Saturday, 31 October 2020

2020 Elections - Heard it all Before

Make America's Presidency and Elections Great Again

Is this election really so different? You could say and I would agree that the current President is the most divisive, unethical, deceitful ever but that is like saying one case of childhood measles is worse than another when both kids are sick in bed. Ask the kid which is worse. There have always been bad Presidents.

Trying to make a virus, or the economy or health care or Trump himself the real issue this time is only scratching the surface. Extending the analogy you don't get severely sick or die from red spots if you have red measles. They are only one symptom. The real problem is what happens to your health overall. The same applies to the country and the election.

I have said this before and it is worth repeating. What is behind the emotion of most elections but in the USA in particular is the great divide between the have and the have nots.

I am not a historian but most of us have some recollection of the topic in school. From the beginning of time there have been conflicts between peoples - internal to a nation or region and between them. It seems to me there are only a few causes. 1) Greedy men - it is usually men - want land, resources, and people outside their jurisdiction so they take them by brutal force. 2) The people they have ruled finally rise up and eliminate the rulers. 3) The rulers begin to suppress and eliminate their own people before 2) can happen. There is a fourth when another nation decides to conquer you, but that is really just the reverse of 1).

Ultimately violence is almost always involved.

In Russia, China, the Philippines, Iran etc. they have experienced 3) above. It is still happening. There have been occurrences of 2) but not many successes. 1) is still happening all over the globe.

What about America - number 2) or number 3)? Since it's founding the gap between American haves and have nots has become extreme. A very few people are obscenely wealthy but they don't see it that way. Perhaps they also think that their wealth will also preserve the status quo for their kids and grandkids. Some of these people and their corporations also control those in power. That is common to most other wealthy countries. The pressure is building and the cork will blow. What flows will not be champagne. 

What is more complex in the USA is the racial aspect. Like it or not it is still there. Those few at the top but especially the "red" ones have always resented the "browning" of what they see as THEIR country. Everybody else is in the Land of the Free only as a concession and only as long as they keep their place as second class citizens and are grateful - or else!

This is what is behind the entire immigration hullabaloo. It is behind Black Lives Matter and White Supremacy. From Adam and Eve this has been inevitable with the population explosion, especially in have not countries. They will seek better lives if only food, water, and shelter elsewhere.

Can Joe Biden fix that? I doubt it - not all of it - but John Kennedy made a good start followed up by Lyndon Johnson. Trump and his cronies make the claim but look at the makeup of his staff both in and out of office. Listen to the stories those who used to work with him have to tell. Fake news? No.

I don't have a solution either but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. If the tensions don't subside America in the worst case will self destruct without enemies firing a shot. In the meantime those same enemies will become the dominant forces in the world replacing America.

If that does not fire up the American spirit I don't know what will.


Friday, 30 October 2020

Kudos to CNN Donkey and Elephant Animations!

Elephant and Donkey Commercials are Great!

Hearty congratulations to whomever is behind those commercials on CNN with the elephant and the donkey. They are great.

It is good to see that even though CNN spends virtually all of its time bashing Trump (deservedly most of the time), these cartoons look to be impartial. The message behind all of them is working together or at least that the two mascots should be doing so. They always end up failing.

The last one with a half elephant / half donkey character asks if there is any room in the middle between the other two on a park bench. They both quickly deny it space. So real.

In the past I have named these two Jack Ass and Dumbo. They act the parts most of the time. In the case of the two contenders I think either name is slightly more appropriate for the incumbent.

Thanks CNN.


Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Is Trump The Pied Piper or are his Base and Spineless Republicans Lemmings?

Remarkable Metaphors

I am reminded of two legends with all of the things - incredible to most of us - happening in America of late. If only they too were simply myths. Sadly they are not.

The first is the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Legend has him offering his services to the town's citizens. He was to rid them of a horrible rat population using his magic pipe. When he does so and the town refuses to pay him he takes revenge by using that very pipe to lure all of the children from the town (see Wikipedia Three remain who are lame, blind, and deaf and they inform the town what really happened. The missing children were never seen again.

I can't help but think of this when I consider Trump, who promised to drain the swamp in Washington of all of those living off the public trough. Here the parallel is thin in that he didn't drain any swamp but created an everglade (see my previous post) of sycophantic allies who sold out their true Republican values to him rather than call him out. The parallel is perfect however when we hear Trump threatening reprisals if he loses the election. Those refusing to stand up to him are the children. The kids of Hamelin knew no better. Republicans in authoritative positions do know better. The children disappeared but those Republicans have to face the voters again some day. Let the voters remember.

The second legend is that of lemmings. The false belief is that these little animals who inhabit cold northern climates hurl themselves from cliffs in a mass suicide. Apparently what they actually do is migrate - often all at once - probably seeking better living conditions. They have been known to jump from cliffs in an attempt to swim long distances. They are swimmers but in many cases they drown not knowing the distance is beyond their swimming endurance.

Once again I think of Republicans originally innocent in their belief that Trump would bring better lives for them. They misjudged Trump's abilities and now they are drowning. The parallel is weak in that many of them could have headed for dry shores once they saw through the man but chose to keep swimming. Some are still treading water. They don't deserve to drown but they sure need to be thrown from office for placing their careers, lifestyles, and pensions before their ideals.

We can never forget 2016. But if Biden wins this time in a landslide, perhaps this election will become a legend. Let's hope it is more like Robin Hood. The Sherriff of Nottingham has already been cast.


Monday, 26 October 2020

Trump Clearing the Swamp but Still Surrounded by Snakes

If Trump is not Political I am the Pope!

To be clear I am far from papal. Recently on the last debate Trump went on about Biden and others being too political. That is one of the reasons he ran - to "clear the swamp." Choke me with a spoon! This has to be the irony of the century. Donald loves to claim he is the best whatever since time began. We know he gets the blue ribbon for lying but we need a new award for this irony extraordinaire. We need a new word. How about "Trumpwhack?"

If the current POTUS is so apolitical then why :

Were some of the first words out of his mouth (don't remember which face it was) after inauguration like those of a twelve year old? His attendees constituted the largest such gathering ever - far bigger than Obama's! The politics begin..

Has he never said like previous Presidents who understood their role, "The Buck Stops Here"? He is too political.

Does he immediately blame for every single problem he faces, Obama (after almost four years) and anyone else he can invent? He is supposed to be the nation's First Problem Solver. He is its number 1 political figure.

Did he make the simple act of wearing a mask something only weak people and Democrats do? Politics.

Does he keep throwing steak to the rich and bones to the poor? Political consideration. 

Does he deny climate change and sucking up to the oil, coal, car, and other industries when the entire world knows we have to transition away from all of that? Politics - the oily vote.

Does he openly favour red states and denigrate blue ones? That's what political people do.

Could he not answer that question in the last debate about what he would say, if elected, to those who did not vote for him? Biden gave the right answer immediately.  Either of them is indeed the President for ALL Americans. Both political but Biden is right.

So perhaps he has convinced his base that he is clearing the swamp but can't they see the everglade that is replacing it? Donald will be in the Presidential swamp boat making a quick escape while everyone else including his base is still fighting snakes and alligators.


Saturday, 24 October 2020

First Gentleman Does Not Sound Cool

What If Kamala Becomes President?

A bit premature but what if Kamala is President some day? It is entirely possible. Many Trump voters claimed they just wanted to shake up the establishment - clear the swamp. They got Donald J. Trump as a result. America also elected its first black President. Why not black AND female? That would surely shake the branches. I think America needs this.

That is not really today's topic. The question has been asked what her husband would be called since this situation would be unique. The usual response is "First Gentleman". Really? Does that even sound American? Would he want that? When it was possible for Bill Clinton to return to the White House in this capacity there were jokes about "First Dude!" I liked it.

Here are some other suggestions:
  • The Man About The (White) House
  • First House Spouse
  • The First Daddy (as in who's my …)
  • The First Partner (then any same sex couple could be in the White House)
  • The Pants in the Family
  • Adam (The First Man)
  • The President's Squeeze
  • SPOTUS (Spouse of The President of The United States)
  • The First Lay Person (Insulted? Get a life. Chill out.)
  • TPOH (The President's Other Half)
  • The First ----y Whipped
  • The First ... What's His Name
  • Kamala's … you know … hubby
  • The Duke of Washington!
  • How about The First Guy. Simple

Now there is the another aspect. Every First Lady has a cause she supports. There is also a tradition of re-doing the White House - furnishings; portraits; drapery; china etc. What is this First Guy supposed to do?

Will the White House look like a Hooters bar? Any other roadhouse or sports bar? Will there be a large screen TV in every room? How about beer coolers? Will the walls be panelled in wood with recliner chairs everywhere? What about BBQs for the mandatory steak grilling and a workshop and tools? The transformation could be dramatic. Expect a lot of leather! Better have an armour plated Porsche ready or maybe a pickup truck. Forget a cutsie lap dog - Rottweiler or bigger.

As far as causes go who knows? Helping older generation golfers improve their score sounds good - to me anyway. I don't see gardening or museums in the picture. Furthering the health and fitness of Americans would be a good one - from a soft couch. Reduce cushions everywhere? American men against bed making? Beer stamps OR food stamps - your choice. On a serious note reducing the number of men who renege on alimony or child support would get kudos. How about "Forever Standing" devoted to eradicate erectile dysfunction everywhere? 

The possibilities are endless.

One thing for sure. When The President enters the White House bedroom after a long day and gets touchy feely, there will be far fewer "Sorry dear - I have a headache" responses.


Friday, 23 October 2020

Debate: Not exactly Frazier / Ali

Enough with the Debates. How about these ideas?

We all saw it. We can debate among ourselves who won and who lost but what does it prove?

Next time try something different. How about a mini SURVIVOR format. After all, the citizens surely want the best possible person as President who can lead the country. First and foremost is solving problems. Even protecting the nation is a form of problem solving.

I suggest an event in which the moderator reads out carefully crafted scenarios one at a time - fictitious but entirely possible. Naturally these would have to be totally secret beforehand. Each party would be given a minute to think about it. Then they get to describe in a fixed amount of time what they would do to solve the problem. The microphones will once again be controlled.

If they want to spend their time bragging or criticizing that is their choice but they will not impress the audience - the electorate. Is this not why they get paid the big bucks? In reality they would have staff and advisors (if they listen) but this would give us an impression of how the top person thinks and what kind of people they would choose.

Other topics could include things in which we expect our leaders to excel: world events; history; current affairs; problems of the day for the country and the average citizen; vocabulary; math; what lessons they would teach their kids. You get the picture. It would almost be a mini college entry exam, only there is no way you could pay somebody to take it for you.

Most of the great Presidents would have done well here - some not. Not many think that Trump is a great President (excluding Trump,) but let's face it he would fail with honours. Biden would do well.

This is not just about Trump. America should have at least one of these for each election.

Give it a try. It is no more radical than electing Donald Trump as President. If such a contest had been tried Hillary would now be president. Some think that would be bad. I disagree.


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Trump Shuns Erie

Come again Mr. President? On 2nd Thought Don't Bother

How much more proof do you need? The Donald tells a gathering in Erie he really did not want to appear there. Now there is a brilliant strategy! He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Not going to places is what killed Clinton last time - and calling some people "deplorables!" What is the difference here? No matter - the deplorables to whom she referred won't get it anyway.

Perhaps his last minute campaigning and ridiculous declarations will strengthen the bond with his base but he will need a lot more than that. It seems that The Donald is shooting himself in the foot so much he is running out of target space. Good for him when he pulls the trigger that neither of those feet is in his mouth where they normally spend a lot of time.

By the way, thank you for informing us that Dr. Fauci and other scientists are idiots. Who is next - Neurosurgeons; Cardiologists? (brain and heart doctors Sir). This man would likely have the former injecting ground up pages of encyclopaedias to make it smarter and soy protein into the heart to make it stronger. Then he would turn to those very specialists expecting them to agree with him. OK like him, I'm just joking.

Thirteen more days. This time I hope that number is lucky.


Saturday, 17 October 2020

Why is Trump not Calling a Foul Here?

Early Thanksgiving Stuffing. Get Yours Here

American Thanksgiving is coming soon. Here in Canada we already celebrated ours. If we wanted stuffing, we had to make it or buy it at the store. It looks like the Republican Party of California is already making theirs - and yours.

There are lots of headlines about this but here is one from the New York Times: "California Republican Party Admits It Place Misleading Ballot Boxes Around State" (see (1) below). If you research this you will find that apparently they are not breaking any laws (which they blame on the Democrats who wrote them) but they were ordered to cease and desist and refused!

The Donald has said that Democrats are responsible for millions of fraudulent votes and rigging the election. What do you expect? Look at the speaker. Any credible sources say there is no evidence of this in any large numbers.

But in this case those responsible for placing unofficial boxes around the state which look very much like official ones are freely admitting it! Those responsible or at least accountable are members of the Californian Republican Party!

United States, Canada, and other "legitimate" democracies (increasingly doubtful in the case of the USA) are frequently called upon to witness elections in other countries. This is exactly the kind of activity they report in dictatorships and countries with rigged elections.

Do you really believe that those honest people who placed the boxes are going to submit all of the votes regardless of which candidate they represent? If you do perhaps you need to be tested for COVID 19.

So why is The President not calling on these Republicans to stop and to remove the boxes? Apparently it is OK when his side does it and even admits doing so. I would call it a double standard but there are no standards with this man and this administration.

In closing I heard today that Donald talked about leaving the country. Is it any wonder? Could this be an extension of why he left New York? Maybe he fears what will happen to him after the armour of The Presidency can no longer be worn.

All American citizens have to do is remember to change the locks after he leaves.

(1) from

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Wearing (or NOT) a COVID mask

What else are they covering up?

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist or any other kind of medical professional - just a mostly rational, unprofessional observer of some recent, really irrational human behaviour - some of it just plain stupid.

You could probably break down the types of these behaviours into as many categories as you dream up. The problem is most of them would not be dreams but nightmares. Here is one attempt:

Lifetime protestors:
These people protest speed limits, no smoking laws, seatbelt laws and just about anything else that gives them an opportunity to sound off. Logic is not part of their rationale. Herein also lies the fashion statement makers - hair colour and length, tats, clothes, jewelry, body piercing - anything which might garner what they desperately need - visibility. I suspect few of them wear the pants in their family, if they have one. So they get relief elsewhere.

Civil Rights Automatons: Similar to the previous group, these individuals frame their protests even more passionately around a perceived violation of their rights, even though such rights often don't exist in law. It is a trigger and they actually think they are educating the rest of us thereby doing us all a favour! Both groups probably protested anything they could at college if they made it that far, as long as it got them some press time and provided a diversion to their studies. They have a right not to wear a mask according to them. OK. They also have a right to rock climb the most dangerous sheer cliffs, but most of them don't exercise it, proving that they do possess at least an ounce of common sense. 

Porch Sitters:
I'll probably get you on this one - an attempt at diplomacy. I mean that porch we all saw in the movie "Deliverance" and those who lived in that house. These folks have always lived in a world of their own and always will. Knock on their cranium and it will sound hollow. Today we see many of them depicted as those really far out characters shopping at Walmart. Let me acknowledge that I also shop at the big "W" but I hope you know the kind I mean. The very notion of a virus is beyond them. Masks on these people would end up being worn as a thong along with not much else.

Just Plain Stupid: One lady deserves her own category but she is not its only member. She was the one in Florida who actually said that you get a Corona virus from drinking Mexican beer! She probably also thinks that Mexico is paying for the wall. I have to include here those who still believe the pandemic is fake news. Apparently all of the other countries outside the USA (could they even name 3 or 4?) are lying as well.

Macho Men and Women: Some people - the most pathetic of all - think a mask depicts them as cowards or having given in to something. Trump is one of these. OK, Trump has a piece of every category. Do they refuse to wear eyeglasses if needed? Hearing aids? Would they still play hockey without a mask or helmet? Do they unbuckle their seatbelts when unlikely to encounter a cop? Deliver bone crushing handshakes? Give us a break. 

Just Plain Selfish: This one includes all the other groups as well but can also stand alone. When interviewed these people talk all about themselves. They know they are not sick. They are healthy and strong. They can fight it off. Yada, yada, yada. Not once do they mention protecting others including their own family and friends. They would still be smoking in houses, planes, meeting rooms etc. if the law and public shame had not prevailed. This attitude alone is killing Americans and so many others.

Trump Followers:
Let me say it up front. Not all of his followers belong here. There are some however - and they share the Stupid membership - who have said on camera that if Donald said to wear a mask they would but since he has not they won't. Literally these people by their own admission do not have minds of their own.

Myself? I wear a mask in public places and when shopping. Every morning I have coffee with friends inside a local McDonald's and unmask when we sit in designated seats. We used to circle our cars in the lot and distance from our car seats with an open window. Today I began unhooking the mask to take a sip and then re-masking to talk. Numbers are spiking and kids are back at school. It is also flu season. The chances of catching IT are higher.

Just think of it as a seatbelt folks - not a white flag. Statistics have proven that they save lives.

Please wear a mask. See? I am asking you, not telling you. You owe it to your relatives and friends.



Thursday, 8 October 2020

Kidnap and Kill a Governor and her Family? Where the Hell is The President?

The Biggest, Loudest Presidential Oral Cavity is now Silent?

Six men are arrested for plotting to overthrow, kidnap, and kill Gretchen Whitmer and probably her family and where is the American President? Apparently he tweeted earlier this year to "Liberate Michigan." He almost got his wish. The Governor says that Trump has not called her but Joe Biden and other Republicans have. That says a lot right there.

"I'll Never Lie to You" Kayleigh McEnany says that Trump "… has continually condemned white supremacists and all forms of hate." Really? In which of the other countries he rules as King/Emperor did you hear that?

We should all be in shock and shake our heads in dismay but sadly it is just another day in the life of Lady Liberty. Those poor women - Gretchen and the Statue. Yet both still stand tall and proud and good for them.

The man is a complete train wreck and off the rails. The analogy is even more appropriate since more pollution comes out of his exhaust pipe than any train's.

Now he says he will not do a virtual debate because they will "... cut you off whenever they want". YES! YES! YES! That is what all the moderators should do. When their time is up they get 15 seconds and then turn off the mike. I have been saying that for a long time. Both Trump and Pence would have been silenced the most so of course he does not like the idea.

The world is begging you America - throw him out! YOU'RE FIRED!

We already know that the crowds present at his Inauguration were definitely NOT larger than Obamas despite his press spokesperson saying they were. For certain however the screams of joy will be the loudest for any President anywhere if he loses.

Let McEnany deal with that!


Monday, 5 October 2020

COVID Pandemic and Creeping Charlie!

I have a pandemic in my own yard.

It is time for something a little bit lighter and not involving Trump or Biden - almost.

For some time now I have been researching (aka Googling) a major scourge for most yards and gardens - Creeping Charlie. There are some chemicals which are known to be effective in killing it but here in Ontario there are many restrictions on their use. Some say Borax; vinegar; smothering it; picking it out; raking it out etc. Anyone who has a bad infestation will know how futile non-herbicidal approaches are. Leave one root and it will come back.

It occurred to me how much this is like Covid-19.
  • Once your lawn is infested it is VERY hard to remove.
  • It spreads like mad.
  • You can kill it in your own yard but it will re-appear from a neighbour's yard just like city to city spread of Covid. Flatten the curve and it will spike again because neighbours ignored it just like some idiots refuse to wear masks.
  • If you miss one little bit (still symptomatic) it will re-appear a couple of weeks later
  • I could use bleach asTrump recommended (sorry) but it will kill my lawn also. Not sure about Lysol!
  • It came from a foreign country.
  • You can remove it by diligently pulling it up when first spotted - you can't do that with the virus.
  • It invades unhealthy areas of your yard - i.e. with pre-existing conditions.
  • You probably won't see it until it has taken hold.
  • A healthy lawn will suppress it by crowding it out just like healthy anti-bodies will try to surround a new virus.
  • It survives all four seasons.
  • It can be eaten intentionally like mint. Covid is consumed unintentionally.

I'm not sure which method I will use but one thing is for sure. I will follow the advice of the experts. OK I can't resist a final word. I'm sure if I could contact the American President, he would inform me that he is the only person who can solve my problem and that even without any qualifications he knows more than any horticulturalist. Some things never change.

I wonder if Biden could help me? At least if I reach him he will return my call an probably discuss how he once had it and dealt with it.


Saturday, 3 October 2020

Trump and COVID

Speedy Recovery to The President    

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am not a fan of the American President and what he stands for. However along with so many others I wish him and Melania, Hope, and so many others a full recovery. You can't wish this on anybody.

Without being smug I have to think this was bound to happen. It is sad that so many others fell ill at almost the same time. We might never know who the donor was and who the recipient in such cases. And still we get spin talk and partial truths from the White House. They got caught with their hands in the Covid jar!

We can only hope that it is finally a wakeup call for many of the disbelievers. Some will still deny it and they are beyond reach unless it also happens to them.

The election however must go on - no sympathy card and no delay because he can't campaign fairly. Fairness has never been a problem for this man in the past especially in trying to stack the votes in his favour. If the election is rigged it is The President and his slaves who are rigging it.

We can only hope that rigging takes their ship far beyond the horizon and out of sight for good. Spread your lies elsewhere.

What could be more ironic?