Monday 29 November 2021

Lauren Boebert, Trump Wanna Be

Put a Sock in it Lauren

Here we go again - another Republican figure acting out like a kid in a high school yard. Next we'll be hearing "Oh ya - well my old man makes more money than your old man!"

I just watched a video of her looking straight faced into the camera, claiming that she "...will always put America first, never sympathizing with terrorists!" Really? Perhaps I missed her utter condemnation of the Trump supporters on January 6. Not only were they terrorists and Trump supporters (many admitted it), they wanted to hang Mike Pence and God knows what they would have done to Nancy Pelosi. Apparently that brand of terrorism is OK in her books - assuming she ever read one.

She goes on to say that she will always shoot straight with you - no doubt being big on guns herself - and that she will call out anti-Americanism. Once again - remember January 6th? Trying to topple your own government and badly damaging the Capital is a tad anti-American to most other people. Finally she says that she is here to protect your freedom. Then why does she support the Big Lie and a party which is already changing laws to put in the big fix in many states to rig the next election. They tried to rig the last one but fortunately failed.

We all know what she is doing - her best impression of The Donald, who mocked the handicapped, made disparaging remarks about a female competitor, and displayed an even higher degree of immaturity. Perhaps she is taking a cue from Marjorie Taylor Green but why on earth anyone would want to emulate her in any fashion defies understanding.

Maybe ending with a similarly disgusting remark directed at her might give some idea how Ilhan Omar felt. Lauren is a very attractive woman. She could probably model swimsuits or lingerie. Perhaps America would be better off if she did. Sorry ladies - other ladies - for that very sexist remark.

The problem is she reminds me with both her appearance and intellect of another woman who almost became Vice President. She stood for America as well and looked at Russia from her living room window. Look what happened to her.

Let me close with one VERY scary thought. Imagine this woman as President one day, MTG as Vice President, and Kevin McCarty wearing one of his many faces as Speaker.

Are you waking up yet America?


Wednesday 24 November 2021

Ahmaud #Arbery Trial

What About the Victim's RIght to Defend?

In this prominent case a lot has been said about whether the accused had a right to defend himself. The Prosecutor explained in detail that there was no citizen's arrest taking place and therefore since the accused had a weapon his right to self defence did not exist.

It was also pointed out that the victim was being chased by the three accused who used trucks in their pursuit. One even referred to trapping Mr. Arbery "like a rat."

I do not recall hearing anything about Mr. Arbery having a right to defend HIMSELF. Why not? It might be a foolish strategy to pit your own fists against a man pointing a loaded shotgun at you but with his retreat route cut off what else could he do if he feared being shot in the back as he fled? His defence strategy is not on trial here. He is dead so can not express his fears and feelings at that moment.

Put yourself in his position. Do you not have a right to try to push the gun away or even to grab it out of your attacker's hands?

This is like going in to rob a bank with a loaded gun; encountering an armed guard; killing that guard with your gun; and then claiming it was self defense.

Welcome to the U.S.A.


Saturday 20 November 2021

#Rittenhouse Verdict

#Rittenhouse Should be Behind Bars

So the kid gets off on all charges. What a joke. However after the O.J. trial we knew the American court system is sometimes like the Jerry Springer show on which the Rittenhouse judge would have been an excellent guest. There should be another annual awards show for lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. Rittenhouse carrying his assault rifle should have made his guilt a slam dunk from the beginning. Thank you Judge - one who seemed to be incapable of completing an entire sentence on his own.

Look out America. Now any bullied kid in a schoolyard can just pull out a gun - however young he or she might be - and blow the bully away if they feel that their lives are "endangered." Rittenhouse deserved to be found guilty on at least one of the charges and should be serving some serious time.

This reminds me of the Trayvon Martin case in which George Zimmerman who also considered himself to be a neighbourhood watchman walked away a free man after shooting Martin, an unarmed black youth. As I write, the Ahmaud Arbery case is in progress in which once again some white men took it upon themselves to be vigilantes and proceeded to kill an innocent unarmed black man.

There is no question in the minds of most non-Americans that the American system is stacked against non-white minorities. Many Americans - white ones - claim that this is not true. Many others know that it is.

My point today was not to get dragged down the racial rabbit hole. It was to lambaste the American justice system. Here in Canada we do not allow cameras into the courtroom. How can you receive the best from court officials who are performing for an audience? When the entire world saw O.J. hold up that glove the prosecution's case was dead. It could have been managed much better off camera.

I have two suggestions from all of this. Firstly, go ahead and record proceedings visually but NOT live. Do not stream them in real time. The recordings should only be available for appeals so that the public can then form an opinion as to the merits of the appeal and the reasons for it.

These trials are not sporting events. Top athletes might do a victory dance or throw a temper tantrum for the viewing audience, but when they are actually competing their mind is on only one thing - winning by utilizing the best of their abilities. There is no time for drama. In a live courtroom lawyers, prosecutors, and even judges are also using their best skills but they do play to their world audience as part of their performance.

Remove the audience.

Secondly this jury should definitely have been sequestered. Do you really think none of them watched the news, social media, or discussed the case at home? Give your heads a shake.


Thursday 18 November 2021

America the Not So Beautiful

America, America - shame on you

Rest assured - this is NOT what Katharine Lee Bates had in mind when she wrote this beautiful song. It is a very inspiring piece and should lift up the heart. Try listening to it. Then DO NOT turn on the TV; read a paper (who does anymore); or go onto social media of any kind for a couple of days. Yeah - right!

What will you see when you give in?

1. Two major trials on live TV - big mistake in the first place but that is another story. One is about a white kid who used a gun he was not allowed to carry to go to a place of violence to "help" police and first aiders only to end up killing two people, The other is about grown adults who presumably were carrying legal weapons to chase and shoot a black kid to death for jogging in their area.

2. A censuring of a member of congress for displaying a "cartoon" of him murdering another member. He was also removed from committees and then re-published the same video.

3. His own party backing him up and refusing to condemn him. They even threatened to retaliate as they should if any other member does something so ghastly again.

4. Many states already setting up to rig the next election so the Republicans will win.

5. Spineless members of the Republican Party refusing to join together to disown their former despicable President or at least form a different party without him.

6. Millions of people actually trying to return the country to the old days of racial discrimination and white supremacy.

7. A country and indeed a world which is still dragging its butt on rescuing the planet for their own children. The whole attitude is "Why should I sacrifice my chance to enjoy the lavish lifestyle my relatives did. Not in my generation thank you." America was and still is one of the most greedy countries when it comes to squandering precious resources which belong to everyone, not just America.

8. A country in which millions of people on opposite sides of a political divide actually hate each other.

9. A President and his followers who were willing to attack The Capital and kill the Vice President and others because they lost an election legitimately.

10. A country which has fallen so far behind China in its technology and power that it could only win a new war by dropping nuclear weapons - except that now others will retaliate.

So Kathy, thanks for the memories - no that was Bob Hope (Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin).

Don't feel so badly. The Lady of Liberty has been wanting to climb down and just swim back to France one night for a long time.


Wednesday 17 November 2021

Top 6 Groin Tats for Men and Women



1 Satisfaction Not Guaranteed
2 This way up
3 Handle with care
4 Might produce unwanted side effects
5 This package could explode
6 Shake well before using


1 Enter at own risk
2 Slippery when wet
3 Open other end first
4 Do not use if seal is broken
5 Use with alcohol not advised
6 Safety gloves recommended


Monday 15 November 2021

Judge Bruce Schroeder

What planet does this judge come from?

His court reminds me of Night Court or The Gong Show! At least those were deliberately funny! This is not. While composing the instructions to the jury he sounded "distant" - not all there. He is supposed to interpret the law for jurors. Who interprets this Judge for us - journalists and their guests it would appear.

I lost count of how many times he was - LOST! He lost his place. He lost his train of thought. He lost his temper. I did not notice if his robe was on backwards or his glasses were upside down.

I hope there is an appeal and more sound minds call him out. They also need to throw him out. The courtroom should have had those yellow triangular warning signs prominently displayed with an image just like those for deer crossings or falling rock.

These would contain an image of a Kangaroo!


Thursday 11 November 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse Case

There is More at Stake with Rittenhouse than his own Future

There is a lot riding on the monumental trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. I have no doubt in my mind that his breakdown was real. If he was acting then every Oscar ever awarded should be returned and given to him. He can display them in his cell.

I have not seen the entire trial so I don't know to what degree the following vital facts were covered in it. However from what I read he was in violation of both Wisconsin and Illinois laws since he was only 17 at the time meaning that he could not have owned a legal permit.

This is under investigation but surely this is also a case where common sense should come into play. We have to ask ourselves why a 17 year old boy would cross state lines to acquire an assault type of weapon if all he wanted to do was give first aid and put out fires. He knew he was not supposed to be carrying that weapon and he even stated that he took it to protect himself.

If he is acquitted here, then any kid in America is going to be able to carry a firearm and kill someone if he thinks his life is in peril. That would undoubtedly cause an increase in such violent events.

In my opinion he convicted himself by his own testimony. Would he even have been threatened if those he shot did not see his rifle? Since when does a kid have the responsibility to assist legitimate police to protect property and quell violence? Could this have come from being a "gamer" most of his life? Did that mentality exist at home?

His lawyer had to know that he would break down as he did. It probably happened quite innocently in the lawyer's office and then he realized that if it happened again in front of a jury, they would feel sympathy.

Kyle must pay a severe price even if under age as a strong disincentive to others. It might not be possible in this gun thirsty country but he should also receive a lifetime ban on ever owning or possessing another weapon anywhere in the USA.

It is sick enough that so many adult Americans still think they are Wyatt Earp of Marshall Dillon but if this illness is ever going to be cured it has to start with the next generations. In too many cases the kids get it from their parents.

I have said this before and this is a good example. If America can not change or eradicate the infamous 2nd amendment itself there appears to be nothing to prevent her from defining VERY sever penalties for using those arms. There is a big difference between carrying and using.


Sunday 7 November 2021

All I Want for Christmas

Trump is My new Christmas Image

It has been a while since I believed in and hoped for a visit from that jolly old guy in the red snowsuit, Mr. Claus himself. A new image has replaced him.

The best gift we could all receive this year is the image of Donald Trump in an orange suit, possibly with stripes. If he had a sack it would probably be full of phony votes (written by him), lies, or the contacts for his followers from which he could start another insurrection. Forget the Mrs. by his side. She definitely does not fit the bill for Mrs. C.

C'mon you guys in Justice or wherever. Get your act(s) together. Many of us want to see it and how well he would get along with his fellow residents. Let him tell all of them his case was rigged.

With him out of the picture, it might even allow the GOP to revert back to being grand again.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly ...


Thursday 4 November 2021

Biden's Honeymoon is Over

November 2 U.S. Election, 2021    

Virginia and New Jersey are wake up calls. Biden and his party have to step up to the mark and run like hell. They missed the gun - it already fired. Every new administration is afforded part of its first year to blame the last one. Let's face it, with Trump and his cronies, COVID, environmental disasters and all of their effects on the economy, Biden and his team deserved the traditional honeymoon. It is over.

Have the Democrats learned anything since Hillary Clinton's defeat? To a large degree it was because she and her party ignored certain states and did not go there to talk to the people themselves. That happened again two days ago, especially in Virginia with McAuliffe. Younkin spoke directly to the citizens of the state and he cleaned up. He addressed every problem people were feeling at the dinner table; at work if they were so fortunate, at the bank; at the supermarket; and at the gas pumps. McAuliffe Trump bashed. That ship has sailed. He lost.

I have been very critical of CNN in this blog for its incessant Trump bashing, often the same thing 24/7. It's been going on for almost five years. They are starting to come around (not because of me). It is time that the Democratic Party did likewise. After four years of Trump those outside his base knew that he had to go - probably after four months. Intelligent people had already made up their minds on him. The red cappers loved him and his lies and still do - no matter what. We know all that - we get it.

What none of us need anymore is the same refrain. CNN is starting to come down on Biden and the party for what they are NOT doing and naming things they must do. We have known for a long time what Republicans want to do and if they are re-elected they will do it starting with the reversal of Biden's accomplishments, whatever they are. If he does not move quickly there won't be any to reverse making it even easier for a new administration.

It is useless bragging about which of your platform items you have approved if they don't get implemented. It looks like stalling and it will cost the Dems the next elections. It has already begun.

In the words of Jerry Maguire Mr. President: "Show Me the Money!" How about Harry Callahan: "Go ahead, make my day". From Mark Twain: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Finally from our Roman ancestors: "ut plumbum e". Allow me to save you the trouble: "Get the lead out."


Tuesday 2 November 2021

American Election 2022, 2024

America: Sink or Swim Time

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the fracas to see things more clearly. Alternatively you can hear from a third party who is not directly involved. That is one of the reasons I write a lot about America in this blog. I am not American.

As an outsider, here are the real issues I see and hear, cutting through all the politics, rhetoric, naivety, and outright lies.

The Republicans have shot themselves in the foot. Those who follow Trump  want a future based upon lies. It is obvious to the rest of the world including me. Behind it all is race and white supremacy. This is going to lead to more violence or total civil war. I see only two possible solutions. Throw Trump in the dumpster where he belongs - ALL of you. Create a third party for all of those conservatives who want to follow their beliefs as traditional conservatives without the racial divide - if you still exist. Be sure to include tough action on the environment AND the social divide - like the Democrats. Just make yours work.

The Democrats have to get real. Too many so called Progressives are indeed playing into the hands of the right who accuse all Democrats of being Socialists. You are handing 2022 and 2024 to the worst possible victors. Recognize the difference between short term assistance and a long term free ride. Biden does not lie like Trump but he did rely too much on his decades of "experience" to calm the Democratic waters. So far he has failed. For the most part most nice guys still finish last.

Here is the difference. Trump speaks lies and falsehoods about his insincere goals. Trump has nothing to lose - he already did. Biden falsely believes that his Uncle Joe attitude will accomplish his sincere goals. He has everything to lose and probably will if the party does not get its act together.

Foreign countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran and evil groups throughout the world are taking full advantage of American internal squabbling. She is self destructing without a shot being fired. Trump ruined America's reputation. If he wins again - because it will be RIGGED (where have we heard THAT before) America will be laughing stock.

The way this is going there is almost a 
likelihood that there will be TWO new parties. One will be the anti-Trump Republicans and the other the almost socialist former Democrat Progressives. The latter will never win. The former has a chance.