Sunday, 15 May 2022

Russian People in Democratic Countries, Please Speak Out!

Let's Hear some Russian Free Speech!

Years ago I worked with many Russian people who had immigrated to Canada. I don't recall which international crisis was happening but it involved Russia. A female colleague's strong nationalism showed when she declared that the West only likes Russia when they think she is weak. True. She wanted her motherland to regain its former glory and standing as a world force to equal America. She got quite heated about it.

I didn't ask her why she remained here and did not return to Russia but her feelings were understandable. We on this side of the ocean forget that Russia and many other countries overseas have histories of rising and falling, conquering and expanding, rebelling against and recreating their leadership hundreds of years before anyone even knew about our far off lands. We are mere babes in arms or perhaps babes with arms in the military sense.

However since many people have immigrated to more democratic countries and presumably enjoy their ability to speak and write freely, let's hear from some of them.

Surely those who live here now and have seen the horror of Ukraine through the lens of western media and not the fake news of the motherland, they must have seen some kind of light. For sure you can refer to many American transgressions in other lands but I don't think it was ever to wipe out an entire people.

When has Ukraine ever attacked Russia or the Soviet Union? This is somewhat like American forces attacking native North American tribes again as they once did when settling the new west. It was wrong then and would be unspeakable now.

In addition surely they would be the best means of getting the truth to relatives at home. Unfortunately we have heard of some family ties being broken when those back in Russia refuse to believe their own families who now live in the USA

Western media would love to give you a platform or soap box from which to repeat what Putin and his forces are doing. Why are you so silent?

Do you also believe that Ukraine is not and never was a nation? If nothing else you should now understand why so many believe that Ukraine should indeed be part of NATO.
Ditto for Finland and Sweden.

Please make use of the freedom to speak which you now enjoy.


Sunday, 8 May 2022

Abort these Abortion Proposals - BEFORE it's too Late

While You Still Have the Right to Choose - Choose to Keep that Right!

In the last few years we have heard more examples of hypocrisy from politicians than probably ever before. The winners hands down are Republicans. Top of the heap are the Trump appointed Supreme Court Justices. 

We all heard them say that they would consider Roe vs Wade to be a precedent. It has indeed been for almost 50 years. In hindsight, if you listen to the cleverness of their answers during their appointment hearings it just adds to the hypocrisy. These people are expected to play it straight and say it straight. They failed.

The enormity of this hypocrisy goes way beyond the Supreme Court. Some 26 plus states are prepared to ban the right to choice for women.

Why is this hypocrisy?

1. Many of these high minded politicians who claim to stand for American ideals are the same ones who yelled and screamed bloody murder at the mere prospect of being told to wear a mask to fight COVID. They yelled even louder over mandatory vaccinations. Why? It was an attack on their rights and personal freedoms. Nobody could tell them what to do with their bodies. How can such protestors - and many of them are men - then turn around and suggest that they and their governments have a right to tell women what they can or can 't do with their own body?

2. Each and every one of them knows damn well that if their own daughter or even their wife has an unwanted pregnancy, they would find somewhere to perform the same procedure they profess to find offensive.

3. They know that rich people (like themselves) will be able to afford these procedures, but poor people will not be able to. Hence the law will not be applied evenly to all people.

4. If doing the right thing is their claim, then they will have to double down on finding and prosecuting all of the deadbeat dads who impregnate spouses and girlfriends and then skip town. If the woman must give birth to her child then the man must help pay for his child! Once again there is a double standard - hold the woman accountable, but not the man.

5. If women are prepared to join the armed forces and in many cases give their own lives for their country, then they should also be able to control its destiny back home.

6. Many of those who want to take away this right will for sure be gun owners. After all, they have a right which they claim "bear arms" gives them. What about all of those people young and old who die because of the misuse of those guns? If human life is so sacred then this is even more hypocrisy,

One final point. There are enough couples who abuse their children horribly when they do have them. Surely this number will go up if they are forced to have a child against their own will. The same thing often happens to adapted children.

I predict that there will be some politician who claims to be for this denial and then finds out that his mistress is pregnant. See what happens to the ideals then. If the mistress wants the child he is toast. If she does not and they secure an abortion, he is toast if she ever talks. Without a settlement, she will.

There will be more attempts to set back the clock. Just wait.


Sunday, 1 May 2022

Press Corps Dinner

Again Biden turns Trump into a Chump    

Anyone who watched President Joe Biden and Trevor Noah last night had to be impressed. Trump could never have pulled it off.

Once again however it was Noah - who stems from another part of the world - who made everyone watching and everyone present appreciate how important it is to enjoy free speech with no consequences. Trevor opened by making the point and closed by reiterating it. Then we all enjoyed and had a laugh because of it in between.

Imagine indeed what would happen to any Russian who pulled the same punches on Russian media. He or she would instantly transform from stage stand-up comedian to prison
sit-down comedian somewhere in Siberia, never to be heard from again.

In all of the major wars including this one in Ukraine, how did the rest of the world really know what was going on? Where would we be now if those early warning systems had not triggered potential and real victims to band together against the aggressor? Thankfully we appear to be doing it again.

Except in one place in particular - the aggressor nation itself, where there is no freedom of speech. There are probably a few others as well, all authoritarian regimes.

The scary part for me was that Trump and his cronies at Fox were attempting to move America into a similar system. I have no doubt if Trump should ever get back in, that he and his puppets will try to change the law to allow a President to stay as long as he/she wants. The other branches of government would be ignored, just as Putin is ignoring established norms.

Every day we are finding out more about how the Republicans and the right tried to fix the last election in their own favour. It was never the Democrats, and the world knows it.

How do they know this? If I have to explain I have failed dismally to make my point in this post.


Wednesday, 27 April 2022

SEO for Blogs. What's Trending?

Where are YOUR priorities?

One of the things that have always been on the minds of bloggers is how to get higher viewership. The fact is that blogs had their heyday many years ago and have been replaced by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. They face the same challenge as newspapers. Few people want to read or even think. They just want entertainment. I knew this when I began but here I am. I would rather write for my own entertainment than watch the crap that is on TV or play electronic games.

There are thousands of websites whose hosts claim to be able to share the secrets of making money by Blogging. It didn't take long to find that most of the more popular sites indeed made money by telling readers one thing: how to make money by Blogging. A lot of it is the technical side but generally these "bloggers" never write anything creative at all. Today this is adorned with lots of video as well.

To put this in perspective, this is like placing an ad claiming you know how to turn anybody into a professional baseball player will can make millions per year. The subscribers receive some snail mail or email telling them to place an ad just like the author. Tell people you can make them into a professional ball player and watch the cash roll in!

Seriously though, the most sound advice I found is simply to use the many tools available from Google to find out what is trending. Identify what people are searching for and write good quality material about THAT. This makes perfect sense, but the key is quality - consistent quality. My problem is that I just don't relate to what people are seeking. I just don't give a flying "F" about the Kardashians or who just cheated on whom in the Etalk world.

So just from curiosity I started typing random arguments (words) into the page and looking at the numbers under the reply. It was entertaining to say the least.
Most of these numbers are in the billions or hundreds of millions. They really only represent places on the entire internet that might have a reference to the argument submitted. I also see that they are only estimates and that in some locations Google has dropped them.

Try it for yourselves. If these numbers tell you anything it is that in my opinion our priorities are all screwed up. This has always been the case - sitcoms over news; game shows over documentaries; smutty over intellectual. Here is what I entered, sequenced by declining number of hits:

Environment change 10,240,000,000 (10.24 billion)
God                             4,580,000,000
Sex                              4,400,000,000
Cancer                         4,320,000,000
Stroke                         4,270,000,000
The war in Ukraine     4,150,000,000
Heart disease             4,130,000,000
Global warming          3,600,000,000
Kim Kardashian          3,070,000,000
Kardashians               2,780,000,000
Botox                          1,490,000,000
New York Yankees     1,140,000,000
The Garden of Eden      586,000,000
Abraham Lincoln           443,000,000
Adolf Hitler                    137,000,000
Elvis Presley                 122,000,000
The price of gas              68,700,000
Nuclear war                    59,500,000
Toronto Blue Jays           48,900,000
Gobboldygook                   1,420,000 (misspelled)
Gobbledygook                       19,000

I'm sure that God is pleased to see people are concerned about the space that he/she created but maybe a bit ticked that we messed it up so badly. Being almost tied with "Sex" might put us in disfavor as well.

It appears that many people are more concerned with their own demise than that of the Ukraine. I am not sure why Heart disease lags behind. It is good to see that that global warming beat out the Kardashians, but not by much.

Botox and the Yankees made the billion mark but things fall off dramatically after that. Not sure why but the misspelled Gobboldygook got more hits than Gobbledygook by a factor of 75!

When I entered "Thebrewsterblock" it scored 4,300,000 which was an old nickname. There used to be a small hotel chain and bus line in western Canada by that name but the number amazed me. The big let down was that my actual blog name (based on this) which is mustered a mere 480.

And that is why I write for my own enjoyment!


Monday, 11 April 2022

UFOs True or False

 Do ETs look like this little guy?

Most of us are familiar with the above image from Steven Spielberg's movie, ET. the Extra Terrestrial (creator of ET movie - Search ( Was it based upon a Roswell secret crash or just a vivid imagination? Only Steven can say for sure. For my purpose it doesn't matter.

To me if you are one who has accepted the biblical theory of the creation of the universe (sorry, but it is a theory) then accepting that there are other forms of life in it is a no brainer. I have no doubt that there have to be other "humans" out there and other non-human species just as there are here on Earth.

As far as E.T. wanting to "go home" is concerned, who can blame him? I'd want to get off this planet as well, beautiful as it should be, if there were a safer place - where the grey matter of little grey beings is put to a better use than pure selfishness.

If you let yourself think outside of the box (the collection box for the ultra faithful) then interesting propositions evolve. If past visitors do look something like our little gender neutral character, does this support the theory of evolution?

On one hand it does if the visitors basically have two legs, feet, arms, hands with eight fingers and two thumbs, two eyes and one head. It would then seem that they evolved in a similar fashion to us. However one might ask wouldn't Natural Selection have created multiples of all of the previous items? Surely four or six eyes and perhaps four arms would be an advantage as would dark skin and lots of body hair. Apparently this was not the case with either of us so far. Will we have some of these millions of years into the future? That begs the question "What is future?" but that's another topic. For that we have to understand the concept of time. Good luck.

As I have said before, if there is a supreme deity, male or female, or another gender, and earth is like one grain of sand in the Sahara dessert, why would they have created only one set of living organisms on Earth alone?

Consider this: extra terrestrials and their craft must have been 'created' or evolved to be our superiors just to be able to make it here. We are decades if not centuries behind in our ability to travel into distant space - at least in our present form.

Google UFO and look at some of the results or watch a documentary on the topic. Netflix has one. UFOs have been seen all over the world. Governments including America's try to suppress this immediately. Have we learned new technology from them? The documentary suggests America might have allowed visitors to take specific human individuals away from Earth for research purposes. Was it a trade?

What are they reporting about Earth and Earthlings back home? Click on "Aliens UFOs etc." in the topics above. Try this one: The Brewster Block : Search results for are we being punished.

There are enough resources on this planet and there is enough wealth already created by them to feed and nourish everyone alive. A reasonable lifestyle could also be created by them. 
It is no infant's choice to whom they were born or under what conditions. They just need help - a lot of it. Very greedy people around the world including its political leaders seem to think this is not feasible.

Instead of helping and sharing, such individuals - and they are right here in the west as well - are willing to let the horrors of wars and famines take their toll. #Putin is only the latest.

"Why should I help others when nobody helped me?" Just trace your life from the time you were born. If you are capable of reading this and you have the means (that phone you are holding) there was plenty of help.

Our visitors are probably taking this message back home: "Earth is the most selfish planet we have ever visited." What will our punishment be whether divine or not?


Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Will Smith has to Pay the Price

The Slapshot that "Rocked" the World!

Will Smith needs to learn a hard lesson from his stupid act. So far none has been administered.

People are now echoing the fact that the whole world saw it live. Replay the video but watch it from the beginning. The first thing we all heard was Chris Rock aiming jokes at individuals in the audience during a presentation. In the past there have been several cases of Oscar hosts being criticized for their poor taste. Because it is supposed to be funny, they often receive a "get out of jail" pass.

Sometimes the target of the misplaced humor grins and bears it - sometimes not. This was one of the "nots." We all saw the look on Jaga's face - she was not amused. There was an awkward moment as people made the connection with "G.I. Jane" and I for one, felt sorry for her just from the look on her face. I had no idea about her illness. In that same moment, Will Smith was laughing openly along with many other people. Then he saw the stunned look on his wife.

Not much has been said about this. Had he started expressing his disgust with Rock immediately without the laughter, he might have garnered more sympathy. His violent reaction would still be wrong but slightly more sincere. He could have dealt with Chris later, off camera. Instead once his wife gave him the stare, he did a 180 degree about face.

His next action was just grandstanding. Imagine someone during a televised session of the U.N. walking to the stage and mooning the world or slapping someone just like Smith. If you walk up to a very busy police station and throw a rock through the window, what do you think is going to happen? What if this happened in any public sporting event? 

Smith knew that world camera was on his back as he paced off the short distance to the stage and Chris Rock. He knew it would be a slap that "Rocked" the world, pun intended.

You might think "What do you expect? It's The Oscars." Lots of crazy things and political statements have been dramatized on this, the most infamous drama stage of all. It is still wrong. What next - a gun? Hopefully everyone is scanned for this including handbags upon entry - but I doubt it.

What message did this send to everyone, especially with Putin's slapping down Ukraine? If there is not severe punishment it means that violence is acceptable - if you are mad enough. You shoot someone and your excuse is "Yes but I was just mad - I lost my temper." Please. If you are thinking this, give yourselves a slap.

As for his tears during his own acceptance speech, if they were phony, he deserved the award. They were real but only because the gravity of his situation was starting to sink in. As for his ramblings about the Williams family, that was over the top - an attempt to deflect and somehow justify his actions.

His public persona is a jovial, likeable guy. It is now shattered in what should have been a rational moment that went horribly irrational.

Other celebrities have done and said things in their private lives that spoiled their Hollywood image and paid the price for a long time. Eventually they are forgiven. This was not during Smith's private life but during ours.

A slap on the wrist is not enough.


Sunday, 20 March 2022

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Mindset of a Dictator

You have to wonder what goes on inside the head of a person like Putin. I did not use "man" deliberately. Unfortunately, he is a person so I can't eliminate that particular noun which I share with him. That's about it on the sharing.

There have been many like him throughout history - some of them female. Before I share some other writings, one would have to be able to:

- be prepared to destroy decades or centuries of human achievement in the form of architecture, homes, land, necessities of life, culture, and above all human spirit.
- cause unimaginable pain and suffering to anyone or thing that lives, including babies, children, pregnant women, and helpless blameless animals.
- make such decisions instantly and totally independently.
- eliminate any dissenters among your ranks - permanently.
- feel zero regret for any of the above.
- prepare for your own cowardly escape should it all go wrong.

Here are some independent references:

- The first focuses on Power, Fear, and Anxiety The Psychology Of Dictators: Power, Fear, And Anxiety

- This one focuses on sadistic, antisocial, paranoid, narcissistic, schizoid, and schizotypal: The Psychology of Dictatorship: Kim Jong-Il - Scientific American Blog Network

- Here the focus is on Kim Il-sung (N. Korea); Hitler (Germany); Manuel Noriega (Panama): What Makes a Dictator? - How Dictators Work | HowStuffWorks

- For a spine chilling read try this: 10 most ruthless leaders of all time - 10 most ruthless leaders of all time | The Economic Times (

Here is another from this blog: The Brewster Block : Is Putin Copying Hitler?

My words above are not those of a Psychologist but they are not far off. Google some traits of your own. Also try "worst dictators".

The world has had to deal with such monsters forever. The heroes are those that didn't start anything but finally had to say "Enough is enough" and rally millions to fight possibly losing it all in the process. Churchill and Kennedy are two political leaders who come to mind.

One problem with these types, Putin included, is that they have already created their own hero worship of themselves through force, propaganda, control of the media, and severe punishment. The propaganda starts in elementary school if they are in power long enough.

If Japan had possessed the Bomb itself, you can bet that one or more major American cities would have disappeared. This time the other side(s) can respond in kind. Do we still have any Churchills or Kennedys?


Saturday, 12 March 2022

Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and others we Fear

Debilitating Diseases

Bad news seems to get more attention than good news. This topic will provide a change from World War 3, inflation, and COVID. 

Do a search for "Most Popular Google Searches". I found 2 interesting things: The first was the search itself. It will simply scroll in large text, words, names, etc. across your screen in various languages. I assume these are the most popular current search arguments. The second was that ALS was not far from the top.

Searched "debilitating diseases" - there were over 60 million hits! These are obviously not all diseases but items somehow related to a disease. The first was a definition which was depressing itself. "Debilitating diseases come in many shapes and forms – from those that attack the muscles in our body and affect our physical abilities to those that affect our brain function and impair our thought processes." See
Debilitating Diseases - 12 Diseases that change millions of lives - Dodge Park Residential Care. Do the author and yourself a favour and read them - each has only a short summary. 

How many of these can you pair with someone you know, close or otherwise? How many do you fear for yourself?

The article did not list criteria.

12. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). An autoimmune disease. Many of us have some form of arthritis - my fingers and knuckles show it most. I'm not sure what type I have but it can be painful and it is progressing. There is no cure that I am aware of for arthritis. See also Arthritis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

11. Schizophrenia. This one is psychological. I know 3 people who have it. One died. It is suspected that he took his own life. There are drugs that suppress the worst effects but no known cause or cure. See also Schizophrenia - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

10. Poliomyelitis. While pre-teen I knew of another kid who was totally paralyzed by Polio - not sure of the type. Her father had to wheel her around in a baby carriage well into her teens. She finally did walk, got married and had kids. She was the thinnest person I ever knew. She died prematurely. There is an effective vaccine for this virus. See also Polio - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

9. Muscular Dystrophy (MD). Don't know anyone personally with this. Apparently there are different types. It seems to be inherited. There is no cure. They can cause muscle loss and weakness over time and can lead to death. See also Muscular dystrophy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

8. Cerebral Palsy. Know of one person with this and she became a successful lawyer and mother/wife. Cause is apparently brain injury to the fetus. There is no cure but difficulty in speaking and motion is common. See also Cerebral palsy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

7. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). If you know a heavy smoker or someone who has to carry an oxygen bottle you probably know someone with this. It can eventually kill. Lifestyle change like tossing the smokes can help a lot. See also COPD - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

6. Cystic Fibrosis. Don't know anyone here but apparently it causes severe breathing and digestive problems. Average lifespan is 37 years (in the article). Cause is thought to be a defective gene. No cure is known. See also Cystic fibrosis - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

5. Scleroderma. Don't know this one or anyone with it. It causes connective tissue disorders and autoimmune diseases affecting skin, blood vessels, internal organs and muscles. It is usually fatal with no known cause or cure. See also Scleroderma Clinic - Overview - Mayo Clinic

4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system. You likely know someone with it if not celebrities like Annette Funicello. I knew someone who passed from it. Some live reasonable lives. Many loose total body control from the effect on nerves. See also Multiple Sclerosis MRI multiple sclerosis lesions - Mayo Clinic

3. Parkinson’s Disease. The list of celebrities with this one is long. It is a brain disorder causing tremors and lack of control. There is no cure and it is ultimately fatal. See also Parkinson's disease - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

2. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – Lou Gherig’s Disease. This famous disease affects the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This gradually worsens leading to total lack of control and death. There is no known cure. See also Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

1. Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Again many of us know someone with the disease and some of us will be victims. My father died from it and it is my big fear. There is no known cause or cure. Survival can be short or long. The patient will no longer know reality or loved ones once they experience extreme dementia. See also Alzheimer's disease - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

Not sure why cancer, COVID, and heart disease are missing. There are many others. So what is all this about? You will notice two common nouns in the list - cause and cure. Mostly both are unknown.

It makes you wonder about the priorities and selfishness of Homo Sapiens. Today we are all waking up in hope that Putin won't drop the bomb or chemicals to kill us all. What a waste of intelligence and collective willpower.

Modern man has developed the ability to:

  • Send people to the moon and is planning for planets beyond.
  • Demolish huge parts of the world with one bomb using particles so small we can't see them
  • Manufacture and convince people to buy and drive cars so fast and powerful they make no sense driving to the supermarket
  • Manufacture computer chips the size of your fingernail more powerful than huge computers decades ago.
  • Develop robots and software to replace people and their livelihoods
  • Put the power of all this technology to "use" producing toys for us all primarily to entertain ourselves.

Why can't all this power and resource be directed towards developing cures for the above diseases and many more? Surely we can do it. We could also use them to eliminate starvation for the millions of people around the globe who have zero hope and zero future?

The answer seems to be selfishness. The very ruthless see mass loss of life as population control - elimination of the weak. It leaves more for them.

Too bad there might not be anything left to enjoy for the strong.


Thursday, 10 March 2022

Putin bombs Ukraine Hospitals

Will Putin resort to Chemical Weapons?

We have seen a lot in the news about Russia bombing civilian targets including hospitals. The latest were full of pregnant women and infants. 

If you Google this there are lots of media releases to back it up - none I suspect coming from Russia.

Here are a few. There are plenty more:

Ukraine war: Boris Johnson tells Sky News he fears Vladimir Putin may use chemical weapons as it is 'straight out of Russia's playbook' | World News | Sky News

Ukraine war: Three killed including girl, six, after Russians bomb maternity hospital | Daily Mail OnlineUkraine war: Three killed including girl, six, after Russians bomb maternity hospital | Daily Mail Online

Live updates: Russia invades Ukraine (

Now the speculation is Putin will use chemical weapons. OMG!

As the most recent horror unfolds, we ask ourselves who could be so brutal and cruel? Current affairs headlines from any decade will also answer that question. Here are a few notorious ones using the greatest fact checker of all - history:

1) The guy who murdered over six million Jews as a scapegoat for HIS similar atrocities. He also threw the remains - hopefully deceased - into mass graves like the ones we are seeing in Ukraine recently.

2) Rwandan genocide in 1994. Militia groups tortures and raped victims by the thousands. Check out Wikipedia Rwandan genocide - Wikipedia. The U.N refused to get involved - just like NATO is now.

3) The horrors of the Crusades where once again, inflicting brutal pain on victims was the objective.

4) Look at the guys who dropped napalm on Viet Nam knowing full well that people would be incinerated along with foliage. It went on for years. The same guys mass bombed the country and those living there indiscriminately - just like Putin's Russia is doing now. There were no smart bombs back then.

5) In the Americas, natives were tortured and massacred by the British, French, and anyone else who wanted their land.

The point is that it has been going on throughout recorded history and probably before.

Now it is happening again. The world is expressing all of the support and sympathy they can mouth to the battered victims but are not yet willing to go to war over it. School yard bullies don't have the option of pressing nuclear buttons or spraying you with deadly chemicals when you stand up to them. This bully does.

It makes you wonder if there is life beyond our own Sun, did they resort to the same tactics? If there were other ETs, did they go home to tell what they saw? If so no wonder we have not seen them again.


Friday, 4 March 2022

Will Putin start World War III?

Putin wants Russia to be Number 1

Most born and raised in Canada or United States other than indigenous people are mere infants when it comes to history. It is difficult to understand the pride and passion felt by other parts of the world whose histories go back thousands of years.

Such histories include the lesser known countries and islands of North America; Europe; Asia; South America; and Africa. Russia alone has known supreme rulers and forms of rule on both ends of the political spectrum. One thing seems to be common throughout all of history. The strongest rule the weakest and ultimately overpower them. This can be through brutality, cleverness, or an accepted divine right. In the end the riches of all of the kingdoms and dynasties go to the few at the top - Greece; Russia; Britain; India; even America; and let's not forget the Church - most of them. The spoils go to the most powerful.

So what is happening in Ukraine right now is something we can't really understand because we have not experienced it. Perhaps a better word might be "feel" - we have never felt it.

For many years after the Russian people finally overthrew the elite, Socialism has supposedly been a form of government that is best for the people. Wealth is supposed to belong to the state and everyone benefits. Have you seen pictures of that 280 foot Russian yacht seized by France? Have you seen the vacation resorts belonging to Russian leaders for years? What about the many years of empty shelves and starving people?

It was the same in Hitler's Germany at the other end of the scale. He and his dictator colleagues looted the wealth and relics of other countries for themselves while ordinary Germans fought the battles.

So why is Putin doing this? He says it is for the motherland and to restore Russian greatness. That is propaganda for the people. The yacht says it all. He wants the riches and resources of Ukraine. He wants to defeat democracy anywhere because it is much more difficult to gain and hold power in such a system. He is a man who has too much testosterone and is a bully by nature. He wants to save face in the East vs. West match.

Hitler was like this. So were Mussolini; Stalin; Saddam Hussein; Pol Pot; Mao; Marcos and more. In the end the common hard working citizen is the loser.

Here is the big irony: In my opinion Russia needs another revolution - probably China too. Some form of government by the people that works is overdue. America on the other hand, especially under Trump is showing signs of extremists leaning more towards a single person, single party type of system.

Behind it all for thousands of years, is greed, selfishness, racism, and usually - men. So here is a novel idea. If a man is to become a leader of a country, he has to take estrogen pills. If it is a woman - testosterone.

It can't be worse than the mess we have now.


Monday, 28 February 2022

The Threat of Nuclear Holocaust

Wake up and Smell the Radioactivity

The problem with the above sub-title is that if H-bombs start dropping, tens of millions of people won’t BE waking up. The rest won’t smell coffee or what is killing them but they will suffer horrific burns and God knows what else inside their own bodies.

Less and less of us were alive when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were obliterated in Japan. Most of us have seen the astonishing film footage of the victims and the total destruction. It can never be allowed to happen again – or can it?

Large Atomic (fission) bombs can be the equivalent of 500 kilotons (thousand tons) of TNT. This is difficult to imagine in itself. A large Hydrogen bomb (fission AND fusion) can go as high as 50 MEGAtons of TNT (that’s million tons!). In numbers that is 500,000 compared to 50,000,000. A single ton of TNT exploding is scary enough for me. Just think 100 times worse than those World War II films.

The problems created by all of this for Putin AND the rest of the world have increased over time. The previous paragraph depicts scale of power. Back then only America had developed and dropped The Bomb. A program spurred by Stalin gave Russia theirs a few years later. Now several countries have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them.

This is why the prospect of mutual destruction – make that annihilation – worked for so many years to deter their use. The much of world would become uninhabitable. Pictures of bombing campaigns in Germany and England would pale by comparison.

After the world’s first glimpse of this only a madman would contemplate their use again. THAT has become the question of the hour.

Is Putin super angry or mad? Does it matter?


Saturday, 26 February 2022

United States Invades other States at Will

American Hypocrisy 

Most of the world has rightly condemned #Putin's Russia for invading Ukraine.  Innocent people are dying horrible deaths and seeing their worldly belongings destroyed. Infrastructure will be crippled for years.

Why? It would seem that Putin has several idols whom he is trying to emulate. Rumors flourish about their identity. A personal guess is Xi Jinping of China. If you ever saw the special on the Chinese leader's life history and rise to power you will know why.

As I recall in brief he was working the fields as a young man and later tried to join the party he used to dislike but was rejected. After future tries he was finally accepted. He then spent years towing the party line and rising through the ranks while managing to stay alive which is a feat unto itself. After he landed the top job he visited the USA where he was charming and well liked - even expressing admiration for America.

Over the years managed to maintain his leadership role while gradually introducing change to the party's Socialist ideals - without being overthrown. The country prospered immensely. Finally he consolidated his own hold by getting their Congress to allow his reign indefinitely. Good luck to anyone who voted against him!

China has been attacked and beaten down for centuries. It is now a great superpower and many people are happy with what their leader accomplished. They have a deep-rooted pride and feeling that their country has been underrated and unappreciated for all time. China should be at the top of all nations.

Russia has a similarly proud history. Many of its former leaders were renowned for their greatness. The Russian people are still very proud and want to be seen at least on an equal footing in the world with America. The memory of Khrushchev backing down to Kennedy is still a sore point.

This is also Putin's dream. He wants to be seen as the world's most powerful man and wants the same status for Russia. Perhaps above all he wants to destroy democracies or see them fail. If he can help to make that happen all the better. Ukraine has a huge number of natural resources that Putin wants for himself, or at least to control them.

The claim is two fold. Ukraine wants his help - to fight against internal rebels and to maintain the independence of Luhansk and Donetsk. Secondly Ukraine will eventually join NATO and be a real threat to Russia. In the West we are calling this propaganda and an excuse to invade.

What is the real difference between this and America's many invasions like Iraq; Afghanistan; Viet Nam? Take the last one - Viet Nam. Two Presidents reaped total havoc there for years. Untold thousands of innocents were massacred. Who will ever forget that poor nude girl with napalm burning on her bare skin? America wanted to stop the spread of Communism - Russia wants to stop the spread of Democracy. 

Apparently when America invades it is somehow justified. When Russia does it, not so. America once dropped the "bomb" to end a war. Let's hope it does not come to that again because this time she could be on the receiving end.


Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Is Putin Copying Hitler?

Ukraine a Prelude to World War III?

Fortunately neither I nor most of you lived through World Wars I or II - the lead up; the horror itself; and the aftermath. I hope we never see the likes of them again. My hope is becoming more faint.

History is not my strong point but I seem to recall that:

A very clever, selfish, and ruthless Hitler worked his way into a leadership position in Germany between the two Great Wars. He pandered to and fired up the spirit and fervor of the German population. Ditto Putin and the Russian people.

He reminded them of their former glory and inspired extreme nationalism predicting such glory again in the future. The people were suffering economically. They still felt resentment from their defeat in World War I. They believed in and backed this leader. Those who opposed him suffered. Ditto Putin and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

He sought allies such as Italy. He sweet talked, lied to, and called the bluff of would be enemies. He then started his attacks, one at a time. Russia has a strong ally – China. Putin says anything Britain/America want to hear. He is attacking Ukraine.

Other countries huffed and puffed but did not want to pay the price of arming themselves up front so as to be able to ultimately defeat Hitler if it became necessary. Ditto America and its allies today. America even said it would not do battle with Putin over the Ukraine. Sound familiar? Germany signed a Non-Aggression Pact with Russia and then attacked Poland. Ultimately Hitler betrayed Russia and invaded her also.

It took years of talks between Britain and America and an attack by a rogue nation - Japan - before America realized she had to help defeat Hitler before she herself was attacked, after most of Europe was defeated. Japan once again was driven by national pride and felt it was her time to rise to her rightful place over other nations. Will a rogue nation - Korea? China? - attack America today for the same reasons? In the end Russia gained more territory through the spoils of World War II. Will that happen again with Putin?

Of course there are some huge differences between then and now. More countries have an immense military. Some of the biggest differences ironically resulted from World War II. Rocket power resulted in missiles, and satellites provide guidance and surveillance. Lasers are used to precisely guide bombs and those missiles. Nuclear powered vessels can stay at sea and under the sea longer.

The biggest of all has to be the former atomic and now nuclear bomb. The major players all have them. Their destructive power eclipses that of other weapons. The entire world could be destroyed or made uninhabitable for years.

In the time of Kennedy, fear of mutual destruction was a dual deterrent when only the USA and Russia were the main players. The league has expanded since. I doubt that America has the military power or the will to defeat Russia conventionally anymore. Her track record since World War II - Viet Nam in particular - has not been impressive. Is Putin still counting on America’s unwillingness to press the button?

How ironic since America is the only power to have dropped the bomb offensively, wreaking immense horror on Japan. Today’s H-bombs could destroy a country and every building and form of life in it.

We can only hope - some of you should pray - that hitting Putin and his cronies in the pocketbook will work. Doing so will hit our pocketbooks as well.

Are we willing to pay?


Friday, 18 February 2022

Violent behavior on Aircraft

The New Five Mile High Club. Lock 'em Up!

Once again another wild (probably drunk) passenger had to be bodily subdued on an airplane. These assholes threaten hundreds of lives.

Such people should be arrested upon arrival. If it is in a foreign land they should be immediately returned to their homeland and arrested again. Forget the luggage. Maybe it arrives some day, maybe not. They also pay for the return trip.

This is totally unacceptable behavior.

Punishment at home should be severe. Since they disrupted the peaceful travel of others, they should lose their right to drive for a long period. If they don't drive they pay a big financial burden.

I feel for the airline staff but not the airline. My guess is that many of these passengers have been into the booze. Airlines could reduce a lot of this by simply not selling booze on board and forbidding the consumption of any personal alcohol.

It would be a shame since most people including me enjoy relaxing with a drink on a long flight but this is too dangerous to allow it to continue. Another approach is rationing drinks to one or two per passenger. How this is enforced is their problem. Solve it.

Finally the no fly status of such a person should be automatic, international, and it should be long in duration.

Welcome to the new Five Mile "High" club!


Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Is Trump's Butt the GOP Blarney Stone?

OMG. What a Thought!

There are places in the world where you can leave your personal mark as a tourist. Several in the U.S.A. are listed here:

12 Places Where Tourists Can Leave Their Mark: | Travel Channel

Many more famous ones exist like the Blarney Stone in Ireland. There you have to lie on your back and lower your head underneath a high parapet of ancient Blarney Castle to plant a kiss on the famous part of the castle's construction. It is meant to bring good fortune. Take lots of Lysol!

In China there is a section of the Great Wall where authorities gave up outlawing the defacing of the famous wall and designated a section where it is permitted.

In Stanley Park, Vancouver, there exists the huge stump of a fallen Western Red Cedar which is big enough to walk into and said to be 1000 years old. Thousands have written and carved inside it including yours truly in 1966. Upon my return some ten years ago, I was unable to find my initials!

In Sudbury, Ma., the Longfellow Wayside Inn has existed since 1716 claiming to be the oldest operating inn in the USA. We stayed there once in an antique but comfortable room accessible only by a tiny winding staircase. Adjacent to the Inn is a tiny red schoolhouse claiming to be the one mentioned in "Mary had a Little Lamb." It was a great place to visit. Our room had a tradition of trying to find a small keepsake left by the previous guest and then leaving one yourself. I composed a poem. (The Secret Drawer Society.)

What is my point? Just like that Blarney Stone above there are two chambers in the U.S. government full of spineless Republicans who have all stooped to kiss the butt of The Donald, also hoping for good fortune. What a repugnant thought - can't be much unclaimed space left. Some even travelled to his under-appraised castle to do so.

These "leaders" are supposed to have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and protect the government and the people form insurrection. Instead they helped to cause one. None of them deserve to keep their positions. If you really want to save your democracy, vote every one of them out of office and never vote the liar of liars back in.


Friday, 11 February 2022

January 6, Canadian Style Eh!

Enough Already! Time to Get the Truck off the Roads!

Imagine! Canada is on the American networks 24//7 - for the wrong reasons. At least we are on the front page. CNN has featured our trucker blockade/protest for the last few days. I don't watch that other tabloid network.

It even targeted our capital city - Ottawa - as did the American "protest" which targeted  Washington on January 6 last year. Notice the difference. No guns. So far no destruction. No gallows. No death calls. No officers killed. This is after all a Canadian protest - sorry!

There are similarities. This is basically people just itching to protest something - anything about our government(s) and "the system". The truckers protest was just the catalyst. It reminds me of my university days - a bunch of first year students rushed off in a bus to Ottawa to protest - I don't even remember what. I stayed back and studied (true). It was just a chance to make it into the media - TV or newspaper - there was no internet or cell phones.

Our provincial Premier - Doug Ford - is now making a lot of threats and noise. Remember there is an election coming up. I hope he follows through because now it is indeed disrupting the lives of many families and businesses on both sides of the border. He has declared a state of emergency and put in place fines of $100,000 and possible incarceration for up to one year. To any American readers you have to remember after seeing the Mayor of Windsor on TV that in Canada the Mayor does not run the local police department as they often do in America.

I had some sympathy originally for the truckers although NOT those who refused vaccination. They have been non-violent and were even shoveling the walks in downtown Ottawa.

Now guys it is time to pack up and go home. You chose the vocation - nobody forced you and international trips will always bring problems of some sort. Like it or not, you ARE a higher risk to your fellow citizens when you travel and return.

As for those who are protesting everything from animal rights to gasoline tax, take a hike. Yell all you want during the day and carry signs. THAT is peaceful protesting. When you disrupt the daily life of others anywhere in the world, it is not. Too many people have died fighting over the decades to give you this country. How many of them are protesting?

Take note of the Putin / Ukraine situation that is about to explode. Is that what you prefer? Also remember that if you are trying to copy the worst red necks in the States, their leader would probably have sent in the Troops across our border to solve our problem for us. Again - would you be OK with that?

Enjoy what you have or soon you won't have it.


Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Et Tu Supreme Court?

America's Last Straw.

In the last five years or more the cracks in the world's Liberty Bell - America - have been getting noticeably larger.

1. Firstly few could believe that America actually voted in large numbers for Trump in 2016. Despite what he and his followers who wear Trump blinders think, it was a horrible four years for America and the world.

2. When Trump knew he was going to lose and started setting the stage for the Republicans to falsify the election and then spread the Big Lie about The Donald's loss, we knew they were speeding towards a very big cliff.

3. The large majority of Republicans in both houses sold their souls, integrity, and respect down the drain to support the Big Lie. They cared more about their jobs and pensions than the good of the country.

4. On January 6, 2021 a violent insurrection took place. Everyone else saw it. Trump and his cronies claim they did not. Wild citizens almost hung the Vice President. Now the bell would no longer even ring.

5. States throughout the land began to change their laws to weaken the non-white vote or at least make it much more difficult for visible minorities to cast their ballads. They also made it far easier at the state level to simply ignore and overturn a result they did not like if the first tactic failed.

6. Now the coup de gras. The Supreme Court - that final rampart for the people's democracy - is leaning towards supporting the tactics in number 4. They are after all stacked in favour of Republicans.

These high judges are supposed to be beyond personal bias. Apparently they are not.

If Trump wins in 2024, the Bald Eagle might as well be replaced by a big yellow banana. In this case the banana represents the single new foundation of the country - lies.


Monday, 7 February 2022

Ignoring COVID Too Soon

Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot With a COVID Gun?

We are all sick of it. Those with more rational temperaments still see the virus as the threat it has always been. Others have become complacent and are taking the "It is what it is" approach. The latter is what is frightening.

We are probably dodging bullets at the moment because of all that has been learned about the virus and the rapid development of vaccines and recently pills to protect most of us. Protocols also help. The deniers can say the world wide numbers are all fake but let them say it to those who really did lose loved ones.

I still think that if we begin to totally ignore the problem as though life were back to normal, we will pay a heavy price. I have received three shots and will get more as available. Thinking that we are all safe is like burying your head in the sand. Not talking about it will not make it go away.

Perhaps what we should be doing is treating pandemics like other natural disasters: hurricanes; tornadoes; floods; tsunamis; fire; drought; asteroids; meteorites. You can't stop them but you can certainly prepare for the worst.

A few thoughts:

1. Build and outfit large VIRAL hospitals. These would only treat patients with epidemiological types of diseases. They would have the most up to date air treatment and critical care units available designed with this in mind. If there were no general surgeries performed most equipment would be for breathing - respirators and intubation. Staff trained to use these should not have to be full MDs or Surgeons. These two limitations should reduce costs over conventional hospitals. PPE would be in large supply and waste disposal highly efficient. Staffing might be a problem initially but pay would be commensurate. These might be empty a lot but so are city halls, public swimming pools, and stadiums to give some analogies.

2. More and more international research is needed into viral diseases and cures including rapid testing. We need tests so quick and accurate that all travelers would have to be tested and pass as part of any boarding procedure for planes, boats, buses and trains. This has to happen before any luggage is surrendered so that denial is possible - no exceptions.

3. International Health Passports are required just like current passports but they must be electronic so validation can be rapid. No passport - no travel. This has to become common practice to eliminate any "I didn't know" excuses. Travel agencies also have to educate and enforce this - no proof, no tickets.

4. Refusing to be vaccinated should be just like refusing to get a drivers license, car ownership, car insurance, or wearing a seatbelt. You may not drive and are punished severely if you do.

5. I understand that mandating someone to have a substance injected into their body will always be an issue. What society can do is make those who refuse pay consequences if they just don't give a damn about the rest of us. If you are a really bad driver with too many serious offences you will have your right to drive removed. Insurance will become prohibitive. If you refuse to properly dispose of your waste and garbage and both you and your property become a threat to those around you society can take action and remove you and that property. The same thing goes for a vicious dog or other dangerous pet. Even America's precious guns can be taken away from individuals who have abused them.

There was a time when face masks and helmets were not mandatory or even conceived for certain sports. Now they are and it is accepted. I believe I am correct in saying that in most public places you can't walk around in the nude. Thank goodness.

I was going to close by saying that masks are no different than sneezing or coughing into a tissue or sleeve, or covering your mouth.  The practice is encouraged but there are still ignorant people who don't comply. 

Some day a VIRUS might kill all of us before its vaccine is developed. If the dinosaurs return in a more intelligent form they will wonder why mankind suddenly disappeared. Maybe Planet of the Apes the sequel will be a reality only the apes will be  wearing masks!


Wednesday, 2 February 2022

COVID and Plastic Waste

Where Is All That Plastic Going?

Recently a relative was sent to hospital for non-COVID related issues but while there, he was tested for COVID and the test was positive. This is very common.

What I found more interesting were his observations on just what is happening inside our hospitals today. I am fortunate not to have stayed overnight in hospital for my own care since I had my tonsils out as a child. However while visiting and supporting others I have stayed overnight. Besides how difficult that was for me (nowhere to recline; too many noises; no food etc.) I was able to observe all the activity.

At the best of times before COVID, staff were overworked. It made me realize that I could never be a nurse. I also appreciated our free medical program in Ontario, Canada. Even in normal (without COVID) times there is a tremendous amount of waste produced in hospitals. Much of it is filthy and/or contaminated. Safe disposal is a problem.

Now the problem must have increased exponentially. Every time a nurse had to attend to this person, even to change an IV or remove a bed pan, they had to totally "suit up" with new PPE (personal protective equipment). This can include gloves, masks, goggles, gown, face shields for starters. Most of this is plastic or rubber.
We already have an immense problem disposing of plastic. Much of it still goes into the ocean.

So where is all of this additional material going? Considering all hospitals across the modern world the problem is immense. This is just the disposal problem. Imagine the cost!

If anyone out there knows the answer please reply. Hopefully land fill or the ocean is not the answer.


Monday, 31 January 2022

The No Government Society

No Government? Think About I!

We have all heard protestors yelling "Down with Government"; "You can't trust government" etc. Really?

Let's depict what might be a typical day in the life of Joe/Suzy Citizen. The bracketed numbers represent services provided by taxes. Taxes are collected and spent by whatever level of government. Who or what will take their place?

Here is the list of services we encounter:

1. Electricity                               13. Education Standards
2. Water                                     14. Court System
3. Sewage                                 15. Justice System
4. Gas                                        16. Traffic Laws
5. Oil                                          17. Issuing of various Licenses
6. Roads                                    18. Local, State, Federal Laws 
7. Airports                                  19. Police and Law Enforcement
8. Ports                                      20. Parks and Recreation
9. Infrastructure Maintenance   21. Social Benefits
10. WEB, Broadband, Internet  22. Rights of citizens  
11. Education                            23. The Military
12. Teachers College

The alarm goes off (1). You reach out to flip on the lights (1). Then you plod off down the hall or into the ensuite to turn on more lights (1). You use the toilet (2) and then flush it (2,3). Moving over to the sink, you wash your hands (2,3). The house is too cold/hot so you crank up the heat or air (1,4,5). You use these services several more times while cooking before you head out the door. What did you eat? Every item came from a store or market, including the stove and fridge. How? (6,7,8). This only happened after all of these were cleared of ice and snow (9). You get dressed into clothes. Where did they come from? Stores (6,7,8,9). Ah but you bought these online (10).

Now you are out the door. You drive the kids to school (6,11) in your purchased/leased vehicle (6,7,8). There, they are taught by teachers, who were educated at colleges often assisted or provided by government (12) to attain qualifications that are set by regulators (13).

During that brief commute, you are hit by an unlicensed driver and vehicle. You are properly licensed (17) and have to take them to court (14,15) to be tried by a judge and jury (14,15). You are both represented by lawyers who must be properly educated and licensed (13,15,17) so as to be able to enforce the law and your rights (18).

When you return home (and we haven't even covered your typical day at work) you find your house has been burglarized, so you call the police (19). Now you have to go to pick up the kids at soccer (20) and day care which you could only afford because of child benefits (21). Finally you sit down to read a newspaper and watch a ball game on TV which you can enjoy because of free speech (22). Most of it is about war and conflict (23).

I could carry on but you get the picture. Who provides any of this without government? If you say other non-democratic countries have similar things you are wrong at least in scope. But in those societies, good luck changing or increasing such facilities. Do you think private enterprise and entrepreneurs will fill the void? They might fill their pockets, but not the void. Who will manage and enforce all the private contracts with your best interests in mind? To whom will you complain when something is wrong?

Too much government might be bad but none is just a pipe dream. in another society if you smoke the wrong thing in that pipe you might be shot.


Thursday, 27 January 2022

Trump as a Dictator

Careful Donald! Don't Ever Forget the Final Outcome.

Some people have compared The Donald to Mein F├╝hrer - Adolf Hitler. They were severely chastised for it considering the atrocities Hitler perpetrated. This was justified and only circulated because of free speech and true journalism. Donald has not gone that far - yet. Almost letting his own Vice President be strung up by a mob certainly showed his darker side. In my opinion the comparison was inappropriate for a different reason. Hitler was actually a remarkably clever man and a brilliant orator. You can draw your own inference.

What I have done before is show the physical resemblance between Trump's oh so practiced mean, mouth downturned scowl, and that of Benito Mussolini. It is almost a direct copy. The Italian's was natural. I think Donald spent many hours in front of a mirror perfecting the look. It would be interesting to know how many of those mirrors survived.

Like it or not his rhetoric, attitude, appointees, and certainly his base have moved way out there on the right where dictators, especially the most ruthless, egocentric, and cruel, reside.

So if Mussolini is one of your secret heroes, Big D, I hope you studied his entire legacy. Pay particular attention to how the Italian population treated him after they felt so betrayed and cheated. The images of his ultimate demise are easy to find.

Take a look and remember both Italy and Germany returned to a democratic system after someone with your personal ambition had their brief moment behind the podium.


Monday, 24 January 2022

The New CNN and Who Replaces Cuomo

Will CNN Become the FOX of the left?

There has been much debate about who will replace Chris Cuomo on CNN at a time when the network is about to have new owners again. Discovery - owned primarily by media mogul John Malone, is taking over from AT&T. The new company will be headed by CEO David Zaslav another career media savvy entrepreneur. I know little about these men but they face many challenges

Chris was one of the top guys at the network and will be hard to replace. He was brash - some might say aggressively so, opinionated and well spoken. This is ideal for his type of show. I am enjoying the current strategy of slating a variety of talented guest spokespeople in the cherished 9:00 pm slot. I have been impressed by Michael Smerconish; Laura Coates; and Brianna Keilar to date.

Articles I read pointed out that morning audiences are a lot different than evening ones. Perhaps their states of mind change throughout the day - lighter stuff in the morning. Brianna for example was not doing well in the morning slot but she has been refreshing as a stand-in for Cuomo. CNN has a large cast of talented personalities who could do the job including their regular guest speakers and analysts.

Apparently the decision will be on hold until the new owners weigh in. This makes good sense. Some big picture decisions remain.

Should they give the nod to a woman? Almost any of the existing prominent CNN females could do a great job. Should there be another person of colour in the slot or both - like Laura Coates. So far the indications are that the new owners want to preserve the CNN image of high integrity news - not the entertaining but often blatantly false and fake diatribes posing as news on FOX among others.

I watch CNN a lot throughout the day and evening and have criticized some of the following areas in the past. How about changing:

- Cutting guests off for giving views that are too right and not what the CNN bosses or sponsors want to hear. Most CNN people are guilty of this - Chris was notorious for it. If you invited them let them finish their point.
- Repetition of the same old stuff over and over. Different viewers won't be able to watch until later in the day but knock off the continual "Breaking News". It might be breaking when it is first broadcast but after that it is just today's news. Things happen 24/7 so there are lots of opportunities for each time slot to "break" some news.
- Not giving credit to the Republicans and other networks if they are correct about something. Keep your leftist views but report rightist views as well without making out anyone who supports them to be crazy. Your own viewers know where you stand overall. Give them credit for having the grey matter we know some FOX fans lack!
- Don't choose Don Lemon to replace Cuomo. He is better where he is - then we can choose to retire or listen to his often maudlin melodrama. Personally I am tired of it.  Lemon is in my opinion over-rated and very predictable. His show has become a soap opera.

All networks face the same big problem as politicians the world over. The majority of TV viewers don't want to have to think - they just want entertainment. For example this is what drives the huge advertising dollars for sport. When they vote - same thing. They vote on last minute emotion and a candidate's charisma and appearance. It is sad but true.

So CNN and other legitimate media companies can still serve a useful purpose. For a democracy to work, the truth must be available to the people who actually think before they vote. There will always be liar networks and liar leaders. People who don't want to think or are incapable of it will occasionally elect liars and cheaters from both sides of the aisle. My hope is that when a thinking electorate gets the facts and elects a thinking leader, the chances of them making good decisions which benefit everyone are better than the alternative. In the long run the average person will experience these benefits.

In summary to Donald and co.: "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

If I'm wrong, America is toast.


Thursday, 20 January 2022

Ukraine and Russia

Could the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Start World War III?

I can't answer this question - it is well beyond my grasp of history and peoples' patriotism. Try to Google the history of the Ukraine even since the start of World War II and your brain will feel like it is watching a Wimbledon final. What I read was full of back and forth, separation, unification, corruption, conflicts, death etc.

What it does make clear to me is that we in North America are mere babes in arms, barely weaned from mother Britain. Almost any European country has a history as long as your arm which only historians could detail. So understanding the emotions involved in the potential invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is difficult.

If Great Britain attacked either Canada or America with a view to taking them back under her reign, you would have a small taste of what citizens over the pond have experienced for centuries.

Here is my attempt to place this in perspective:

Let us assume - and this is not entirely unrealistic - that Texas declared its independence from America. I don't know if that is possible legally but if they wanted it badly enough the law would not matter. Let us also assume that they succeeded without war erupting between Texas and the other 49 states. Soon Texas might want to join NATO as a full member, expecting support if America crossed its northern border.

It is likely that America would try to get Texas to re-join the union. Now let us say that Russia, or China, or North Korea for example then sent massive forces to the northern border of Mexico in support of Texas, even though there was no Texan / American state of war.

America would have a 100% butt out attitude. This seems to be what Russia is saying. There are those in the Ukraine who want to re-join Russia and those who do not.

Not long ago America would have sent massive military forces to take on Russian troupes. Would that happen today? I doubt it. There would be economic sanctions but Russia would never give back territory it overtook. Also many European countries need Russian oil and other resources.

In this one area Trump had it right. Most Americans no longer want thousands of their sons and daughters losing their lives on behalf of yet another country. America would finance most of it. As usual many other nations would fail to contribute their share. 

Although there have been Ukrainian referendums before on whether to join Russia or not, perhaps another under international control is needed. Then whatever action others took to support Ukraine, it would be tougher for Putin to justify his actions.

He will likely be happy to follow the old policy of taking one small territory at a time calculating that none of the small actions is worth total war. Eventually he or his heirs will succeed

There again Biden could promise help on condition that Zelensky give up some dirt on Trump!


Tuesday, 18 January 2022


Take a lesson from the Master

You take a lover but your wife suspects
And you need a good alibi.
Take a lesson from POTUS - just stare in her eyes
And feed her a giant BIG LIE.

He's still your first love but where is the spark?
You cheated with some hunky guy.
Take a lesson from POTUS - with a voice that is sweet
Just make up a whopper BIG LIE.

If you cheat on taxes but then you get caught.
Your friends say delay and deny.
Take a lesson from POTUS - make anything up
And send them a monster BIG LIE.

You go to your pastor and with a straight face
Confess to him then start to cry.
Take a lesson from POTUS - but cross yourself first
And hope he won't see your BIG LIE.

This is not how your folks brought you up,
You must tell the truth 'til you die.
Take a lesson from POTUS - they got it all wrong.
To win you must tell the BIG LIE.

When judgement day comes and he faces The Man
It won't be the one in the sky.
He'll face red horns, a fork, and a tail
The guy who invented BIG LIE!


Saturday, 15 January 2022

Is Population Control Inevitable?

Against Vaccination? What about Sterilization?

I have touched on this topic before. I do so again because it is one of those looming problems which nobody will address - no democratic leaders at least - until it is too late. This makes it just like the stop sign that never arrives until "enough" people are killed or some kind of gun control until...well let's not go there again.

This is right up there with climate control. It will not cause the imminent demise of all humans in our lifetime, so it is not our problem. Careers and reputations would be on the line for anyone who brings this to the table, so don't! Bury your head(s) in the sand. Who knows - much of the world might soon be covered by it.

The world population as of this writing for 2022 is 7.9 billion. In 2024 it is projected to be 8.1 billion (world population january 2022 - Google Search). We have all seen images of the most populated cities on the globe, especially in the poorest countries - deplorable.

As well we have all seen images of the melting ice caps and glaciers; rising ocean water levels; forests and other arable land being destroyed by fire, drought, volcanic eruptions, and mankind. The latter is always to make a buck - often at the expense of others.

All of this means fewer places to live and grow food or raise livestock. One way to both reduce this loss and reduce the need for the food and accommodation is to control the population.

China has tried it. It was not popular. People couple up to reproduce for the most part! So do animals and the only reason I have not included them in this post is because mankind controls them. It is usually for food or sport but animal population control is why this is not part of our overcrowding problem. In fact some animals no longer exist.

How can that be applied to Homo Erectus? Simple - no more erectus! There is another big problem. Should the man be sterilized or the woman? We all know what men's choice would be. I can't see it being voluntary. The rich will go berserk at the thought of being told that they can not have more kids. Many religions will echo their cry. "Why should I suffer because others have too many kids and can't afford them?" Sterilize the poor but leave us alone! What do you do with the over-the-limit children? Unlike fish you can't throw them back! I guess they would have to be adapted by couples who can't have kids - up to the limit naturally!

If sterilization were to be mandatory it would have to apply to everyone, world wide,  to be effective. Good luck with that. Too bad because it would likely work.

As for the stars, I can't see it. Some day there might be a small colony on perhaps Mars. It would be totally dependent upon Mother Earth however and what happens when she is destroyed? I could see it working far beyond in another solar system where a planet very like Earth existed and I have not doubt they do.

The 1st problem is - how do you get there? The second is what kind of reception will there be by whomever or whatever has evolved on that planet? If they are indeed like us they will hopefully want to know how we got there.

On the other hand of they are some kind of weapon lovers they will probably shoot us first. We will be their Roswell and if there is anyone left here we will never find out their destiny.

Happy New Year