Friday 19 October 2018

Another Royal Wedding. Another Royal Pregnancy

Is There a Contest?

You have to wonder whether there is some Windsor family contest about which we know nothing. For a long time there was little Royal news unless someone had a birthday, was sick, owned or resided in a castle that burned or upon which someone encroached.

Now there are royal weddings and pregnancies every time you turn around - and most of them are Majors to coin a golf term - British Royalty! Who even knows about any others other than perhaps Holland or Monaco. Did the Queen offer up a prize or something?

Methinks Her Royal Highness et al have been watching too much Hollywood / Celebrity news and realized the main players are on to a good thing!

Each time we all go gaga. On the other hand they have been at it for centuries so maybe the lesser celebs learned from them. I think it is time for a steamy Royal affair or Me Too type of incident. How about a Royal Family reality show? What is Sharon Osbourne up to? She won't get away with all the "F" bombs this time though. The more I think about it the more I like it. I had no interest in any of the others including the Osbournes but this would gain instant success. After all who isn't tired of the same old: hospital; cop; fire; ambulance lawyer; sitcom; game; politics; and let's not forget the dozens of designer / reno shows? Other than some golf and news, I don't watch anything anymore.

A fly on the wall in Buckingham Palace? Not THAT might be a hit even I would watch. Think of the fees they could command (no pun intended).

Long Overdue. I must say however that the new generation is handling it all very well. Just won't be the same if Charlie ever does make it to the throne. There is a bad joke in that somewhere. People will be saying "Charles who?" "What did you say her name was?"

On CNN: "Breaking News! There are rumours just in that there has been a British royal coronation - you remember what that is?. This is not yet confirmed but we are in the process of fact checking it. Stay tuned."

The Brewster

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