Tuesday 21 August 2018

Microsoft and Hacking

Bill Gates & Co. Have the Solution to Hacking

More Russian hacking? If you can't believe Bill & Microsoft, who can you believe? It must be true. 

The solution is simple like all things MS. You want to STOP it? Press START! … Duhhh. Where have you been? 

Now if this were Steve Jobs and Apple, the solution would not be so simple. There would be no button, START or STOP. You would have to: tap it - maybe once, twice, thrice; stroke it; shake it; pinch it; stroke with 2 fingers; stroke with a frick'n feather; shout at it; spin it; spit on it; swear at it; flip it; throw it; stomp on it … get the picture Apple? Give me back my buttons. I refuse to titillate my device with foreplay just to make it work!

The Brewster