Tuesday 21 December 2021

The Origin of Human Beings, COVID-19, et al.

So God Created Man...

So God created man they say,
Those men who wrote the books.
Doubters are subjected,
To some pious frowns and looks.

If you believe the holy books
You can't just pick and choose.
Accepting lessons that you like,
While others you refuse.

True believers must commit
For their entire life.
Never to betray yourself,
Your children, or your wife.

Can you find such saintly ones
In politics or church?
Very few my friends and mine
Has been a lifelong search.

To Atheists there is no God,
A stance both stark and bland.
Agnostics say mere human beings
Could never understand.

Myself I am an Atheist-
Agnostic to be sure,
But there are many faiths to choose
And all of them endure.

It makes me wonder though
When I hear COVID news each day.
Why the God who formed the things
Won't make them go away.

You need electron microscopes
To see them move about.
Did God make them as well back then?
I must confess some doubt.

If mystic powers created Earth
And the whole universe,
Then we had best clean up our act
Before their final curse.


Just think about it. Man has still not mastered the atom. Sure we can blow apart the entire globe but that is hardly mastery. Yet here this miniscule thing consisting of a few molecules and without our superior brain or any brain at all can bring us to our knees by controlling a few vital molecules we need to live. 

Merry Christmas
Have a Great New Year
Get vaccinated.



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