Tuesday, 31 December 2019

A Politician's Resolutions

Double Speak at its Best: Top 5 New Years Political Resolutions

  1. I will endeavor to channel all of my focus into solving the problems which all hard working citizens experience as roadblocks to the fulfillment of their dreams in this country of opportunity which is the envy of the world (WTF?)
  2. The public has spoken in an abundantly clear tone and I have already directed my administration and my cabinet to double down in their efforts to become transparent and seek public feedback through town hall meetings and focus groups we have already initiated since the election to fulfill the mandate we have been given throughout 2020 and our entire term of office (Come again?)
  3. There is no greater priority for our government than to leverage the resources of government to increase our productivity and efficiency while reducing cost and waste in a similar fashion to what we know single families across this great nation have to do day to day. Our government will be there for you. (yadda, yadda, yadda)
  4. The people of this great land have spoken and that is why from this day forward environmental change and the disastrous effects it will have on our children and future generations has become our number one priority.
  5. The people of this great land have spoken and that is why from this day forward health care for all has become our number one priority.
Holy crap. This is just what we need. It's about time. Glad I voted for this person.

The Brewster

Sunday, 29 December 2019

Is The Perfect Society a Dream?

The Seven Deadly Sins

History and religion has often referred to seven deadly sins which are:
  1. Lust
  2. Gluttony
  3. Greed
  4. Sloth
  5. Wrath
  6. Envy
  7. Pride

To me the worst of these is greed. I say that because I believe it is the cause of most of the major conflicts, wars, and slaughters in history and the ultimate demise of most societies. It still reigns supreme. Ours is likely to follow suit.

All people require basic food, water, protection from the elements, and a safe place to live. The poorest peoples lack one or more of these. The comfortable - our "middle" class, gradually and often through hard work accumulate all four. The powerful obtain them in abundance through any possible means and then want more, even at the expense of the first 2 groups. THAT friends is GREED.

Might has always made right. Often it meant the strongest with the best weapons simply eliminated the weakest and then took what they wanted. That is still happening in parts of the world.

But for decades now, the weapons have been replaced by money and the brawn has been replaced by cleverness and deviousness in accumulating that money by any means.

Here is a list  of many of the things which I find impossible to justify. Those who already have them or indulge in them have no problem rationalizing their possessions or actions. Many just say "why not?"
  1. Monster houses including the land often surrounding them; multiple swimming pools and the drinking water in them; pool heaters; the energy required to warm and operate such houses.
  2. People who own several of these, often inhabited for only part of the year.
  3. The entire racing industry including monster trucks and speed boats that use enough energy in one session to plough fields and grow food for many, many people.
  4. Personal vehicles with enough power to pull a semi often for the personal travel of one individual.
  5. Buffet style restaurants where individuals eat enough for three or four and waste the same amount
  6. People who have hundreds of millions of dollars and want even more, often paying no taxes on what they have. Many of these were born into their wealth.
  7. People who have made all of their money on the stock market often by illegal means and have never worked at a "real" job in their lives. Investing in new businesses that become successful and provide goods and services to society are a good thing. People who make tons of money by simply buying and selling stocks are not. They don't add any more to the benefit of others than loan sharks.
  8. People who use personal vehicles to commute when public transit is available. Equally to blame are the leaders who fail to provide such public transit, often because of the greedy desire to be re-elected.
The list could be longer. I would add that the other six sins could also be a result of greed.

Socialist, Communist, Fascist, Capitalist, left, right, or centre - all have greedy people wielding the power who end up with the most of the peoples' wealth.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

The Brewster

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Home Alone at Mar-a-Lago

Home Alone Too, With Nothing Else To Do

You would think now that The President has taken some time off for the holiday that he might kick back and take a breather. Enjoy his family. Not this President.

It is bad enough that he just can't stay off Twitter - ranting on about impeachment etc. It is also a shame that he is not using this time - if he has to mouth off - about some of his laudable accomplishments. Instead he is actually blowing off steam because the CBC in Canada cut a short cameo of him in his younger years, from the movie Home Alone II. Since they did it to increase available commercial time, one might expect him to understand. Apparently nobody cuts The Donald. Must be Trudeau's doing!

He was so slim in those days I hardly recognized him. Good on the CBC. If we could only delete the endless hours of other footage of this person.

One other quick thought. Since DJT left New York and moved to Florida, I would expect the Florida Governor or anyone else to stand up and shout: "You know when New York sends us their former residents, they aren't sending us the cream of the crop. They are sending us their criminals; their liars; their gropers and molesters; their cheats; their welshers?

Where have we heard that before?

The Brewster

Sunday, 22 December 2019

More Than One Red Nose This Christmas

McConnell, Evangelicals, and the Party Faithful.

There are many faiths. Most have at least some commonality by providing guidance on how their followers should lead a good life. Most preach love of fellow beings; tolerance; not stealing; not lusting after or committing adultery with someone else's spouse; telling the truth; preach against hatred.

Recently an evangelical article criticized DJT as a less than shining example of all of those beliefs and characteristics. Immediately, many other evangelical followers and leaders condemned it.

I don't have the time or space to list all of the lies and examples of vile, disgusting behaviour exhibited by POTUS - unbecoming for that office and embarrassing to any decent American of either party. Here are some just to set the tone:

1. Bad mouthing all Mexicans
2. Calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas
3. His "I like people who weren't captured" comment about war hero John McCain
4. His "Blood coming out of her - wherever" comment about Megyn Kelly
5. His "Look at that face" comment about Carli Fiorina
6. Direct, extemporaneous lies numbering in the thousands
7. Talking about grabbing women by their private parts without even asking
8. Mouthig physical admiration for his own daughter

… The list goes on

I have no problem with Trump and company claiming responsibility for a great economy. All political leaders make such declarations whether a gift from previous administrations or not.

At this time of year it is common to see images of Santa holding his nose to go down and up a chimney (apparently left side to shrink; right side to expand!)

However I have to wonder how so many of the Republican Party elite can continue to hold their noses and avoid calling him out for such behaviour for the leader of the free world. When religious leaders do the same it leaves me shaking my head.

Would they tolerate the man speaking like this in their own church?

Shame on you. Shame on the GOP.

The Brewster

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Twinkle Twinkle Little Child

The Power of Innocence

When it seems the whole world is coming undone,
When no one remembers the meaning of fun,

When none of your plans come to fruition,
When you start to doubt your very life's mission,

When you desperately need that twenty-fifth hour,
When your trademark smile has gone and turned sour,

When you need a friend but none heed your call,
When you just want to scream and your back's to the wall,

When all of your dreams still seem miles away,

When you feel all alone at the end of the day,

When you hold in question your own higher power,
When your endless faith has waned and turned sour,

That's when you see a little child smile.
That's when you know it all is worth while!

The Brewster

Saturday, 14 December 2019

Impeachment Hootenanny!

After the Love In Can They Still Party Together?

I have to wonder. In this the most festive of seasons, can those people we see posing and posturing against each other so dramatically in the impeachment hearings relax and have a drink together when the cameras are off?

My understanding is that this would have been the case in the past but is it now? Some of those representatives on both sides were radiating pure hatred on the surface. To her credit when challenged Nancy Pelosi vehemently denied this. I believe her. For the others? I think not.

In any event I wish all the members on both sides a great holiday. Time to relax and celebrate the Holiday season - Christian or otherwise. Surely you can achieve that?

If you are as sincere and patriotic as you all claim, I trust you won't charge those drinks to your taxpayers on either side. Right?

The Brewster

Monday, 9 December 2019

Trump and a Flat Earth

Fake News or Not?

Let's assume this whopper of whoppers from POTUS: Despite centuries of science and recent satellite images, Trump says the Earth is flat. The rest is a hoax - fake news from the media. He knows more about the topic than any scholar.

How many of his cronies in the White House would finally call him on it and say "Enough is enough"?

I suspect none would. Their jobs and pension mean too much to them. That is very, very scary!

The Brewster

Sunday, 8 December 2019

The Statue of Liberty (LIBERTAS)

One of Few Female Figureheads More Famous Than Queen Elizabeth II

I just read a great history of The Statue of Liberty on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Statue_of_Liberty). The lady ("Liberty Enlightening the World") has quite a past. The entire story is very inspiring. It is a wonder that it all came together the way it finally did.

It is ironic that this world famous icon of might, power, and freedom is depicted as a woman when the country it represents still has a hang up about electing a female President. Go figure! I digress.

The story and the artefact are so awesome it inspired me to write the following:

The Brewster


They tell me that I have made these words by Emma Lazarus famous:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:

I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” 

Thank you, Emma. I have indeed seen them come from afar through wind, storm, floods, hurricanes and wars. They reached my lofty perch and stared. I can not offer encouraging smiles and words but I hear and see. Millions of them. They are inspired. My creators Bartholdi and Eiffel would have been proud. 

There was a dedication for me in 1886. That keeps me smiling internally - a private joke. I am the only woman in history who had an erection so famous it was celebrated the world over. It has been a long and arduous 133 years. 

I have been fixed and cleaned; rebuilt and enhanced; had my head and crown adjusted; my arm strengthened and my skin re-vitalized - the wish of so many other women. Yet here I still remain.

I have seen this country build itself from scratch after casting out its imperialist rulers. Here we have built a symbol of what a united people of all creeds and colours can do together. The world was in awe.

133 years I have held this torch, cradled this tablet, born this crown and posed for countless millions of people in awe of me and all I represent.

But I am tired. I am fearful that after all that I have witnessed and endured the worst is yet to come. 

I fear that instead of standing for victory and opportunities in the future, I will become a remnant of the past. I am told that there is a famous movie in which the world has self destructed, and it's lone human survivor happens upon my arm and torch still protruding above nothing but sand and rubble and all that was. I fear this is underway - NOW.

I fear that there are those who wish to undo all that I have stood for right here for 133 years. Must I develop a tear flowing from these famous eyes like so many of my lifeless fellow creations to make you take notice? If I could I definitely would.

Take heed. I can no longer stand tall to represent a former nation which allowed dark forces from within to tear itself apart. Take a long look at me. I broke through my chains and I am always moving forward - not back. 

I have outlived any other woman. I want to stand here just as proud and dominating for many more hundreds of years.

Please. I have never asked for anything else.


Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Trump and CNN

Who is Helping Trump More, FOX or CNN?

Let me state two things up front:

1. I really dislike Trump and always will
2. I like CNN but not as much as I used to

Of the few channels I watch on TV, CNN is at the top as a percentage of the total. That total is very small compared to most viewers. About the only others are the Golf Channel and one or two local Canadian channels, with Netflix (not really a channel) rounding out the total.

Here are a few of the reasons that CNN is losing its top rank with this viewer:

1. Did you learn nothing from 2016? If I were in control of the network, "polls" would be a taboo word. Yet there you are every day talking about new CNN polls. This is like being hit while jaywalking but going right back for more. I respect John King and Harry Enten but you were wrong guys. Get back to straight journalism. It matters not how many times you might have predicted something, you will never live down 2016. This is like the engineers of the Titanic arguing what a great ship it was.

2. BREAKING NEWS! Have you never heard of the boy who cried wolf? Almost every time I tune in to CNN there is more "breaking news." Give US a BREAK - knock it off.

3. It is true that CNN has indulged in 24 hour Trump bashing since he was elected. It gets boring, especially when each successive anchor spews the same old stuff, just at a different time of day. You are playing right into Trump's, the Republicans', and all Trump supporters' hands. This is like bad drivers. You know the ones - they speed; never signal; cut you off; ignore yellow and often red lights; barely slow at a STOP sign and the big kahuna - use cell phones while driving. No matter how much you lecture them and complain, you are driving them to do it more.

4. If you learn nothing else, learn this: nobody likes to be on the receiving end of a lecture let alone the same one all the time. Be like a newspaper with the odd Trump headline just to keep us thinking, but NOT 24 / 7! You are hurting your own cause and ours too.

5. Stop rudely interrupting your gusts every time they try to answer your question but are doing so in a manner or going in a direction that you don't like. It is as though Turner himself is in your ear bud ordering you to pull the rug out. Sometimes you all sound worse than DJT himself and that is no mean feat.

Sometimes I think that this is all fodder. You actually do want The Donald to win again. That would be four more years of employment for all of you. Unfortunately by then, I won't be listening.

The Brewster

Sunday, 1 December 2019

A Few of my Favourite Things

This should be easy ...

In one of my posts I featured pet peeves. It was easy to come up with a long list.

Significantly more difficult was developing a list of my favourite things. It should have been the easier of the two. This must say something about life today - at least mine anyway. I should mention that I don't have kids and recognize that they will probably make this list easier for those who live for their family. 

Here are a few things that give me satisfaction, a feeling of warmth, and a desire to replicate the sensation:
  • Spelling and pronouncing words the English / Canadian way and hearing my American colleagues express dismay - like favourite over favorite! Just kidding
  • Shoes that are comfortable from the first fitting and stay that way made better only by comfortable socks
  • The aroma of freshly baked goods including roast beef and turkey
  • A really good carrot cake, apple pie, or butter tart
  • Really good and probably expensive perfume, but only a dab - not the cheap stuff that some women splash on like holy water. I say it again - less is better
  • A really attractive female whether individual the parts or the total being
  • Making others laugh, even at my own expense
  • The laughter of children, especially infants in a group. They have not yet learned anything evil
  • A well composed, uplifting, and eloquently delivered speech
  • Solving a problem others were unable to solve
  • Sitting outside early in the morning on a pleasant day with nothing but the sound of nature to distract me - minus the crows
  • Satisfying a hunger with great food or a thirst with cold water or beer
  • Completing a difficult physical task I hated doing
  • Hearing someone at the gym say I am in great shape, even though they diplomatically omitted the "for your age" part
  • Preparing a meal and having my partner say it is really good. Makes me regret all the years I neglected to say the same to her day after day. I did sometimes but should have complimented her more often
  • As with the speaker, a very talented and accomplished singer who hits every note bang on with limitless pitch and volume and total control over both. Examples: Celine Dion; Karen Carpenter; Barbra Streisand; Josh Groban; Roy Orbison; Colm Wilkinson in Les Mis.
  • Shooting a really good golf score. This one is still on the bucket list.
  • Appreciating a really clever new invention
  • People who can genuinely listen without interruption and when appropriate, offer help or suggestions
  • The opposite. People who value me enough to share something but know when enough is enough and give me a chance to comment if I should wish to
  • Knowing that I can and will keep a secret, and people who will do the same for me. These are as rare as the Loch Ness Monster
  • Finally catching a very bad criminal(s) and seeing justice done