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Saturday 11 March 2023

Orwell's 1984 Forty Years Later

The Next Nuclear Button Push will be the Last

Whatever your religion,
Or how you think and pray,
Some might find this offensive,
But there are things to say.

Wherever is the Heaven
Or Hell that you might fear,
Our Earth is in grave danger.
Armageddon's near.

Some of you are yawning,
"Old news" I hear you say.
Y2K would self implode
Yet here we are today.

Butchery and genocide
Fill history books galore.
But sadly men have never learned
These lessons from before.

Never through those wicked times
And genocides that linger,
Could man annihilate this Earth
With one touch of a finger.

There won't be any Marshall Plan
No cities to remake.
The greatest minds know when to blink
For all of mankind's sake.

Is Heaven watching as its flocks
Approach the great abyss?
Surely there's a better way
To test our Faith than this.


Tuesday 21 December 2021

The Origin of Human Beings, COVID-19, et al.

So God Created Man...

So God created man they say,
Those men who wrote the books.
Doubters are subjected,
To some pious frowns and looks.

If you believe the holy books
You can't just pick and choose.
Accepting lessons that you like,
While others you refuse.

True believers must commit
For their entire life.
Never to betray yourself,
Your children, or your wife.

Can you find such saintly ones
In politics or church?
Very few my friends and mine
Has been a lifelong search.

To Atheists there is no God,
A stance both stark and bland.
Agnostics say mere human beings
Could never understand.

Myself I am an Atheist-
Agnostic to be sure,
But there are many faiths to choose
And all of them endure.

It makes me wonder though
When I hear COVID news each day.
Why the God who formed the things
Won't make them go away.

You need electron microscopes
To see them move about.
Did God make them as well back then?
I must confess some doubt.

If mystic powers created Earth
And the whole universe,
Then we had best clean up our act
Before their final curse.


Just think about it. Man has still not mastered the atom. Sure we can blow apart the entire globe but that is hardly mastery. Yet here this miniscule thing consisting of a few molecules and without our superior brain or any brain at all can bring us to our knees by controlling a few vital molecules we need to live. 

Merry Christmas
Have a Great New Year
Get vaccinated.



Thursday 16 December 2021

Time to Remember at This Special Time of Year

This Season Remember Those Who Just Lost Everything They Own

Some people pray and some people not.
Some have a little and some have a lot.
If you believe that your troubles are many,
Remember some soles just lost every penny.

Maybe it's time to forego that vacation.
Maybe instead make a welcomed donation.
Nature just ravaged the lives of so many.
Remember with gifts to those without any.

Thank those on high for being alive.
Thank everyone who helps you survive.
If you still have a roof o'er your head,
Remember the ones who lost even their bed.

A person of faith to some is a fool.
A God who loves would not be so cruel.
If you're depressed and don't know what to do,
Remember your fate is determined by you.

When you celebrate with laughter and joy,
When you watch your kids unwrap a new toy,
While some are wondering why did I survive,
Remember to hope there are some still alive.

Because you still can, have a great Holiday Season.


Sunday 9 May 2021

Life by the Decade

Life's Times Table

I don't know if kids learn their times tables anymore the way we did. They rely on their phones and smart devices. Our smart device was a brain. We count using a base of ten. Most computers prefer two. Regardless of the base, life happens at warp speed and is accelerating.

Can anyone else relate to the following? I'll use 10 for the older generation.

When I was ten my Mom and Dad
Seemed pretty old to me.
If I could be their age again
What would my future be?

At twenty I still shared their home
When I was not at school.
I charmed the girls or had they all
Just played me for a fool?

When thirty came I settled down
We worked hard for our money.
And life itself soon let us know
It ain't no bowl of honey.

Was forty our life's half time show?
Where was the raucous crowd?
Now I avoid most anything
That's boisterous and loud!

By fifty we had lost our Dad
I'm like his clone folks say.
Alzheimer's took him from us all
Will I go the same way?

At sixty I still thought I was
Still thirty in my heart.
But soon I had a specialist
For every body part.

Now seventy has come and gone
We miss our Mom each day.
If I could find life's reset key
I'd press it right away.

What would you do different? I can think of many things. As long as I can do that, maybe things could be worse.



Sunday 15 December 2019

Twinkle Twinkle Little Child

The Power of Innocence

When it seems the whole world is coming undone,
When no one remembers the meaning of fun,

When none of your plans come to fruition,
When you start to doubt your very life's mission,

When you desperately need that twenty-fifth hour,
When your trademark smile has gone and turned sour,

When you need a friend but none heed your call,
When you just want to scream and your back's to the wall,

When all of your dreams still seem miles away,

When you feel all alone at the end of the day,

When you hold in question your own higher power,
When your endless faith has waned and turned sour,

That's when you see a little child smile.
That's when you know it all is worth while!

The Brewster

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Driving and Cell Phones

Wake up and smell the blood 

Image result for driving and cell phones signs
Of all the selfish actions
I witness every day,
We have to find a way to make
These guilty parties pay.

It’s not the politicians
Their lies and glad handshake.
Nor the fat cat lawyers
And all the fees they take.

It’s not the oil executives
Monopolizing fuels.
Nor the striking teachers   
Closing down our schools.

It’s not my fellow bipeds
Spitting out their gum.
Nor the cheeky youngsters
Swearing at their Mom.

It’s not the transit riders
Blasting out a tune.
Nor citizens of countries   
Electing a buffoon.

It’s not the big brave hunters
Slaying innocent prey.
Nor multi-million athletes
Whining for more pay.

I could write more pages
About bad deeds and crooks.
With subjects who are human
I could fill ten books.

I’m sure you are impatient.
Good - that’s how I feel,
And totally frustrated
Making this appeal.

The subjects of these verses
Care not for you and me.
So if you know you’re guilty
I hope that you’ll agree.

I speak of lame brained drivers
Who won’t stay off their cell.
Such idiotic morons
Deserve to be in Hell.

Alone or with their children
It matters not the sex.
Disaster in an instant.
It’s really not complex.

What call or text can matter
More than another’s soul?
I hope you see there is none.
That is my hope and goal.

The Brewster

Monday 5 February 2018

President TRUMP Election November 8th, 2016 (Verse)


When some things occur, we know where we were.
And even the time of the day.
I’ll always remember that day in November.
Somebody shot JFK.

Who didn’t fear or shed a tear,
For Jaqueline and Nellie too.
Some evil plot saw two good men shot,
By the twisted minds of a few.

John said soon, they would land on the moon.
And they did while I was in France.
In a little campsite, on a radio that night,
Three men held the world in a trance.

Fast forward my friends through the milestones and trends
To November in twenty sixteen.
Clinton and Trump had been on the stump,
What a year - like none we have seen.

How could he intrude - this blowhard so rude?
He has to be soundly rejected!
But soon we would see in The Land of the Free
The Boor of the Year was elected.

Americans all, how far must you fall
In the eyes of your allies and friends?
Perhaps you don’t care or you just aren’t aware
For some things you can’t make amends.

Who will be next? We're really perplexed.
Rocky Balboa or Spock?
What about Kramer? Someone even lamer?
Might we suggest a Pet Rock?

Stop the free fall. Please heed our call
And give your heads a good shake.
Your man  with the frown is such a let down
It's time to right your mistake.

The Brewster

Thursday 27 December 2012

Cristmas Buying - The Fright Before Christmas (verse)


There are many renditions of the infamous “The Night Before Christmas” but here is mine. I did not realize that there was a controversy over who wrote the original (aka “A Visit from St. Nicholas”). There are many articles about this – just look it up. Here is one on Wikipedia: Generally attributed to Clement Clarke Moore the counter claim is by Major Henry Livingston Jr. 

I know without doubt that neither of them penned “The Fright Before Christmas” by The Brewster - me. I hope it brings a chuckle. 

The Fright before Christmas

(By The Brewster)

 ‘Twas the day before Christmas – that’s what I said,

Christmas” it is - no generics instead.

A time of traditions – don’t you agree?

Today I must buy my gifts for the tree! 

I and my brethren are known to forget,

All women concur I am willing to bet.

It’s in the male genes you must understand,
Women say that our mind’s in our gland. 

The annual tirade “Why leave it so late?”
My Dear I’m a man and this is our fate.
Her gifts are all wrapped and under the tree -
The tree that was almost forgotten by me. 

My task should be simple I hereby admit.
Baubles that sparkle or garments that fit.
Were she mechanical – fix things like me,
DeWalt or Makita under the tree! 

Be that as it may I set off in my car,
To buy her some wine – it was not very far.
Better re-think! My mind does remember,
The glare such a gift received last December. 

With nothing in mind I made the next right.
The traffic to take me wherever it might.
When all at once I heard such a clatter,
Red and blue lights pursuing some matter. 

I pulled to the curb as the law does dictate,
To let him go by in his much hurried state.
He didn’t pass so I looked in the mirror
A cruiser I saw and it couldn’t be nearer. 

Just what I needed in my distress.
Soon all the roads would be such a mess.
I glanced once again and what did I see?
One of our finest but he was a she. 

I rolled down my window and started to think.
Thank Santa today I had nothing to drink.
I know that I signalled the blinker still on,
This cop was a goddess and I was her pawn. 

“Any drinks Sir?” – she asked with a stare.
“What are you serving?” – gorgeous blonde hair.
“Please step outside” she said with no grin.
Making it clear that my charm would not win. 

“Do you know why I stopped you?” posed with a frown.
I decided to nix my attempts as a clown.
“I know that I signalled and came to a halt,
With no time to speed just what was my fault?” 

To sample my breath she was right in my face.
Halitosis perhaps but of drink not a trace.
“Your turn and your speed were fine” she did say.
“The problem you have – this street is One Way!” 

Four lanes of cars all swerving and weaving.
Horns and loud curses we were receiving.
I opened my door and sat down to wait
While officer Venus wrote up my fate. 

She gave me my summons then turned about face
To halt all the traffic – what a disgrace.
Dozens were watching as I withdrew.
I was the star and they were the crew. 

On with the task – my time is cut short.
Ironically now I could use a good snort.
Permit me this moment to whine and to pout.
I felt like a twit and I royally struck out! 

I know a place that is just ‘round the bend.
Two complete floors of a girl’s best friend.
Tiny blue box to bring instant smiles.
Gigantic bill to add to the piles.

It’s been a while since I bought her a gem.
No question about it – women like them.
I pull into the lot and I enter the fray
Of desperate men on their last shopping day. 

“May I help you?” after only ten paces.
The game has begun and she has all the Aces.
“I’m thinking a broach – something nice a surprise”.
That’s when I see her mouth and her eyes. 

Steady on mate – surely once is enough.
You are too old for this flirtatious stuff.
“A birthstone perhaps - which one?” she does quiz.
Strike two for I don’t have a clue what it is. 

“No problem Sir – the month she was born?”
Thank Santa I don’t have to get on the horn.
I told her and then she showed a selection.
I swear that those legs were total perfection. 

“I like this one” passed to me with a grin.
“I’ll take it” I said dreaming horrible sin.
                                   She wrapped it and I followed her to the till
Knowing my jaw was hung open still. 
“Cash or credit” calculating her take.
Flashing her pearly white teethe for my sake.
I took out my card and I gave it to her.
She swiped it through her till with a whir. 

Then while we waited – transactions were slow.
She knew from the start just how this would go.
I smiled and tried to really look cool
I knew she was thinking one thing “What a fool!” 

This awkward moment was suddenly broken
The Internet Gods had finally spoken.
Making me wish I were dead on the spot
“Invalid PIN” the response that I got.

“No problem” said I as I whipped out another.
“Account overdrawn” – I want my Mother!
I told her that I would be back with the cash
Then made for the door as quick as a flash. 

I sat in my car feeling just like a schmuck
How could one man in one day have such luck?
And there on the seat was another reminder
That nothing today would unfold much kinder. 

My lady cop had said with a snort
If I want to challenge she’d see me in court.
If this last half hour doesn’t beat all …
Officer Riley’s first name was PAUL! 

I here bare my soul on a cold winter’s night
To lessen your load when you hear my plight.
So when you partake of that big meal divine.
Remember your Christmas was better than mine!