Thursday 25 October 2018

Bombs in the Mail in America

Where is Capital Punishment when you Need it?

There are some crimes for which I wish the death penalty still existed and was automatic. The current campaign of pipe bombs being delivered to specific addresses is one of them. Imagine opening one of these or just being in its proximity and suffering the effects of its detonation.

Other such crimes to me are first degree murder, terrorism resulting in death, and kidnapping, whether the hostage is returned unharmed or not if the victim or their loved ones were told the victim would be killed. Just try to feel what hostages feel not knowing when and how they are going to die.

Many will take up the usual cry about punishment not working because statistics show that criminals still repeat their offences after punishment blah, blah, blah. To them I say - not after this punishment they won't! We do not need these people in our lives and they have zero respect for ours.

By all means make it humane but make it effective and well understood. 

The Brewster

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