Friday 4 December 2020

Joe and Kamala. What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Biden and Harris: leaders who can actually COMMUNICATE!

Who listened to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on CNN last night (Dec. 3) and Joe addressing the economy today (Dec. 4)? What a pleasant change. Ditto any other time they spoke in public. They are well educated and it shows.

These people are good orators - just like Obama. Please explain that word to The Donald. Even if they are reading, they can do it smoothly. When they respond to off the cuff questions - this is when their abilities outshine their current counterparts. I'm sure Pence could but he chooses not to.

There is no gloating or boasting and credit is always shared with others. DJT is totally incapable of doing that. I wonder if he ever gave credit to his mother for bringing him into this world? Like COVID, he probably thought it was no big deal. After all, that's what women are for! They bless the world with the likes of him. He probably knows more about childbirth than any of his wives or his mother - doctors too for that matter.

When the Justice Department was mentioned, Joe pointed out that it is not HIS Justice Department - "It is the peoples'." One hundred percent true. The same goes for every other position in the U.S. government. The present leaders - and I use that term loosely - don't get that. They never will.

Personally, I hope Trump does not attend the inauguration. It will be one more key point in his oh so undesirable legacy.


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