Wednesday, 9 June 2021

UFOs and DJT

UFOs will always be newsworthy. Trump not so much.

Now that I have your attention, what is the connection between The Donald and ET and his mates? Not much. The only ones I can think of are news and headlines. Trump's will come and go if they have not already. UFOs have always generated excitement on the front page and always will.

Both involve theories, rumors, cover ups, and probably lies. Supposedly Roswell involved a UFO crash but nobody is certain. Trump crashed for the entire world to see. Both involve denials.

I don't know about these small objects allegedly of great speed in the news lately. It seems to me that anything from another place in the universe would have to be larger both to get here and return, and to carry other creatures, whatever their form.

I believe it is simple. Earth is like a single grain of sand in the miles of Daytona or the Sahara desert compared to all heavenly bodies out there. We can't even grasp the numbers. Wikipedia names a centillion as 10 to the 303rd power (600th power in some systems). I have no concept of that nor does anyone else. It is a bunch of zeros on a page.

Given this however, why on earth (pun intended) would anyone believe we on our miniscule grain of sand are alone? Look at the sky tonight. You are seeing light from stars that has been travelling (at the speed of light - another earthly concept) for millions of years. Just try to absorb that for a moment. If creatures ever do arrive and introduce themselves, they could be millions of years or more old. That alone requires a vastly different life form.

Religious theories of the origin of humans are just that - theories - answers for humans, thousands of years ago to a question everyone pondered but were afraid or too uneducated to ask. The answer was created by humans, written by the few clever men (never women - not permitted), and then preached to the ignorant and forced upon them under threat of death or torture. Those who require a black and white explanation for everything still believe it.

If a virus so small humans can't see it with the naked eye, with no brain as we know it can bring human kind to its knees, what else is out there that can do the same thing? We are limited by our human perceptions, which among others, have trouble understanding time as another dimension. It IS a dimension - remember the stars mentioned above. Are there other dimensions?

So these blips of light apparently only reported by Navy pilots could be anything. I doubt they are extraterrestrial but could very well be a technology developed by another country who - perish the thought - is miles ahead of the USA.

In the meantime they make great news and should not be feared. Trump and his puppets whose brains are sometimes also questionable, are scary indeed.


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