Monday 5 February 2018

President TRUMP Election November 8th, 2016 (Verse)


When some things occur, we know where we were.
And even the time of the day.
I’ll always remember that day in November.
Somebody shot JFK.

Who didn’t fear or shed a tear,
For Jaqueline and Nellie too.
Some evil plot saw two good men shot,
By the twisted minds of a few.

John said soon, they would land on the moon.
And they did while I was in France.
In a little campsite, on a radio that night,
Three men held the world in a trance.

Fast forward my friends through the milestones and trends
To November in twenty sixteen.
Clinton and Trump had been on the stump,
What a year - like none we have seen.

How could he intrude - this blowhard so rude?
He has to be soundly rejected!
But soon we would see in The Land of the Free
The Boor of the Year was elected.

Americans all, how far must you fall
In the eyes of your allies and friends?
Perhaps you don’t care or you just aren’t aware
For some things you can’t make amends.

Who will be next? We're really perplexed.
Rocky Balboa or Spock?
What about Kramer? Someone even lamer?
Might we suggest a Pet Rock?

Stop the free fall. Please heed our call
And give your heads a good shake.
Your man  with the frown is such a let down
It's time to right your mistake.

The Brewster

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