Wednesday 7 March 2018

Driving and Cell Phones

Wake up and smell the blood 

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Of all the selfish actions
I witness every day,
We have to find a way to make
These guilty parties pay.

It’s not the politicians
Their lies and glad handshake.
Nor the fat cat lawyers
And all the fees they take.

It’s not the oil executives
Monopolizing fuels.
Nor the striking teachers   
Closing down our schools.

It’s not my fellow bipeds
Spitting out their gum.
Nor the cheeky youngsters
Swearing at their Mom.

It’s not the transit riders
Blasting out a tune.
Nor citizens of countries   
Electing a buffoon.

It’s not the big brave hunters
Slaying innocent prey.
Nor multi-million athletes
Whining for more pay.

I could write more pages
About bad deeds and crooks.
With subjects who are human
I could fill ten books.

I’m sure you are impatient.
Good - that’s how I feel,
And totally frustrated
Making this appeal.

The subjects of these verses
Care not for you and me.
So if you know you’re guilty
I hope that you’ll agree.

I speak of lame brained drivers
Who won’t stay off their cell.
Such idiotic morons
Deserve to be in Hell.

Alone or with their children
It matters not the sex.
Disaster in an instant.
It’s really not complex.

What call or text can matter
More than another’s soul?
I hope you see there is none.
That is my hope and goal.

The Brewster

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