Wednesday 16 June 2021

Colonizing a new planet Part 2.

What System Should be Established?

Since Part 1 I have been considering this question. The truth is I can't come up with any workable system since they all involve one or more people having control or say over others. In the end people are greedy - they look out for themselves.

I did however think of a few poignant realities that go along with the notion of colonizing another world with humans and will share them here.

Here is one to remember. Just like landing on the moon, astronauts are very driven and intelligent people. They are also used to military chains of command. The number of trips needed to prepare for any type of living on another planet by ordinary people is huge. So the good news is that any established hierarchy of authority will already be in place.

It will have to be very authoritarian. In the new world vital elements of life like food, water, and oxygen will have to be protected as will any equipment for producing them. Red necks and anti-establishment types will have to be quickly dealt with and either eliminated (yes, capital punishment) or imprisoned. Prisons will be too expensive as will returning them to earth.

I see two possibilities unfolding.

The first was mentioned in Part 1. If getting there alone represented a cooperation between two or more nations, current politics will already have changed. I mentioned the international space station as an example. Space travel would have to be on a much more grand scale. Also mentioned in Part 1 in reference to the space station was that the astronauts themselves from many different countries do indeed get along. They have to in order to survive. So the international space station is a good mini model of what would be needed. Command rotates from nation to nation and all those involved have made contributions to its manufacture and its technology.

This brings up another thought. After spending trillions on getting to this new place, war and destruction between the cooperating nations here on Earth would make no sense. The effort would all go to waste. Perhaps that is a Eureka moment! We should be viewing space travel not as a race but as one of the few things that can force cooperation between the world powers. If space becomes the only place to perpetuate humans, mutual destruction on Earth must never happen.

The second possibility is that a single nation like China wanted to go it alone and has the technology. This would be bad. To do so they would have to accomplish world domination in order to utilize all of Earth's dwindling resources, currently used by everyone. That would require drastic measures. Some people already see deliberate pandemics as one approach. This might force cooperation among others like USA and Russia, to prevent such horrific selfish activity.

Here are a couple more parting considerations:

- Another black eye for those who still believe every word of their holy books. Expense would not permit a "Noah's Arc" space shot with all other species onboard. I cringe just thinking about other problems this would create. Most species will therefore become extinct. Farms for livestock will only exist in Earth's history books.

- Just like today, only the very rich will be able to make the trip. Sound familiar? The rest will probably perish here on earth.

- Here is a positive. If another form of life beats us in this race, why would they possibly want to take over Earth in its current state? They would pay one visit and move on. Maybe THAT is what has already happened.

One final thought which I have expressed before: whatever the body or structure that evolves, women will have to play an active or even dominant role. Men have screwed up and destroyed all successful societies in history or they are currently in the process of doing so.

Nanu, Nanu


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