Wednesday 20 March 2019

Huffman and Loughlin Scandal Tip of the Iceberg

Doctor of Philanthropy

For anyone who missed it there is a current scandal in America about rich people buying entrance to high profile schools for their kids.

I have coined a new phrase : Doctor of Philanthropy! Is this the other PhD we never hear about? It is said that if you have money you can pretty well buy anything. Surely this is just another example. Several questions are raised here.

Would you do the same for your kid if you could - if you thought that you would never be caught? I suspect there will be many silent affirmatives being mumbled upon reading this. To me the biggest sin of all is that you would really not be doing your child any favour. You WOULD be teaching them your own underhanded methods but that is hardly a virtue. Let us not forget that those who accepted the money for their own greedy purposes share the level of depravity of the "donors". No, they are worse - they could have reported it.

Are those who make huge donations and scholarships to elite schools any more noble? Even if the funds were put to a good use it still depends on whether unqualified children - academically or athletically - gained entrance when it was not deserved.

Is this just one of the more base characteristics of our often lauded North American life style? The fact is this type of thing goes on everywhere and always has. It happens in democracies; dictatorships (often to save your life); corporations; and yes, religious hierarchies. I wonder how many heads were saved back in the days of Henry VIII via financial donations?

Is this sour grapes on my part and many others? Probably but if I had the millions I still think I would make sure they earned whatever they got through hard work and study.

Does hard earned money verses that gained in a slightly easier fashion affect your core values? People like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates built empires, wealth, jobs, and something of true value. Warren built opportunities and Bill built products. Would they do this for their kids? On the other hand those who receive millions for their "celebrity" status or athletic ability in many cases have only attained wealth for themselves. When they are gone, they might leave memories and adoration but do they give back to the society that made them rich? Some do - the late Arnold Palmer comes to mind. I doubt he would be facing charges like those currently in the media.

I don't have an answer to any of this. Welcome to Democracy where you can buy your kid a future and I can rant like this! Only in America? I doubt it.

The Brewster

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Hats off to New Zealand and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

We need more like her.

Hats off to the Prime Minister of New Zealand for the mature and sober manner in which she has handled this horrible incident.

A small country living in relative peace and obscurity and she has given her peer world leaders a lesson in what Premiers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers are expected to do - what we elected them to do - LEAD!

I hope she can follow through on the gun legislation because I can think of another leader and country that badly needs more examples to follow.

This tragic event demonstrates once again that more women on the world stage would be an asset - not a liability! Male egos have messed up this planet long enough.

The Brewster

Monday 18 March 2019

Too many Party Candidates for President

Me Too for President

Let me get this out first. Yes it is great that in a democracy you can, I can, they can all run for political office - President no less. For sure it is better than one party / one candidate systems.

But in 2015-16 and in the lead up to 2020 it's like there is another and very different Me Too movement going on. Everybody wants to be President. It's like a gumball machine - drop in a coin and out pops a different surprise. Here you just have to turn on the TV and up pops another candidate.

Maybe it is time to put a limit on candidacy for the top job. Cap it. Once the number is reached - let's take 10 as an example (still probably too high) - then you are too late to declare. There should be a meaningful non-returnable fee to submit so that only serious candidates step up. Only if one drops out can another join the race to fill the void. Both parties - and any new ones - should have to abide by this. Then debates and sorting out the weak from the strong could start earlier. Unfortunately it won't stop the horrible behavior.

The US elections are starting to look more like The Gong Show than a serious run at being a great nation's leader.

What do you think?

The Brewster

Thursday 14 March 2019

Make The Presidency Great Again?

Do the Democratic Candidates for President have Too Many Feet?

In the next election the shoe will be on the other foot for both parties. Will we see a Democratic turkey shoot as we did with the Republicans or will the blue party remain true blue and respectable? I suspect if nothing else there are already too many feet in the race and some will be trampled. At least we can hope that the burials will be decent.

Once all these nice clean Democratic candidates are in full Gallup watch out. The gloves will be off and there will be blood spilled. The only question is whether the killings will be honourable or down and dirty just like the Republicans in 2016 - mow down the competition any way you can.

Let me say again that I hope one of the Dems will adapt my slogan of "Make the Presidency Great Again". It is a sure winner.

Personally I think that Joe Biden will beat all others and Trump . He runs the danger now of being seen as not being capable of making a tough decision. Just say "YES" Joe. You will trounce The Donald in any debate.

Get the lead out. Get the finger out. Just get out and get going! The only body part of yours anyone wants to see stuck anywhere is your foot up you-know-who's butt.

We will all help you extract it for another kick if necessary.

The Brewster