Monday, 30 November 2020

20 Years of Prison time for Dumping Garbage on the Roadside

Littering at its Worst. People are Disgusting.

OK. That title was designed to grab your attention. If you got this far, it has. The question now is, are you one of the disgusting guilty parties?

The other day I was walking with a friend during this COVID time to get some fresh air and exercise. He lives just on the border between our city and its open country. The road we took has a railway line crossing it five minutes into the walk - north of our city. The area is covered by trees and bushes. Right after the RR tracks, it turns 90 degrees west and there is another lonely stretch of uninhabited scrub plus farmland.

Because there is some room for parking at this railway crossing, there were a couple of families letting their kids play and wander away from the car but safe from the tracks and trains. What they could not avoid however, was the pile of green garbage bags - some now ripped open - dumped there by some scum of the earth citizen.

As we walk we are always amazed at the crap we see in the ditches and on the edges of pastures also dumped - usually at night - by deplorables. One day I saw an entire wooden rowboat rotting and pushed off a trailer to sit in the ditch. There is construction waste; household waste; paint cans; batteries etc.

Almost all of these things are picked up by municipal garbage collection provided by the city. If not, there is a recycle and "dump" facility within ten minutes where the fees for most peoples' loads are very reasonable - a few dollars. I use it all the time.

Forget any argument that times are hard and they can't afford even those few dollars to dispose of items properly. They can apparently afford the vehicle and gas needed to do the illegal dumping. For many, the proper site is closer.

I personally know others who on a daily basis - when they travel to their morning coffee shop - bring the last day's worth of household garbage which they place in any available commercial bin or waste bin. Usually it is the one beside the coffee shop meant for breakfast paper bags and coffee cups or the local Walmart etc. where larger bins might exist. They are too lazy to store this stuff like everyone else in a bin at home until their collection day.

We hear all about saving the planet; environmental change; global warming etc. but what chance is there for accomplishing any of that when we are surrounded by lowlifes who don't give a rat's ass about the personal level items I just mentioned.

Cheap. Lazy. Selfish. The list is much longer to be sure.

If you think you are not included, when was the last time you spit out your chewing gum on a street or sidewalk or tossed your cigarette butt in a similar manner? Didn't want it cluttering up your car? The bin was too far to walk?

Thanks for making our world just a little more hopeless. Oh yes! Please walk your next shopping cart back to its carrel. Don't leave it in a parking spot - probably mine.


Friday, 27 November 2020

Major Networks like CNN helped POTUS get almost 73 million votes

 CNN and others including me play into Trumps hands

I have said consistently that major news networks like CNN were helping Trump. I was referring to the 24 hour non-stop Trump bashing. It repeats itself through each show until new material comes along and then a new cycle continues.

In the popular vote DJT received almost 74 million compared to 80 million for Biden. That is amazing. Like many others I thought he would have been embarrassed by his low numbers. Wrong!

Why did so many vote for him? I used to say that some was pushback from many who were just sick and tired of CNN and others not allowing American citizens to recognize for themselves from where the fake news was emanating. It was from Donald himself and those around him. The network gave credit to no-one for having a functioning brain instead of limiting the group to his blind and enraged base.

In his book RAGE (Simon & Schuster) Bob Woodward describes the close understanding that Jared Kushner of all people verbalizes about his father in law. The Trump team relies on the craziness and lack of Truth. Put another way, as I see it the media are like a pack of wild, hungry dogs with Trump on a platform just out of reach throwing them just enough chunks of red meat to keep them in a frenzy. They even attack each other. I never believed the man was clever enough for me to give him this kind of credit. Now I am not so sure. It matters not. It works.

We have heard Chris Cuomo, Don Lemmon, and others stating that they know Trump relies on distractions, and that the media should ignore them. Then they go ahead and promote the stuff for days just the same. Trump must love this.

In these cases as Kushner explains, truth is irrelevant. As an example, he points to Trump stating that the economy under him has been stronger than anytime in American history. Even Kushner acknowledges the inaccuracy. The point is that if his base believes it, the more the media dispute it the more it will be on voters' minds. Trump = good economy! Period.

Another example is stating that in a confrontation with a red-necked group "there are good people on both sides" the media gives all kinds of free visibility to those groups whether they are all evil or not. Ditto with the fraudulent election. He started that weeks ago and the media played along and still is.

Another key factor in the truth does not matter theory is that many people, if they hear something long enough, will start to believe it. Truth and good news do not sell for long. Bad news does.

CNN should have borrowed from others as in the list of 20,000 plus lies or the growing evidence of (non existent) voter fraud. They should have kept a list of all the recent distractions that Trump was attempting and stood their ground. Mention them to show the list is growing but DON'T talk about them. Others would have but so what? This would have infuriated Trump and he is weak when he is mad - make that angry. He is always mad.

Eventually their list would have become front page news elsewhere - a major thorn in Trump's side. They would have been using his own tactics against him.

Now it is too late. Instead of being crushed and kicked out of the league, he came in a close second. Biden's team will need one grand slam per week.


Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Thanksgiving and yet Another Vaccine

 A different kind of Thanksgiving and Vaccine

This year Thanksgiving, particularly in America, will be a lot different in several ways.

Firstly if any American is serious about getting life back to normal they can do so by wearing masks and distancing at all times until they are vaccinated. No other way. The Thanks here is that at least some of the superior thinking and less emotional ones are doing so and will continue their efforts.

Secondly those who are not yet part of a positive COVID statistic can give Thanks for escaping to date. These people will probably see the importance of following guidelines as well.

Thirdly I include the traditional Thanks for the three good things - food, shelter, and good health, that some but far fewer have this year. This occupies the third place because a large number of Americans - more than ever before - are without some or all of them.

In fourth I include the progress that has been made on vaccines and the increasing likelihood that they will be protecting the country and its inhabitants some time next year. After that on Thanksgiving 2021 people can give Thanks for all of the missing items in 2020.

In the fifth spot and it could have been first, a lot of Americans and world citizens can give Thanks that the depravity of the last four years, including the run-up to the election in 2016 will finally be over. Just like most natural disasters, there will be a lot of cleanup. Included in this Thanks is Joe Biden and a new team of professionals who should be able to meet the challenges.

Finally let's include the survival so far, of the unique American experiment in Democracy. It still appears to be in tact. Like all experiments, there have been failures and unanticipated outcomes.

I don't recall ever having to give Thanks with so many preconditions.

The new Vaccine in the title? Hopefully Joe and Co. will also see fit to make changes - even constitutionally - to prevent the abuse we have witnessed from happening again - just like a vaccine. As with the development of real vaccines, some tweaking of laws and institutions will be required to make the American system even more robust. One shot. One time.

Build Back Better


Sunday, 22 November 2020

The New version of "High Hopes"

 Big Thanks to Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen, and Frank Sinatra!

Before the days of electronic entertainment on your phone or PC, many people listened to radio. A song made very popular by Old Blue Eyes was "High Hopes" - lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by James Van Heusen. It was enjoyed by all ages and it won an Oscar.

You can search for the tune and lyrics.

I have created a few more verses that might be more appropriate for America's problems today. Might as well have a little fun. Be sure to listen to the original first. It always makes you feel better when you hear the kids in the background. I had no idea how many great songs were created by the team of Cahn and Van Heusen. Look them up. We the older gen, will recognize many.

Here is my version - turn up your sound. Best heard on a PC.

Intro 1...

Goes like this ...
daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-da, daa-da-da-dee!

Next time you see, Donald Trump on the tee, No more whining today, Soon we'll be free...

1. Just what makes that President think, That he'll win by raising a stink? Everyone knows you are gone, Don - Watch your legacy sink!

But we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, he is, o-o-o-n the ropes. He's got - a snow-ball's cha-a-a-nces in, H-e-e-ell Hopes

So with his puppet Ru-u-dy, sitting on his knee, crying his latest scams, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes some more hair co-lor Kerplop!

Intro 2...

Mitch and his bunch, we should have you for lunch, we will never forget, I have a hunch...

2. Counting's done and Donald you're toast. You and Joe are well past the post. There's nothing there you can stir, Sir - Time to be a good host.

But he's got, no-o-o-o class, He is so-o-o- crass. He needs, a General's, bo-o-ot marks on 
hi-i-i-s ass.

So let the Upper-Chamber speak, why are they so weak? Why have they lost their spine?

OOPS there goes, Mitch-McConnel's bunch, OOPS no seat and no more fre-e-e lunch, OOPS there goes their sound of silence Kerplop.

Intro 3...

Joseph and Jill, Have now moved to The Hill, DJT had to leave. Oh what a thrill!

3. Joe and Ka-ma-la can now fix. Every thing that Trump tried to nix. Hopefully they'll make amends, friends. But they'll need some new tricks.

But we've got HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES. We've got, look up on high in the, sky-y-y-y hopes.

Let's reach ac-ross the aisle, wear our warmest smile, once again com-pro-mise! OOPS there goes a major bigotry, help someone get up and off their knee, She still stands - The Statue of Lib-er-ty. So-FREE!


Thursday, 19 November 2020

Kristi Noem Joins the Republican Ostrich Club

South Dakota Governor Pandering to the Brass with her Head in the Sand 

Another one bites the dust - literally. It appears that the Governor of South Dakota is going out of her way to bury her head in the sand to ignore obvious facts.

While her state's statistics with this virus are now becoming some of the worst she still spews the party line about masks and lock downs not working. I guess dozens of countries throughout rest of the world are also just spreading the hoax especially the one everybody likes to blame, China.

Ask yourselves this: People in the medical profession but especially surgeons, nurses, and dentists have been wearing masks for decades to protect both themselves and their patients. This was the case long before COVID 19. Have Republican doctors and dentists not followed this practice? Have they been woefully unaware of some special knowledge into which the Governor and her party have tapped? Why do these professionals not consider this practice to be an infringement on their personal liberty? I don't recall ever seeing them protest.

Let me repeat a previous post. The people who protest "Never! You will never make me wear a mask!" - are they all draft dodgers? If they still claim to love America, and if some foreign power were to kill 250,000 Americans would they run when the government brought back conscription? Would they go and fight possibly losing their lives or receiving life altering injuries as hundreds of thousands of American Armed Forces people have done?

If the answer is "YES" they would go off to war then what the hell is the big deal? It is the same government who would command you to go. So it's OK for it to order you to serve and fight but not to wear a frickin' mask?

This Governor says mandates are not the American way. Does she hide draft dodgers from her state in her basement? There are times when governments do indeed mandate their citizens to follow procedures that are best for the country. Maybe she did not live through that.

Give yourselves a shake people. Seat belts save lives. So do motorcycle and bicycle helmets; life jackets; stop signs and traffic signals; and that yellow line in subway stations.

So do masks. Grow up.


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Trump Kudos Overshadowed by Trump Behaviour

 Trump was Hell or Trump did well?

Received as a birthday gift, I am reading "Rage" by Bob Woodward (Simon & Schuster) - an interesting read so far. One of the most enlightening aspects is the inside look at how this President thinks, acts, and verbalizes in private. Assuming these quotes are accurate the guy actually makes some sense at times! The gift also included "The Room Where It Happened" by John Bolton (Simon & Schuster). I'm sure it will be fascinating as well.

I am one of the never Trump people for what I think are good reasons. Still I must say what the Donald says about his visit to North Korea and what some of his staff say about him and his accomplishments deserve credit (as far as I have read to date). Previous administrations of both stripes have failed for many years on many fronts. He ran on a promise to clean out the swamp and do things differently. On the "differently" he has delivered. The swamp as we are presently being reminded is still full of gators and snakes - some very well established ones.

What I have also said is that Washington politics did indeed need a shakeup and change but that he was the wrong agent. My subject today however is once again the man's behaviour. Perhaps I should make that behavior since he is American and I am Canadian. It is the reason that history will not include Trump in the great Presidents category.

This is akin to a champion athlete being caught taking supplements. They might still be great but people will only remember them as a cheat.

Great leaders in politics, business, religion, sports or any other field know that eventually the public will recognize their greatness naturally and with the help of traditional media - not social media.

Being humble adds to their greatness. Kennedy knew that. So did Reagan and Obama. So does Bill Gates and Elon Musk although the latter might not be humble. Trump will never understand this. He has to gloat and make it about himself taking all the glory if there is any to be had. Humble is not in his vocabulary. Even CNN gives him the occasional nod of recognition but he spoils it every time.

It is incredibly ironic that the man who craves a lasting recognition and legacy for himself is the very person who is also ruining it. Make that ruined - too late now.

I have had managers who were good leaders in my view even though I didn't like them. That is because moving emotions to the side I respected them. Respect has to be earned. Trump tries to demand it.

I could never like the man. Too bad I can never respect him either,
 especially with this election and its aftermath. His bad not mine.


Monday, 16 November 2020

Trump: A modern day Jim Jones?

 Is Trump the new Pandemic?

I have compared Donald J. Trump to other figures in history such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Joe McCarthy to name a few. The common element was an attempt to understand how normal thinking and free Americans could be so persuaded by one man's fabrications. Trump has exceeded all of the others' lies in sheer volume.

It seems to me that there has been another pandemic at work these past few years and that is Donald himself. Belief in his lies has been spreading like a virus to millions of Americans - look at the popular vote. That number however includes many people who will always vote for the GOP and will never vote for the Democratic Party, regardless of Trump. That is actually good news. Hopefully they are not blinded like the others.

When you hear those yelling, screaming red cappers however, convinced against all odds, truth, events, and logic that if DJT says it then it must be true, another analogy comes to mind.

In 1978 the self-proclaimed leader and preacher of a cult convinced over 900 believers to follow him to the Promised Land after committing mass suicide by drinking a cyanide laced drink. Some who did not were shot. It happened in Guyana in a commune known as Jonestown.

When I hear Trump red cappers yelling "fake news" and "stolen election" - because Donald said so - I have to wonder if they would drink the poison "Kool Aid" as it became known (it did not actually involve that well known brand) if DJT told them to do so.

Jim Jones died with his followers. Donald would never have the courage.

Follow him if you must but take your own refreshment to the rallies and dare I say it - please wear a mask for your relatives and loved ones. Finally, if you receive any invitations to move to Trumpsville, Trumpland, or the like especially overseas, stay put.


Sunday, 15 November 2020

MTPGA is the new MAGA

 Was POTUS finally doomed by his 20,000 plus Lies?

Last night we saw more violence in DC between left and right citizens of America. I saw many red caps. Some of the wearers were interviewed. They screamed their belief that the election was being stolen. The only people who are trying to steal it that have made headlines are the same people who apparently stole these peoples' minds - Trump and those around him.

I said it before and will say it again. Instead of Make America Great Again (MAGA) we need to hear everybody screaming Make the Presidency Great Again (MTPGA). Trump will never accomplish the former. Biden can and we hope will accomplish the latter.

Apparently over twenty thousand lies by their hero are not enough to dissuade them. Apparently the Republicans' attempt to collect ballads in California in illegal boxes is also not enough. Apparently the irony of the many videos of Kellyanne, Kayleigh, and Fox "News" people from 2016 telling the people that it was time for the Democrats to concede is also not enough. They said the Dems claimed the vote was stolen. There was fraud. They were all sore losers. Difficult as it was Hillary did promptly concede. Trump never will.

Today of course every one of those sentiments applies to the speakers themselves.

For me this is the big one. If Trump or his minions had any evidence of "massive" fraud we would have seen it by now. Instead all we see is Kayleigh holding up manila folders and binders to the cameras. She did the same thing with Trump's so-called replacement for The Affordable Care Act. They were cheap, silly props.

Then they put Giuliani on camera again? Talk about desperate. Who could possibly be impressed by this man? I would prefer Pinocchio over Rudy.

I have recently heard interviews with historians and authors who have written books comparing Trump and his tactics to Hitler's; Mussolini's and subsequent "Strong Men's". He has surrounded himself just like those others, with the likes of Mike Pompeo (former CIA) and Bill Barr (also former CIA) who fully support Trump's tactics. Add to the list Michael Cohen, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, and Paul Manafort who have all faced charges, some of whom were convicted.

Democracy is far from perfect but it sure beats the regimes run by the aforementioned. Unfortunately it also fosters the likes of these red cappers to follow their leader right off the edge of the cliff. Too bad because the warning indicators have been flashing and wailing for almost four years.

Looking forward to the next drama starring the Southern District of New York.

#the brewsterblock

Thursday, 12 November 2020

TRUMP: Ventriloquist of the Year

 Ventriloquist or Puppet Master? No Matter!

I keep hearing that The President has this power over the Republican Party and those in it. This appears to be true with very few exceptions. What I don't understand is why? How? I get it that he is in a "de facto" role as party leader but why fear him? Every elected individual surely has some element of intelligence and independence as well as some track record of personal success or how did they get where they are?

Did Reagan or either of the Bush Presidents have the same power over the party? DJT is a failed businessman and ex. TV host. He never went off to war. He is alleged to cheat notoriously at golf and relationships. Supposedly he paid someone to write his college entry exams. He is a bully. The banks are after him. Where is the power?

Just the same it appears that he has many formerly prominent Republicans in his pocket or on his knee. He has become their voice and apparently his hand has replaced their spine. If he removes it and no longer tells them what to say, they will collapse. Many already have.

A second possibility is that they simply sold their soul for a moderate salary and pension.

Another explanation is that they are trying to keep America as a white person's country with anyone else there as a gesture of good will.

So much for love of America and serving all of its citizens.

How could Americans including many true Republicans who really do love their country ever elect any of them to prominent positions again? They all sound like characters from a cheap pocket novel.

The Republican Party has become The Harlequin Party. Wear tights and shave your heads. I'd include the wearing of a mask but we know they won't do that.

Not true? Then step up and stop the bully. He is hurting your country.


Sunday, 8 November 2020

Presidential Thinking

Thoughts of a Man who Graduated from his own University

When you have them listening, and eating from your hand,
When the networks have your face on screens across the land,
When you see a shadow of a doubt in every eye,
Pull a joker from the deck and simply tell a lie.

If the point you want to make has not quite hit the mark,
If you have two strikes but you must hit it from the park,
If the journalists are raising hands and asking why,
Make the most of your last pitch and simply tell a lie.

Because the world is watching you, and every move you make,
Because you think your critics and the things they say are fake,
Because some facts get in the way no matter how you try,
Do the thing that you do best and simply tell a lie.

You're a bunch of losers and your brains are getting smaller.
You're the problem so I made my tales a little taller,
You should know I'm chosen by the Big Man in the sky.
So I have divine consent each time I tell a lie.

There is just one problem with the lessons that I teach.
There's a place where I am now and some day you will reach.
There's a puzzle and it is a fact I can't deny,
I no longer know it when I tell myself a lie.


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Thank You 2020 Election Workers in America

After it All Lady Liberty still Stands Tall

What an election - like never before and never again we hope. As an outsider to all of this allow me to extend both congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and a Thank You to thousands of others.

I feel the need because the most famous democracy in the world held together once more when it looked like it might be doomed. We can only hope I am not speaking prematurely.

I am referring here to thousands of nameless citizens who made this election possible. We saw some of them at counting centers across the nation. For days they did and are still doing boring repetitive tasks to get votes counted. Their arms, fingers and behinds must be sore. They are surely sleep deprived and sometimes hungry. This has never been done before in such quantities. As I said, they are still at it.

The resounding message throughout all of this is that all legal votes - the foundation blocks and bricks of any democracy - must be counted however long it takes. These are the people making sure this happens. So far it has all worked despite the leader of this great country.

Lady Liberty might have a back brace by now under the robe but I am sure there is a smile on her face.

I hear Donald was golfing today. Did he count every stroke? Were there any impartial observers? Will his partner take him to the Supreme Court to nullify his fraudulent score?

I suspect there will be a very special Thanksgiving this year for many Americans.


Biden's Presidential Address

Music to the Ears

Last night Joe Biden addressed the nation and the world. In a classy fashion he did not jump the gun speaking as the assumed President, but clearly in a Presidential manner.

This is just what America needs. After four years of someone who can't even read a teleprompter without looking like one of those blow up mechanized Christmas or Halloween lawn decorations it was so good to see. In this case it appeared that Biden was also reading his words but what a difference.

When either Biden or Obama speak, they sound Presidential, even their unprepared remarks. Obama is a master at it - no teleprompter in sight. When Trump speaks off script he sounds like a badly scratched LP that keeps skipping backwards as he repeats almost every phrase.

It will be too late but if he has to face the many courts who will soon be after him, Trump should get lots of practice speaking off the cuff. There again what lawyer would ever put him on the stand. As well if he lies to the courts he will pay for it!

It's going to sting even more for Trump if the man he loves to call Sleepy Joe beats him.

Can't wait!


Thursday, 5 November 2020

Trump Shows his True Colours.

 Trump's Election Reaction

I can't believe what I just heard - Donald Trump reacting from the White House this evening to his fading standing as of November 5th. It was totally pathetic. Consider the source.

The world heard a sore loser. The world heard a liar - again. The world heard the most despicable President - well, in the world. I won't repeat any of it. You either saw it or you did not. What I will say is that each speaker I heard after that at least on CNN including a Republican expressed similar feelings. They all said it is time for true Republicans to say "Enough is enough!" Will they?

The man sounded like a child. I was expecting him to say that he was going to leave home as other angry kids do from time to time. Who would take him in? Perhaps we will even hear the infamous Nixon line when he boards his chopper some time in the future: "You won't have Donald J. Trump to kick around any more!"

I always thought he tried to mimic Nixon in many ways - maybe Hitler also. Perhaps he secretly admired Joe McCarthy and is making up wild claims of his own. Looks like he is setting himself up for a similar 
Joe McCarthy disgrace. Well deserved.

Wouldn't it be a fitting send-off to see him so red with anger that he then turned blue with rage?

You are taking a wrecking ball to your legacy Mr. President. If you lose you might want to think about salvaging some of it in the next two months.


Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Trump Hat's Caption - the missing text

Trump's Hidden message

I heard a rumor. Due to space limitations on a baseball hat, the last part of The President's slogan on the now famous red cap was dropped. Here is the full text:

"Make America Great Again ... for rich, white, Caucasians only. Others need not apply!"

Or maybe the printer would only print the first bit - without full payment. Good luck with that. Don't worry. You will be payed after he releases his tax returns. Mexico is paying by the way.


Monday, 2 November 2020