Tuesday 29 December 2020

Presidential Limerick

 #Justice is Sometimes Sweet

There once was a #POTUS from Queens
Who learned from his Dad in his teens
You must always win
No matter the sin
Truth was not in his genes.

The voters booted him out
So he yelled and started to pout
He lied even more
Fabrications galore
“I was robbed” he started to shout

His fake indignation was planned
As he tried every court in the land
His evil intention
To grant an extension
Rejected thank God out of hand

He soon got so mad he would yell
Like a mad man locked in a cell
For lying each day
He now had to pay
An end to four years of hell


Sunday 27 December 2020

My best from 2020: #COVID-19, the Beaten by Something With No Brain

 Sometimes a writer just gets in the groove. This was such a morning

I was looking over some past posts and came across this one. I consider it one of my best. If you recall reading it that is good. Otherwise I hope you enjoy it.

The World Within; Our World; The Great Beyond 

Let's take a moment since we now have lots of them, to put #COVID-19 into perspective. Those of you who tune out from anything that is purely academic can go back to your muffins and morning TV shows. I have no idea where this is going and no, there is no stimulant in my coffee! It is early; I just got up; and a virus is still out there ravaging humans. That is my starting point or launch pad. Amateur philosophy 101 perhaps.

There have always been attempts to categorize "things" or "existence" generally driven by our human limited powers of perception. In high school we heard the term "matter" in physics. Reaction? What is "matter"? Apparently this is anything that has "mass" and a volume that takes up space. Now ask "what is mass" and you will see a reference to "matter" at which point many tune out from physics. The definition references something that "accelerates" under the influence of "gravity". Gravity itself is something we experience here on Earth. On and on it goes. I enjoy it, especially when the moon landing verified theories of gravitational pull being less on the moon.

One can also divide things into animal, vegetable, or mineral; perhaps also animate and inanimate. 

Here is another I am making up as I write! I am not a scientist:

1) The inner makeup of all that our eyes alone can not see in species and other items
2) Those things we can and do see every day including fellow humans
3) The cosmos or universe and everything in it. Some we can see and some not.

1) Some time ago at a book sale I purchased a publication called "The Human Body Close-up" by John Clancy, Firefly Books. The pictures alone are worth the purchase price. They are all taken with an electron microscope, thus being in category 1) above. What we can now see was not possible with human eyes or conventional microscopes. Herein lies COVID-19.

2) In this category I mainly include ourselves and all animate and inanimate things we can sense using sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. We have made huge strides here with the help of technology, but we are still guessing when it comes to really understanding ourselves and our fellow beings. This is where psychology was born.

3) The universe is so vast we need telescopes and spacecraft to enhance our limited perception. There are lots of theories about what is out there including ET and his relatives and how it all came to be . We have not scratched the surface. None of us know for sure.

So let's return to 1). A single human cell and all its content uncover a whole new world. The components of a cell are amazing and the technical terms beyond my limited intelligence. You have to remember that for most the "cell" - trillions of them in our body - is defined as the smallest unit capable of performing the body's basic needs (from the above book, page 18).

Within it there are a lot more things than the "nucleus", and even more within that. The cell picture (page 19) looks more complex than a jet engine. Many items are defined and they each have a role to play in our bodies. Somehow they are programmed to fulfill it. How? They have no "brain" as we know it. They are just tiny molecules of protein and other substances but they can either sustain our life or, if they go rogue, can snuff it out. In this book as well are references to genes and chromosomes and the infamous DNA. It is  fascinating.

This virus and so many others are the types of "rogues" I mentioned. They are themselves "programmed" to destroy some of our intricate makeup, starting with our cells. 

How do you develop a vaccine against such an enemy? We can't really "see" it, touch it, or get inside it. How can that microscopic little thing we picture as a sponge ball with red golf tee like structures attached, get into our cells - our own building blocks - and what drives it?

We are at war. A little inconvenience in your daily routines is not much to ask. The enemy is invisible. Scientists are facing an immense task. It took centuries to be able to identify and define a "virus". It might take as many to overpower them.

Cut our leaders some slack folks and try helping however you can. Ignoring stay at home advice falls into category 2) above - solving our own human problems. Stop being so selfish. Don't hoard and don't go out when you don't have to.

Just hope that when we get the huge surprise from category 3) - and we will - we can survive it as well. Will it be living; energy; collision with another heavenly body? The list goes on. Focus on 2) and leave 1) and 3) to the best brains on the planet.

Thanks if you got this far. 


Thursday 24 December 2020

Official 2020 Trump Portrait

 Where have I seen that look?

I asked this before. How many hours has Donald practiced that grumpy, downturned mouth stare? Could he be trying to copy these guys? 

Winston was a true leader loved by his citizens. A real war time PM. He got what he deserved - glory.

                                                                                  Image of Winston Churchill

Benito was initially "loved" and then assassinated and hung upside down by his citizens. He got what he deserved also.

                                                                                   Image of Benito Mussolini


Who was Donald's idol? I hope it was Churchill.


Tuesday 22 December 2020

Christmas Gift for America

Did #Jupiter align with #Saturn over Washington?

A lot has been published about the spectacle of Jupiter being in direct line with Saturn on December 21st, 2020. We did not get to see this locally with an overcast sky. For those who did were you reminded of another bright star two thousand years ago over a very special place? Perhaps America should look at it that way. Someone has been sent to save your country and lead you on a better path. For some unknown reason the timing of a celestial phenomenon resulted in it casting a glow over Washington and the country.

Is the fact that it predated January 20, 2021 by about a month indicative that all will not be perfect? What do the Astrologists have to say about this?

It has been a difficult year for the entire world - an even more difficult four years for America. Their leader has turned out to be Count Dracula in disguise who also sucked blood out of his sometimes willing victims.

Some of them deserve what they got. Some are going to get coal in their stockings this year. The rest need Christmas kindness. I have tried to be subtle and clever in past missives but nothing seemed to work. Time to be direct. That's what Donald seems to like.

Time to go
Exit stage RIGHT
Your limo is waiting
The party is over
Bye, Bye
So long
Hasta la vista
Au revoir
Take a hike
You lost - get over it - and yourself.
Until the next time. OOPS. Scratch that one!
The baton has been passed
You have been made redundant
The pasture awaits your copious unique brand of organic fertilizer
Get on your pony and ride
Take the Trump plane, bus, kiddie car out of town



Friday 18 December 2020

The Christmas Song - new version

 Chestnuts Roasting now that He is Fired

You can sing this to the classic tune by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé, made famous by Nat King Cole.

People toasting now that he is fired  (Chestnuts roasting by an open fire...)
John K. smiling in his grave
Bon Voyage being sung by a choir
The bear has gone back to his cave

Everybody knows that Joe and Ka-me-la will come  (Everybody knows a turkey...)
Turning darkness into light
Downturned faces now starting to smile
The people's House returns to White.

    They know that Santa's on his way
    He's loaded dignity and honour
    In his sleigh
    And honest people will rejoice
    To hear a Pres-i-den-tial voice

And so let's put our shame behind us now  (And so I'm offering this...)
One voice whether red or blue
Regardless of faith, gender, colour we say
Merry Christmas, to you


Wednesday 16 December 2020

Cyber Spying and Hacking Alive and Well in the U.S. Government

 007 Was More Fun But This Is Real

I was just reading about what is purportedly a major case of cyber hacking into Federal Government departments and systems. Supposedly this is one of the most serious ever and the attacker is once again alleged to be Russia.

Is either Trump or Biden addressing this? I have not heard much about it. It seems to me that it should be right up there with COVID 19; right and left winged extremism; restoring faith in elections; Iran; North Korea; environment; and China as major challenges for America.

According to one Associated Press article Trump fired some major players and eliminated positions which addressed this. If there isn't already there should be major push for more  dollars to be spent fighting this and a key person should report right to the top. If this is already part of the National Security Advisor's position then they are failing.

In one area Trump was right. Billions of dollars are spent so that American forces can protect other areas of the world. Others should definitely pay their share. The issue here is what is America doing with its savings?

Cyber Security is one area in which more should be spent. America should be the leader here. One can only hope that she has her own surreptitious code inside the governmental systems of her enemies and is indeed doing a better job than they are. Unfortunately we can never really hear about that. When we hear about terrorist plots being foiled before they occur, it gives us hope. Unfortunately when we also hear that others like Russia already have stolen mountains of confidential materials from inside supposedly secure federal and state systems, how can Americans feel safe and protected?

Over to you Joe. What are you and Kamela going to do about it? Talk doesn't cut it. If you can send someone to the moon, surely you can protect your own data. I bet China can. That was first and only then are they taking moon shots.


Friday 11 December 2020

3 Party System for America

 Is it Time for a #NewParty in U.S. Politics?

I say the answer is yes. A #threeparty system is long overdue.

All the arguments I outline below are the usual reasons most people reject the idea. It can get out of hand. Look at Italy for example where there are more elections than you can count. Perhaps there should be a limit of three in America. Another possibility is to place minimums on the popular vote attained. For example if party "A" fails to get X percent of that vote in two elections in succession it can no longer participate in a third election..

This is like black and white film and TV. There was only so much you could do with it. As soon as colour came along brand new avenues of innovation opened up for directors and producers.

The Tea Party was a bad example of a new party but demonstrated how it will shake up the other two.

Let's assume after Trump leaves office and most people know this is inevitable, he forms a new party. A couple of things will happen. We pretty much know what it will look like and stand for as depicted by Trump and his base. It might attract a few staunch Republicans and even some disenchanted Democrats (doubtful) but I doubt in any large numbers. People voted for Trump to shake up the status quo in Washington. He did. They just got more red neck extremism than they anticipated. His base does not consist of traditional Republicans.

Perhaps a Mitt Romney or a John Kasich could re-establish a more central conservative new Republican party. I suggest a name change. That would attract many former Republicans and maybe some central Democrats thereby weakening any new Trump party and the Democrats. If this happened the existing GOP would likely crumble. This might also give a needed excuse for those spineless big R Republicans who are afraid of Trump to leave him and try to join the new party. They would still have a lot of "splainin" to do. In my opinion they should be put out to pasture.

Any new party is bound to attract new and younger talent, candidates, ideas, and ideals. This is what America needs. It will split the existing vote. Old guard career Senators and Congressmen/women will have to work far harder for their positions. The electorate will also be younger and tired of the McConnells and Grahams on the Hill. Younger people - well educated or not, smell bullshit when it is in abundance as it is now.

Everyone will have to work a lot harder and live up to their promises if they ever want to get a majority. By the same token minority governments force opposing sides to reach across the aisle to get anything passed. This effect will not only come into play at the Presidential level but in both houses of Congress.

Personally I think this is far better for the voters in a democracy. Generally, if it is tougher for the politicians, it is better for the voters. They are after all footing the bill.

Too many career politicians forget for whom they are supposed to be working. It is never supposed to be for themselves.


Wednesday 9 December 2020

Top 5 Analogies for Trump and his Red Cappers

 Let's Try to Make This Easy - Again

Top 5 ways I can think of to try to make them understand.

5. It's the top of the 9th inning boys and you are up but the other team is ahead. Your team strikes out or does not get enough runs to reverse the lead. The game is OVER folks. You can stay if you want but the crowd and the winners have gone home - WITH the pennant. You will be pitching to yourself.

4. You are driving down the road and your tire blows. You carry on - fwap, fwap, fwap. Then a second blows. You keep driving - fwappity, fwappity, fwappity. Soon people are yelling that all four are gone and you are on the rims. Now you are wrecking the car AND the road - right? Get it? You should have stopped after the first blowout.

3. The brand new pool in the back yard is now finished. You plan a big breaking in party with catering, lots of beer and a live band. Problem! It is December fellas with three inches of snow. Everybody declined. Nobody wants to play polar bear.  No party - get it. Donate the food to charity and take back the beer if it isn't opened. Try again in the summer - in four years.

2. Some guy has cheated on his wife and kids for the last time. She has already won the divorce case. She got the money and you got the car. The house is now occupied by new owners. Stop knocking on the door or you will be charged. Get used to sleeping in your car or at your lover's place unless she also moved on. It's over. Any similarity between this and any political leaders is purely unintentional.

1. You are on stage at the world sword fishing contest. Your catch which you claim you landed yourself is hanging on one scale and the other guy's, who happens to be Joe Biden is on an identical scale. His is visibly larger and the scales show it is indeed heavier. You are yelling foul, it is fixed. You insist the judges switch scales. They do with the same result. Your fish falls off the scale and shatters into 100 plaster of Paris pieces. You scream you have been framed. You and your lawyers claim a mountain of evidence - somewhere - that Joe's fish is phony. It is examined by fishermen and taxidermists alike. He wins. Yours is ruled artificial. Still you scream and so do your fans. Go home with your fraudulent broken fish. You have four years to glue it back together.

The last one is a fish story for a reason. Something in the Republican camp smells fishy. Their party is also starting to shatter on the floor.

Trump's supporters have claimed that the Dems. have tried to get him out of office for four years. Probably true. Now you can see why.


Tuesday 8 December 2020

What if Santa gets COVID-19?

The Most Imminent Threat on Earth 

#Breaking News! I hate to be the bearer of it but here goes!

Reliable sources are telling me that very soon an event of colossal import will occur. One single individual will fly to and physically enter every household on the entire globe spending several minutes during the night inside these closed spaces. This event is irreversible and will occur on December 25. The subject is male, was last seen wearing a bright red outfit and hides behind a full beard, moustache and bushy hair, all completely snow white.

Imagine the dire possibilities here:

1. Any powerful nation could have already infected this individual with the deadly Covid-19 virus. He will unknowingly expose every living person on earth to it. Notice the timing - about two weeks from now when symptoms will probably peak.

2. If this person is not currently carrying the virus, he will most certainly be exposed to it and be infected by it in those households. Although asymptomatic at that point, he is known to have a chronic, severe, coughing habit involving involuntary and loud 'HO-HO-HOs' thus expelling the virus into every person's abode after inhaling it himself.

3. Although he might not have yet been exposed himself, he is reputed to rule over an army of small people who work all year manufacturing toys including 2020. The chance of one of these beings also being a carrier is high because they are known to be migrant workers. The subject distributes this merchandise to all of the aforementioned households. Touching one of them could cause infection.

4. Once again with evil intent, any terrorist could infect the individual with the virus because he is also said to digest milk and cookies in each household. What could be simpler? It could not be traced.

This is like knowing that we are about to be hit by a giant asteroid - a certain apocalypse.

What can be done? I put this to the American government.

The Trump administration is denying it as fake news. Unofficially they hinted that they know his identity (although they insist that Obama did not) and as the most powerful nation on earth, if it is true they would simply blow the man out of the sky before he reaches America.

Biden and his people are suggesting negotiating with him BEFORE his flight. The problem is that Trump's people won't share any intelligence they have until next year. Joe has already delegated this to Kamala and suggested she work with Fauci immediately.

Trump's base maintains that if he wears that much red including a cap, they don't give a damn. They swear that Donald has it under control and that only he knows the man is actually an OK guy despite what his Generals are telling him.

The Russians and the Chinese deny any knowledge of this hinting that he is actually a CIA agent. 

The North Koreans want us to believe that he is actually one of their robot agents and is programmed to visit America first.

There is only one strategy that will certainly work. Wear a mask everywhere
 including your home until well into 2021. Oh yes, and sleep in December 26 to let the household air replenish itself. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.


Friday 4 December 2020

Joe and Kamala. What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Biden and Harris: leaders who can actually COMMUNICATE!

Who listened to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on CNN last night (Dec. 3) and Joe addressing the economy today (Dec. 4)? What a pleasant change. Ditto any other time they spoke in public. They are well educated and it shows.

These people are good orators - just like Obama. Please explain that word to The Donald. Even if they are reading, they can do it smoothly. When they respond to off the cuff questions - this is when their abilities outshine their current counterparts. I'm sure Pence could but he chooses not to.

There is no gloating or boasting and credit is always shared with others. DJT is totally incapable of doing that. I wonder if he ever gave credit to his mother for bringing him into this world? Like COVID, he probably thought it was no big deal. After all, that's what women are for! They bless the world with the likes of him. He probably knows more about childbirth than any of his wives or his mother - doctors too for that matter.

When the Justice Department was mentioned, Joe pointed out that it is not HIS Justice Department - "It is the peoples'." One hundred percent true. The same goes for every other position in the U.S. government. The present leaders - and I use that term loosely - don't get that. They never will.

Personally, I hope Trump does not attend the inauguration. It will be one more key point in his oh so undesirable legacy.