Thursday 16 December 2021

Time to Remember at This Special Time of Year

This Season Remember Those Who Just Lost Everything They Own

Some people pray and some people not.
Some have a little and some have a lot.
If you believe that your troubles are many,
Remember some soles just lost every penny.

Maybe it's time to forego that vacation.
Maybe instead make a welcomed donation.
Nature just ravaged the lives of so many.
Remember with gifts to those without any.

Thank those on high for being alive.
Thank everyone who helps you survive.
If you still have a roof o'er your head,
Remember the ones who lost even their bed.

A person of faith to some is a fool.
A God who loves would not be so cruel.
If you're depressed and don't know what to do,
Remember your fate is determined by you.

When you celebrate with laughter and joy,
When you watch your kids unwrap a new toy,
While some are wondering why did I survive,
Remember to hope there are some still alive.

Because you still can, have a great Holiday Season.


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