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Welcome new readers. 

This is a personal opinion blog where the current topic is anything that might inspire some thinking. Typically it will take more time to read than a Tweet.

The name "The Brewster Block" originates from a nickname my friend conceived in university. Most often it was "Brewster" and sometimes "Brewsterblock". Occasionally it was "The Brewster". I merged all three. 

Our world at large and the people in it provide a wealth of subject matter for ridicule or serious consideration. The Brewster Block tries to accomplish both. If you check it out while you are having your coffee or any other time, it will have accomplished its goal. 

Your comments and suggestions are a great way to affirm this and we would be flattered to be in your bookmark list.


A list of general topics appears at the top. Clicking on one tab should take you directly to posts about that topic. For older posts, please see the ARCHIVE in the right column of each page and click on a prior date.

Thanks for getting this far.

The Brewster

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