Monday, 9 July 2018

Bravery Rewarded in Thailand Cave Rescue

A Hearty Hip, Hip Hooray

What a Fantastic result - first four and now eight of the trapped young souls have now been brought out of those caves. I couldn't help but think of the song "What a Wonderful World" when hearing about the bravery of each and every one of those divers, decision makers, and everyone else involved.

Imagine what it would be like during the initial dive down that long tunnel in near darkness; surrounded by water; not knowing what might be ahead; and not knowing if you will become stuck and possibly never get back out. Now imagine several kilometers of this! Not since the Great Escape or hearing and reading about tunnel rats in Vietnam have I visualized such terrifying conditions.

The tragic death of one of those divers is all the proof needed to confirm the extraordinary nature of the people involved and the danger they ignored. His name was published as Saman Gunam. Let us hope that everyone who heard this sad news devoted at least some personal thought to the man and his family. He deserves that and more.

I have no doubt that there will be one or more books and movies based upon this entire drama. To their creators, please depict things accurately. As a result perhaps in the future people of all ages will think twice before undertaking such an adventure.

So far this entire ordeal has been very well managed. We must all hope it continues for a few more days. As I write this please hope with me that the remaining boys are now nearing the completion their exit journey.

Let's wish them well.

The Brewster

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