Friday 26 January 2024

How many American Parents Buy their kid a Gun?

 A TV or a Phone OK. But a GUN?

The case involving Ethan Crumbley and his parents is tragic. Our hearts must first go out to the four kids Ethan shot dead when he was only 15, and their families. This is just one more reason that Americans should give their heads violent shakes - hopefully before another of their kids blows holes in them.

I read that federal law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from owning a handgun. A youth can own and use a long rifle to murder people - but not a handgun. Right.

It is apparently the case that Ethan's father James bought him that gun using Ethan's own money! Seriously? It is also alleged that his mother Jennifer emailed him at school when he was caught doing a search for ammunition, telling him not to get caught! That's just as bad as the dad.

A big deal is now being made that if parents are potentially liable for their childrens' actions it would set a big precedent. IT'S ABOUT TIME when it comes to kids using guns acquired by adults. Giving it to their kid is a slam dunk. GUILTY!

Is there any other country on the face of this planet, that seems to rank having guns in the house right up there with stocking the shelves with salt, pepper, and ketchup?Should parents in ANY country allow underaged kids to even handle a gun?


We all know that the gun makers, sellers, and lovers will repeat the old crap that it is people who kill people, not guns. So I am going to repeat my usual response. That kid did not stab the victims to death, club the victims to death, or poison them to death - he SHOT them to death - with a GUN doing exactly what it was invented and then perfected to do.

Wake up America - while you still can.


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