Tuesday 9 October 2018

Cherish Your Castle on Dry Land

Enjoy High and Dry While You Can

I just viewed a brief video showing yet another Tsunami hitting the streets in Indonesia. It reminded me of similar horror I saw in Japan demonstrating again just how powerless we are against Earth's natural forces. In the same timeframe we are seeing the aftermath of Hurricane Florence and witnessing many on the Gulf coast in Florida fleeing Michael.

I am high and dry in Toronto, Canada. In fact other than a major, major rise in the level of Lake Ontario, I am pretty fortunate and VERY grateful.

However, it does make me wonder and even fear what the future holds. Some people deny it but ocean and sea levels are rising. I am actually glad that I do not live on the coast of a major world body of water. Storms seem to be getting worse. When you think about the millions of people and structures both residential and commercial that exist at or just a few feet above sea level, what will ensue if these levels continue to rise slowly or even worse - suddenly? 

In the past history tells us that if one nation wanted the resources or strategic advantage of another's, then they sent in an army and took what they wanted - providing they won. In fact recent history - World Wars I and II just to name a couple of examples - demonstrated the same trend. 

Does this mean that survival of the fittest will once again be the norm when millions of people are without a safe place to live but you and I own such a place? Will wars over food and shelter rage within our own countries? Should we all build moats and drawbridges? Desperate people are capable of horrendous crimes.

I am not a fan of guns and the right to bear arms but if the above events actually happen, home and land owners just might need to defend themselves with more than words - something to think about. 

There again, people could start to get serious about climate change and protecting the environment and stop voting for those who just don't give a damn about the future living only for their own short term greed.

The Brewster

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