged that he threatened to "destroy" them. Psaki says he was suspended without pay as a result. Ducklo himself has apologized and fessed up - something Trump's team seldom did.

Not good enough!

If the allegations are true then Ducklo should have been fired and Biden should have given the order. If Psaki failed to inform him then she should at least be reprimanded. If Biden knew but failed to act he is playing with fire. One incident of not living up to his public promises is all the GOP needs.

If Tucklo resigned because Biden ordered it then that should be stated. This early in the Biden administration with all that just happened in the impeachment it is critical that Joe backs up his words. Trump would have been all over the media claiming credit for the firing whether true or not and so should Biden.

Strike one Joe and it is only the top of the first inning. Don't throw the game already! Trump must be smiling. We HATE that smile. Worse when Joe causes it!


Saturday 13 February 2021

Trump Does Not Deserve the "President" Title Out Of Office

Not even Ex-President, just Donald J. Trump

All those Republicans who have decided to kiss Trump's ring and/or his butt and all of us have to question one thing.

If the invaders of The Capital Building were any other foreign nationals, would he, Donald J. Trump, have honoured his Presidential oath of office by immediately rallying and ordering forces to repel the invaders?

If the answer is NO he clearly would be impeached and found guilty. If the answer is YES, then why didn't he when those invaders were Americans? In either case his Presidential duty is shirked. In the present case he not only encouraged the mob but delayed too long in reacting. Does anyone really doubt he was watching it live - that he didn't know what was happening? He promised the mob he would be with them! 

Any true President - even a "lame duck" one still should have acted immediately to protect the American government and its citizens. He did not and he should never be President again.

"Shame on those Republicans!" The number of times we could have repeated that is only exceeded by the number of lies Trump has told before, during, and after his term - his single term - in office.


Thursday 11 February 2021

Republican Senators. How Could You?

 Trump's Republican #Traitors

Anyone with an ounce of integrity and any knowledge of what America represents knows that the real traitors in the country are Donald J. Trump; his Republican puppets who continue to refuse to condemn him; and those in the January 6th mob intent on violence, destruction, and murder.

It is only the 2nd day of presentations in this impeachment but how could anyone view the evidence presented by the Democratic side and not be totally repulsed by what they saw? For Republican Senators to be so cavalier about what happened you have to wonder if one of them is "Q" and if all of them knew in advance that they would not be touched by the mob. Was there a secret code word?

I don't know how any Republican Senator can still in good conscience vote against convicting Trump. A few have already switched and recognized how vile the former President and his actions were. Most of them will still side with one of the biggest liars on the face of the planet. From that day forward how can they ever face their children or the mirror and not feel shame? Such a vote will demonstrate that they are just as racist as the white supremacists themselves.

Not only will they will be aligning themselves with potential murderers but also with people who spread feces on the capital walls - FECES no less! Did they bring it in a bag? If so you can't deny that had to be pre-planned.

Does that officially make them all shitheads? Let's have a vote on that!


Tuesday 9 February 2021

How to Make America Great Again

Trump Can Make Her Great Again - Here's How

Listening to the proceedings today about Trump's pending impeachment, his lawyer went on about how impeaching him was wrong and will further divide the country and maybe destroy it. He referred to other countries watching etc. He didn't talk much about almost being destroyed already, on January 6th, 2021

After the spectacle of the last four years and what the world saw on January 6, the only things that will put America back on top again are twofold:

1. Make Trump pay for The Big Lie and inciting a mob to destroy and murder
2. Punish and imprison those who destroyed and intended to murder.

Abiding by the rule of law - everyone - is one of the shining characteristics of the United States of America. She has to show that such extreme actions will not be tolerated and those involved have to pay - including Trump.

There is video back in 2017 showing The Donald with his family saying that the events of the day could be "The calm before the storm". When asked to explain he told reporters to just "wait and see." There is no shortage of video showing his incitement.

As for the thugs, saying "Our President told us to" is not a defence for any of this. The insurgents are not in the military and Trump is not their superior officer - when such a defense might be valid.

Many say it is all politics and the Dems are afraid of Trump running again. His rather lousy lawyer talked about how the American people know how to get rid of a leader they don't like by voting him/her out and they just did! By such statements alone he verified The Big Lie himself! What he left out was that apparently millions of those same American voters think that Trump's tactics including violence and possibly murder are both OK.

Neither is. To prove that the system still works DJT has to be found guilty publicly. We already know his guilt.


Friday 5 February 2021

Is Violence Acceptable in America?

Since When are Beheadings, Hangings and Bullets to the Head OK in America?

Last night I watched as a reporter showed footage he had taken as a member of the audience in a QANON meeting. The other attendees, except the leaders, were just "ordinary" Americans. The statements made and the group's almost unanimous agreement was shocking.

At one point one of the leaders suggested that the non-violent part of America's values should end. Violence should be a normal part of the culture (I am paraphrasing.)

So today instead of focusing on the past - things said and done by Trump, Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell etc. and previous administrations, let's look to the future.

What should the alternative to the status quo in Washington be? I was never a fan of Trump's classless and disgusting behaviour but I could see why many people wanted to shake up Washington politics. I always thought Trump would indeed do that but for his own well being, not anyone else's. I was right. I know - here I go again with the past - hard to escape.

So what is the form of government that the ultra-right wants? Is it really NO government - total anarchy? Surely raids on the capital; calls to destroy public property; and to EXECUTE American leaders because you don't like them or their policies, is NOT a democracy - of any kind. Do Americans want a two bit dictatorship with Trump or anybody else? What is it going to be? Survival of the most ruthless? Might is Right? You disagreed with me - bang you're dead. You too - bang!

Will there be a pillory in the square for stoning? A guillotine? Firing squads? Gallows? Revolutions every four years or less if some people are not happy?

It is obvious that America has to change. Should it be to a very dark past or a bright future? Should it be for every man/woman/child to fend for themselves or something a little more civil?

America is acting like a spoiled child. Compared to civilizations elsewhere in the world who have gone through all of these forms of turmoil for hundreds of years, America was supposed to be the guiding light. Above of all of that. Those other societies across the oceans are America's parents - her forefathers. Has she learned nothing from them?

American leaders who are NOT in power - the ones currently on the right who still have a functioning brain in their head and a spine - can still call this off. Sadly they won't. They will let people die a brutal death so they can keep their jobs, pensions, and perceived power. That power will only be as strong as their puppet strings.


Wednesday 3 February 2021

Traitors in America

 Just Who are America's Traitors?

I couldn't count the number of times I have heard someone at the Capital Building on January 6, 2021 screaming the word "TRAITOR" into an American journalist's microphone. Just like their overuse of the word Socialist and Jihad, do they really know what it means?

Looking at online dictionaries such as Webster's, Oxford, and Google Online I found: one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty; one who commits treason; a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.; a person who gives away secrets about their friends, their country, etc.

The only betrayals of trust I have seen were committed by Donald Trump and his puppet Republicans telling the big lie about the election being stolen. The part about "is false to an obligation or duty" also applies since they are all sworn to tell the truth and uphold and defend the Constitution.

On the other hand when I look up treason, the act mentioned above as an act carried out by a traitor, I see: the crime of doing something that could cause danger to your country, such as helping its enemies during a war; the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government; the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or the sovereign's family.

It is primarily Democrats and legitimate journalists who are using that word frequently and it is exactly what those invaders were doing.

This makes both Trump and the invaders traitors and certainly makes the latter guilty of treason. In times of war those are crimes often punishable by death, carrying out one's duty as leaders in a democratic government is only punishable by losing the next election, or Impeachment.

As for those who were screaming that the building and all its contents belonged to the people, that is true but they forgot to include that it belongs to ALL of the people including those inside and those who happen to disagree with the invaders.

Now hauling people who were carrying out their sworn responsibilities 
outside to hang, behead, shoot or via any other means MURDER them is not ANYBODY's right. People acting as judge, jury, and executioner have always been found guilty of a heinous crime.

But we all know these are wasted words. I am guilty of being logical. How dare I? Just listen to Marjorie Taylor Greene - Miss(ing) IQ, 2021. She must have won the IQ golf tournament at some time where lowest score actually does make you a winner. It is sad but people actually voted her into Congress, and its GOP leaders put her on committees that affect people's lives.

That is almost as scary as Covid. The GOP already has a vaccination for all of this. They just have to roll up their sleeves