Friday, 11 December 2020

3 Party System for America

 Is it Time for a #NewParty in U.S. Politics?

I say the answer is yes. A #threeparty system is long overdue.

All the arguments I outline below are the usual reasons most people reject the idea. It can get out of hand. Look at Italy for example where there are more elections than you can count. Perhaps there should be a limit of three in America. Another possibility is to place minimums on the popular vote attained. For example if party "A" fails to get X percent of that vote in two elections in succession it can no longer participate in a third election..

This is like black and white film and TV. There was only so much you could do with it. As soon as colour came along brand new avenues of innovation opened up for directors and producers.

The Tea Party was a bad example of a new party but demonstrated how it will shake up the other two.

Let's assume after Trump leaves office and most people know this is inevitable, he forms a new party. A couple of things will happen. We pretty much know what it will look like and stand for as depicted by Trump and his base. It might attract a few staunch Republicans and even some disenchanted Democrats (doubtful) but I doubt in any large numbers. People voted for Trump to shake up the status quo in Washington. He did. They just got more red neck extremism than they anticipated. His base does not consist of traditional Republicans.

Perhaps a Mitt Romney or a John Kasich could re-establish a more central conservative new Republican party. I suggest a name change. That would attract many former Republicans and maybe some central Democrats thereby weakening any new Trump party and the Democrats. If this happened the existing GOP would likely crumble. This might also give a needed excuse for those spineless big R Republicans who are afraid of Trump to leave him and try to join the new party. They would still have a lot of "splainin" to do. In my opinion they should be put out to pasture.

Any new party is bound to attract new and younger talent, candidates, ideas, and ideals. This is what America needs. It will split the existing vote. Old guard career Senators and Congressmen/women will have to work far harder for their positions. The electorate will also be younger and tired of the McConnells and Grahams on the Hill. Younger people - well educated or not, smell bullshit when it is in abundance as it is now.

Everyone will have to work a lot harder and live up to their promises if they ever want to get a majority. By the same token minority governments force opposing sides to reach across the aisle to get anything passed. This effect will not only come into play at the Presidential level but in both houses of Congress.

Personally I think this is far better for the voters in a democracy. Generally, if it is tougher for the politicians, it is better for the voters. They are after all footing the bill.

Too many career politicians forget for whom they are supposed to be working. It is never supposed to be for themselves.


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