Friday 22 December 2023

Seriously? Over 75 Million Americans WANT The Donald as POTUS?

Perhaps 75 Million Russians want Trump - but Americans?

Hundreds of millions of rational people around the world shake shook their heads at this and are still doing so. A fresh salmon heading up river to spawn caught by a hungry grizzly would have a better chance at surviving than America does if Trump gets back in. Just like the bear he will immediatly turn around in search of another fish.

The bear is just instictively trying to avoid starvation for another season. Trump is trying to survive prison for the rest of his life. HIS instinct put him in this precarious situation. The bear has no ulterior motive. Trump is a living example of an ulterior motive - and it's DEFINITELY not to help you!

This man never fishes for salmon - that can be dangeroius and hard work. He lets others do that and SUCKERS are his preferred catch. As with the bear, there is an abundant supply to be had.

How can this person be a President?

Yesterday Someone forward this video documenting a huge list of the failures, charges, and crimes of this person - I am loathe to say "man":

How can this person be a President, ANYWHERE, let alone The United States? He surely must have a Guiness record for a head of state. You can fact check these for yourselves but even if half of them are true he should not lead a country.

I knew the list was long but professional mobsters don't have a wrap sheet as long as his. He also deserves the same treatment as they receive. Remember those gallows on Jan. 6 and everyone yelling "Hang Mike Pence?" Trump actually said - and the entire world heard him - that maybe Pence deserved it! Whether he meant the chanting or the hanging is a moot point.

People who saw fit to compare Trump, while he was POTUS, to Hitler were usually slam dunked. I made the comparison myself. This substatiates the comparison whether his base wants to deny it or not.

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What about the Bankruptcies?

Forget the legal aspect. Why would anyone want a man who has bankrupted so many companies to be President. He will bankrupt the Contry and in doing so profit himself and his rich friends - the few he has anymore.

Has the Liberty Bell surpassed the Statue of Liberty as a famous icon synonymous with America? 

The Lady stands for freedom and hope. Perhaps the Bell was supposed to represent the freedom available in America. Little did anyone know thehow important that crack would become. Better check the Bell again because the crack in the country is widening.

Has anyone checked the Lady recently? If there are no cracks then check for tears.