Monday 31 January 2022

The No Government Society

No Government? Think About I!

We have all heard protestors yelling "Down with Government"; "You can't trust government" etc. Really?

Let's depict what might be a typical day in the life of Joe/Suzy Citizen. The bracketed numbers represent services provided by taxes. Taxes are collected and spent by whatever level of government. Who or what will take their place?

Here is the list of services we encounter:

1. Electricity                               13. Education Standards
2. Water                                     14. Court System
3. Sewage                                 15. Justice System
4. Gas                                        16. Traffic Laws
5. Oil                                          17. Issuing of various Licenses
6. Roads                                    18. Local, State, Federal Laws 
7. Airports                                  19. Police and Law Enforcement
8. Ports                                      20. Parks and Recreation
9. Infrastructure Maintenance   21. Social Benefits
10. WEB, Broadband, Internet  22. Rights of citizens  
11. Education                            23. The Military
12. Teachers College

The alarm goes off (1). You reach out to flip on the lights (1). Then you plod off down the hall or into the ensuite to turn on more lights (1). You use the toilet (2) and then flush it (2,3). Moving over to the sink, you wash your hands (2,3). The house is too cold/hot so you crank up the heat or air (1,4,5). You use these services several more times while cooking before you head out the door. What did you eat? Every item came from a store or market, including the stove and fridge. How? (6,7,8). This only happened after all of these were cleared of ice and snow (9). You get dressed into clothes. Where did they come from? Stores (6,7,8,9). Ah but you bought these online (10).

Now you are out the door. You drive the kids to school (6,11) in your purchased/leased vehicle (6,7,8). There, they are taught by teachers, who were educated at colleges often assisted or provided by government (12) to attain qualifications that are set by regulators (13).

During that brief commute, you are hit by an unlicensed driver and vehicle. You are properly licensed (17) and have to take them to court (14,15) to be tried by a judge and jury (14,15). You are both represented by lawyers who must be properly educated and licensed (13,15,17) so as to be able to enforce the law and your rights (18).

When you return home (and we haven't even covered your typical day at work) you find your house has been burglarized, so you call the police (19). Now you have to go to pick up the kids at soccer (20) and day care which you could only afford because of child benefits (21). Finally you sit down to read a newspaper and watch a ball game on TV which you can enjoy because of free speech (22). Most of it is about war and conflict (23).

I could carry on but you get the picture. Who provides any of this without government? If you say other non-democratic countries have similar things you are wrong at least in scope. But in those societies, good luck changing or increasing such facilities. Do you think private enterprise and entrepreneurs will fill the void? They might fill their pockets, but not the void. Who will manage and enforce all the private contracts with your best interests in mind? To whom will you complain when something is wrong?

Too much government might be bad but none is just a pipe dream. in another society if you smoke the wrong thing in that pipe you might be shot.


Monday 24 January 2022

The New CNN and Who Replaces Cuomo

Will CNN Become the FOX of the left?

There has been much debate about who will replace Chris Cuomo on CNN at a time when the network is about to have new owners again. Discovery - owned primarily by media mogul John Malone, is taking over from AT&T. The new company will be headed by CEO David Zaslav another career media savvy entrepreneur. I know little about these men but they face many challenges

Chris was one of the top guys at the network and will be hard to replace. He was brash - some might say aggressively so, opinionated and well spoken. This is ideal for his type of show. I am enjoying the current strategy of slating a variety of talented guest spokespeople in the cherished 9:00 pm slot. I have been impressed by Michael Smerconish; Laura Coates; and Brianna Keilar to date.

Articles I read pointed out that morning audiences are a lot different than evening ones. Perhaps their states of mind change throughout the day - lighter stuff in the morning. Brianna for example was not doing well in the morning slot but she has been refreshing as a stand-in for Cuomo. CNN has a large cast of talented personalities who could do the job including their regular guest speakers and analysts.

Apparently the decision will be on hold until the new owners weigh in. This makes good sense. Some big picture decisions remain.

Should they give the nod to a woman? Almost any of the existing prominent CNN females could do a great job. Should there be another person of colour in the slot or both - like Laura Coates. So far the indications are that the new owners want to preserve the CNN image of high integrity news - not the entertaining but often blatantly false and fake diatribes posing as news on FOX among others.

I watch CNN a lot throughout the day and evening and have criticized some of the following areas in the past. How about changing:

- Cutting guests off for giving views that are too right and not what the CNN bosses or sponsors want to hear. Most CNN people are guilty of this - Chris was notorious for it. If you invited them let them finish their point.
- Repetition of the same old stuff over and over. Different viewers won't be able to watch until later in the day but knock off the continual "Breaking News". It might be breaking when it is first broadcast but after that it is just today's news. Things happen 24/7 so there are lots of opportunities for each time slot to "break" some news.
- Not giving credit to the Republicans and other networks if they are correct about something. Keep your leftist views but report rightist views as well without making out anyone who supports them to be crazy. Your own viewers know where you stand overall. Give them credit for having the grey matter we know some FOX fans lack!
- Don't choose Don Lemon to replace Cuomo. He is better where he is - then we can choose to retire or listen to his often maudlin melodrama. Personally I am tired of it.  Lemon is in my opinion over-rated and very predictable. His show has become a soap opera.

All networks face the same big problem as politicians the world over. The majority of TV viewers don't want to have to think - they just want entertainment. For example this is what drives the huge advertising dollars for sport. When they vote - same thing. They vote on last minute emotion and a candidate's charisma and appearance. It is sad but true.

So CNN and other legitimate media companies can still serve a useful purpose. For a democracy to work, the truth must be available to the people who actually think before they vote. There will always be liar networks and liar leaders. People who don't want to think or are incapable of it will occasionally elect liars and cheaters from both sides of the aisle. My hope is that when a thinking electorate gets the facts and elects a thinking leader, the chances of them making good decisions which benefit everyone are better than the alternative. In the long run the average person will experience these benefits.

In summary to Donald and co.: "You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time."

If I'm wrong, America is toast.


Thursday 20 January 2022

Ukraine and Russia

Could the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict Start World War III?

I can't answer this question - it is well beyond my grasp of history and peoples' patriotism. Try to Google the history of the Ukraine even since the start of World War II and your brain will feel like it is watching a Wimbledon final. What I read was full of back and forth, separation, unification, corruption, conflicts, death etc.

What it does make clear to me is that we in North America are mere babes in arms, barely weaned from mother Britain. Almost any European country has a history as long as your arm which only historians could detail. So understanding the emotions involved in the potential invasion of the Ukraine by Russia is difficult.

If Great Britain attacked either Canada or America with a view to taking them back under her reign, you would have a small taste of what citizens over the pond have experienced for centuries.

Here is my attempt to place this in perspective:

Let us assume - and this is not entirely unrealistic - that Texas declared its independence from America. I don't know if that is possible legally but if they wanted it badly enough the law would not matter. Let us also assume that they succeeded without war erupting between Texas and the other 49 states. Soon Texas might want to join NATO as a full member, expecting support if America crossed its northern border.

It is likely that America would try to get Texas to re-join the union. Now let us say that Russia, or China, or North Korea for example then sent massive forces to the northern border of Mexico in support of Texas, even though there was no Texan / American state of war.

America would have a 100% butt out attitude. This seems to be what Russia is saying. There are those in the Ukraine who want to re-join Russia and those who do not.

Not long ago America would have sent massive military forces to take on Russian troupes. Would that happen today? I doubt it. There would be economic sanctions but Russia would never give back territory it overtook. Also many European countries need Russian oil and other resources.

In this one area Trump had it right. Most Americans no longer want thousands of their sons and daughters losing their lives on behalf of yet another country. America would finance most of it. As usual many other nations would fail to contribute their share. 

Although there have been Ukrainian referendums before on whether to join Russia or not, perhaps another under international control is needed. Then whatever action others took to support Ukraine, it would be tougher for Putin to justify his actions.

He will likely be happy to follow the old policy of taking one small territory at a time calculating that none of the small actions is worth total war. Eventually he or his heirs will succeed

There again Biden could promise help on condition that Zelensky give up some dirt on Trump!


Saturday 15 January 2022

Is Population Control Inevitable?

Against Vaccination? What about Sterilization?

I have touched on this topic before. I do so again because it is one of those looming problems which nobody will address - no democratic leaders at least - until it is too late. This makes it just like the stop sign that never arrives until "enough" people are killed or some kind of gun control until...well let's not go there again.

This is right up there with climate control. It will not cause the imminent demise of all humans in our lifetime, so it is not our problem. Careers and reputations would be on the line for anyone who brings this to the table, so don't! Bury your head(s) in the sand. Who knows - much of the world might soon be covered by it.

The world population as of this writing for 2022 is 7.9 billion. In 2024 it is projected to be 8.1 billion (world population january 2022 - Google Search). We have all seen images of the most populated cities on the globe, especially in the poorest countries - deplorable.

As well we have all seen images of the melting ice caps and glaciers; rising ocean water levels; forests and other arable land being destroyed by fire, drought, volcanic eruptions, and mankind. The latter is always to make a buck - often at the expense of others.

All of this means fewer places to live and grow food or raise livestock. One way to both reduce this loss and reduce the need for the food and accommodation is to control the population.

China has tried it. It was not popular. People couple up to reproduce for the most part! So do animals and the only reason I have not included them in this post is because mankind controls them. It is usually for food or sport but animal population control is why this is not part of our overcrowding problem. In fact some animals no longer exist.

How can that be applied to Homo Erectus? Simple - no more erectus! There is another big problem. Should the man be sterilized or the woman? We all know what men's choice would be. I can't see it being voluntary. The rich will go berserk at the thought of being told that they can not have more kids. Many religions will echo their cry. "Why should I suffer because others have too many kids and can't afford them?" Sterilize the poor but leave us alone! What do you do with the over-the-limit children? Unlike fish you can't throw them back! I guess they would have to be adapted by couples who can't have kids - up to the limit naturally!

If sterilization were to be mandatory it would have to apply to everyone, world wide,  to be effective. Good luck with that. Too bad because it would likely work.

As for the stars, I can't see it. Some day there might be a small colony on perhaps Mars. It would be totally dependent upon Mother Earth however and what happens when she is destroyed? I could see it working far beyond in another solar system where a planet very like Earth existed and I have not doubt they do.

The 1st problem is - how do you get there? The second is what kind of reception will there be by whomever or whatever has evolved on that planet? If they are indeed like us they will hopefully want to know how we got there.

On the other hand of they are some kind of weapon lovers they will probably shoot us first. We will be their Roswell and if there is anyone left here we will never find out their destiny.

Happy New Year


Tuesday 11 January 2022

Entertainment for Seniors

Homo Sapiens takes on Sciuridae

OK - I Googled it. Squirrels belong to a species known as Sciuridae. I am the one in the Homo Sapiens group (and so are you) - specifically that subgroup who now find themselves north of the age equator.

Many retired people prefer to spend their time on something other than cell phones and social media. I am also one of those - not sure if we have a special name. One of my pastimes - taking after my retired father may he rest in peace - is to design and make a bird feeder from scraps, that is squirrel proof. It is a battle of wits and superior grey matter. So far the score is something like Sciuridae: 5; Homo Sapiens: 0.

My only saving grace is that I will probably outlive the little bastards. Also today I broke down and bought the cheapest squirrel proof feeder I could find. Two hours later I was watching a black squirrel stuffing himself while clinging to it.

This wouldn't be so humbling if I didn't get the feeling that a virtual Madison Square Gardens (my yard) is sitting in their seats laughing at me. In their midst are: birds; racoons; skunks; rabbits; chipmunks; possums; ground hogs; and worst of all - other squirrels. I think I posted about this once before but in my subgroup - we sometimes don't remember such details (but search for "Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder, January 1, 2021). A squirrel's tail is a vital part of its agility and balance but I believe my residents are constantly hiking theirs to moon me.

I also enjoy writing verse so here is one depicting the entire saga. I call it:

Spartacus vs. Chatterbox Maximus

There are famous battles, recorded throughout time,
I offer one to head the list, in this my humble rhyme.

Wellington/Napoleon, Spiderman and Joker,
Churchill vs. Hitler, and even world class poker.

We call them heroes and villains, depending on one's view.
This will go down in history as Brewster's Waterloo.

My yard is full of critters that walk and hop and fly.
The trees have grown for decades and reach unto the sky.

They form a Colisseum - my tall trees in the round,
Offer ring side viewing, and quadraphonic sound.

They come to see the fighting, with wife and kids in toe.
I host daily bouts you see as most of them all know.

Way up high in every one you'll find a squirrel's nest.
Compared to those for miles around mine are Nature's best.

They come and stay for they all know this hotel is renowned.
The menu that I offer is the best for miles around.

It is intended for my birds as in the trees they shelter,
And when the squirrels do battle - it sounds like Helter-skelter.

That is not the main event, in fact it's amateur.
They want to see them battle me - a Super Bowl for sure.

The seats are always taken, standing room maxed out,
And you should hear the ruckus when they begin to shout.

Sometimes they will throw things and call out for my head,
The clever little rodents flash their butts at me instead.

And with my entrance to the ring a grand applause is heard,
With precious nuts upon the line but not one grateful bird.

The Artful Dodger makes his move and jumps towards the cage.
And with one tiny toe hangs on - it fills me full of rage.

I take two paces forward, and clap my hands to scare.
Instead he keeps on eating just as though I was not there.

Another jumps into the ring - a tag team I now face.
The partner then jumps straight at me and I flee in disgrace.

And then I hit upon a thought that was not in my plans.
I'll go inside and pop some corn and sell it to the fans.

Then they would help finance, the little critter's glut,
The least that they could do as they all watch him whip my butt.

Some day I know I will prevail and triumph o'er their best.
And I can brag to all the world "Squirrel Buster" on my chest!


Saturday 8 January 2022

Ten Streetwise Proverbs

If I'd Only Known Back Then

1. Look out for number one. None of the other number ones will.
2. Do unto others before they do unto you.
3. That bird in the hand? Ask why the other 10 won't let him into the bush.
4. Don't count your cookies before they hatch.'s the way the chickens crumble. Oh hell...don't drink!
5. If you really want to feel good - do something nice for someone. Start with yourself.
6. Always check for the paper before you sit down!
7. Better late than pregnant.
8. The importance of a will is all relative.
9. If you want someone to keep a secret, don't tell them.
10. Behind every successful man are many daggers.
11. Size doesn't matter. Right.


Tuesday 4 January 2022

#AmericanRevolution - The Sequel

Be Doubly Careful What You Wish For  - the SECOND Time

A lot of people throughout the world will never understand why many people in America or anywhere else refuse to be vaccinated. It is what it is. Even more people throughout the world will never understand America's gun mentality.

However those two pale in magnitude when compared to the overwhelming dismay of those non-Americans and Americans over the prospect of Donald Trump EVER becoming elected a second time. If he does he will try to stay there forever and America will exist no more. The "experiment" will fail.

It seems that many scholars and patriots alike believe that there will indeed be another internal war in America. This humble scribe also believes it is inevitable if nothing is done and done quickly. It is a no-win situation. If Trump actually does appear to win there will be another rising to get rid of him, either from within or externally. If Biden or another Democrat actually wins again, there will be a second January 6th that will make the first one look like a school yard brawl.

In either case there will indeed be cheating - on the part of the Republicans. It has already happened before any next election, at the state level. They also tried in 2020 but failed. It was not the Democratic donkeys (Jack Asses?) but the Republican elephants (Dumbos?) who tried to cheat. Those who think otherwise simply believe every word issued by some of the worst liars on the face of the planet.

Will it be called an "American Revolution?" It should have a new name since the original has already been done and this one would be totally foolish and unnecessary. How about "The Disunited States Revolution?"; "The American Disappearing Act of 2024?; "The Dump Trump Uprising?". "Yanky Hanky Panky?" In any case history will record it as the birth of The American Dictatorship. In my opinion some day red ties will clash with either black or brown shirts and red ball caps will never be taken seriously.

This is cutting off a foot to cure an ingrown toenail. Severe ingrown toenails are very painful and very much a problem that must be dealt with. They can become infected. They hamper every attempt at progress. You can no longer function. They must be removed by specialists - but not the entire foot. Enough metaphor.

America you will never be happy with a wannabe dictator. Eventually they all tumble. 
This is not a game. Here "Trump" should not take all. Just don't go there. Do everything you have to in order to prevent it - the American way - through a LEGITMATE voting process.

Please - for the rest of the world you used to lead.


Saturday 1 January 2022

Will a Big Bang also destroy Life on Earth?

The Destiny of Planet Earth

I am a layperson not a scientist, or priest. Still I have always seen the ultimate demise of our planet coming in one of three ways. To me they involve simple common sense.

The first two involve the same appreciation of the universe or cosmos as I have expressed in the past when addressing life on other planets. The number of heavenly bodies is so huge we can't even appreciate it. If you can grasp in your mind what trillions of trillions means you are ahead of me - by light years!

My simple view is that any other heavenly bodies we have viewed via telescopes always seem to be round and desolate. Let's ignore asteroids and meteorites. Our planets and more distant bodies all look spherical with barren surfaces of possibly rock or dust, usually marked by lots of craters. I am not aware of any that are a cube or any other geometric shape. This alone indicates to me that they all had a similar beginning, whether big bang or something else.

If this is true then I have to assume that many if not all of them also have a similar structure to Earth's including a core of molten lava under extreme pressure.

So here comes catastrophe number one. Look at what happens to surrounding lands when a volcano erupts for a long time. Molten lava covers everything in its path. Volcanic dust does something similar. The result looks like the surfaces of the other planets. Could life and vegetation have existed under their dust and rock prior to the big one? If Earth's core finally exploded in many places over a short period we would all be buried in ash and water. Earth would now resemble the moon or Mars.

The second is very similar. It is already generally accepted that a huge collision with Earth occurred millions of years ago which wiped out the dinosaurs and many other forms of life. That could certainly happen again, and if the fracture of Earth's crust were severe enough, the result would be the first scenario - buried in lava, dust, and water in addition to the effect of the shock.

We can not do anything about either of these. Sorry, but prayers won't save us. This is also why the third demise is even more tragic - no pathetic.

Yes folks, in this one we destroy ourselves. Transgression number 1: The atmosphere and the environment are indeed changing. Much of the existing habitable land will be under water. This is the same land we need to grow food.

This adds to Transgression number 2. The population is forever growing and there will be fewer places to live. History surely proves to us that in such a situation there will be war and genocide on a massive scale. It's is pure survival of the fittest or might is right. People will literally be fighting for their lives. When the war becomes international, the nuclear option will be used. That will lead to a different but still  uninhabitable world for man. Maybe the dinosaurs will return hundreds of millions of years thereafter.

We can do something about the self destruction. When are we going to start?

Hopefully today's youth are a lot wiser than their ancestors.