Saturday 27 April 2024

The Deep State

English itself is DEEP

Anyone who had to learn English as a second language must have experienced great difficulties. Just look up words like "go"; "run", or "up" and find how many shades of meaning they possess or contexts in which they can be used. I don't envy foreign students. 

If you study another language's grammar you might think it very confusing to have 2 or 3 genders for nouns and their articles, regular and irregular verbs, declensions, conjugations etc. but aside from gender, English has all of them and then some. As far as expressions are concerned, you need to take a separate course just to become proficient.

"Deep" is another word that must confuse non-natives. Some immediate dictionary meanings are profound, bottomless, fathomless, and plunging. There are also various uses in sports, theatre, facial expressions. 

But here I am thinking about politics. DEEP STATES have been associated with many governments and countries - including the good old USA. Recently The Donald - Deep Donald - has made a mantra out of the term and vowed to eliminate it from America.

Does anyone else see the irony here?

Look at the fist pump itself. You just know that it is a signal to his zombie followers - his own Deep State. He comes from a family that was a mini deep state unto itself with Fred as its chief dictator. He passed the Trump deep state on to his obedient son and many people think Fred used it to keep Daffy Donald out of any active military duty. 

The only bullets Donald dodges are the ones he shoots at his own feet - when they are not in his mouth.

Listen to how he rattles on about Biden's Deep State but vows - if he is every back in power - to punish all who did not bow down to him. He also intends to dismantle and fire huge swaths of the civil service - those who make the government run from one administration to the next. 

He thinks that he - DONALD - himself can act on all of their behalf. We saw that vividly when he decided that he alone should be running the Covid 19 task force. He also addressed the nation daily about the pandemic - which he helped to create through his denials. It should have been Fauci, Pence, or anyone else who actually knew something about the topic. Donald certainly didn't.

Last night on CNN I heard a renowned photographer who took portraits of Trump state that he thinks the Donald in a very intelligent man!  This guy has met political, sports, and entertainment greats all over the world. I was as shocked as many of you probably were (those of you who can actually think for themselves.) 

But every day we see the media going deep - reporting on him like he was Jesus or any other renowned spiritual leader. He has created a media deep state through them. Was this through cleverness or blatant narcissism? 

Take deep note of what he says he will do if he reclaims the White House. It will become the Dark House - the Deep State personified. Many gutless members of the U.S. Congress have already drowned in the depths of his depravity and will do anything to get back on board the Trump Titanic.


Tuesday 27 February 2024

Biden, Trump, Haley, or other?

Two futures are at stake in 2024: America's and The World's  

With all of the events taking place around the world and in America you can just smell major trouble in the air. It is like an approaching destructive weather system: smelling rain, hearing thunder, seeing lightening, hearing the locomotive sound described when a tornado hits. The international leaves in many nations are going limp and turning upwards. The animals are getting restless.

LIke many of the post WW2 generations, many of us thought we were fortunate not to have lived through another major international madness. Now I am not so sure. Whether you favor the Jackass party or the other Dumbo one, America has become a human depiction of two rams, moose, bears, lions - pick your species - battling it out for dominance. Only winning matters - compromise has all but disappeared.

Over the pond you have even more choice - the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine, Sudan, Syria, China to name a few - all allowing base human instincts of greed and power to boil over into death and destruction already or very soon.

Recently I saw an Email with attached "posters" showing the worst of Donald J. As a Canadian they seemed to depict so clearly to me and I suspect the rest of the world just why he must not be in the White House again. They also make us wonder how so many of the MAGA crowd can be totally befuddled by him and his cronies.

There is for sure a LOT wrong in the Biden camp as well - most notably the old style of Washington politics which badly needs new and fresher thinking minds making decisions that are begging to be made. Note those words - making decisions!

The worst poster was that of the Donald mocking and mimicing a reporter with a physical handicap. Who does that? We have also seen him in a cemetary of America's fallen warriors asking somebody what was in it for these military heroes?  He actually called them suckers and losers.

MAGA or not, how can you vote for such a man? Seriously - HOW? Some of you must have handicapped friends or family members and for sure have lost family members who made the supreme sacrifice.

The only bullets this person has ever had to dodge are now rightfully showing up in courts across the nation. He is not as adept an artful dodger as he thought.

It's a good thing he seems to like orange.


Friday 26 January 2024

How many American Parents Buy their kid a Gun?

 A TV or a Phone OK. But a GUN?

The case involving Ethan Crumbley and his parents is tragic. Our hearts must first go out to the four kids Ethan shot dead when he was only 15, and their families. This is just one more reason that Americans should give their heads violent shakes - hopefully before another of their kids blows holes in them.

I read that federal law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from owning a handgun. A youth can own and use a long rifle to murder people - but not a handgun. Right.

It is apparently the case that Ethan's father James bought him that gun using Ethan's own money! Seriously? It is also alleged that his mother Jennifer emailed him at school when he was caught doing a search for ammunition, telling him not to get caught! That's just as bad as the dad.

A big deal is now being made that if parents are potentially liable for their childrens' actions it would set a big precedent. IT'S ABOUT TIME when it comes to kids using guns acquired by adults. Giving it to their kid is a slam dunk. GUILTY!

Is there any other country on the face of this planet, that seems to rank having guns in the house right up there with stocking the shelves with salt, pepper, and ketchup?Should parents in ANY country allow underaged kids to even handle a gun?


We all know that the gun makers, sellers, and lovers will repeat the old crap that it is people who kill people, not guns. So I am going to repeat my usual response. That kid did not stab the victims to death, club the victims to death, or poison them to death - he SHOT them to death - with a GUN doing exactly what it was invented and then perfected to do.

Wake up America - while you still can.