Monday, 26 October 2020

Trump Clearing the Swamp but Still Surrounded by Snakes

If Trump is not Political I am the Pope!

To be clear I am far from papal. Recently on the last debate Trump went on about Biden and others being too political. That is one of the reasons he ran - to "clear the swamp." Choke me with a spoon! This has to be the irony of the century. Donald loves to claim he is the best whatever since time began. We know he gets the blue ribbon for lying but we need a new award for this irony extraordinaire. We need a new word. How about "Trumpwhack?"

If the current POTUS is so apolitical then why :

Were some of the first words out of his mouth (don't remember which face it was) after inauguration like those of a twelve year old? His attendees constituted the largest such gathering ever - far bigger than Obama's! The politics begin..

Has he never said like previous Presidents who understood their role, "The Buck Stops Here"? He is too political.

Does he immediately blame for every single problem he faces, Obama (after almost four years) and anyone else he can invent? He is supposed to be the nation's First Problem Solver. He is its number 1 political figure.

Did he make the simple act of wearing a mask something only weak people and Democrats do? Politics.

Does he keep throwing steak to the rich and bones to the poor? Political consideration. 

Does he deny climate change and sucking up to the oil, coal, car, and other industries when the entire world knows we have to transition away from all of that? Politics - the oily vote.

Does he openly favour red states and denigrate blue ones? That's what political people do.

Could he not answer that question in the last debate about what he would say, if elected, to those who did not vote for him? Biden gave the right answer immediately.  Either of them is indeed the President for ALL Americans. Both political but Biden is right.

So perhaps he has convinced his base that he is clearing the swamp but can't they see the everglade that is replacing it? Donald will be in the Presidential swamp boat making a quick escape while everyone else including his base is still fighting snakes and alligators.


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