Monday, 30 July 2018

Fires Burning Out of Control

The Thorn Birds Relived

In my opinion one of the best mini series on TV was The Thorn Birds many years ago (1983?). Richard Chamberlain played a wayward priest who breaks his sacred vows for the love and passion of Rachel Ward whom he first met when she was a child.

In one episode after she has grown there is a raging bush fire in Australia in which Rachel's father dies. When she is angry at God for taking her father, Chamberlain does what all priests would do and points out that God sent the rain that put out the fire.

She immediately comes back at him with a point he seems to have conveniently overlooked: God also sent the fire.

In California, Northern Ontario, and so many other places, where is the rain?

I am not a religious person but please send it. Somebody.

The Brewster

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