Sunday 12 February 2023

Balloons or UFO's?

A Balloon a Day Keeps the Air Force at Play

A monster balloon for "weather",
Mysteriously slipped from its tether.
Completely unfurled, it travelled the world,
Adrift in the breeze like a feather.

A pilot while flying his plane,
Exclaimed "Am I going insane?"
For he saw with his eye, this thing in the sky, 
And radioed in to explain.

"So Captain, what's this about?
Settle down! There's no need to shout!"
"I know you'll be thinking, that I have been drinking,
Listen! There can be no doubt."

"A balloon two hundred feet high,
Above me way up in the sky,
Is scanning our nation, just like the space station,
And staring at us as we fly."

The White House was called in a hurry,
The Pentagon soon in a flurry,
"What the hell?" was the cry, as they did a fly by,
Then everyone started to worry.

Its payload is big as a Boeing,
Where is the bloody thing going?
Although unmanned, it's flight path seems planned,
So rumours were rampant and growing.

Republicans screamed "Shoot it down!"
"Are you nuts?" Biden said with a frown.
"It could kill masses wherever it crashes
Demolishing some little town!"

So when it had flown out to sea,
A jet chopped it down like a tree,
'Though China demanded it back when it landed,
The free world shouted with glee.

But then as quick as a wink,
With barely enough time to blink,
A new thing appeared, and this one was weird!
Could they be related you think?

The next day a third thing was seen,
Just what could this possibly mean?
With Biden annoyed, they both were destroyed,  
What secrets from them could we glean?

The Chinese wouldn't say squat.
Was it some sinister plot?
A devilish ploy, to simply annoy?
Red Herring to see what we've got?

I solved this one on my own.
It's not a spy craft or drone.
To me it's quite clear, so lend me your ear,
And put down that damned bloody phone!

When E.T came from the skies,
An alien sleuth in disguise,
It was a disgrace how we'd ruined this place.
He couldn't believe his own eyes.

His alien kin were quite pissed,
They came to see what they'd missed.
If we don't get back onto the right track,
Then Earth will no longer exist.



Anonymous said...

Not bad, it was pretty good. However, don't give up your day job.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem I think this rates as one of your best works,