Sunday, 8 November 2020

Presidential Thinking

Thoughts of a Man who Graduated from his own University

When you have them listening, and eating from your hand,
When the networks have your face on screens across the land,
When you see a shadow of a doubt in every eye,
Pull a joker from the deck and simply tell a lie.

If the point you want to make has not quite hit the mark,
If you have two strikes but you must hit it from the park,
If the journalists are raising hands and asking why,
Make the most of your last pitch and simply tell a lie.

Because the world is watching you, and every move you make,
Because you think your critics and the things they say are fake,
Because some facts get in the way no matter how you try,
Do the thing that you do best and simply tell a lie.

You're a bunch of losers and your brains are getting smaller.
You're the problem so I made my tales a little taller,
You should know I'm chosen by the Big Man in the sky.
So I have divine consent each time I tell a lie.

There is just one problem with the lessons that I teach.
There's a place where I am now and some day you will reach.
There's a puzzle and it is a fact I can't deny,
I no longer know it when I tell myself a lie.


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