Tuesday, 4 January 2022

#AmericanRevolution - The Sequel

Be Doubly Careful What You Wish For  - the SECOND Time

A lot of people throughout the world will never understand why many people in America or anywhere else refuse to be vaccinated. It is what it is. Even more people throughout the world will never understand America's gun mentality.

However those two pale in magnitude when compared to the overwhelming dismay of those non-Americans and Americans over the prospect of Donald Trump EVER becoming elected a second time. If he does he will try to stay there forever and America will exist no more. The "experiment" will fail.

It seems that many scholars and patriots alike believe that there will indeed be another internal war in America. This humble scribe also believes it is inevitable if nothing is done and done quickly. It is a no-win situation. If Trump actually does appear to win there will be another rising to get rid of him, either from within or externally. If Biden or another Democrat actually wins again, there will be a second January 6th that will make the first one look like a school yard brawl.

In either case there will indeed be cheating - on the part of the Republicans. It has already happened before any next election, at the state level. They also tried in 2020 but failed. It was not the Democratic donkeys (Jack Asses?) but the Republican elephants (Dumbos?) who tried to cheat. Those who think otherwise simply believe every word issued by some of the worst liars on the face of the planet.

Will it be called an "American Revolution?" It should have a new name since the original has already been done and this one would be totally foolish and unnecessary. How about "The Disunited States Revolution?"; "The American Disappearing Act of 2024?; "The Dump Trump Uprising?". "Yanky Hanky Panky?" In any case history will record it as the birth of The American Dictatorship. In my opinion some day red ties will clash with either black or brown shirts and red ball caps will never be taken seriously.

This is cutting off a foot to cure an ingrown toenail. Severe ingrown toenails are very painful and very much a problem that must be dealt with. They can become infected. They hamper every attempt at progress. You can no longer function. They must be removed by specialists - but not the entire foot. Enough metaphor.

America you will never be happy with a wannabe dictator. Eventually they all tumble. 
This is not a game. Here "Trump" should not take all. Just don't go there. Do everything you have to in order to prevent it - the American way - through a LEGITMATE voting process.

Please - for the rest of the world you used to lead.


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