Sunday 9 May 2021

Life by the Decade

Life's Times Table

I don't know if kids learn their times tables anymore the way we did. They rely on their phones and smart devices. Our smart device was a brain. We count using a base of ten. Most computers prefer two. Regardless of the base, life happens at warp speed and is accelerating.

Can anyone else relate to the following? I'll use 10 for the older generation.

When I was ten my Mom and Dad
Seemed pretty old to me.
If I could be their age again
What would my future be?

At twenty I still shared their home
When I was not at school.
I charmed the girls or had they all
Just played me for a fool?

When thirty came I settled down
We worked hard for our money.
And life itself soon let us know
It ain't no bowl of honey.

Was forty our life's half time show?
Where was the raucous crowd?
Now I avoid most anything
That's boisterous and loud!

By fifty we had lost our Dad
I'm like his clone folks say.
Alzheimer's took him from us all
Will I go the same way?

At sixty I still thought I was
Still thirty in my heart.
But soon I had a specialist
For every body part.

Now seventy has come and gone
We miss our Mom each day.
If I could find life's reset key
I'd press it right away.

What would you do different? I can think of many things. As long as I can do that, maybe things could be worse.



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