Monday, 25 November 2019

Is USA Still a Democracy?

What is Democracy Today?

When people think about modern democratic counties one of the first on the list is America. My understanding of their system is that each branch of government (legislative, executive, judicial) is equal as outlined in Articles 1, 2, and 3 of their constitution respectively.

I am not a political science graduate or student but the situation in the good old U.S. of A. makes me pose some profound questions.

- What happens when one of the three like the executive (Trump) ignores this?
- If he refuses to comply with subpoenas or "forbids" his associates from doing so, what courses of action are there?
- I have heard that it can go to the Supreme Court for a decision but what if THAT is ignored? It seems to me that they are already at such a divide. Donald Trump sees himself as a dictator and acts accordingly.
- If a General tries to have him physically removed, since Trump is the Supreme Commander is that not a Coup d'Etat?
- Would such a General then be charged?
- If the VP takes over can he pardon such a General?
- Is there anyone who can be relied upon to tell the truth anymore come what may?
- Is it really true that lies mean nothing to anyone these days?
- Do high ranking Republicans really think their man has done nothing wrong or have they simply sold their souls for a job and a pension?
- Do they really want such a disgusting individual to represent their beloved country?

I suppose many other states have gone through similar turmoil but once a strongman takes over by force, it is very hard to remove him. The people eventually accept this as a new norm and rarely revolt.

America once helped with these efforts if it was in their best interest. Who will help them?

The Brewster

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