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Wednesday 1 March 2023

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of U.S.Politics!

American Politics - It's Always Entertaining!

One thing about American politics - it is never boring! On any given day you can find ongoing stories that make you just shake your head. Yes, I know. Since most of this stuff comes from the media, in some countries I wouldn't even be reading or viewing it but that doesn't change the stuff!

What have I seen just today? Most of what I saw yesterday and probably tomorrow.

The USA is sabre rattling (again) telling China that it better not take sides in the Ukraine war - or else. Meanwhile billions in aid from the US has flowed to Ukraine and will continue because - she has taken sides. I agree with it but there are at least shades of hypocrisy here.

For over two years now Trump has been spreading absolute crap - the Big Lie - being ever so grateful to Fox. Anchors on Fox were known to agree off camera that there was no election fraud - that Trump lost and Biden won. Now that the Fox owner has admitted to this under oath, Trump is mad as a hatter (OK angry - some think he was always mad) at the very same network. Makes you feel good all over. Too bad The Pope has stayed out of it. What kind of filth would DJT spew in that case?

If you are ever stuck then MTG is always good for a laugh and a headshake. (Google it - I don't want to mention the name.) This woman would have fit right in on The Three Stooges. Where is Ralph Kramden when you need him? POW - right to the moon! No guns involved.

The other day I was hearing a respectable GOP member and media spokesperson stating correctly that every member of the GOP is not right wing. Not all Republicans are gun toting red necks, implying that most Democrats openly said they were. OK true. Funny but he neglected to say that not all Democrats are "Socialists". That is something that too many GOP members DO say. I don't think many of them know the meaning of the word.

Two big topics always guaranteed to get a rise and some coverage are Woke and Critical Race Theory. No matter how you cut it, both smack of many Americans wanting to sweep their sometimes sordid past under the carpet. Throughout all of the horrible cases of genocide and torture inflicted by humans on other humans, one of the most publicized is the Holocaust. Millions of German citizens - some of them now gone - are still held responsible and always will be.

Victims of the Nazi regime are commemorated in various novel ways. One man has created 70,000 small plaques placed on streets and houses naming individuals we lost. see 'Stumbling stones': a different vision of Holocaust remembrance | Cities | The Guardian. Sites like the gas ovens and prisons where victims were killed and tortured are preserved as horrible reminders.

Contrast that to America. What does America celebrate? It's overpaid and glamorous movie and TV stars with plaques in a famous sidewalk. States are trying to erase their American history from books, schools, media, and even the language. Why not honour black people who were lynched, tortured, raped, gutted, whipped, overworked, and repressed on this side of the ocean? It took over 100 years to get legislation passed to outlaw lynching. Then the best Biden could do was make it a hate crime! It is history and must not be glossed over.

What about Dilbert? Good old not everybody gets the humour Dilbert. He has now been banned from many publications because of the rants of his creator. (I agree he went too far.) What will be next? Will Sylvester the Cat be banned because of his violent attitude towards Tweety Bird? How about Minnie Mouse for being bare chested?

If you're bored it is guaranteed there will be more mass shootings this year and more politicians saying "This must never be allowed to happen again!". Most of them will have some kind of automatic weapon(s) at home as they speak.

Don't forget the other "who done it" trial of Alex Murdaugh. Another super rich and powerful family with too much money and not enough to do with it. Maybe he will get a star in the walk of fame. We don't yet know if he is acting but hey that goes for a lot of Oscar winners. Oh yes - those awards are coming up soon also. No politics there!

That's only two months gone with 10 more to go!


Saturday 28 January 2023

The Supreme court: The Thorn in America's Side - make that Heart

Is the Highest Court in America High on Itself or Something Else?

It is time to make some changes to the American democratic "system", in this case The Supreme Court. Just like diagnosing a car, if you could plug into an American government "chip" I'm sure The Supreme Court would be flagged with a code indicating that repair was needed.

Rumours abound that there is internal squabbling. I'm sure this is not new but the differences are never supposed to be based upon politics. To the public it appears that is exactly what is happenng. Look at the fate of great sports teams when the squabbling gets nasty. Their performance falls apart.

What do you expect when Presidents - most recently Trump but many others before him - try to stack the deck in their party's favour? It is supposed to be the last impartial pillar on which the American three part system can rely. Can they do so any longer? That is questionable.

I have suggested before that the court needs to change. It will not be easy but the American system was designed without easy in mind. It should be difficult but doable. Who will take on the challenge?

Here is this author's suggestions as one who has never been a professional politician and who is not American. They apply to the appointment process and the term served by a judge. The objectives are to limit the term any one judge can serve and to attempt to maintain an even split of party appointments. 
The same should apply to any other Supreme Court appointments in the land:
  1. There must always be an odd number of judges. Today there are 9.
  2. Just as there is today there will be one Chief Justice to break any split decisions.
  3. Judges continue to be appointed but not for life. They will serve for a minimum of 4 years but a maximum of 8 net years. After four years a judge can be replaced by the President. (If a judge is off for 6 months that will not count against their total.)
  4. Each new President gets to appoint a maximum of 4 Supreme Court judges (currently) or 50% of the court, excluding the Chief Justice. However if no judge has served their minimum 4 years, no appointments will be permitted until that time.
  5. The only exceptions would be if a judge retires, dies, or is incapacitated.
  6. If a President wins a 2nd 4 year term and they want to appoint new judges, they will have to replace judges who have served their minimum four years and who were appointed by their own party.
  7. During the approval process for a new judge, only a fixed number of rejections (to be determined) of individuals will be permitted. Once the maximum is reached, the President is free to make the appointment.
This would be far from perfect. The transition would take several years. Those who already sit thought they had an esteemed position with great pay for life. If removed they will likely have to be paid out.

It should work towards balancing out the numbers of red and blue judges and could be extended to any additional parties in the future. It should also make existing judges thinks twice about politically motivated decisions.

This will not please everyone but it deserves its day in court! If you object please leave constructive comments below.


Thursday 5 January 2023

2023 Nomination for Speaker of The House

The System is Rigged - against the Riggers

You have to laugh. Kevin McCarthy is now suffering a major crisis in his own party during the nomination for a new Speaker of The House. He thought he was a shoe in - just like Trump. Now the fix is really in - against HIM. No Democrats needed.

Looks good on him after condemning Trump and then kissing his "ring". Nancy must really be enjoying the show. That's EXACTLY what it has become - a show. a B-grade movie. No need for cartoons - the whole thing is a cartoon.

Did you hear some of the nominators giving their little speech before naming their nominee? Jim Jordan ranting about how people in the current administration who were never elected are running the show and exercising too much power. Excuse me? The brains behind the entire Trump administration were all unelected. ("Behind" -  reminds me of where The Donald's own gray matter often  resides.) Several of his team were close family members. Are we forgetting Kelly Anne Conway; Roger Stone; Rudy Giuliani; Steve Bannon; John Bolton; Ivanka Trump to name a few. Every President has a cabinet of about 15 people as advisors. None are elected. This is nothing new.

Then there was Jordan's recommitment to investigate everyone in a blue outfit, just to get back at "the other side". He wants a hearing on Dr. Anthony Fauci. Why not subpoena The Pope or any of the current evangelists in his own country? This guy is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Friday 4 November 2022

Will the American mid-terms be Aftershocks or a Tsunami?

Hate will win the mid-term U.S. Elections

It is tragic but American elections have degraded to the point that the party that generates the most hate will win - both these mid-terms and in 2024. Imagine that! This is supposedly the "model" of a true democracy. It was - as long as white Anglo-Saxons had all the money and power while visible minorities remained just that and kept their mouths shut.

I have always leaned towards small "c" conservative values but they seem to be disappearing - globally. As an outsider looking in along with the rest of the world I do think the Democrats have moved a little too far left but not to the degree that the Republicans - even the non-MAGA ones - have moved in droves to the extreme right.

I just saw a headline that made me shake my head. Apparently Laura Ingraham on FOX (sorry but I can't say "NEWS" - it is not. See LAURA INGRAHAM: Last night was 'embarrassing' for the president | Fox News). It contains this: "Bottom line, I can't think of anything more irresponsible than a president who tells the world that America is a democracy only if his party wins." Are you seeing where I am going yet?

There is more drivel but this is apparently her personal opinion which she is trying to get you to absorb. Welcome to free speech and a free press. Under Trump it will probably disappear. That's the first salient point. The main problem with her verbal meanderings is that the leader of the party she and her network love to love stated openly before hundreds of millions of people that the only way he could possibly lose is if the 2020 elections were rigged! And he started this rant long before the election.

Did the Yankees claim the series was rigged because they could not lose unless it was?

As most intelligent people now know, this was complete bullshit. Even its architect Steve Bannon admitted this. There is not much new that I have not already said but this is really pathetic: if these elections give the GOP a majority in the House and/or the Senate it will only be because many of those who make up that majority sold their souls to the Devil. They lied through their teeth and they are still doing so. Most of us know it. If Trump returns to power THAT will be the reason.

The REALLY sad part? The only office that The Donald should be occupying would be enclosed by concrete and iron bars. Paint it white if it will make him feel better. Much as I like Biden as a person, it is probably true that he is a little long in the tooth to fulfill another four years,

The best solution in my opinion? Trump should be locked up as much for his private dealings as his Presidential ones. One of the reasons? You couldn't tell them apart. Biden should go because another four years even if there isn't another January 6th will be four more years of infighting while world politics and wars carry on. His ideals deserve respect but the world has changed - radically.

Then what? The only thing that gives me some hope for the future is youth - not all of it but SOME. OUR issues in many cases are gone unless radical parents passed on their extreme views to their kids. Race is often transparent. Blacks are with whites; browns with blacks; browns with whites; yellow with red; red with olive - you get the picture, and they are OK with it!

We are leaving a horrible, horrible world to our kids and many of them know it. I hope they can reform political systems across the world when we are gone. They will have to or the planet will no longer be a special third rock from the sun - just another sphere of dust.

Whichever side you want to vote for, do yourselves a favour. If the representative is spewing hate, don't vote for them.


Friday 28 October 2022

American Politics Compared to Lemmings

Are Too Many American Voters Becoming Lemmings?

Many people have heard about a small rodent known as a Lemming which is believed to hurl itself from cliffs in huge numbers. The jury is out on whether this is really true as you will see in the following references:

If they do it is more in the form of a stampede - often looking for food. They can swim but are not great judges of aquatic distances. Many drown. With huge numbers behind them they could be pushed off the cliff or simply have no way back. In one of the above references there were accusations that in a Disney documentary the producers were actually pushing some of them off a precipice for the desired effect.

What is happening in America today is very similar. Many people who just can't seem to see the light about election lies are following the masses and not thinking for themselves. People like Steve Bannon and Donald Trump are doing the pushing. They have no plans to go over the edge themselves.

Today is the day we all heard about an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband in their home. It was an intruder looking for Nancy who was not there. It is reported that her husband will recover fully. If police had not arrived promptly, what would have happened? If the attackers had gotten their hands on Mike Pence on January 6th with a gallows outside, what would have happened?

If the violence being seen and often encouraged in America today continues, every election will become a cliff. Humans are supposed to be intelligent enough not to jump. Apparently many are not.

Look what happened to Osama bin Laden. His pursuit spanned Presidential terms of both Republicans and Democrats and eventually it succeeded - because of cooperation for a greater good.

Surely the most renowned model of a democracy in the world is worth saving. The Liberty Bell now has many, many cracks but all of them can be repaired without melting down the bell itself. Violence is often a quick route to short term gains but in the end everybody pays.

The way things are going one day soon you will see in the media - if the extremists have not destroyed all forms but their own (sound familiar?) - the rest of the world will rightly decline to acknowledge election results in America and rightly so. The fix is in and just like the last time, it ain't colored blue.


Saturday 17 September 2022

The Trump, DOJ, Special Master Shell Game

Deep State or Dire Straits?

If your lawyer or doctor took your most personal files home and then had a dinner party leaving them open in the party room or bathroom for any guest to read at their leisure, would you be irate? Would you sue? Naturally you would, and you would likely win. So how is it that Trump can get away with taking the most sensitive documents in the White House home in a similar manner? If you subsequently discovered that many of your papers were missing would you be fit to be tied? Should the lawyer be disbarred? Again the answer is yes. Ditto Trump.

January 6th showed one of the worst cracks in the Liberty Bell I have witnessed but this Mar-A-Lago debacle Trumps even that. One of the elements that Trump claimed he would fix was the "Deep State" of things in Washington. He failed - we all know that. He lost - we all know that. But one of the things that this entire mess with its completely biased judge and its "Special Master" show is just how dysfunctional the U.S. government can be. It really does need a shake-up but not violent and total destruction.

It is ironic that DJT and the boys by their gross conduct have dramatically demonstrated what he claimed he would fix! There have been many more examples. Think "lock her up!"

This case should be a slam dunk along with the 2 impeachments. Trump should never get into the White House again. Many prominent Republicans publicly sided with The Donald and swore the election was rigged. It WAS - by the GOP and Trump. Thankfully they failed. Now they are all standing on their heads to get re-elected. From "It was rigged and Trump is still President" to "Joe Biden is the legitimate President. There was no fix." Go figure. They too should never hold office again. They ARE the biggest problem with the system. They are the Deep State because they are in Dire Straits. Yes - people like this exist on both sides of the aisle.

We always need leaders who have the interests of the majority of the population at heart and who can get things done. In a democracy, they are politicians by definition. I often think that is a dirty word but it isn't. It is politics itself that has earned the dirty title and it has reached an all time high in America.

Trump's judge appointments have been working in a biased manner in his favour. They should not. There is something wrong with the system when this guy was caught red handed with his hand in the nation's security cookie jar in a personal space far away from where it belongs. Either you or I would be locked up. He should be also. He has no justification. Period.

Electing Donald J. Trump back into the White House would be like appointing Vito Corleone to replace The Pope.

If you are scoffing at this let me finish with one fact you can check for yourselves. Donald J. Trump is not invited to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. She was not amused with him and probably knew he would try to steal the show by pushing King Charles III out of his way.


Sunday 21 August 2022

Why is America S-o-o-o Divided?

 WHY is Trump so Popular with his base?

U.S. politics has always been right vs. left - liberal vs. conservative; state power vs. individual power; socialist vs. capitalistic. We face many of the same megatrends here in Canada.

Both are lands of tremendous resources and splendour. They are magnets for people who are oppressed and want a better life as represented by the Statue of Liberty.

I have written a lot of anti-Trump posts in this blog. The reason to me is obvious. I can't stand the man, and he does not even impact me directly here in Canada. What is less obvious are the reasons so many of his "base" love him. Perhaps it is time to look outside the box as they say. "Box" is a very topical word with The Donald these days so why not.

I have seen and heard one thing frequently. The GOP might not like Trump and some of his ass kissing colleagues in both Houses, but they dislike even more the alternative - Biden and the Dems. Let's take a look at that. I still maintain one thing however that I have always said. You don't chop off a foot to treat an ingrown toenail. Electing Trump to change Washington is more like the amputation.

Immigration has always been a problem for those with the good life. As the years pass, others are often brought in through immigration policies or in some cases slavery to perform the tasks many of the established will not do. As long as the dominated accept the lesser and physically more demanding jobs involving labor and long hours, things go well. It is way better than they had back home. 

However immigration as a means of helping people escape their woes back home - at the American taxpayer's expanse, is an issue. Many well off Americans see Biden's approach to immigration as too slack. Trump's appeared to be very harsh but many preferred it. If there are not jobs for those already here, why bring in more unless they possess specific skills which are needed?

Trump scored when he said it was time for other nations to pay for American help and defence. It was popular. Biden got out of Afghanistan but in a very clumsy shotgun fashion. Trump signed the treaty but Biden is taking the blame. He is staying out of Ukraine directly, but this new stand off approach is still associated with Trump. Many see Biden as emulating this.

Biden appears to be one of the most honest Presidents but people no longer care about telling the truth. Many lie in their own lives if it is to their benefit and turn a blind eye to the practice.

There is no question that many new Democrats view their own leadership as old guard and not progressive enough. The newer vision of more liberalism is dividing the party but more extremist views of the Republicans seem to be uniting the GOP.

Biden won with a lot of black voter support but his inability to pass voters rights into law has disappointed a lot of those same people.

The world is full of more problems now than Trump faced: COVID pandemic; Monkey Pox; floods; extreme drought; inflation; lack of jobs although that is improving; high fuel coasts; high interest; kids staying at home; overworked medical staff; Ukraine; China. The current President is always blamed for such things and some including Biden acknowledge that the "Buck Stops Here". Trump did not. He won't accept responsibility for anything that is tough to accomplish.

Even though Biden is probably more fit than most his age, voters worry that he is too old and that image won't go away.

Finally there are not only more right winged extremists coming out of the woodwork than ever before, they are taking actions and calling for more. Some even made it into Washington's highest circles and might still be there.

The Wildfires throughout the world are metaphors for the problems America faces. Resources and willpower are thin. Trump loves creating problems and wants more. They are a diversion from his incompetence, inability, and illicit activities. I
f he is re-elected he will appoint many who are also longing for Authoritarianism.

God help America and the world if Trump becomes POTUS again. As I have said before, one day Lady Liberty will abandon her post and swim back to France if he gets back in.


Sunday 7 August 2022

Hail the Alex Jones Decision

Alex Jones is like an Iceberg

I guess you can read that a couple of ways. There is a huge amount below the surface that you don't know about but have heard is looming there. Also we hope that he will eventually melt and disappear doing no more arm. He has already done enough.

I watched much of the CNN special last night but must admit I fell asleep. He is so over the top crazy it is boring after a while. You have to wonder how many hours he practiced his rage act in front of mirrors. It is like Trump with the downturned scowl. I think Jones must have studied Adolf Hitler as a kid (I don't think Trump studied anything) and has tried to look just as enraged. I would have expected him to have developed his own salute but perhaps that is yet to come.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans actually believe his every word. Can any sane person even believe that? I had no idea that he made his fortune by selling what is reported to be junk product - "snake oil" - on the web. If he endorses it, people buy it. 
How can so many Americans be that naive? Oh yes - they also voted Trump in and believe his every lie as well.

The Clintons are part of a satanic cult meeting at a pizza house abusing and sacrificing children? Sandy Hook was a hoax? The government controls the weather? They put additives in the water to make people gay so they won't reproduce? It is making frogs gay? Robert Mueller is a pedophile? These are but a few.

We can only hope there are many more convictions
 to come for him alone, driving him into abject poverty. He deserves it.

The bigger picture here is that finally one of these dingbats was prosecuted for lies he told and spread. It is great that America has free speech. I can stand on a soap box in a public park or on my own lawn and say anything I want. I won't be charged for standing there or speaking. But I CAN and SHOULD be charged for consequences of my words and lies.

One thing would improve all of this. The family hurting in this case, should not have to incur one cent of expense in having him silenced and even for receiving damages. They should not have had to prove that they were real; that their son was real and was indeed shot; or that hey are hurting.

That is another area of the infamous American justice system that needs to be improved.

Now focus on Trump. He makes Jones look like Mother Teresa.


Sunday 8 May 2022

Abort these Abortion Proposals - BEFORE it's too Late

While You Still Have the Right to Choose - Choose to Keep that Right!

In the last few years we have heard more examples of hypocrisy from politicians than probably ever before. The winners hands down are Republicans. Top of the heap are the Trump appointed Supreme Court Justices. 

We all heard them say that they would consider Roe vs Wade to be a precedent. It has indeed been for almost 50 years. In hindsight, if you listen to the cleverness of their answers during their appointment hearings it just adds to the hypocrisy. These people are expected to play it straight and say it straight. They failed.

The enormity of this hypocrisy goes way beyond the Supreme Court. Some 26 plus states are prepared to ban the right to choice for women.

Why is this hypocrisy?

1. Many of these high minded politicians who claim to stand for American ideals are the same ones who yelled and screamed bloody murder at the mere prospect of being told to wear a mask to fight COVID. They yelled even louder over mandatory vaccinations. Why? It was an attack on their rights and personal freedoms. Nobody could tell them what to do with their bodies. How can such protestors - and many of them are men - then turn around and suggest that they and their governments have a right to tell women what they can or can 't do with their own body?

2. Each and every one of them knows damn well that if their own daughter or even their wife has an unwanted pregnancy, they would find somewhere to perform the same procedure they profess to find offensive.

3. They know that rich people (like themselves) will be able to afford these procedures, but poor people will not be able to. Hence the law will not be applied evenly to all people.

4. If doing the right thing is their claim, then they will have to double down on finding and prosecuting all of the deadbeat dads who impregnate spouses and girlfriends and then skip town. If the woman must give birth to her child then the man must help pay for his child! Once again there is a double standard - hold the woman accountable, but not the man.

5. If women are prepared to join the armed forces and in many cases give their own lives for their country, then they should also be able to control its destiny back home.

6. Many of those who want to take away this right will for sure be gun owners. After all, they have a right which they claim "bear arms" gives them. What about all of those people young and old who die because of the misuse of those guns? If human life is so sacred then this is even more hypocrisy,

One final point. There are enough couples who abuse their children horribly when they do have them. Surely this number will go up if they are forced to have a child against their own will. The same thing often happens to adapted children.

I predict that there will be some politician who claims to be for this denial and then finds out that his mistress is pregnant. See what happens to the ideals then. If the mistress wants the child he is toast. If she does not and they secure an abortion, he is toast if she ever talks. Without a settlement, she will.

There will be more attempts to set back the clock. Just wait.


Monday 6 December 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her Buds Never Cease to Astonish!

There is no political speak for Stupid!

We all know about political speak and spin talk. The best politicians are masters. Unfortunately some appear to be just plain oily. Others are more clever. Renowned orators like Churchill, Obama, and JFK can get their message across with astounding wit. We all know that Trump will never be in their league.

Occasionally the tide is turned. Eminent civilians can tear strips off politicians one layer at a time making your eyes water in the process. Terms like "spineless invertebrate"; "grey matter challenged"; "extemporaneous prevaricator"; and "head where the sun don't shine" come to mind.

But then there are those for whom or about whom there can be no political discretion. In some cases stupid is just plain stupid! There is no better word. Since the advent of Trump, the GOP has them coming out of the woodwork and out from under the rocks.

Once again MTG has made headlines the only way she can - by demonstrating my previous point. When she opined (I feel safe using that term) that 600,000 Americans die from cancer but no schools shut down as a result...well surely you get my point. Why didn't she add that we are not rushing to develop a vaccine for it and mandating its use? The auto industry attempts to make their cars safer every year but thousands die in cars every year so why bother? That one is for free Marjorie if you want to use it.

Then there is Matt Gaetz stating without tongue in cheek that COVID-19 was the best defence against COVID-19! Good one Matt. I guess child porn is the best solution to child porn and more guns will protect people from the existing ones. He should unite with Marjorie and they could publicly state that the best hope against Cancer is - wait for it - MORE Cancer!

Let's not forget shirt sleeves Jordan. He has declared that REAL America is done with COVID! OK Jim. Let me guess - hundreds of other countries throughout the world should also be done with it - I speak naturally about REAL countries and the REAL world - because you make such a ludicrous statement? If the numbers keep climbing the way they are, repeat that in a couple of months. Here is one for you Jim. Trump would have pounced on it and announced it to the world from his daily podium with Fauci burying his head. Maybe you have proven that not wearing a jacket to work is the best protection of all!

Here is something the rest of the world also can't understand: Millions of Americans actually want to put these clowns back in power!

Choke me with a neck tie!


Monday 29 November 2021

Lauren Boebert, Trump Wanna Be

Put a Sock in it Lauren

Here we go again - another Republican figure acting out like a kid in a high school yard. Next we'll be hearing "Oh ya - well my old man makes more money than your old man!"

I just watched a video of her looking straight faced into the camera, claiming that she "...will always put America first, never sympathizing with terrorists!" Really? Perhaps I missed her utter condemnation of the Trump supporters on January 6. Not only were they terrorists and Trump supporters (many admitted it), they wanted to hang Mike Pence and God knows what they would have done to Nancy Pelosi. Apparently that brand of terrorism is OK in her books - assuming she ever read one.

She goes on to say that she will always shoot straight with you - no doubt being big on guns herself - and that she will call out anti-Americanism. Once again - remember January 6th? Trying to topple your own government and badly damaging the Capital is a tad anti-American to most other people. Finally she says that she is here to protect your freedom. Then why does she support the Big Lie and a party which is already changing laws to put in the big fix in many states to rig the next election. They tried to rig the last one but fortunately failed.

We all know what she is doing - her best impression of The Donald, who mocked the handicapped, made disparaging remarks about a female competitor, and displayed an even higher degree of immaturity. Perhaps she is taking a cue from Marjorie Taylor Green but why on earth anyone would want to emulate her in any fashion defies understanding.

Maybe ending with a similarly disgusting remark directed at her might give some idea how Ilhan Omar felt. Lauren is a very attractive woman. She could probably model swimsuits or lingerie. Perhaps America would be better off if she did. Sorry ladies - other ladies - for that very sexist remark.

The problem is she reminds me with both her appearance and intellect of another woman who almost became Vice President. She stood for America as well and looked at Russia from her living room window. Look what happened to her.

Let me close with one VERY scary thought. Imagine this woman as President one day, MTG as Vice President, and Kevin McCarty wearing one of his many faces as Speaker.

Are you waking up yet America?


Thursday 18 November 2021

America the Not So Beautiful

America, America - shame on you

Rest assured - this is NOT what Katharine Lee Bates had in mind when she wrote this beautiful song. It is a very inspiring piece and should lift up the heart. Try listening to it. Then DO NOT turn on the TV; read a paper (who does anymore); or go onto social media of any kind for a couple of days. Yeah - right!

What will you see when you give in?

1. Two major trials on live TV - big mistake in the first place but that is another story. One is about a white kid who used a gun he was not allowed to carry to go to a place of violence to "help" police and first aiders only to end up killing two people, The other is about grown adults who presumably were carrying legal weapons to chase and shoot a black kid to death for jogging in their area.

2. A censuring of a member of congress for displaying a "cartoon" of him murdering another member. He was also removed from committees and then re-published the same video.

3. His own party backing him up and refusing to condemn him. They even threatened to retaliate as they should if any other member does something so ghastly again.

4. Many states already setting up to rig the next election so the Republicans will win.

5. Spineless members of the Republican Party refusing to join together to disown their former despicable President or at least form a different party without him.

6. Millions of people actually trying to return the country to the old days of racial discrimination and white supremacy.

7. A country and indeed a world which is still dragging its butt on rescuing the planet for their own children. The whole attitude is "Why should I sacrifice my chance to enjoy the lavish lifestyle my relatives did. Not in my generation thank you." America was and still is one of the most greedy countries when it comes to squandering precious resources which belong to everyone, not just America.

8. A country in which millions of people on opposite sides of a political divide actually hate each other.

9. A President and his followers who were willing to attack The Capital and kill the Vice President and others because they lost an election legitimately.

10. A country which has fallen so far behind China in its technology and power that it could only win a new war by dropping nuclear weapons - except that now others will retaliate.

So Kathy, thanks for the memories - no that was Bob Hope (Ralph Rainger / Leo Robin).

Don't feel so badly. The Lady of Liberty has been wanting to climb down and just swim back to France one night for a long time.


Sunday 7 November 2021

All I Want for Christmas

Trump is My new Christmas Image

It has been a while since I believed in and hoped for a visit from that jolly old guy in the red snowsuit, Mr. Claus himself. A new image has replaced him.

The best gift we could all receive this year is the image of Donald Trump in an orange suit, possibly with stripes. If he had a sack it would probably be full of phony votes (written by him), lies, or the contacts for his followers from which he could start another insurrection. Forget the Mrs. by his side. She definitely does not fit the bill for Mrs. C.

C'mon you guys in Justice or wherever. Get your act(s) together. Many of us want to see it and how well he would get along with his fellow residents. Let him tell all of them his case was rigged.

With him out of the picture, it might even allow the GOP to revert back to being grand again.

'Tis the Season to be Jolly ...


Thursday 4 November 2021

Biden's Honeymoon is Over

November 2 U.S. Election, 2021    

Virginia and New Jersey are wake up calls. Biden and his party have to step up to the mark and run like hell. They missed the gun - it already fired. Every new administration is afforded part of its first year to blame the last one. Let's face it, with Trump and his cronies, COVID, environmental disasters and all of their effects on the economy, Biden and his team deserved the traditional honeymoon. It is over.

Have the Democrats learned anything since Hillary Clinton's defeat? To a large degree it was because she and her party ignored certain states and did not go there to talk to the people themselves. That happened again two days ago, especially in Virginia with McAuliffe. Younkin spoke directly to the citizens of the state and he cleaned up. He addressed every problem people were feeling at the dinner table; at work if they were so fortunate, at the bank; at the supermarket; and at the gas pumps. McAuliffe Trump bashed. That ship has sailed. He lost.

I have been very critical of CNN in this blog for its incessant Trump bashing, often the same thing 24/7. It's been going on for almost five years. They are starting to come around (not because of me). It is time that the Democratic Party did likewise. After four years of Trump those outside his base knew that he had to go - probably after four months. Intelligent people had already made up their minds on him. The red cappers loved him and his lies and still do - no matter what. We know all that - we get it.

What none of us need anymore is the same refrain. CNN is starting to come down on Biden and the party for what they are NOT doing and naming things they must do. We have known for a long time what Republicans want to do and if they are re-elected they will do it starting with the reversal of Biden's accomplishments, whatever they are. If he does not move quickly there won't be any to reverse making it even easier for a new administration.

It is useless bragging about which of your platform items you have approved if they don't get implemented. It looks like stalling and it will cost the Dems the next elections. It has already begun.

In the words of Jerry Maguire Mr. President: "Show Me the Money!" How about Harry Callahan: "Go ahead, make my day". From Mark Twain: "The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Finally from our Roman ancestors: "ut plumbum e". Allow me to save you the trouble: "Get the lead out."


Tuesday 2 November 2021

American Election 2022, 2024

America: Sink or Swim Time

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the fracas to see things more clearly. Alternatively you can hear from a third party who is not directly involved. That is one of the reasons I write a lot about America in this blog. I am not American.

As an outsider, here are the real issues I see and hear, cutting through all the politics, rhetoric, naivety, and outright lies.

The Republicans have shot themselves in the foot. Those who follow Trump  want a future based upon lies. It is obvious to the rest of the world including me. Behind it all is race and white supremacy. This is going to lead to more violence or total civil war. I see only two possible solutions. Throw Trump in the dumpster where he belongs - ALL of you. Create a third party for all of those conservatives who want to follow their beliefs as traditional conservatives without the racial divide - if you still exist. Be sure to include tough action on the environment AND the social divide - like the Democrats. Just make yours work.

The Democrats have to get real. Too many so called Progressives are indeed playing into the hands of the right who accuse all Democrats of being Socialists. You are handing 2022 and 2024 to the worst possible victors. Recognize the difference between short term assistance and a long term free ride. Biden does not lie like Trump but he did rely too much on his decades of "experience" to calm the Democratic waters. So far he has failed. For the most part most nice guys still finish last.

Here is the difference. Trump speaks lies and falsehoods about his insincere goals. Trump has nothing to lose - he already did. Biden falsely believes that his Uncle Joe attitude will accomplish his sincere goals. He has everything to lose and probably will if the party does not get its act together.

Foreign countries like China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran and evil groups throughout the world are taking full advantage of American internal squabbling. She is self destructing without a shot being fired. Trump ruined America's reputation. If he wins again - because it will be RIGGED (where have we heard THAT before) America will be laughing stock.

The way this is going there is almost a 
likelihood that there will be TWO new parties. One will be the anti-Trump Republicans and the other the almost socialist former Democrat Progressives. The latter will never win. The former has a chance.


Friday 29 October 2021

Long Live Adam Kinzinger

 Hurray! Another Republican with some Balls!

Sadly Adam Kinzinger has had enough of his gutless colleagues most of whom have proven over the last several years that they have zero integrity. The former GOP is now the Trump puppet show. They are all willing to let The Donald pull their strings even knowing that he would cut them loose at any time while watching them crash to the ground.

Adam, Liz Cheney, and Mitt Romney still have some principles. Most of the others who now make up the party do not know the meaning of the word. They now live under the same rock as Tucker Carlson. The best thing America can do is find a bigger rock.

People get upset when there is any similarity implied between what is happening in America with the GOP headed by Trump, and the former Nazi Party headed by you know who. Way back then it all began the same way.

How long will it be before GOP members start wearing brown or black outfits, arm bands (perhaps the red cap is a substitute), and greet each other with their own unique salute.

Open your eyes America! It is all going down (way down) right in front of you.

Some day the Statue of Liberty will be a relic of a past democracy like the Greek Parthenon or the Italian Colosseum. The only difference? Current generations can still prevent it.


Saturday 16 October 2021

Which Team are Manchin and Sinema on?

#Manchin / Sinema Stop Sabotaging your Party

As POTUS Trump always took the spotlight and credit from his team, including those he appointed. He is still making the same attempt. In his mind Donald Trump is the only person on the planet who deserves credit for anything. It fractured the GOP as we knew it but helped The Donald thanks to his base.

That is history. But now Manchin and Sinema are the ones grandstanding every chance they get. It is also fracturing their party and killing Biden. If either really wants to be the big Kahuna, they should run for the party leadership or The Presidency. Which team are they on? What are their real motives?

Many think that Manchin has a conflict of interest being involved directly in the coal industry. He denies it. Is his target actually anything that aims to reduce dependency on fossil fuels? As for Sinema nobody seems to know where she is going or why. Does she?

They should both give their own heads a shake. Their team is 10 yards from the end zone for a game winning TD and they are both running the wrong way! Naturally the opposition isn't going to tackle them so one of their own has to. They both know they won't be kicked out of the party at this point since every vote is needed. Enough is enough. Are they secretly trying to keep the Dems from a big majority in 2022 and 2024? If Democrats were to win a comfortable majority their two votes could no longer be as critical. Then both of them could become toast for their recent behaviour. Are they closet Republicans? We have seen stranger things in politics.

At this point they would gain far more acclaim and respect for helping to drive the team over the goal line. If they don't step up history will not be kind to either one. Put up and for the party's sake shut up!


Wednesday 13 October 2021

American Democracy is at a Crisis

These Trump Challenges must be Defeated

The American system of government has been on the edge ever since Trump was elected. He broke rules and pushed limits whenever he could. Why not? He grabbed women "by the pussy" without asking and got away with it. Why not grab Washington and its established norms by the crotch? He did and so far has gotten away with it again. Trump was not a President. He was and still is an egomaniac. But it worked.

Three things have to be accomplished to at least have a chance of preserving the America that evolved until 2016:

1. The issue of people ignoring a congressional subpoena has to be met head on. None of Trump's minions can be allowed to ignore their duty to show up for questioning. If they are not criminally charged, nobody will show up in the future. This is especially important given the possibility that Trump and Co. could be back in power. They must be charged and found guilty quickly. If prison is the result so be it.

2. The Democratic Party is now looking as fragmented as the GOP. It is time to get its act together. It is great that younger blood is forming part of the Dems. but like it or not, some of them are mere rookies. Changing Washington politics is overdue but blowing up your own party in the process is unacceptable. The Democrats are handing the next election back to you know who. AOC and co. you have to earn your stripes - as yet you have not. Manchin and Sinema nix the grandstanding.

3. Settle the issue over 3.5 trillion and pass something that will benefit millions of Americans. This is needed to win a majority in the mid-term elections and boost the economy prior to 2024. Only then might they also take 2024.

A nice-to-have would also be to charge Trump officially with something they can make stick. Unfortunately even an inmate or ex-inmate can run for and win the Presidency. Nothing in the Constitution prevents it. If he wins the next election it might indeed take a civil war to remove him. Right wingers are just crazy enough to give him the election if he is charges or incarcerated! Welcome to America.

Do you really want to pay this guy a pension on which he will find a way to pay no taxes? Electing Trump for a second term would be like handing the papacy to the devil.


Monday 16 November 2020

Trump: A modern day Jim Jones?

 Is Trump the new Pandemic?

I have compared Donald J. Trump to other figures in history such as Hitler, Mussolini, and Joe McCarthy to name a few. The common element was an attempt to understand how normal thinking and free Americans could be so persuaded by one man's fabrications. Trump has exceeded all of the others' lies in sheer volume.

It seems to me that there has been another pandemic at work these past few years and that is Donald himself. Belief in his lies has been spreading like a virus to millions of Americans - look at the popular vote. That number however includes many people who will always vote for the GOP and will never vote for the Democratic Party, regardless of Trump. That is actually good news. Hopefully they are not blinded like the others.

When you hear those yelling, screaming red cappers however, convinced against all odds, truth, events, and logic that if DJT says it then it must be true, another analogy comes to mind.

In 1978 the self-proclaimed leader and preacher of a cult convinced over 900 believers to follow him to the Promised Land after committing mass suicide by drinking a cyanide laced drink. Some who did not were shot. It happened in Guyana in a commune known as Jonestown.

When I hear Trump red cappers yelling "fake news" and "stolen election" - because Donald said so - I have to wonder if they would drink the poison "Kool Aid" as it became known (it did not actually involve that well known brand) if DJT told them to do so.

Jim Jones died with his followers. Donald would never have the courage.

Follow him if you must but take your own refreshment to the rallies and dare I say it - please wear a mask for your relatives and loved ones. Finally, if you receive any invitations to move to Trumpsville, Trumpland, or the like especially overseas, stay put.