Sunday, 29 July 2018

If Mother Earth Could Talk

"Are YOU from the Same Planet as ME ?"

I suspect that today or some day soon Mother Earth or Mother Nature (don't know one from the other) will say or probably shout something similar. It might be followed by "Give your heads a shake!"; "Wake up and smell the stench"; "Give me a break - PLEASE!"; and more than likely multiple "What the F_ _ K's". Who could blame her?

Who gave humans the right to destroy so many of the other living organisms on the planet we all share and to mess up the planet itself the way we have?

Denying that climate change is real is right up there with maintaining that Earth might very well be flat. I think that one has been pretty much put to bed by satellite shots of - a round Earth! Unless you doubt the validity of every one of those videos or photographs, let's assume the earth is not flat. We have seen its shape with our own eyes.

Therein lies the problem with those who maintain that things like global warming; the melting of the polar caps; the disappearing ozone layer; increasing levels of carbon dioxide etc. have all been repeated many times in history. SHOW ME THE SATELLITE SHOT! Studying drilling samples, exposed layers of rock etc. is not the same as photographic evidence such as the many shots of our round earth . I hate to borrow this term but this is all "Fake News" -  theories of Geologists and other scientists.

The problem with any such argument is that millions or billions of years ago billions of humans did not exist. (OK - how do I know? You got me!) More importantly neither did all of our industrialization with its pollutants pouring into the air, onto the land, and into the oceans. When someone tries to compare today to a period before any of us existed it is a classic case of comparing apples to oranges.
There is no reliable evidence - just a lot of theory. What there IS however is common sense:
  • Would you climb to the top of any modern industrial chimney and breath in its gases? Why not? 
  • Would you consume food grown in the middle of an industrial waste site? Why not? 
  • Would you drink water known to contain waste from the same site (remember Erin Brockovich.) Why not?
Modern society has been doing all of those things on a trickle basis over hundreds of years. Millions of years ago this simply did not happen - unless an entire industrialized society also disappeared with the dinosaurs. Maybe the dinosaurs had steel mills and automobiles?

Most plants do not grow in the dark. They require sunlight. Block the sun with industrial pollutants and … what's going to happen? Hello?

Most living organisms need water to live. Pollute the crap out of that water and … what's going to happen? Hello?

Most freezers need some kind of insulation to maintain their temperature - a lack of heat at least. Let the heat in and … what's going to happen? Hello? Anything frozen melts. Try it sometime if you don't believe me.

Cut the crap. The only people who deny global warming and all the other damage we are doing are those who make millions from industrialization - in all of its forms - the ones who just don't give a damn about future generations. Oh yes - and their paid politicians. They didn't exist millions of years ago either - I hope.

The Brewster

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