Thursday 23 March 2023

Contaminated Water and Camp Lejeune

What is more Contaminated - the Water or the Lawyers?

How long has it been since you saw the first Lawyer commercial about tainted or #contaminated water at Camp Lejeune? At least a couple of years for me. The last one was today. There will be more.

As lawyers so often do, once the first one recognized a big opportunity to make a mint on fees everybody else jumped into the ring. Each week there was another Law Partner claiming to be the first and most knowledgeable on the subject.

To set the record straight this is a serious issue for America's heroes. Their military brass and the politicians should have had their backs once a problem was identified. Instead? Deny, deny, deny! None of them should be suffering from drinking or even being around a camp that caused them chronic health issues. Nobody should. Everyone should support them.

However this post is about lawyers, not marines. The phrase "Ambulance Chasers" is very appropriate when it comes to certain lawyers and their firms and has been around a long time. You can extend it to include their pursuit of other victim groups affected by: asbestos or other hazardous materials; employment terminations; drugs - legal or illicit; governments at all levels; insurance claims; sexual harassment and many more. It is a very ugly image for individuals who are supposed to represent the penultimate professionals.

Apparently these guys have no shame. What is even less professional is when they try to save a few bucks by doing their own commercials. Stop being so cheap and hire another group of professionals counsellors - models and actors. At least they could sound sincere.

Soon we will be hearing that if you have ever: driven by Camp Lejeune on a windy day; made a delivery or pickup there; shaken hands with a former resident; allowed a pet to run free on the grounds; or flown over it in a jetliner you should contact Makeabundle, Makeabundle, and Makeabundle, right away.

Remember! You won't have to pay a dime unless they recover money for you. That one started a long time ago too and then they all jumped in.

The only prominent client I have not seen them chasing is Donald J. Trump. Surely even lawyers are too smart for that. HUGE cash retainer or certified cheque up front please. No exceptions.

Don't you miss Perry Mason Perry Mason (TV Series 1957–1966) - IMDb; Denny Crane Boston Legal (TV Series 2004–2008) - IMDb, Ben Matlock Matlock (TV Series 1986–1995) - IMDb and the lot?


Saturday 11 March 2023

Orwell's 1984 Forty Years Later

The Next Nuclear Button Push will be the Last

Whatever your religion,
Or how you think and pray,
Some might find this offensive,
But there are things to say.

Wherever is the Heaven
Or Hell that you might fear,
Our Earth is in grave danger.
Armageddon's near.

Some of you are yawning,
"Old news" I hear you say.
Y2K would self implode
Yet here we are today.

Butchery and genocide
Fill history books galore.
But sadly men have never learned
These lessons from before.

Never through those wicked times
And genocides that linger,
Could man annihilate this Earth
With one touch of a finger.

There won't be any Marshall Plan
No cities to remake.
The greatest minds know when to blink
For all of mankind's sake.

Is Heaven watching as its flocks
Approach the great abyss?
Surely there's a better way
To test our Faith than this.


Saturday 4 March 2023

Alex Murdaugh Shoots Himself in the Foot

Murdaugh and American Justice System

YIPIKAYE. I am one of the many who think Big Alex got exactly what he deserved! And it certainly wasn't an Oscar.

After the verdict some of the speakers talked about the American Justice System. One borrowed from Churchill in calling the system terrible but better than anyone else's. Can't agree with that but it certainly came through this time. Cameras in courtrooms turn them and all their officials into the Jerry Springer show or Tiny Talent Time. Everyone is performing for the camera during and after the trial. Just recall the OJ trial. What a joke. Then everyone makes a fortune writing books and doing the talk show route - even jurists.

Having watched specials about the Murdaugh family, it reminded me of the Trumps; Joseph Kennedy and his sons; and even TV series like Dallas and Dynasty. The wealthy generally own the politicians and get what they want - when they want it. The poor only manage to scream this at protests.

At least three generations of his family owned their town and surroundings. They really did think they could get away with anything. They didn't. So The Christians finally managed to slay one of the Lions in the public coliseum called American justice.

I didn't watch all of it but enough to form an opinion. Ironically that is the main reason I don't like cameras in trials. It becomes another form of social media - everyone is an armchair judge, jurist, prosecutor, or defence lawyer. This time even I was and I distrusted the guy from the start without really knowing any of the facts. 

Another reason I don't like trial specials is that it almost teaches the public how to bamboozle a court if they ever do end up in one. When you don't witness this, courts and trials are intimidating as they should be. You hope you never have to face one and just maybe this affects your behaviour.

Having confessed however, here are a couple of my armchair thoughts. 

Worst of all I thought he looked and acted guilty. It's OK for the jury to conclude that but not the viewing public who don't hear all testimony and instructions from the judge. My bad.

For sure a big one was that Alex said he was nowhere near the murder scene when it happened and then had to stand on his head. He also stated that the dogs were quiet. These were hunting dogs. If anyone other than family was anywhere near that kennel they would have been going nuts unless they had been silenced. Thirdly the defence tried to maintain that there were at least two shooters. This was because there were 2 types of guns and two angles of attack or bullet trajectories. To me that was just another case of Alex deliberately carrying out shootings in such a manner so as to lead to such a false conclusion. The guy was a lawyer - not a very good one apparently - but very clever. The drug angle did nothing for me. I am not even sure they proved his consumption and addiction was as abnormal as he stated.

Lastly ballistics told exactly what kinds of weapons and ammo were used. The family had such weapons but guess what - they had magically disappeared - both of them!

Other than this monster rotting in a cell somewhere and facing prison justice, there are a couple of other positive outcomes. Firstly I think the dogs will get a good home somewhere. They are celebrities after all! The remaining son is probably no saint either but all this will have such a horrible effect on him that he will never follow in his father's footsteps. Instead, maybe he will become another reborn man like Ebenezer Scrooge. Also there might ultimately be some financial benefit to the hundreds of families and individuals from whom Alex stole money, even if his land and properties have to be sold. That will be a different trial so stay tuned.

We can all hope that somewhere other individuals who think they have conceived of the perfect murder(s) will think twice. 

Now let's bet on the date of first book, mini-series, or movie to hit the market. Only in America!


Wednesday 1 March 2023

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of U.S.Politics!

American Politics - It's Always Entertaining!

One thing about American politics - it is never boring! On any given day you can find ongoing stories that make you just shake your head. Yes, I know. Since most of this stuff comes from the media, in some countries I wouldn't even be reading or viewing it but that doesn't change the stuff!

What have I seen just today? Most of what I saw yesterday and probably tomorrow.

The USA is sabre rattling (again) telling China that it better not take sides in the Ukraine war - or else. Meanwhile billions in aid from the US has flowed to Ukraine and will continue because - she has taken sides. I agree with it but there are at least shades of hypocrisy here.

For over two years now Trump has been spreading absolute crap - the Big Lie - being ever so grateful to Fox. Anchors on Fox were known to agree off camera that there was no election fraud - that Trump lost and Biden won. Now that the Fox owner has admitted to this under oath, Trump is mad as a hatter (OK angry - some think he was always mad) at the very same network. Makes you feel good all over. Too bad The Pope has stayed out of it. What kind of filth would DJT spew in that case?

If you are ever stuck then MTG is always good for a laugh and a headshake. (Google it - I don't want to mention the name.) This woman would have fit right in on The Three Stooges. Where is Ralph Kramden when you need him? POW - right to the moon! No guns involved.

The other day I was hearing a respectable GOP member and media spokesperson stating correctly that every member of the GOP is not right wing. Not all Republicans are gun toting red necks, implying that most Democrats openly said they were. OK true. Funny but he neglected to say that not all Democrats are "Socialists". That is something that too many GOP members DO say. I don't think many of them know the meaning of the word.

Two big topics always guaranteed to get a rise and some coverage are Woke and Critical Race Theory. No matter how you cut it, both smack of many Americans wanting to sweep their sometimes sordid past under the carpet. Throughout all of the horrible cases of genocide and torture inflicted by humans on other humans, one of the most publicized is the Holocaust. Millions of German citizens - some of them now gone - are still held responsible and always will be.

Victims of the Nazi regime are commemorated in various novel ways. One man has created 70,000 small plaques placed on streets and houses naming individuals we lost. see 'Stumbling stones': a different vision of Holocaust remembrance | Cities | The Guardian. Sites like the gas ovens and prisons where victims were killed and tortured are preserved as horrible reminders.

Contrast that to America. What does America celebrate? It's overpaid and glamorous movie and TV stars with plaques in a famous sidewalk. States are trying to erase their American history from books, schools, media, and even the language. Why not honour black people who were lynched, tortured, raped, gutted, whipped, overworked, and repressed on this side of the ocean? It took over 100 years to get legislation passed to outlaw lynching. Then the best Biden could do was make it a hate crime! It is history and must not be glossed over.

What about Dilbert? Good old not everybody gets the humour Dilbert. He has now been banned from many publications because of the rants of his creator. (I agree he went too far.) What will be next? Will Sylvester the Cat be banned because of his violent attitude towards Tweety Bird? How about Minnie Mouse for being bare chested?

If you're bored it is guaranteed there will be more mass shootings this year and more politicians saying "This must never be allowed to happen again!". Most of them will have some kind of automatic weapon(s) at home as they speak.

Don't forget the other "who done it" trial of Alex Murdaugh. Another super rich and powerful family with too much money and not enough to do with it. Maybe he will get a star in the walk of fame. We don't yet know if he is acting but hey that goes for a lot of Oscar winners. Oh yes - those awards are coming up soon also. No politics there!

That's only two months gone with 10 more to go!