Thursday 25 October 2018

Bombs in the Mail in America

Where is Capital Punishment when you Need it?

There are some crimes for which I wish the death penalty still existed and was automatic. The current campaign of pipe bombs being delivered to specific addresses is one of them. Imagine opening one of these or just being in its proximity and suffering the effects of its detonation.

Other such crimes to me are first degree murder, terrorism resulting in death, and kidnapping, whether the hostage is returned unharmed or not if the victim or their loved ones were told the victim would be killed. Just try to feel what hostages feel not knowing when and how they are going to die.

Many will take up the usual cry about punishment not working because statistics show that criminals still repeat their offences after punishment blah, blah, blah. To them I say - not after this punishment they won't! We do not need these people in our lives and they have zero respect for ours.

By all means make it humane but make it effective and well understood. 

The Brewster

Saturday 20 October 2018

Annoying Commercials

Worse than Fingernails on a Chalkboard

How about hearing from you as to what TV commercials annoy you the most. Here are a few that I can't stand. Who comes up with these and the characters?

Full kudos to the actors. I will avoid their personal names. This is not about them. If they annoy me so much they are probably doing their job. It is the people that think some of this idiocy will incent me to buy their product or service that I dislike.

Captain Obvious - This guy is featured in commercials and I can't stand them. I have not seen one of them that even makes me grin - I just groan and hope it will be over soon. I had to look him up to recall what company he represented - how effective is that?

Trivago - These are right up there - or down there - with Captain Obvious on the groan scale. I think they started in 2013 - great for this guy who must be rich by now. I have to admit that in this case I did remember the company and actually did refer to the Trivago site because of it. I didn't use it but it must have worked. Now if they would just teach him how to dance! That 360 he does looks like a five year old being instructed by his mother to turn around while the camera is rolling. Thankfully I am not seeing him as much anymore.

Toronto Dominion Bank (TD Bank)
- This one might be known to Canadians only. There is a guy who is supposed to be a TD financial advisor. He has black hair, large dark framed glasses, and a full black beard that somehow looks phony. It is his voice that gets me the most - makes me cringe. Please TD - put him back in the vault somewhere. I really want someone to pull his beard just like they did with Donald Trump's hair one time just to see if it comes off.

Ruby Tuesday - Worst of the bunch for this company is the actress in the red dress playing a keyboard. I won't waste any more words on this. I will say when I travel in the USA I do really enjoy their menu and buffet - despite the commercials. I happened to visit a location long before I had even heard of them and I have returned since. There you go. Now pay me instead.

All Lawyer Commercials - I probably dislike these the most - especially the classic ambulance chasers. Just imagine - here we have people raking in a fortune on the backs of the death or serious injury of others. Featured in most of them are one or more of the principals who, if they are actually intelligent, must realize that hiring a professional actor would be more effective than making asses of themselves on TV. There is at least one case here in Canada where I know the dignified man on the camera is a professional actor (he used to do a cannonball in a vacation commercial) and he does a great job - far more attention getting than the "we care" images of others. As might be expected they are starting to implement regulations whereby it must be stated that such a person is indeed an actor.

Other "Professionals" - Everything that applies in the previous entry about lawyers also applies to the Trustees In Bankruptcy people. They probably can help certain people but wow does it ever cost! I have to include here all the commercials that feature a person wearing a white lab coat and posing as a dentist, doctor, or pharmacist. Again there should be a very clear statement if they are actors, that they are not qualified professionals in their particular discipline.

Pepto Bismol - Not a really big country music fan but include it in a commercial with some western singers mentioning nausea; heartburn; indigestion; and then upset stomach and diarrhea while turning their butts to the camera - surely that would put anyone off. Perhaps there were complaints because now there is a more hip group of three doing synchronised movement while dressed in PB pink! Still not a fan. Maybe that is the plan - now I reach for the stuff before I ralph my guts out!

What are some of your most disliked?

The Brewster

Friday 19 October 2018

Another Royal Wedding. Another Royal Pregnancy

Is There a Contest?

You have to wonder whether there is some Windsor family contest about which we know nothing. For a long time there was little Royal news unless someone had a birthday, was sick, owned or resided in a castle that burned or upon which someone encroached.

Now there are royal weddings and pregnancies every time you turn around - and most of them are Majors to coin a golf term - British Royalty! Who even knows about any others other than perhaps Holland or Monaco. Did the Queen offer up a prize or something?

Methinks Her Royal Highness et al have been watching too much Hollywood / Celebrity news and realized the main players are on to a good thing!

Each time we all go gaga. On the other hand they have been at it for centuries so maybe the lesser celebs learned from them. I think it is time for a steamy Royal affair or Me Too type of incident. How about a Royal Family reality show? What is Sharon Osbourne up to? She won't get away with all the "F" bombs this time though. The more I think about it the more I like it. I had no interest in any of the others including the Osbournes but this would gain instant success. After all who isn't tired of the same old: hospital; cop; fire; ambulance lawyer; sitcom; game; politics; and let's not forget the dozens of designer / reno shows? Other than some golf and news, I don't watch anything anymore.

A fly on the wall in Buckingham Palace? Not THAT might be a hit even I would watch. Think of the fees they could command (no pun intended).

Long Overdue. I must say however that the new generation is handling it all very well. Just won't be the same if Charlie ever does make it to the throne. There is a bad joke in that somewhere. People will be saying "Charles who?" "What did you say her name was?"

On CNN: "Breaking News! There are rumours just in that there has been a British royal coronation - you remember what that is?. This is not yet confirmed but we are in the process of fact checking it. Stay tuned."

The Brewster

Thursday 18 October 2018

Fashion Gurus - What Planet Are They From?

Who Said This Was Stylish?

Do you ever wonder where the people who say a certain style in fashion or home decorating come from? Who are these people who suddenly declare that something is "IN"?

One I will never agree with is the wearing of brown shoes - especially light brown ones - with navy or any blue or grey suit. They look horrible. Will one of you fashion divas please face up to this error and declare it uncool or simply render them OUT again?

While you are at it - the long thin skinny pointed ones that eventually curl up at the toe make the wearer look like a court Jester! I always look for a clown hat on their head to match - you know the ones with the bobbles like you see on Jesters in Henry the VIII's time.

They used to say that blue and green should never be seen but I think blue and brown is worse!

The Brewster

Tuesday 9 October 2018

Cherish Your Castle on Dry Land

Enjoy High and Dry While You Can

I just viewed a brief video showing yet another Tsunami hitting the streets in Indonesia. It reminded me of similar horror I saw in Japan demonstrating again just how powerless we are against Earth's natural forces. In the same timeframe we are seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and witnessing many on the Gulf coast in Florida fleeing Michael.

I am high and dry in Toronto, Canada. In fact other than a major, major rise in the level of Lake Ontario, I am pretty fortunate and VERY grateful.

However, it does make me wonder and even fear what the future holds. Some people deny it but ocean and sea levels are rising. I am actually glad that I do not live on the coast of a major world body of water. Storms seem to be getting worse. When you think about the millions of people and structures both residential and commercial that exist at or just a few feet above sea level, what will ensue if these levels continue to rise slowly or even worse - suddenly? 

In the past history tells us that if one nation wanted the resources or strategic advantage of another's, then they sent in an army and took what they wanted - providing they won. In fact recent history - World Wars I and II just to name a couple of examples - demonstrated the same trend. 

Does this mean that survival of the fittest will once again be the norm when millions of people are without a safe place to live but you and I own such a place? Will wars over food and shelter rage within our own countries? Should we all build moats and drawbridges? Desperate people are capable of horrendous crimes.

I am not a fan of guns and the right to bear arms but if the above events actually happen, home and land owners just might need to defend themselves with more than words - something to think about. 

There again, people could start to get serious about climate change and protecting the environment and stop voting for those who just don't give a damn about the future living only for their own short term greed.

The Brewster