Tuesday 21 August 2018

Microsoft and Hacking

Bill Gates & Co. Have the Solution to Hacking

More Russian hacking? If you can't believe Bill & Microsoft, who can you believe? It must be true. 

The solution is simple like all things MS. You want to STOP it? Press START! … Duhhh. Where have you been? 

Now if this were Steve Jobs and Apple, the solution would not be so simple. There would be no button, START or STOP. You would have to: tap it - maybe once, twice, thrice; stroke it; shake it; pinch it; stroke with 2 fingers; stroke with a frick'n feather; shout at it; spin it; spit on it; swear at it; flip it; throw it; stomp on it … get the picture Apple? Give me back my buttons. I refuse to titillate my device with foreplay just to make it work!

The Brewster

Kellyanne's Alternative Facts

Too quick to judge?

Way back in the beginning of the current American demise, during a discussion about the size of Trump's inauguration crowd (triggered by Sean Spicer), Kellyanne Conway coined the phrase "Alternative Facts".

Much has been written about this. That was a given. Much is written and discussed regarding anything that the current president or any of his staff says or does . Truth be told, the media - all media - is grateful. That is one area of the economy where he really has contributed to jobs and employment. Today some networks would likely fold without Donald.

I am not a fan of the current POTUS. I am not a fan of Kellyanne other than acknowledging that I had never heard of her before seeing her on panels sparring with her peers in the leadup to the election. I admire her for her accomplishments. She makes my blood boil just as much as her boss does but she climbed a big mountain in a short period of time. Too bad it happened to be a volcano!

However in this case I really do think that "Alternative Facts" was misinterpreted by those who heard it. In two poorly chosen words I believe that her intended meaning was the following:

You can gather and use statistics or "facts" for any argument you want. For example let's assume that I gave a person the chance to say 5 things in order to prove that a person is smart. All 5 must be true, different, and verifiable. Now I give a different person the same chance to argue that the person is stupid saying 5 things - same rules apply. There might even be some overlap.

Set number 2 are indeed alternative facts even though they are true. It is up to the listener to decide which is more convincing. based upon the argument employing those facts.

It could be argued that Spicer's "facts" were untrue. If they were then her phrase is indeed silly and the argument falls apart but at the time she might have believed them.

There you go. I said something supportive for a change.

The Brewster

Thursday 16 August 2018

Trump and Brennan

Egypt had a Boy Pharaoh so Why not a Boy President?

Why is it that so many things this President says and does remind me of my childhood? Here he goes again.

He can't take his toys and go home because he IS home - at least for now - and most of the toys are not his. So with John Brennan he does the next best thing - take away John's toys and send HIM home.

Will it be long before we hear "Oh yah? Well I'm not going buy you a Christmas present!" or "My Dad was richer than your Dad!" ?

It is time somebody sent him to bed with no supper or took away his Tweeting privileges. Maybe a spanking would work - or did Stormy try that already? Once my Mom actually did wash my mouth out with soap. I probably swore. Now that might work - nah - I don't think there is enough.

The Brewster