Monday 31 May 2021

Biden Embarrasses Trump

Daffy Duck Trump. Elmer Fudd Trump. Take your Pick.

Biden just embarrassed Trump without even trying. What a difference! Trump sounds like a cartoon character by comparison.

I just heard Biden on Memorial Day. What a great speech. He hit all the right notes in all the right places. Was he reading it? It didn't look like it and there were only a couple of minor verbal slips, instantly corrected. It was right up there with Obama.

THAT was a Presidential speech. Trump couldn't possibly have done it. Even if someone whispered it into his ear as it progressed, he couldn't have done it.

After four years of staged, monotone, nonsense, and lies, it is great to see and hear a passionate, caring, and eloquent leader in charge of the USA once again.

Congratulations Joe and congratulations to all the Warriors lost, still serving, and their families. Biden meant every word and you should all be proud. You deserve it.

All lives matter especially after they are lost defending the country so other Americans can make the most of theirs. So go ahead and enjoy it - but be grateful, not hateful.

Words matter too. Thanks for your wise ones Mr. President.


Friday 28 May 2021

Republicans Guilty by Disassociation

New GOP Symbol is Three Monkeys

The Republicans should change their symbol from an elephant to three monkeys: Mizaru - See No evil; Kikazaru - Hear No Evil; Iwazaru - Speak No Evil.

It seems appropriate today since most of the Trump lemmings want to ignore and forget January 6, 2021. The problem is they don't really want to forget it. What they want is a second but successful insurrection.

Most people including me thought the monkeys simply represent turning a blind eye; looking the other way; or feigning ignorance of something we know is wrong. In the article below by Richard Cassaro, the true meaning of the famous monkeys and what they symbolize is examined. It is very interesting.

The Secret Occult Meaning of the "Three Wise Monkeys" Hidden by the Elite - Richard Cassaro

I mention it in passing because it is also applicable. Apparently the real significance of the monkeys has been known since their origin by those elite people who run various societies. In brief you should never allow yourself to either see or hear true evil because it will enter you and become part of your person, affecting your behaviour - like violence on the news and in video games. If you speak evil it shows that it is now part of you and what you say.

As examples, the elitists who control the stock market and media, are happy to perpetuate the secret. It keeps us subdued and we never really see what is going on. Bad news sells and preoccupies us so we don't fight back.

The point of today's post however is something else. I am trying to understand why the GOP members who still support the Big Lie voted against an investigation into
 January 6th to give Americans a chance to prevent another attack in the future.

I am taking a layperson's approach and these are the only possibilities I come up with:

1. Some in Congress or the Senate are real accessories and legally liable
2. They think that whatever the conclusions, it will hurt the GOP party and therefore their own jobs and careers
3. They think that Trump still has influence over those same jobs and careers and will do and say anything to avoid offending him
4. They might not be accessories but in their minds they wish the vote had indeed been overturned through violence or by any means
5. Some know it was wrong and has to be avoided in future at all costs but they are still Republicans at heart and as yet there is no alternative party to call home
6. They are mere puppets of their constituents who wanted the insurrection to succeed. To protect their jobs they are doing what their electors want rather than resign or try to convince those electors to change beliefs
7. They are verifiable dingbats. Several names come to mind
8. They somehow think it is their job to oppose anything which the Democrats initiate even if they will have equal representation on any committee

Perhaps I could squeak out a couple more but here is the major point:

Not one of the above demonstrates love of country or respect for their oath to defend her and the constitution. They are all about politics and selfishness.

Any other suggestions? Please comment.


Tuesday 25 May 2021

USA: The New Banana Republic

Yes you have no Bananas but the Rest is a Match

Look up a definition of banana republic. 

Although bananas are not associated with America and it does have more than one product to export, the rest is a fit: politically unstable; exploitation by corporations; usually a large impoverished working class and a ruling class plutocracy; run by business, political, and military elites by way of the exploitation of labour.

That's a good fit and it is getting worse. Elections have been rigged for a long time - NOT the way Trump maintained, but rigged just the same in the background and it is getting worse. Just look at all the bills that Republican states are passing today - every one designed to weaken the opportunity for visible minorities to vote, and the right to replace anyone responsible for counting votes etc. at will. Reversing a Democratic wave next time will be a breeze.

It won't be the Democrats. It will be the other side. They are meticulously preparing for it. This includes one attempt already to overthrow the legally elected Biden administration. Watch out for more. When Republicans who were inside The Capital when mobs were looking for people to hang, are now trying to cover up any investigation into how it happened, something is rotten at the top and it ain't in Denmark folks!

The only reason Trump started crying foul way before the 2020 election was that he and his team realized something - not the base who are just Trump lemmings. The efforts underway to undermine the minority vote, were not working.

In 2024 America needs international monitors for its election. How about China, Russia, The Philippines, or after this week Lukashenko from Belarus?

America finally joined other nations to defeat Germany. Who will help Lady Liberty defeat those overthrowing her own country?


Monday 17 May 2021

The Graduate and Ocean Pollution.

Benjamin Braddock was seduced by Mrs. Robinson and... ?

Once again readers are probably looking at today's title and wondering what I am smoking. There is a link folks. For those old enough to have seen this great movie when they were themselves about the age of Ben (Dustin Hoffman), see if you can remember. Someone else took him aside for a little talk.

Mrs. Robinson gave him the most famous "talk" and also a look at one side of women he might not have seen before. However she was helping herself as much as Ben.

I was watching a documentary on ocean pollution. They were trying to capture a seal ("Buckethead") in order to remove a plastic ring from a bucket which had become stuck around his neck. It also featured underwater shots of the terrible amount of floating plastic in the ocean. Sometimes people are the lowest creatures on the face of the planet.

Remember yet? The actor was Walter Brooke who played Mr. McGuire. I had to look this up but I remembered him saying one word. I also remembered how beautiful Katherine Ross was as a young bride.

At a graduation party where everyone was so proud of Ben (Dustin), Mr. McGuire steals him away to have a quick word. When alone he says 'I only have one word for you - you listening Ben? One word - PLASTICS.' Ben is silent and puzzled. The idea was that there would be a great future in plastics and Ben should consider a career choice in the field.

What a future. Plastic is one of the most widely used man-made substances - it is in everything. One problem - there is no viable way to get rid of it. It is ruining our oceans and our bodies. No doubt though, many Mr. McGuires have made fortunes on it and still are.

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution. Like all revolutions, something gets out of control other things are unintentionally destroyed.


Katherine Ross

Friday 14 May 2021

No Masks and The Big Lie

To Tell the Truth - so Help You... YOU!

I have spent my life trying to uphold certain beliefs and principles ingrained during my formative years. One of them, fool that I am, is honesty - telling the truth. Although I still practice those behaviors, life has taught me that I have wasted my time.

Saying that honesty is the best policy is like believing: size doesn't matter; the golden rule; you should do a good turn every day; justice will prevail. Successful people for the most part rejected such tripe long before rising above their peers. Have I become a cynic? You bet your ass I have.

What you might ask, am I going on about? Re-read the title folks. The common element between Trump and co. and not wearing a COVID mask is that same illusive thing - honesty.

How? Recently America announced that wearing a mask to avoid catching or spreading Covid-19 is optional if you are fully vaccinated. Many people have pointed out that this means you are totally dependent now on people being honest about that condition - are they fully vaccinated? Proof is not required.

Biden himself stated that he has ultimate faith in the honesty of American citizens. Really? Millions of them believe that he is not the legitimate President. Why? The answer is that dozens and dozens of elected members of Congress who are Republicans and the previous POTUS himself are willing to lie through their teeth, saying that Trump won - just to keep their jobs.

Honesty? Who values it anymore other than me? I'm not so sure. In my lifetime I have learned that most people I know will lie in an instant if it suits their needs.

The most famous democracy in the world - based on the law and truth - is lead by a bunch of liars - present President and many around him excepted.

Perhaps the famous words associated with Lady Liberty herself should read: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, Your most proficient liars.”

The new GOP: Group of Prevaricators.


Tuesday 11 May 2021

Rand Paul Eye Doctor who Fails to see the LIght

Rand Paul Eye Doctor or "I" Doctor?

I read that Rand Paul was an Ophthalmologist. Maybe he should go back to his practice.

When a dancer, athlete, skater etc. does not have what it takes to be No. 1 or get the gold medal, they often end up teaching their skill. For others, they end up becoming a politician. Which is Rand Paul?

It seems that he was so used to shining lights on everybody else that he decided it was his turn to shine the light on him. Hence he became a professional politician. He has been sounding off ever since. Top doctors in his former field make top dollars. Maybe he wasn't so "top." If on the other hand he is following in his father's footsteps, remember that Ron Paul tried three times to be President and failed. Not a good omen.

In any event he should not be criticizing Dr. Faucci over COVID any more than Faucci criticizes the former Ophthalmologist about his eye practice. I'm sure that does not happen.

Everybody in the USA who is bent out of shape about the inconvenience of this virus should look outside their own country for a change. This applies to most self-centered American issues. Those who did best with this pandemic - and it IS a pandemic Dr. Paul, took the tough decisions and steps to lock down. To hell with the "you can't make me" crowd - another American problem.

Nobody - including Faucci and Paul - has yet said conclusively that people who have had the virus or the vaccine can not transmit it to others who might not be so lucky and die from such selfishness.

Doctor's take the Hippocratic (not hypocritical) Oath. Perhaps it is confusing to some.

Doctor Faucci did not switch to being a professional politician. Thank goodness - and that's exactly what he exudes.


Sunday 9 May 2021

Life by the Decade

Life's Times Table

I don't know if kids learn their times tables anymore the way we did. They rely on their phones and smart devices. Our smart device was a brain. We count using a base of ten. Most computers prefer two. Regardless of the base, life happens at warp speed and is accelerating.

Can anyone else relate to the following? I'll use 10 for the older generation.

When I was ten my Mom and Dad
Seemed pretty old to me.
If I could be their age again
What would my future be?

At twenty I still shared their home
When I was not at school.
I charmed the girls or had they all
Just played me for a fool?

When thirty came I settled down
We worked hard for our money.
And life itself soon let us know
It ain't no bowl of honey.

Was forty our life's half time show?
Where was the raucous crowd?
Now I avoid most anything
That's boisterous and loud!

By fifty we had lost our Dad
I'm like his clone folks say.
Alzheimer's took him from us all
Will I go the same way?

At sixty I still thought I was
Still thirty in my heart.
But soon I had a specialist
For every body part.

Now seventy has come and gone
We miss our Mom each day.
If I could find life's reset key
I'd press it right away.

What would you do different? I can think of many things. As long as I can do that, maybe things could be worse.



Thursday 6 May 2021

Liz Cheney for President

Maybe Dick Cheney Can't Shoot Straight, but Liz Sure Can

Liz Cheney has more potential for POTUS and the GOP than Trump ever did or ever will and more spine as well. For that matter so do most decent people. What Republicans need is a twin ticket of Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney. They've just gone too bonkers to realize it. The only problem would be which one would be the VP and which the big Kahuna. I think it is time for a woman as President but I doubt Romney would tolerate that.

I jest of course because the entire group of backstabbers formerly known as the GOP have rejected truth, justice, and democracy. Now THAT is ironic - some of you might remember the original TV show Superman, and that was part of the intro: "fights a never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way!" Superman would not be amused with Trump and his bunch.

It is sad to see the Grand Old Party being treated by its youth as though it has become geriatric. Most of the big names in the party have exposed their true deceitful side. Don't ever forget them. Today the party reminds me of the Gong Show or Laugh In. They are prepared to "Sock it to" the voters, the country, and anybody else who has maintained senses of morals and integrity.

Maybe some day it will all come out in a movie - it has already spawned several books. Think of the possibilities. There was another movie about corruption - The Big Easy. This one could be The Big Lie. It has all the ingredients of a Thriller.

No Oscar however. No awards at all.


Monday 3 May 2021

Time for Change at CNN

 FOX Spews Big Lies. CNN Just Spews

This is for all the anchors and management at CNN. In particular I target Cuomo, Anderson, and Lemon. I have said this before but after watching Chris Cuomo last night, I had to repeat it. If anybody can forward this to the network please do so.

I watch a lot of CNN. I believe overall they are more truthful and believable than others like FOX. Networks like FOX hire liars and host guest liars. From what little I have seen however, the guests do get to speak. Not so on CNN - at least with the above big 3 and Cuomo tops the list.

I respect Chris. He is very intelligent and well spoken. His vocabulary is impressive. He keeps fit. These are all qualities I admire. He and his colleagues bring on guests every night to express their ideas and views. The problem is that they proceed to rant right over top of their guests not letting the viewer hear those views.

Last night is was Rick Santorum. Cuomo allowed us to see and hear a speech made by Rick with which Chris had issues. When Rick attempted to explain what we saw Cuomo did what he always does - impose his OWN view and thoughts in an overpowering, rude, incessant interruption. In so doing Cuomo is insulting his audience as well as his guest. Does he really think that we can't form our own opinion about the response? Can't WE decide if Rick answers a question or dodges it? whether he is being evasive? or indulging in spin talk? No we can't because Cuomo is making the comments impossible to hear. He does this all the time.

Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper do the same. You'd swear somebody is in their earpiece ordering them to interrupt or pull the rug out from under the guest. The dialogue is not CNN enough! The men should take a lesson from the women. Hosts like Burnett, Harlow, Balduan, and Bash to name a few also keep their guests honest by re-asking a question the guest dodged it but they usually let them speak first. Sometimes this is more effective because it looks like the guest thought they got away with it. Again however, if things go too far away from CNN speak, they interrupt.

I said for a couple of years that CNN with all of the Trump bashing was either going to help him win or at least strengthen his base. I feel they helped to do the latter.

You have good guests CNN. Let them speak controversially or otherwise. You sound like Trump in the Presidential debates.