Monday 18 May 2020

Modern American History

POTUS 2009 vs POTUS 2016

There once was a man named Barack
Distinguished and sharp as a tack
With a cool, calm modus he soon became POTUS
Respect and honour was back

Eight years he was the master
Saving his land from disaster
Under Obama they took out Osama
Barack was America's Pastor.

Elected a second four years
Elated electors shed tears
He gave them health care and a future to share
Admired by all of his peers.

A third term wasn't allowed
But he and Michelle can be proud
Some people say he was like JFK
Will always stand out in a crowd.

Next the right wing prevailed
And after Barack's ship had sailed
With a shady renown they elected a clown
A man many thought should be jailed.

This guy got his dollars from Dad
His record of cheating was bad
Make America great he yelled in debate
Turning to Twitter when mad.

A new President tries to blame
The previous one - it's a game
He should say "The Buck Stops Here Today"
Blaming Obama sounds lame.

The best of the bunch always seem
To gather a strong loyal team
You don't roll the dice but take sound advice
A one man show is extreme

This guy says he knows best
The doctors, the generals, the rest
An Einstein he's not - he knows diddly squat
World leaders mock him in jest.

Of leadership skills he has none
Riling up rednecks for fun
Governs by lies pulling wool o'er your eyes
But COVID has him on the run.

When COVID numbered fifteen
It would all go away he would preen
Spouting off every day - never knew what he'd say
He had to be heard not just seen.

Black, brown and white heed the call
Republicans, Dems one and all
Your man's not just wild he's a petulant child

Send him back where he came in the fall!


Saturday 9 May 2020

Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today

Hats Off to Anne Murray

I was trying to think of a heading today. I had in mind all the bad news we have had, in particular since 2016, and during the Corona crisis. "Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today" came to mind. I knew it came from a song and Googled it - up came Anne Murray. I listened to it. You would almost think she wrote it in the last few months.

Listen to it and you will hear an expression of what I had in mind expressed to music - a great job well done. But I will express my thoughts anyway and won't burden you with an attempt at singing them. She is also a lot more pleasant to the eye than I am.

It has been a long time since some really good news: people rescued from in a mine or cave facing almost certain death; natural disasters wherein after days someone is found alive; a sports victory; a city or country liberated (but usually destroyed); a big lottery winner; a child prodigy; life changing surgery. Perhaps it is time for another touching chart topping musical group or artist - not mechanized, repetitive noise with a 4-5 note range masquerading as music.

Usually we hear about Trump; war; more war; floods; tornadoes & cyclones; climate change; animals moving to extinction mainly by the hand of man; pollution of the air, water, and land once again by the hand of man.

What prompted this was the media coverage of yet another black man - Ahmaud Arbery -shot to death in the good old USA by multiple white guys with guns. The black man was jogging and perish the thought, had stopped to observe a construction site. How many of us have stopped to do that, jogging or otherwise? It is a sad state of affairs when this horrific news is all there is to provide a diversion from COVID-19.

As I said in my introduction, a little good news would go a long way. A breakthrough in COVID-19 would be like Armistice Day re-lived! If we could hug and scream without masks it would be wonderful.

For a day or two.Then the bad news would return - it always does. Is there a network that features only what is clearly good news? Maybe there should be.