Friday 26 January 2024

How many American Parents Buy their kid a Gun?

 A TV or a Phone OK. But a GUN?

The case involving Ethan Crumbley and his parents is tragic. Our hearts must first go out to the four kids Ethan shot dead when he was only 15, and their families. This is just one more reason that Americans should give their heads violent shakes - hopefully before another of their kids blows holes in them.

I read that federal law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from owning a handgun. A youth can own and use a long rifle to murder people - but not a handgun. Right.

It is apparently the case that Ethan's father James bought him that gun using Ethan's own money! Seriously? It is also alleged that his mother Jennifer emailed him at school when he was caught doing a search for ammunition, telling him not to get caught! That's just as bad as the dad.

A big deal is now being made that if parents are potentially liable for their childrens' actions it would set a big precedent. IT'S ABOUT TIME when it comes to kids using guns acquired by adults. Giving it to their kid is a slam dunk. GUILTY!

Is there any other country on the face of this planet, that seems to rank having guns in the house right up there with stocking the shelves with salt, pepper, and ketchup?Should parents in ANY country allow underaged kids to even handle a gun?


We all know that the gun makers, sellers, and lovers will repeat the old crap that it is people who kill people, not guns. So I am going to repeat my usual response. That kid did not stab the victims to death, club the victims to death, or poison them to death - he SHOT them to death - with a GUN doing exactly what it was invented and then perfected to do.

Wake up America - while you still can.


Friday 12 January 2024

Social Media - Good or Bad?

Social Media has become the Unsocial Media

I am not a big fan of social media. Is it a good thing or not? If not what can be done to make it better? The majority will probably say it is a good thing.

world, world cartel, continents-264507.jpg

Electronic media from the first cumbersome email networks now allow real time contact . What has not changed is the tendency for people to write things that they would never say face to face. Anonymity makes people brave and brazen while hiding behind an electronic shield.

Networks like FOX News and those on them, know they are spreading lies but don't care. In some cases, legitimate corporations do rein them in. The potentially criminal part is that these "news" celebs know what kind of audience will get fired up by what they say and that many will resort to violence as a result.

Free speech is important in a democracy - it is cherished and fundamental in America. That is not always a good thing - hate mongering is an example which should be restricted and come with negative consequences for those guilty.

The violent ones often act without any true fact checking of what they have been fed. They were just looking for an excuse in the first place. People like Trump and his former crew throw chunks of beef to them as they would to a school of sharks or piranha. They also know where the fish reside. America will probably experience more Jan. 6th incidents.

dispute, few, man-1959751.jpg

Social media just accelerates the apparently insatiable need for many people to be FIRST to hear something so they can forward it. The content and its impact don't matter anymore as long as you are first. Hollywood and celebrity gossip have always been an example of this even without immediate access. It is prime entertainment for some people.

Try this: read a good book and pass THAT on.

Imagine the following analogy and we have seen some examples almost as extreme. Some poor soul is on a rooftop or bridge contemplating jumping. There was a time when everyone would be united in trying to de-escalate the situation and talk the person down. Now half of the onlookers would only be there to video the jump and the resulting horror. Then the race to be first would be on - first on Facebook; first to text to a "friend"; first scoop to a paying media company.

What has happened to people? Every person with a phone is now both a paparazzi and a shark. Is social media the cause or has it always been inside people just waiting to come to the surface? I suspect both are true.

I suggest that Social or Unsocial Media has been responsible for many more deaths than other forms of media before it. It is really unfortunate but now that ot os in the hands of the truly evil it will be resposible for thousands - possibly millions - more.

Thursday 4 January 2024

Greed and Apathy are Destroying the Environment

 The Buck for Destroying Mother Earth Stops at YOUR Doorstep

There are two overriding factors that I see destroying our planet: 

1) Apathy 2) Greed

APATHY: most of the apathetic also exhibit some GREED

Very few can say they have NEVER been guilty of some degree of apathy regarding the environment. It is so easy to blame someone else but we are all contributors in some manner or other. Have you ever not bothered to vote - after all what difference does my one little vote make? Besides - it's Monday Night Football! THAT is apathy!

If you actually DO give a rat's ass about your kids' futures, then I tip my hat to you. In that case please add your comments below.

Ten common and very bad consumer habits

Here are 10 really bad habits which over many, many years have resulted in scenes like the images in this post. The solutions are all things that YOU can and should do yourselves. Yes, it might cost some of your prescious time but thanks to us future generations might not have any time.

  1. Buying bottled water in throw away plastic bottles. 
  2. Failing to properly recycle waste - especially that from the previous item. 
  3. Disposing of perfectly useable items instead of taking them to Salvation army, a shelter, or many other places which will give them a second home. 
  4. Dropping things where you are - LITTERING. 
  5. Including compostable items in your regular garbage. 
  6. Driving a big, gas guzzling car or vehicle often because of its immense power. 
  7. Over use of paper towels, This is a big one. Most can be used over and over if you are merely soaking up some type of liquid. 
  8. Inefficiently using washers - dishes AND clothes and dryers as well. Both of these produce a lot of polluted water and use a lot of energy. 
  9. Illegally dumping on the side of the road when you are out of site. 
  10. Overheating and overcooling your homes.

    There are known alternatives and solutions for each of these but few of us follow through. Think of how stupid this is: people fill their phones with hundreds of pictures of their kids and grandkids but they are quite willing to leave those same relatives a total gabage dump of a planet in which it will be too hot to live.

Have you EVER spoken out about pollution, especially to your friends?

GREED: most of the greedy also exhibit some APATHY

This has been a topic of mine before - greed at the HIGHEST level - the super rich. These are the people who own and profit immensely from the industries producing many of the items mentioned above and many more.

Some of these poeple are so rich they can isolate themselves, their families, and probably their beneficiaries from the worst of what is happening on this globe. Many of these people don't have the personality (they certainly have the wealth) to lend a helping hand or handout to those who need it.There are a few exceptions but not many.

Ten examples of super wealthy Industies that are killing Mother Earth  

  1. Auto 
  2. Oil
  3. Pharmaceutical 
  4. Exotic Woods from and development in Rain Forrests
  5. Stock Brokerages: Imagine! Sitting at a desk and bidding stock prices up and down for a living. Have any of them ever gotten their hands dirty with REAL work?
  6. Politicians - let's not forget THEM, local, region, and national
  7. Racing - cars, boats, planes, monster trucks
  8. Education. This is after all, where our future needs can be instilled in young enthusiastic brains. 
  9. Religion. If people truely follow a faith, then its leaders should take more of a stance on ALL of these issues. Find quotes in indiviual holy books to help make their congregation passionate believers.
  10. Media. Many do make a contribution here but others only focus on what sells press and broadcast time. Encourage people to produce more content that addresses this topic. Provide incentives - like Oscars - in this category.
So when are you going to purchase your first water filter for your fridge? When will you next keep your chewing gum wrapper for your spent gum and then walk it to a bin? Maybe it was YOURS I am cleaning off my shoe. How about writing to the car executives or a journalist with suggestions?

Some Hope:

Several decades ago we all heated our homes with coal. A lot of that has disappeared in developed countries - very good news. Unfortunately the population keeps climbing, so each NEW problem caused by industrialization and consumerism is that much worse. There are even more apathetic and greedy people.

Are you going to start leading by example? Recycle centers really don't cost much. The minimum charge usually covers most of my stuff. Try it. Buy a smaller car next time. Get mad as hell and let leaders know you won't take it anymore. OK - maybe a bit melodramatic but I will try anything.