Tuesday 29 December 2020

Presidential Limerick

 #Justice is Sometimes Sweet

There once was a #POTUS from Queens
Who learned from his Dad in his teens
You must always win
No matter the sin
Truth was not in his genes.

The voters booted him out
So he yelled and started to pout
He lied even more
Fabrications galore
“I was robbed” he started to shout

His fake indignation was planned
As he tried every court in the land
His evil intention
To grant an extension
Rejected thank God out of hand

He soon got so mad he would yell
Like a mad man locked in a cell
For lying each day
He now had to pay
An end to four years of hell


Sunday 27 December 2020

My best from 2020: #COVID-19, the Beaten by Something With No Brain

 Sometimes a writer just gets in the groove. This was such a morning

I was looking over some past posts and came across this one. I consider it one of my best. If you recall reading it that is good. Otherwise I hope you enjoy it.

The World Within; Our World; The Great Beyond 

Let's take a moment since we now have lots of them, to put #COVID-19 into perspective. Those of you who tune out from anything that is purely academic can go back to your muffins and morning TV shows. I have no idea where this is going and no, there is no stimulant in my coffee! It is early; I just got up; and a virus is still out there ravaging humans. That is my starting point or launch pad. Amateur philosophy 101 perhaps.

There have always been attempts to categorize "things" or "existence" generally driven by our human limited powers of perception. In high school we heard the term "matter" in physics. Reaction? What is "matter"? Apparently this is anything that has "mass" and a volume that takes up space. Now ask "what is mass" and you will see a reference to "matter" at which point many tune out from physics. The definition references something that "accelerates" under the influence of "gravity". Gravity itself is something we experience here on Earth. On and on it goes. I enjoy it, especially when the moon landing verified theories of gravitational pull being less on the moon.

One can also divide things into animal, vegetable, or mineral; perhaps also animate and inanimate. 

Here is another I am making up as I write! I am not a scientist:

1) The inner makeup of all that our eyes alone can not see in species and other items
2) Those things we can and do see every day including fellow humans
3) The cosmos or universe and everything in it. Some we can see and some not.

1) Some time ago at a book sale I purchased a publication called "The Human Body Close-up" by John Clancy, Firefly Books. The pictures alone are worth the purchase price. They are all taken with an electron microscope, thus being in category 1) above. What we can now see was not possible with human eyes or conventional microscopes. Herein lies COVID-19.

2) In this category I mainly include ourselves and all animate and inanimate things we can sense using sight, hearing, smell, touch, and taste. We have made huge strides here with the help of technology, but we are still guessing when it comes to really understanding ourselves and our fellow beings. This is where psychology was born.

3) The universe is so vast we need telescopes and spacecraft to enhance our limited perception. There are lots of theories about what is out there including ET and his relatives and how it all came to be . We have not scratched the surface. None of us know for sure.

So let's return to 1). A single human cell and all its content uncover a whole new world. The components of a cell are amazing and the technical terms beyond my limited intelligence. You have to remember that for most the "cell" - trillions of them in our body - is defined as the smallest unit capable of performing the body's basic needs (from the above book, page 18).

Within it there are a lot more things than the "nucleus", and even more within that. The cell picture (page 19) looks more complex than a jet engine. Many items are defined and they each have a role to play in our bodies. Somehow they are programmed to fulfill it. How? They have no "brain" as we know it. They are just tiny molecules of protein and other substances but they can either sustain our life or, if they go rogue, can snuff it out. In this book as well are references to genes and chromosomes and the infamous DNA. It is  fascinating.

This virus and so many others are the types of "rogues" I mentioned. They are themselves "programmed" to destroy some of our intricate makeup, starting with our cells. 

How do you develop a vaccine against such an enemy? We can't really "see" it, touch it, or get inside it. How can that microscopic little thing we picture as a sponge ball with red golf tee like structures attached, get into our cells - our own building blocks - and what drives it?

We are at war. A little inconvenience in your daily routines is not much to ask. The enemy is invisible. Scientists are facing an immense task. It took centuries to be able to identify and define a "virus". It might take as many to overpower them.

Cut our leaders some slack folks and try helping however you can. Ignoring stay at home advice falls into category 2) above - solving our own human problems. Stop being so selfish. Don't hoard and don't go out when you don't have to.

Just hope that when we get the huge surprise from category 3) - and we will - we can survive it as well. Will it be living; energy; collision with another heavenly body? The list goes on. Focus on 2) and leave 1) and 3) to the best brains on the planet.

Thanks if you got this far. 


Thursday 24 December 2020

Official 2020 Trump Portrait

 Where have I seen that look?

I asked this before. How many hours has Donald practiced that grumpy, downturned mouth stare? Could he be trying to copy these guys? 

Winston was a true leader loved by his citizens. A real war time PM. He got what he deserved - glory.

                                                                                  Image of Winston Churchill

Benito was initially "loved" and then assassinated and hung upside down by his citizens. He got what he deserved also.

                                                                                   Image of Benito Mussolini


Who was Donald's idol? I hope it was Churchill.


Tuesday 22 December 2020

Christmas Gift for America

Did #Jupiter align with #Saturn over Washington?

A lot has been published about the spectacle of Jupiter being in direct line with Saturn on December 21st, 2020. We did not get to see this locally with an overcast sky. For those who did were you reminded of another bright star two thousand years ago over a very special place? Perhaps America should look at it that way. Someone has been sent to save your country and lead you on a better path. For some unknown reason the timing of a celestial phenomenon resulted in it casting a glow over Washington and the country.

Is the fact that it predated January 20, 2021 by about a month indicative that all will not be perfect? What do the Astrologists have to say about this?

It has been a difficult year for the entire world - an even more difficult four years for America. Their leader has turned out to be Count Dracula in disguise who also sucked blood out of his sometimes willing victims.

Some of them deserve what they got. Some are going to get coal in their stockings this year. The rest need Christmas kindness. I have tried to be subtle and clever in past missives but nothing seemed to work. Time to be direct. That's what Donald seems to like.

Time to go
Exit stage RIGHT
Your limo is waiting
The party is over
Bye, Bye
So long
Hasta la vista
Au revoir
Take a hike
You lost - get over it - and yourself.
Until the next time. OOPS. Scratch that one!
The baton has been passed
You have been made redundant
The pasture awaits your copious unique brand of organic fertilizer
Get on your pony and ride
Take the Trump plane, bus, kiddie car out of town



Friday 18 December 2020

The Christmas Song - new version

 Chestnuts Roasting now that He is Fired

You can sing this to the classic tune by Bob Wells and Mel Tormé, made famous by Nat King Cole.

People toasting now that he is fired  (Chestnuts roasting by an open fire...)
John K. smiling in his grave
Bon Voyage being sung by a choir
The bear has gone back to his cave

Everybody knows that Joe and Ka-me-la will come  (Everybody knows a turkey...)
Turning darkness into light
Downturned faces now starting to smile
The people's House returns to White.

    They know that Santa's on his way
    He's loaded dignity and honour
    In his sleigh
    And honest people will rejoice
    To hear a Pres-i-den-tial voice

And so let's put our shame behind us now  (And so I'm offering this...)
One voice whether red or blue
Regardless of faith, gender, colour we say
Merry Christmas, to you


Wednesday 16 December 2020

Cyber Spying and Hacking Alive and Well in the U.S. Government

 007 Was More Fun But This Is Real

I was just reading about what is purportedly a major case of cyber hacking into Federal Government departments and systems. Supposedly this is one of the most serious ever and the attacker is once again alleged to be Russia.

Is either Trump or Biden addressing this? I have not heard much about it. It seems to me that it should be right up there with COVID 19; right and left winged extremism; restoring faith in elections; Iran; North Korea; environment; and China as major challenges for America.

According to one Associated Press article Trump fired some major players and eliminated positions which addressed this. If there isn't already there should be major push for more  dollars to be spent fighting this and a key person should report right to the top. If this is already part of the National Security Advisor's position then they are failing.

In one area Trump was right. Billions of dollars are spent so that American forces can protect other areas of the world. Others should definitely pay their share. The issue here is what is America doing with its savings?

Cyber Security is one area in which more should be spent. America should be the leader here. One can only hope that she has her own surreptitious code inside the governmental systems of her enemies and is indeed doing a better job than they are. Unfortunately we can never really hear about that. When we hear about terrorist plots being foiled before they occur, it gives us hope. Unfortunately when we also hear that others like Russia already have stolen mountains of confidential materials from inside supposedly secure federal and state systems, how can Americans feel safe and protected?

Over to you Joe. What are you and Kamela going to do about it? Talk doesn't cut it. If you can send someone to the moon, surely you can protect your own data. I bet China can. That was first and only then are they taking moon shots.


Friday 11 December 2020

3 Party System for America

 Is it Time for a #NewParty in U.S. Politics?

I say the answer is yes. A #threeparty system is long overdue.

All the arguments I outline below are the usual reasons most people reject the idea. It can get out of hand. Look at Italy for example where there are more elections than you can count. Perhaps there should be a limit of three in America. Another possibility is to place minimums on the popular vote attained. For example if party "A" fails to get X percent of that vote in two elections in succession it can no longer participate in a third election..

This is like black and white film and TV. There was only so much you could do with it. As soon as colour came along brand new avenues of innovation opened up for directors and producers.

The Tea Party was a bad example of a new party but demonstrated how it will shake up the other two.

Let's assume after Trump leaves office and most people know this is inevitable, he forms a new party. A couple of things will happen. We pretty much know what it will look like and stand for as depicted by Trump and his base. It might attract a few staunch Republicans and even some disenchanted Democrats (doubtful) but I doubt in any large numbers. People voted for Trump to shake up the status quo in Washington. He did. They just got more red neck extremism than they anticipated. His base does not consist of traditional Republicans.

Perhaps a Mitt Romney or a John Kasich could re-establish a more central conservative new Republican party. I suggest a name change. That would attract many former Republicans and maybe some central Democrats thereby weakening any new Trump party and the Democrats. If this happened the existing GOP would likely crumble. This might also give a needed excuse for those spineless big R Republicans who are afraid of Trump to leave him and try to join the new party. They would still have a lot of "splainin" to do. In my opinion they should be put out to pasture.

Any new party is bound to attract new and younger talent, candidates, ideas, and ideals. This is what America needs. It will split the existing vote. Old guard career Senators and Congressmen/women will have to work far harder for their positions. The electorate will also be younger and tired of the McConnells and Grahams on the Hill. Younger people - well educated or not, smell bullshit when it is in abundance as it is now.

Everyone will have to work a lot harder and live up to their promises if they ever want to get a majority. By the same token minority governments force opposing sides to reach across the aisle to get anything passed. This effect will not only come into play at the Presidential level but in both houses of Congress.

Personally I think this is far better for the voters in a democracy. Generally, if it is tougher for the politicians, it is better for the voters. They are after all footing the bill.

Too many career politicians forget for whom they are supposed to be working. It is never supposed to be for themselves.


Wednesday 9 December 2020

Top 5 Analogies for Trump and his Red Cappers

 Let's Try to Make This Easy - Again

Top 5 ways I can think of to try to make them understand.

5. It's the top of the 9th inning boys and you are up but the other team is ahead. Your team strikes out or does not get enough runs to reverse the lead. The game is OVER folks. You can stay if you want but the crowd and the winners have gone home - WITH the pennant. You will be pitching to yourself.

4. You are driving down the road and your tire blows. You carry on - fwap, fwap, fwap. Then a second blows. You keep driving - fwappity, fwappity, fwappity. Soon people are yelling that all four are gone and you are on the rims. Now you are wrecking the car AND the road - right? Get it? You should have stopped after the first blowout.

3. The brand new pool in the back yard is now finished. You plan a big breaking in party with catering, lots of beer and a live band. Problem! It is December fellas with three inches of snow. Everybody declined. Nobody wants to play polar bear.  No party - get it. Donate the food to charity and take back the beer if it isn't opened. Try again in the summer - in four years.

2. Some guy has cheated on his wife and kids for the last time. She has already won the divorce case. She got the money and you got the car. The house is now occupied by new owners. Stop knocking on the door or you will be charged. Get used to sleeping in your car or at your lover's place unless she also moved on. It's over. Any similarity between this and any political leaders is purely unintentional.

1. You are on stage at the world sword fishing contest. Your catch which you claim you landed yourself is hanging on one scale and the other guy's, who happens to be Joe Biden is on an identical scale. His is visibly larger and the scales show it is indeed heavier. You are yelling foul, it is fixed. You insist the judges switch scales. They do with the same result. Your fish falls off the scale and shatters into 100 plaster of Paris pieces. You scream you have been framed. You and your lawyers claim a mountain of evidence - somewhere - that Joe's fish is phony. It is examined by fishermen and taxidermists alike. He wins. Yours is ruled artificial. Still you scream and so do your fans. Go home with your fraudulent broken fish. You have four years to glue it back together.

The last one is a fish story for a reason. Something in the Republican camp smells fishy. Their party is also starting to shatter on the floor.

Trump's supporters have claimed that the Dems. have tried to get him out of office for four years. Probably true. Now you can see why.


Tuesday 8 December 2020

What if Santa gets COVID-19?

The Most Imminent Threat on Earth 

#Breaking News! I hate to be the bearer of it but here goes!

Reliable sources are telling me that very soon an event of colossal import will occur. One single individual will fly to and physically enter every household on the entire globe spending several minutes during the night inside these closed spaces. This event is irreversible and will occur on December 25. The subject is male, was last seen wearing a bright red outfit and hides behind a full beard, moustache and bushy hair, all completely snow white.

Imagine the dire possibilities here:

1. Any powerful nation could have already infected this individual with the deadly Covid-19 virus. He will unknowingly expose every living person on earth to it. Notice the timing - about two weeks from now when symptoms will probably peak.

2. If this person is not currently carrying the virus, he will most certainly be exposed to it and be infected by it in those households. Although asymptomatic at that point, he is known to have a chronic, severe, coughing habit involving involuntary and loud 'HO-HO-HOs' thus expelling the virus into every person's abode after inhaling it himself.

3. Although he might not have yet been exposed himself, he is reputed to rule over an army of small people who work all year manufacturing toys including 2020. The chance of one of these beings also being a carrier is high because they are known to be migrant workers. The subject distributes this merchandise to all of the aforementioned households. Touching one of them could cause infection.

4. Once again with evil intent, any terrorist could infect the individual with the virus because he is also said to digest milk and cookies in each household. What could be simpler? It could not be traced.

This is like knowing that we are about to be hit by a giant asteroid - a certain apocalypse.

What can be done? I put this to the American government.

The Trump administration is denying it as fake news. Unofficially they hinted that they know his identity (although they insist that Obama did not) and as the most powerful nation on earth, if it is true they would simply blow the man out of the sky before he reaches America.

Biden and his people are suggesting negotiating with him BEFORE his flight. The problem is that Trump's people won't share any intelligence they have until next year. Joe has already delegated this to Kamala and suggested she work with Fauci immediately.

Trump's base maintains that if he wears that much red including a cap, they don't give a damn. They swear that Donald has it under control and that only he knows the man is actually an OK guy despite what his Generals are telling him.

The Russians and the Chinese deny any knowledge of this hinting that he is actually a CIA agent. 

The North Koreans want us to believe that he is actually one of their robot agents and is programmed to visit America first.

There is only one strategy that will certainly work. Wear a mask everywhere
 including your home until well into 2021. Oh yes, and sleep in December 26 to let the household air replenish itself. That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.


Friday 4 December 2020

Joe and Kamala. What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Biden and Harris: leaders who can actually COMMUNICATE!

Who listened to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on CNN last night (Dec. 3) and Joe addressing the economy today (Dec. 4)? What a pleasant change. Ditto any other time they spoke in public. They are well educated and it shows.

These people are good orators - just like Obama. Please explain that word to The Donald. Even if they are reading, they can do it smoothly. When they respond to off the cuff questions - this is when their abilities outshine their current counterparts. I'm sure Pence could but he chooses not to.

There is no gloating or boasting and credit is always shared with others. DJT is totally incapable of doing that. I wonder if he ever gave credit to his mother for bringing him into this world? Like COVID, he probably thought it was no big deal. After all, that's what women are for! They bless the world with the likes of him. He probably knows more about childbirth than any of his wives or his mother - doctors too for that matter.

When the Justice Department was mentioned, Joe pointed out that it is not HIS Justice Department - "It is the peoples'." One hundred percent true. The same goes for every other position in the U.S. government. The present leaders - and I use that term loosely - don't get that. They never will.

Personally, I hope Trump does not attend the inauguration. It will be one more key point in his oh so undesirable legacy.


Monday 30 November 2020

20 Years of Prison time for Dumping Garbage on the Roadside

Littering at its Worst. People are Disgusting.

OK. That title was designed to grab your attention. If you got this far, it has. The question now is, are you one of the disgusting guilty parties?

The other day I was walking with a friend during this COVID time to get some fresh air and exercise. He lives just on the border between our city and its open country. The road we took has a railway line crossing it five minutes into the walk - north of our city. The area is covered by trees and bushes. Right after the RR tracks, it turns 90 degrees west and there is another lonely stretch of uninhabited scrub plus farmland.

Because there is some room for parking at this railway crossing, there were a couple of families letting their kids play and wander away from the car but safe from the tracks and trains. What they could not avoid however, was the pile of green garbage bags - some now ripped open - dumped there by some scum of the earth citizen.

As we walk we are always amazed at the crap we see in the ditches and on the edges of pastures also dumped - usually at night - by deplorables. One day I saw an entire wooden rowboat rotting and pushed off a trailer to sit in the ditch. There is construction waste; household waste; paint cans; batteries etc.

Almost all of these things are picked up by municipal garbage collection provided by the city. If not, there is a recycle and "dump" facility within ten minutes where the fees for most peoples' loads are very reasonable - a few dollars. I use it all the time.

Forget any argument that times are hard and they can't afford even those few dollars to dispose of items properly. They can apparently afford the vehicle and gas needed to do the illegal dumping. For many, the proper site is closer.

I personally know others who on a daily basis - when they travel to their morning coffee shop - bring the last day's worth of household garbage which they place in any available commercial bin or waste bin. Usually it is the one beside the coffee shop meant for breakfast paper bags and coffee cups or the local Walmart etc. where larger bins might exist. They are too lazy to store this stuff like everyone else in a bin at home until their collection day.

We hear all about saving the planet; environmental change; global warming etc. but what chance is there for accomplishing any of that when we are surrounded by lowlifes who don't give a rat's ass about the personal level items I just mentioned.

Cheap. Lazy. Selfish. The list is much longer to be sure.

If you think you are not included, when was the last time you spit out your chewing gum on a street or sidewalk or tossed your cigarette butt in a similar manner? Didn't want it cluttering up your car? The bin was too far to walk?

Thanks for making our world just a little more hopeless. Oh yes! Please walk your next shopping cart back to its carrel. Don't leave it in a parking spot - probably mine.


Wednesday 25 November 2020

Thanksgiving and yet Another Vaccine

 A different kind of Thanksgiving and Vaccine

This year Thanksgiving, particularly in America, will be a lot different in several ways.

Firstly if any American is serious about getting life back to normal they can do so by wearing masks and distancing at all times until they are vaccinated. No other way. The Thanks here is that at least some of the superior thinking and less emotional ones are doing so and will continue their efforts.

Secondly those who are not yet part of a positive COVID statistic can give Thanks for escaping to date. These people will probably see the importance of following guidelines as well.

Thirdly I include the traditional Thanks for the three good things - food, shelter, and good health, that some but far fewer have this year. This occupies the third place because a large number of Americans - more than ever before - are without some or all of them.

In fourth I include the progress that has been made on vaccines and the increasing likelihood that they will be protecting the country and its inhabitants some time next year. After that on Thanksgiving 2021 people can give Thanks for all of the missing items in 2020.

In the fifth spot and it could have been first, a lot of Americans and world citizens can give Thanks that the depravity of the last four years, including the run-up to the election in 2016 will finally be over. Just like most natural disasters, there will be a lot of cleanup. Included in this Thanks is Joe Biden and a new team of professionals who should be able to meet the challenges.

Finally let's include the survival so far, of the unique American experiment in Democracy. It still appears to be in tact. Like all experiments, there have been failures and unanticipated outcomes.

I don't recall ever having to give Thanks with so many preconditions.

The new Vaccine in the title? Hopefully Joe and Co. will also see fit to make changes - even constitutionally - to prevent the abuse we have witnessed from happening again - just like a vaccine. As with the development of real vaccines, some tweaking of laws and institutions will be required to make the American system even more robust. One shot. One time.

Build Back Better


Sunday 22 November 2020

The New version of "High Hopes"

 Big Thanks to Sammy Cahn, James Van Heusen, and Frank Sinatra!

Before the days of electronic entertainment on your phone or PC, many people listened to radio. A song made very popular by Old Blue Eyes was "High Hopes" - lyrics by Sammy Cahn and music by James Van Heusen. It was enjoyed by all ages and it won an Oscar.

You can search for the tune and lyrics.

I have created a few more verses that might be more appropriate for America's problems today. Might as well have a little fun. Be sure to listen to the original first. It always makes you feel better when you hear the kids in the background. I had no idea how many great songs were created by the team of Cahn and Van Heusen. Look them up. We the older gen, will recognize many.

Here is my version - turn up your sound. Best heard on a PC. 

Intro 1...

Goes like this ...
daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-dee, daa-da-daa-da-da-da, daa-da-da-dee!

Next time you see, Donald Trump on the tee, No more whining today, Soon we'll be free...

1. Just what makes that President think, That he'll win by raising a stink? Everyone knows you are gone, Don - Watch your legacy sink!

But we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, he is, o-o-o-n the ropes. He's got - a snow-ball's cha-a-a-nces in, H-e-e-ell Hopes

So with his puppet Ru-u-dy, sitting on his knee, crying his latest scams, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes an-other big-black drop, OOPS there goes some more hair co-lor Kerplop!

Intro 2...

Mitch and his bunch, we should have you for lunch, we will never forget, I have a hunch...

2. Counting's done and Donald you're toast. You and Joe are well past the post. There's nothing there you can stir, Sir - Time to be a good host.

But he's got, no-o-o-o class, He is so-o-o- crass. He needs, a General's, bo-o-ot marks on 
hi-i-i-s ass.

So let the Upper-Chamber speak, why are they so weak? Why have they lost their spine?

OOPS there goes, Mitch-McConnel's bunch, OOPS no seat and no more fre-e-e lunch, OOPS there goes their sound of silence Kerplop.

Intro 3...

Joseph and Jill, Have now moved to The Hill, DJT had to leave. Oh what a thrill!

3. Joe and Ka-ma-la can now fix. Every thing that Trump tried to nix. Hopefully they'll make amends, friends. But they'll need some new tricks.

But we've got HI-I-I-IGH HOPES, we've got, HI-I-I-IGH HOPES. We've got, look up on high in the, sky-y-y-y hopes.

Let's reach ac-ross the aisle, wear our warmest smile, once again com-pro-mise! OOPS there goes a major bigotry, help someone get up and off their knee, She still stands - The Statue of Lib-er-ty. So-FREE!


Thursday 19 November 2020

Kristi Noem Joins the Republican Ostrich Club

South Dakota Governor Pandering to the Brass with her Head in the Sand 

Another one bites the dust - literally. It appears that the Governor of South Dakota is going out of her way to bury her head in the sand to ignore obvious facts.

While her state's statistics with this virus are now becoming some of the worst she still spews the party line about masks and lock downs not working. I guess dozens of countries throughout rest of the world are also just spreading the hoax especially the one everybody likes to blame, China.

Ask yourselves this: People in the medical profession but especially surgeons, nurses, and dentists have been wearing masks for decades to protect both themselves and their patients. This was the case long before COVID 19. Have Republican doctors and dentists not followed this practice? Have they been woefully unaware of some special knowledge into which the Governor and her party have tapped? Why do these professionals not consider this practice to be an infringement on their personal liberty? I don't recall ever seeing them protest.

Let me repeat a previous post. The people who protest "Never! You will never make me wear a mask!" - are they all draft dodgers? If they still claim to love America, and if some foreign power were to kill 250,000 Americans would they run when the government brought back conscription? Would they go and fight possibly losing their lives or receiving life altering injuries as hundreds of thousands of American Armed Forces people have done?

If the answer is "YES" they would go off to war then what the hell is the big deal? It is the same government who would command you to go. So it's OK for it to order you to serve and fight but not to wear a frickin' mask?

This Governor says mandates are not the American way. Does she hide draft dodgers from her state in her basement? There are times when governments do indeed mandate their citizens to follow procedures that are best for the country. Maybe she did not live through that.

Give yourselves a shake people. Seat belts save lives. So do motorcycle and bicycle helmets; life jackets; stop signs and traffic signals; and that yellow line in subway stations.

So do masks. Grow up.


Monday 16 November 2020

Trump: A modern day Jim Jones?

 Is Trump the new Pandemic?

I have compared Donald J. Trump to other figures in history such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Joe McCarthy to name a few. The common element was an attempt to understand how normal thinking and free Americans could be so persuaded by one man's fabrications. Trump has exceeded all of the others' lies in sheer volume.

It seems to me that there has been another pandemic at work these past few years and that is Donald himself. Belief in his lies has been spreading like a virus to millions of Americans - look at the popular vote. That number however includes many people who will always vote for the GOP and will never vote for the Democratic Party, regardless of Trump. That is actually good news. Hopefully they are not blinded like the others.

When you hear those yelling, screaming red cappers however, convinced against all odds, truth, events, and logic that if DJT says it then it must be true, another analogy comes to mind.

In 1978 the self-proclaimed leader and preacher of a cult convinced over 900 believers to follow him to the Promised Land after committing mass suicide by drinking a cyanide laced drink. Some who did not were shot. It happened in Guyana in a commune known as Jonestown.

When I hear Trump red cappers yelling "fake news" and "stolen election" - because Donald said so - I have to wonder if they would drink the poison "Kool Aid" as it became known (it did not actually involve that well known brand) if DJT told them to do so.

Jim Jones died with his followers. Donald would never have the courage.

Follow him if you must but take your own refreshment to the rallies and dare I say it - please wear a mask for your relatives and loved ones. Finally, if you receive any invitations to move to Trumpsville, Trumpland, or the like especially overseas, stay put.


Sunday 8 November 2020

Presidential Thinking

Thoughts of a Man who Graduated from his own University

When you have them listening, and eating from your hand,
When the networks have your face on screens across the land,
When you see a shadow of a doubt in every eye,
Pull a joker from the deck and simply tell a lie.

If the point you want to make has not quite hit the mark,
If you have two strikes but you must hit it from the park,
If the journalists are raising hands and asking why,
Make the most of your last pitch and simply tell a lie.

Because the world is watching you, and every move you make,
Because you think your critics and the things they say are fake,
Because some facts get in the way no matter how you try,
Do the thing that you do best and simply tell a lie.

You're a bunch of losers and your brains are getting smaller.
You're the problem so I made my tales a little taller,
You should know I'm chosen by the Big Man in the sky.
So I have divine consent each time I tell a lie.

There is just one problem with the lessons that I teach.
There's a place where I am now and some day you will reach.
There's a puzzle and it is a fact I can't deny,
I no longer know it when I tell myself a lie.


Saturday 7 November 2020

Thank You 2020 Election Workers in America

After it All Lady Liberty still Stands Tall

What an election - like never before and never again we hope. As an outsider to all of this allow me to extend both congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and a Thank You to thousands of others.

I feel the need because the most famous democracy in the world held together once more when it looked like it might be doomed. We can only hope I am not speaking prematurely.

I am referring here to thousands of nameless citizens who made this election possible. We saw some of them at counting centers across the nation. For days they did and are still doing boring repetitive tasks to get votes counted. Their arms, fingers and behinds must be sore. They are surely sleep deprived and sometimes hungry. This has never been done before in such quantities. As I said, they are still at it.

The resounding message throughout all of this is that all legal votes - the foundation blocks and bricks of any democracy - must be counted however long it takes. These are the people making sure this happens. So far it has all worked despite the leader of this great country.

Lady Liberty might have a back brace by now under the robe but I am sure there is a smile on her face.

I hear Donald was golfing today. Did he count every stroke? Were there any impartial observers? Will his partner take him to the Supreme Court to nullify his fraudulent score?

I suspect there will be a very special Thanksgiving this year for many Americans.


Biden's Presidential Address

Music to the Ears

Last night Joe Biden addressed the nation and the world. In a classy fashion he did not jump the gun speaking as the assumed President, but clearly in a Presidential manner.

This is just what America needs. After four years of someone who can't even read a teleprompter without looking like one of those blow up mechanized Christmas or Halloween lawn decorations it was so good to see. In this case it appeared that Biden was also reading his words but what a difference.

When either Biden or Obama speak, they sound Presidential, even their unprepared remarks. Obama is a master at it - no teleprompter in sight. When Trump speaks off script he sounds like a badly scratched LP that keeps skipping backwards as he repeats almost every phrase.

It will be too late but if he has to face the many courts who will soon be after him, Trump should get lots of practice speaking off the cuff. There again what lawyer would ever put him on the stand. As well if he lies to the courts he will pay for it!

It's going to sting even more for Trump if the man he loves to call Sleepy Joe beats him.

Can't wait!


Saturday 31 October 2020

2020 Elections - Heard it all Before

Make America's Presidency and Elections Great Again

Is this election really so different? You could say and I would agree that the current President is the most divisive, unethical, deceitful ever but that is like saying one case of childhood measles is worse than another when both kids are sick in bed. Ask the kid which is worse. There have always been bad Presidents.

Trying to make a virus, or the economy or health care or Trump himself the real issue this time is only scratching the surface. Extending the analogy you don't get severely sick or die from red spots if you have red measles. They are only one symptom. The real problem is what happens to your health overall. The same applies to the country and the election.

I have said this before and it is worth repeating. What is behind the emotion of most elections but in the USA in particular is the great divide between the have and the have nots.

I am not a historian but most of us have some recollection of the topic in school. From the beginning of time there have been conflicts between peoples - internal to a nation or region and between them. It seems to me there are only a few causes. 1) Greedy men - it is usually men - want land, resources, and people outside their jurisdiction so they take them by brutal force. 2) The people they have ruled finally rise up and eliminate the rulers. 3) The rulers begin to suppress and eliminate their own people before 2) can happen. There is a fourth when another nation decides to conquer you, but that is really just the reverse of 1).

Ultimately violence is almost always involved.

In Russia, China, the Philippines, Iran etc. they have experienced 3) above. It is still happening. There have been occurrences of 2) but not many successes. 1) is still happening all over the globe.

What about America - number 2) or number 3)? Since it's founding the gap between American haves and have nots has become extreme. A very few people are obscenely wealthy but they don't see it that way. Perhaps they also think that their wealth will also preserve the status quo for their kids and grandkids. Some of these people and their corporations also control those in power. That is common to most other wealthy countries. The pressure is building and the cork will blow. What flows will not be champagne. 

What is more complex in the USA is the racial aspect. Like it or not it is still there. Those few at the top but especially the "red" ones have always resented the "browning" of what they see as THEIR country. Everybody else is in the Land of the Free only as a concession and only as long as they keep their place as second class citizens and are grateful - or else!

This is what is behind the entire immigration hullabaloo. It is behind Black Lives Matter and White Supremacy. From Adam and Eve this has been inevitable with the population explosion, especially in have not countries. They will seek better lives if only food, water, and shelter elsewhere.

Can Joe Biden fix that? I doubt it - not all of it - but John Kennedy made a good start followed up by Lyndon Johnson. Trump and his cronies make the claim but look at the makeup of his staff both in and out of office. Listen to the stories those who used to work with him have to tell. Fake news? No.

I don't have a solution either but ignoring the problem won't make it go away. If the tensions don't subside America in the worst case will self destruct without enemies firing a shot. In the meantime those same enemies will become the dominant forces in the world replacing America.

If that does not fire up the American spirit I don't know what will.


Friday 30 October 2020

Kudos to CNN Donkey and Elephant Animations!

Elephant and Donkey Commercials are Great!

Hearty congratulations to whomever is behind those commercials on CNN with the elephant and the donkey. They are great.

It is good to see that even though CNN spends virtually all of its time bashing Trump (deservedly most of the time), these cartoons look to be impartial. The message behind all of them is working together or at least that the two mascots should be doing so. They always end up failing.

The last one with a half elephant / half donkey character asks if there is any room in the middle between the other two on a park bench. They both quickly deny it space. So real.

In the past I have named these two Jack Ass and Dumbo. They act the parts most of the time. In the case of the two contenders I think either name is slightly more appropriate for the incumbent.

Thanks CNN.


Monday 26 October 2020

Trump Clearing the Swamp but Still Surrounded by Snakes

If Trump is not Political I am the Pope!

To be clear I am far from papal. Recently on the last debate Trump went on about Biden and others being too political. That is one of the reasons he ran - to "clear the swamp." Choke me with a spoon! This has to be the irony of the century. Donald loves to claim he is the best whatever since time began. We know he gets the blue ribbon for lying but we need a new award for this irony extraordinaire. We need a new word. How about "Trumpwhack?"

If the current POTUS is so apolitical then why :

Were some of the first words out of his mouth (don't remember which face it was) after inauguration like those of a twelve year old? His attendees constituted the largest such gathering ever - far bigger than Obama's! The politics begin..

Has he never said like previous Presidents who understood their role, "The Buck Stops Here"? He is too political.

Does he immediately blame for every single problem he faces, Obama (after almost four years) and anyone else he can invent? He is supposed to be the nation's First Problem Solver. He is its number 1 political figure.

Did he make the simple act of wearing a mask something only weak people and Democrats do? Politics.

Does he keep throwing steak to the rich and bones to the poor? Political consideration. 

Does he deny climate change and sucking up to the oil, coal, car, and other industries when the entire world knows we have to transition away from all of that? Politics - the oily vote.

Does he openly favour red states and denigrate blue ones? That's what political people do.

Could he not answer that question in the last debate about what he would say, if elected, to those who did not vote for him? Biden gave the right answer immediately.  Either of them is indeed the President for ALL Americans. Both political but Biden is right.

So perhaps he has convinced his base that he is clearing the swamp but can't they see the everglade that is replacing it? Donald will be in the Presidential swamp boat making a quick escape while everyone else including his base is still fighting snakes and alligators.


Saturday 24 October 2020

First Gentleman Does Not Sound Cool

What If Kamala Becomes President?

A bit premature but what if Kamala is President some day? It is entirely possible. Many Trump voters claimed they just wanted to shake up the establishment - clear the swamp. They got Donald J. Trump as a result. America also elected its first black President. Why not black AND female? That would surely shake the branches. I think America needs this.

That is not really today's topic. The question has been asked what her husband would be called since this situation would be unique. The usual response is "First Gentleman". Really? Does that even sound American? Would he want that? When it was possible for Bill Clinton to return to the White House in this capacity there were jokes about "First Dude!" I liked it.

Here are some other suggestions:
  • The Man About The (White) House
  • First House Spouse
  • The First Daddy (as in who's my …)
  • The First Partner (then any same sex couple could be in the White House)
  • The Pants in the Family
  • Adam (The First Man)
  • The President's Squeeze
  • SPOTUS (Spouse of The President of The United States)
  • The First Lay Person (Insulted? Get a life. Chill out.)
  • TPOH (The President's Other Half)
  • The First ----y Whipped
  • The First ... What's His Name
  • Kamala's … you know … hubby
  • The Duke of Washington!
  • How about The First Guy. Simple

Now there is the another aspect. Every First Lady has a cause she supports. There is also a tradition of re-doing the White House - furnishings; portraits; drapery; china etc. What is this First Guy supposed to do?

Will the White House look like a Hooters bar? Any other roadhouse or sports bar? Will there be a large screen TV in every room? How about beer coolers? Will the walls be panelled in wood with recliner chairs everywhere? What about BBQs for the mandatory steak grilling and a workshop and tools? The transformation could be dramatic. Expect a lot of leather! Better have an armour plated Porsche ready or maybe a pickup truck. Forget a cutsie lap dog - Rottweiler or bigger.

As far as causes go who knows? Helping older generation golfers improve their score sounds good - to me anyway. I don't see gardening or museums in the picture. Furthering the health and fitness of Americans would be a good one - from a soft couch. Reduce cushions everywhere? American men against bed making? Beer stamps OR food stamps - your choice. On a serious note reducing the number of men who renege on alimony or child support would get kudos. How about "Forever Standing" devoted to eradicate erectile dysfunction everywhere? 

The possibilities are endless.

One thing for sure. When The President enters the White House bedroom after a long day and gets touchy feely, there will be far fewer "Sorry dear - I have a headache" responses.


Friday 23 October 2020

Debate: Not exactly Frazier / Ali

Enough with the Debates. How about these ideas?

We all saw it. We can debate among ourselves who won and who lost but what does it prove?

Next time try something different. How about a mini SURVIVOR format. After all, the citizens surely want the best possible person as President who can lead the country. First and foremost is solving problems. Even protecting the nation is a form of problem solving.

I suggest an event in which the moderator reads out carefully crafted scenarios one at a time - fictitious but entirely possible. Naturally these would have to be totally secret beforehand. Each party would be given a minute to think about it. Then they get to describe in a fixed amount of time what they would do to solve the problem. The microphones will once again be controlled.

If they want to spend their time bragging or criticizing that is their choice but they will not impress the audience - the electorate. Is this not why they get paid the big bucks? In reality they would have staff and advisors (if they listen) but this would give us an impression of how the top person thinks and what kind of people they would choose.

Other topics could include things in which we expect our leaders to excel: world events; history; current affairs; problems of the day for the country and the average citizen; vocabulary; math; what lessons they would teach their kids. You get the picture. It would almost be a mini college entry exam, only there is no way you could pay somebody to take it for you.

Most of the great Presidents would have done well here - some not. Not many think that Trump is a great President (excluding Trump,) but let's face it he would fail with honours. Biden would do well.

This is not just about Trump. America should have at least one of these for each election.

Give it a try. It is no more radical than electing Donald Trump as President. If such a contest had been tried Hillary would now be president. Some think that would be bad. I disagree.


Saturday 17 October 2020

Why is Trump not Calling a Foul Here?

Early Thanksgiving Stuffing. Get Yours Here

American Thanksgiving is coming soon. Here in Canada we already celebrated ours. If we wanted stuffing, we had to make it or buy it at the store. It looks like the Republican Party of California is already making theirs - and yours.

There are lots of headlines about this but here is one from the New York Times: "California Republican Party Admits It Place Misleading Ballot Boxes Around State" (see (1) below). If you research this you will find that apparently they are not breaking any laws (which they blame on the Democrats who wrote them) but they were ordered to cease and desist and refused!

The Donald has said that Democrats are responsible for millions of fraudulent votes and rigging the election. What do you expect? Look at the speaker. Any credible sources say there is no evidence of this in any large numbers.

But in this case those responsible for placing unofficial boxes around the state which look very much like official ones are freely admitting it! Those responsible or at least accountable are members of the Californian Republican Party!

United States, Canada, and other "legitimate" democracies (increasingly doubtful in the case of the USA) are frequently called upon to witness elections in other countries. This is exactly the kind of activity they report in dictatorships and countries with rigged elections.

Do you really believe that those honest people who placed the boxes are going to submit all of the votes regardless of which candidate they represent? If you do perhaps you need to be tested for COVID 19.

So why is The President not calling on these Republicans to stop and to remove the boxes? Apparently it is OK when his side does it and even admits doing so. I would call it a double standard but there are no standards with this man and this administration.

In closing I heard today that Donald talked about leaving the country. Is it any wonder? Could this be an extension of why he left New York? Maybe he fears what will happen to him after the armour of The Presidency can no longer be worn.

All American citizens have to do is remember to change the locks after he leaves.

(1) from https://www.nytimes.com/2020/10/12/us/politics/california-gop-drop-boxes.html

Monday 5 October 2020

COVID Pandemic and Creeping Charlie!

I have a pandemic in my own yard.

It is time for something a little bit lighter and not involving Trump or Biden - almost.

For some time now I have been researching (aka Googling) a major scourge for most yards and gardens - Creeping Charlie. There are some chemicals which are known to be effective in killing it but here in Ontario there are many restrictions on their use. Some say Borax; vinegar; smothering it; picking it out; raking it out etc. Anyone who has a bad infestation will know how futile non-herbicidal approaches are. Leave one root and it will come back.

It occurred to me how much this is like Covid-19.
  • Once your lawn is infested it is VERY hard to remove.
  • It spreads like mad.
  • You can kill it in your own yard but it will re-appear from a neighbour's yard just like city to city spread of Covid. Flatten the curve and it will spike again because neighbours ignored it just like some idiots refuse to wear masks.
  • If you miss one little bit (still symptomatic) it will re-appear a couple of weeks later
  • I could use bleach asTrump recommended (sorry) but it will kill my lawn also. Not sure about Lysol!
  • It came from a foreign country.
  • You can remove it by diligently pulling it up when first spotted - you can't do that with the virus.
  • It invades unhealthy areas of your yard - i.e. with pre-existing conditions.
  • You probably won't see it until it has taken hold.
  • A healthy lawn will suppress it by crowding it out just like healthy anti-bodies will try to surround a new virus.
  • It survives all four seasons.
  • It can be eaten intentionally like mint. Covid is consumed unintentionally.

I'm not sure which method I will use but one thing is for sure. I will follow the advice of the experts. OK I can't resist a final word. I'm sure if I could contact the American President, he would inform me that he is the only person who can solve my problem and that even without any qualifications he knows more than any horticulturalist. Some things never change.

I wonder if Biden could help me? At least if I reach him he will return my call an probably discuss how he once had it and dealt with it.


Wednesday 30 September 2020

Trump / Biden Debate

Sass vs. Class

It was billed as a debate but that's not what we saw. A little Latin is appropriate:

"Veni. Vidi. Clamavi." OK my Latin is a little rusty but loosely I think it says: "I came. I saw. I cried." A lot of America did also.

Trump likes names like Sleepy Joe. How about one for The Donald? I suggest "D3" or "D cubed" - Daffy, Dopey, Donald. He really blew it last night showing his true colours (that spelling is correct, just not American.) for those who did not already know.

If there are more debates there must be one more element in the setup. If anyone continues to interrupt the way Trump did, their microphone gets turned off until they conform. I don't think Wallace would have been up to it even if he could have done so.

In the past when Joe went past his time he stopped immediately mid-sentence and even apologized. He could handle this. However, imagine Trump if his microphone went silent! He would either go nuts or walk out. It would be great either way and completely deserved.

How about it networks? Are you up for that? The people deserve a chance to hear at least one of the candidates who has something to say to them. Biden tried. Trump did not.

Dump Trump - Daffy, Dopey, Donald. Make The Presidency great again.


Monday 28 September 2020

How Did Snoopy or Peanuts Know Trump Would Be President?

No Deep State or Conspiracy Here!

I can't say it better than Charles M. Schultz and Peanuts.

I hope Joe Biden and a lot of other Americans - even Republicans - have seen this. If not read it several times. Take it in before you watch the President / former Vice President debate September 29, 2020.


Sunday 27 September 2020

The Only Way Trump Can Lose This Election ...

Right Idea Mr. President - Wrong Verb

The Donald says "The only way we can lose this election is if it is rigged." Well he got about 94% of that statement correct and let's face it - that is exceptional for him. Usually 100% of all his statements are fake news - blatant lies.

The problem is the verb - "lose". It should read "The only way we can WIN this election is if it is rigged." He has been in the process of rigging it for some time now as have his spineless cronies. He should have been out on his butt after impeachment.

America please, THROW HIM OUT! Your future as a democracy depends on it. NBC had the nerve to do this for things he said - now it is your turn.

You can create the headline of the year: "You're FIRED Mr. President!" Imagine! The American voter on the cover of Time magazine.

Do it - while you still can.


Thursday 24 September 2020

What Current American Leader Do These Definitions Describe?

If it walks, sounds, and looks like a duck, it is probably a duck!

I did a quick search for the meaning of the word "sedition". There are lots more but here are some findings:

Sedition is speech, writing, or behaviour intended to encourage people to fight against or oppose the government. (Harper Collins)

Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or resistance against, established authority. Sedition may include any commotion, though not aimed at direct and open violence against the laws. Seditious words in writing are seditious libel. A seditionist is one who engages in or promotes the interest of sedition. (Wikipedia)

Incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority (Merriam Webster)

Of all the Presidents of the United States of America you have known which one do these words describe the best?

If Bill Barr wants to charge protestors with these or other offences then he had better charge his boss as well. Begs the question, can he charge himself?

Remember this on Election Day.


Friday 18 September 2020

CNNTown Hall with Biden.

Not bad Joe but you need a little polish

Last night we saw Joe Biden on CNN in a refreshing and well run parking lot Town Hall event. Anderson Cooper did a good job of keeping him sharp as did ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos with Trump, if sharp is even applicable to The Donald. Shucks - now I sound biased.

Overall I saw what I expected. Biden was cordial and warm. He smiled genuinely and connected with his questioners. Without question it was obvious how much more comfortable and experienced he was in such an environment than is POTUS. This was lamb vs. mutton; orchid vs. ragweed; filet vs. stewing beef. Biden was in control of his ship; Trump was a fish out of water. Damn - there I go again.

Ironically, both were told not to interrupt by one of the questioners. I guess all politicians share some qualities! That was about all the two forums had in common. What we saw was Uncle Joe and Joe the guy next door - exactly what America needs.

Having delivered the kiss, here are the slaps. Close advisors and campaign managers please:

1. Tell him to ratchet down the emotion. He still got himself all tongue tied. Trump will lever this every chance he gets.

2. Please get him to stop using the term "in fact" in every other statement. It is in fact, annoying as hell.

3. Another big one. Biden constantly gets on a roll and is making an important logical argument of some kind responding to a specific point and then like an LP needle jumping he says "by the way .. " and roars off in another direction on some adjunct, never returning to finish his original point. It is a real killer making him look like he can't keep track of his thoughts.

4. He still carries on too long and then has to stop mid-sentence to apologize for it, running out of time. We all know his opponent never apologizes. Thankfully, Trump will likely force more moderator interruptions than Biden.

5. This is a tough one. Everyone feels for him and his extremely devastating personal losses of family members. Yes it is very emotional for all of us when he recounts them and does show him to be human. But it is beginning to be almost expected every time he speaks. Some will think he is playing for sympathy. I think in any face to face with Trump he should avoid this line of discussion.

So there it is. The bar is indeed low when I say he out shines Trump on almost every level but it is true. If he can focus on these points he will trounce Trump. Trump is an expert at hanging himself so just let him do it

I have said this should be his campaign slogan since Biden announced: "I will make the Presidency great again!" He should repeat it in front of the Donald as many times as he can. Whenever Trump lies, he should just point out that The President is once again indulging in "extemporaneous prevarication" (Churchill). Trump will have no idea what he means.


Monday 14 September 2020

Donkeys vs Elephants or Jackasses vs Dumbos?

Would You Rather Be Kicked By A Horse Or A Cow?

Most people would try to answer "Neither". Both are going to hurt, injure, or probably kill. This election poses a similar dilemma only with a donkey and an elephant.

I have written a lot about Trump. This is simply because I have never experienced - even as a non-American - a less suitable or more despicable person occupying the White House. So I would prefer Biden by a long shot.

On election day however I have always felt that most people vote on emotion and the charisma of their chosen person. What they and their party have promised for months matters little. The accomplishments, errors, and controversies to date are forgotten overall. Sad but I believe it is true.

So ignoring the big and important items like the economy; foreign policy; readiness and willingness to protect the nation; taxation; employment; immigration; climate; and international standing to name a few, here are the items in my view which will determine the next President:

Trump's base will vote for him because:

1. He comes on like a tough guy who is capable of anything
2. He speaks at about their education level - high school at best
3. He hurls insults and mocks other people
4. He has no idea what established diplomatic behaviour is and does not care
5. He goes out of his way to thumb his nose at the establishment at home or abroad
6. He is at heart a white supremacist whether he denies it or not
7. He has zero respect for women in high places
8. He will never ever admit that he is wrong or that he made a mistake
9. He thinks he can rule like a dictator
10. He appeals to the more base instincts of human beings

Biden's supporters (not sure who his base is) will vote for him because: 

1. He has openly and publicly suffered great personal losses which makes him real
2. He has proven his empathy for other people because of 1.
3. He speaks like an educated man despite a personal stutter he had to overcome
4. He understands the COVID crisis and he will try to overcome it
5. He has a warm and sincere smile
6. He does know how to use diplomacy in all of its forms
7. He has a great relationship with his partner who is as much a people person and as hard a worker as he is
8. He listens and will continue to listen to others and take their advice frequently
9. He cares deeply about others - far more than himself
10. He appears and sounds like a person you can trust

Others will have their own lists or perhaps just one point on which they will decide.

Regardless of who wins, the other side will feel like they have been kicked and there will still be lots of Jackasses and Dumbos in power. If that looks like a zoo and sounds like a zoo, it is probably a zoo. Why aren't more of its inhabitants behind bars?


Thursday 10 September 2020

Is This The Straw That Breaks The GOP Elephant's Back?

Lie Your Way Out of THIS Donald

We keep getting lulled into thinking "Finally! Surely people will see the truth about him this time and withdraw their support?" Then it does not happen.

This time it is recorded for the entire world to hear - the voice of DJT talking to Bob Woodward back in February 2020. This is NOT fake news. He said then he knows this is a very serious virus; that it is transmitted by air without contact; that this one is very tricky; probably a lot of other things we have not yet heard.

A couple of the best are:

1) He informs Bob that normal flu kills over 25,000 Americans annually. Then months later you see a video of him at a meeting saying that he did not know that so many American lives are lost to flu each year!
2) You see Kayleigh McEnany telling her audience The President has NEVER played down the virus. Then you hear him months earlier stating himself that he deliberately plays it down - his words, not mine. I acknowledge that Kayleigh might not have heard those tapes when she spoke. If she had, she violated her "I will never lie to you" vow.

Trump knew. He tried to ignore it and wish it away. He misled all Americans.

Added to that are Generals who say he is actually totally disrespected by the military brass and that they hate the things he says about front line members of the armed forces.

We all suspect and some of us hope that there will be a lot more on the remaining Woodward tapes - more of what I and many others always said Trump would do - hang himself, shoot himself in the foot, or lie himself into a corner.

Mr. President - this man brought down Nixon during Watergate. Let me supply the logic: Nixon was smarter than you are; Woodward was smarter than Nixon was; that makes Woodward smarter then you. Ask one of your staff to explain it (then fire him/her I suppose.)

Oh yes - the final piece: Trump is smarter than his base and all the sycophant Republicans who are too gutless to speak out against him.

I am becoming increasingly convinced that some day soon whether he wins or loses the election the military brass will have to remove him forcefully. If that happens The American dream really will be a nightmare.